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After the Show Show: @jrodfromoz explains what inspired his song, “Old Glory” performs his patriotic new song, “Old Glory” LIVE on FOX & Friends“Her whole life revolves around being that person in charge – she needs it” -@dbongino doesn’t discount the idea th…
French President Macron appears to take a swipe at President Trump’s ‘America first’ approach, saying “nationalism… moment we shared this wonderful gift with Scott West @foxandfriends #betterwithfriends #nyc
Retweeted by FOX & friendsCatch me and my family cooking our favorite spicy Thai dish and fruit smoothie on @foxandfriends at 08:50am!
Retweeted by FOX & friends“It’s a shame, it shouldn’t be happening” -@BlakemanB weighs in on the Florida recount of the Senate & gubernatoria… case you missed it - #VeteransDay2018 #betterwithfriends @foxandfriends #omahasteaks
Retweeted by FOX & friendsWorld leaders gather in Paris a century after WWI armistice up…! @BlakemanB @UrbanCURE @danielhoffmanDC @Tim_Canova @davidwebbshow @SebGorka @David_Bossie @nedryun woman and son drift miles away from shore on inflatable swan: 'This could have ended so much worse’ wildfire ‘destruction is catastrophic,’ Trump says, urges people to evacuate mayor takes dog dying of cancer on cross-country road trip continues to lead McSally in Arizona Senate race as vote tally grinds on House announces 7 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients, among them Elvis, Babe Ruth and Justice Scalia‘Global SuperTanker’ deployed to fight California fires President Mike Pence: Veterans Day – Veterans have no better friend than President Trump's Rohrabacher not conceding despite media's call of Democrat victory Day honor for retired Air Force colonel, 81, a former POW at 'Hanoi Hilton' in Vietnam immigrant killed 3 after 'sanctuary' release from custody, ICE says's secretary of state orders recounts in Senate, gubernatorial races; Trump 'watching closely'
.@MorganOrtagus: What got to President Trump about Macron’s statement was how he lumped the United States in with C… It’s bad for our politics and the Democratic Party that they keep obsessing over what’s wrong with midd… Republicans are attracting rural voters and making it clear that they want to be the party of the forgo… tracks the deadly Northern California wildfire that has already claimed at least nine lives VA has to work for veterans because veterans exist to remind their fellow citizens why they sleep soun… new poll shows that more than half of Democrats don’t want Nancy Pelosi to be House Speaker slams a sanctuary county in New Jersey for releasing an illegal immigrant who is now charged with a triple homi… A Democrat lawyer tied to past election scandals is now involved in the Florida recount Journalists that report on the President from the White House are there to ask questions, not ma… Scott and Bill Nelson make their case about what should happen as Broward County recounts ballots Snipes, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, dodges questions about the updated votes gunman accused of opening fire at a California bar was reportedly posting to social media before and during the… 243rd birthday @USMC! Today we celebrate those who protect American rights and freedom. NEWS ALERT: President Trump sits down with French President Macron“They are trying to steal this election, it’s not going to work” –Sen. Lindsey Graham calls ballot recounts a tacti… NEWS ALERT: Death toll rises as the most destructive wildfire in California’s history incinerates an entire tow… Broward County election official at the center of the ballot recount has a history of controversies“There is a lot of dishonesty” –President Trump calls the ballot recount in Florida “a disgrace” NEWS ALERT: As the deadline looms to turn in the final vote tally in Florida there are new questions about what… Birthday 🎉🎈🎂 #MarineCorps #SemperFi @foxandfriends next
Retweeted by FOX & friendsHappy Saturday! Start your morning with us - we have a lot to talk about. US! I’ll be talking about the president’s tense week with the press and why the media *also* holds responsibil…
Retweeted by FOX & friendsCalifornia bar shooter posted to social media while inside Borderline Bar & Grill, cops say Flake reportedly considering 2020 Trump challenge: 'Somebody needs to run on the Republican side' up..! @dougmckelway @lukerosiak @JennaBrowder @kelseyjharkness @Tim_Canova @JDVance1 @ElectionLawCtr passengers evacuate plane seized by French authorities because of airline's overdue bill rips Macron after landing in France over ‘insulting’ call for European army tweets defense of Whitaker appointment from Paris Silverstone claims her son has 'never had to take medicine' because he's vegan Senate vote count settlement reached; counties given extension to cure ballots governor mulling 2020 presidential run grants clemency to criminals Gas & Electric says it will aid wildfire investigators after power-line problem near origin of deadly blaze
Veteran business spotlight: G-FORCE Parking Lot Striping #VeteransDay targets white Republican women voters after midterms | @HeyTammyBruce sues to lower age by 20 years on birth certificate | @PlanetTyrus @BrittMcHenry Democrats hold the House, but not the power | @BryanDeanWright Ohio Governor-elect @MikeDeWine talks the state of politics donates 2,000 rooms to @Op_Homefront approves powerful new opioid for wounded soldiers | @NBSaphierMD, Massachusetts friends - you can meet @kilmeade this Saturday! To buy a ticket or find more tour dates, click h… is the last day to enter the #DiningwithDoocy Sweepstakes! Sign up here: 98-year-old Army nurse is the first female veteran named to the VA Wall of Heroes in Washington state! Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is “up and working” after being hospitalized governor-elect @MikeDeWine discusses the top issues he hopes to tackle in office responders who died from September 11th-related illnesses can now receive the Medal of Valor“Voting is one of the most sacred things that we do as citizens. And the idea that there is no objective review by… reacts to 18 state attorneys general demanding Whitaker recuse himself from the Mueller probe…“IT’S MISOGYNY”: @HeyTammyBruce slams Vogue article that criticizes white women for voting Republican With the Democrats taking control of the House, we’ll be bombarded with investigations and subpoen… You have to weed out all subjective input when counting ballots. Worse than hacking, our election…“Who needs Russian collusion when you have old school Democratic Party machinery?” -@GeraldoRivera on Florida races… and @PlanetTyrus talk their @foxnation series “UN-PC” #betterwithfriends #FoxNationFounder 69-year-old man is suing to change his age on his birth certificate -- @PlanetTyrus and @BrittMcHenry weigh in President Trump is keeping his base engaged, and that’s why the ‘blue wave’ did not happen“Can’t we find one Democrat in this country who’s willing to concede a race?” -@michaeljknowles reacts to Florida r… Democrats can have the House all day long, but the real power is in the Senate – which Dems lost VIDEO: New Jersey police save a man from a burning car moments before flames fully engulfed the vehicle we near #VeteransDay, we are excited to announce our new partnership with @Op_Homefront, a national nonprofit wh…
Retweeted by FOX & friendsICYMI: We were honored to be with @ChoiceHotels on @foxandfriends this morning to announce our terrific new partner…
Retweeted by FOX & friendsFBI releases new surveillance video related to the search for a missing 13-year-old girl in North Carolina SENATE RACE: Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema barely pulling ahead of GOP opponent Martha McSally – but… for Georgia governor heats up as Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams’ campaign prepares to file a lawsuit for u… NEWS ALERT: California wildfire forces at least 75,000 people from their homes #WoolseyFire“Our asylum system is overwhelmed with too many meritless asylum claims.” –DHS Secy Kirstjen Nielsen NEWS ALERT: Hundreds turn out to honor victims of the California bar shooting | @JonathanHunt007 Slater sounds off after San Francisco voters back ‘homeless tax’ on wealthy companies“Common sense has to happen.” –Mike Slater applauds the Trump administration’s move to tighten asylum claims @foxandfriends at 8:30. Tune in #ElectionFraud
Retweeted by FOX & friendsHere's what's coming up on #TheBrianKilmeadeShow with @kilmeade on @foxnewsradio from 9am-12pm/et: UP on @foxandfriends! @IWV President @HeyTammyBruce joins @kilmeade, @SteveDoocy and @KatiePavlich. Tune to @FoxNews at 8:20aE.
Retweeted by FOX & friendsTop of the Morin to ya!!! #tyrussmash getting ready for @foxandfriends at top of the hour!!!! #foxnation
Retweeted by FOX & friendsHONORING HOUR HEROES: @ChoiceHotels partners with @Op_Homefront to help military families reunite and reconnect wit… House moves toward tightening asylum claims as the migrant caravan makes its way closer to the U.S.’s official! 💍 I’m excited to say #FoxNews put a ring on it and I said YES! I am grateful to be a part of such an…
Retweeted by FOX & friends.@TuckerCarlson speaks out about the Antifa protesters that vandalized his home lived through and reported 2000’s #BushvGore I can’t believe we’re actually heading back to a post-election…
Retweeted by FOX & friendsPolice now investigating the Antifa protest outside Tucker Carlson’s home as a possible hate crime more information on our partnership with @ChoiceHotels visit Thank you @foxandfriends
Retweeted by FOX & friendsI’m joining @foxandfriends at 820a ET this morning. Always better when I know you’re there! 🇺🇸❤️
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