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@ZodiacZypii Dude.Just started #DeputyonFOX . Great so far. Loving @IBexWeBex aka Deputy Bishop. Total badass. You should check it out!
Retweeted by FOX @ZodiacZypii I'm shaking in my boots.I dare Gordon Ramsay to turn my life around in 24 hours.
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The biggest mood. #SuperMonday, obviously. least I didn't get fired for this. cc: @JasonBiggs @maggielawson @IBexWeBex @DeputyonFOX I plead the fifth. But also because I love you. K, cool, baiiii. to watch The Simpson’s to see what the future is lookin like
Retweeted by FOX @nostalgah @juanro425 Get in line.
#paulnation 🔥
Retweeted by FOXFox is jumping on the "Megxit" bandwagon. The network has scheduled a primetime special, produced by TMZ, that will…
Retweeted by FOXIt’s official. The National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV in Miami will be performed by @ddlovato. Tune-in 2/2 during th…
Retweeted by FOXSo this happened. #TVRoyalty
.@GordonRamsay is my therapist. Ramsay: "Hey, hey all of you. Come over here!" Hell's kitchen cooks:
Retweeted by FOXRemember that time @LilNasX and @GordonRamsay made paninis together? #iHeartAwards
I want to be as fearless as the kids on Masterchef Junior
Retweeted by FOXMe seeing a commercial for LEGO Masters during the Packer game while I’m playing with LEGO
Retweeted by FOX @amanmazleigh I need answers.feelin like bart simpson when he gets hit by the car and his reaction is “cool! i’m dead!”
Retweeted by FOXMy smile will NOT quit while watching Flirty Dancing!
Retweeted by FOXMade the most important note on my calender 😁😂 #BobsBurgers
Retweeted by FOX @ResidentFOX I have sources...Pick your #SuperMonday look. Dramatic? NEVER. I took #supermonday off
Retweeted by FOX @elpollolocojr It is a thing. Request your day off! @HarryMoee Right?
Join #911LoneStar in helping raise money for the families of Fallen Firefighters. For every retweet, @FOXTV will do…
Retweeted by FOX @AlbionPhil @justanactor @BellamyYoung @prodigalsonfox *you'reIf looks could kill. @__kisslxnd AlwaysI support this. dancing is the cutest series in the history of reality tv. That’s all.
Retweeted by FOXThe Ladies of @FilthyRichFOX are officially wrapped for Season 1! Can’t wait for you all to see our show in the spr…
Retweeted by FOX @MrAbuHabeeb @911LoneStar @LivTyler @RobLowe @ActuallyRafa 💀💀💀A firefighter, a medic, and a cop walk into a bar…. That’s it. There’s no joke. #911LoneStar my Out of Office email ready for February 3rd. #SuperMonday @Finessemitchell That's my Mayor! 🔥🔥🔥Welcome FOX’s Mayor of Monday. #SuperMonday
This seems like a no brainer. Take the day, America. #SuperMonday Promos Encourage Super Bowl Viewers to Call In Sick the Next Day (EXCLUSIVE)
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Gotta let them know who they’re dealing with...
@TwitterTV 1. Tina Belcher 2. Tina Belcher 3. Tina Belcher 4. Tina Belcher @pourmeavino You sure? @_yungmilk_ Always.*Watching Gordon Ramsay eat food* Me: “wow that looks good” Gordon Ramsey: “this is garbage” Me: “yea that looks like garbage”
Retweeted by FOX @ironklad Dead. @andersons0911 The show must go on. @xoxo_jenaniston Yikes. Kinda wanna know the story behind that... @tkstranded Patience is a virtue my friend. @paulporowski The accuracy!What is this from? Wrong answers only. @IBexWeBex A mood. But it’s also 2020, so do you ❤️ @JasonBiggs What a shame. @BobsBurgers @BobsBurgers @BobsBurgers @BobsBurgers honor of @BobsBurgers birthday, here is a thread of Gene gifs. is how you write when you stan oliver stark
Retweeted by FOX @ArtRainer The resemblance is uncanny.Therapist: So what do we do when we're feeling sad? Me: Watch @BobsBurgersFOX Therapist: Accurate. only way to watch @BobsBurgersFOX. @SBNation Mood.
How I’m prepping for #SuperBowlLIV. aren't people who never fail. They are people who never quit. #dontstop
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@KJPOOHBEAR77 Ditto @touchnick I plead the 5th.I need receipts. burgers is really top tier television
Retweeted by FOXSame tho. we talk about all the nominees 😍 #iHeartAwards're welcome. @TarlosStreyes 😘😘 @oliverpealman @TarlosStreyes @oliverpealman @TarlosStreyes Bonus: here are some GIFs @oliverpealman @TarlosStreyes Jeez, okay. Here’s a little video from your faves. @fabbgrat @oliverpealman @TarlosStreyes I’m dead.Best thing tweeted at me. @oliverpealman @TarlosStreyes Okay fine, 200.February 16th on @FOXTV. Amy P. Ty B. Rashida J. Joy O. Riki L. Betsy S. Zach C. Wiz K. Yassir L (the one that look…
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@rafstoogeek @oliverpealman @TarlosStreyes I'm with you every step of the way. Should I start a #Tarlos support group? @datboyjules I gotchu!👑👑👑 @datboyjules Let me talk to my people... stay tuned! @oliverpealman @TarlosStreyes Okay, okay, if this tweet gets 100 RTs, I'll post a little #Tarlos video. @TarlosStreyes You aren't ready 😉Brb, I'm crying."With knowledge comes power, and the character I get to play now comes with that.” - Bex Taylor-Klaus #DeputyonFOX #FOXTCA #TCA20
Retweeted by FOX"You haven't really seen many stories about people in the sheriff's department and there is something incredible ab…
Retweeted by FOXLiv Tyler, Rob Lowe & Tim Minear of '9-1-1 Lone Star' speak during the Fox segment of the 2020 Winter TCA Press Tou…
Retweeted by FOX"It explores the idea of how hack-able we've made ourselves and diving into that as a human society." - Fernanda An…
Retweeted by FOX"This became what it is by virtue of material, if a super intelligence were to be created it would happen fast." -…
Retweeted by FOX“Everybody is so different, everybody is trying to stand out, everybody has something to gain.” - Tate Taylor the C…
Retweeted by FOX"All of those colors are the truth in a person. I love #FilthyRich because it's a project I haven't seen before. Yo…
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