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Watching TV and tweeting like it’s my job, because it is.

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Channeling ALL of that @Natachakaram_ energy for 2022.
Isn’t this the sweetest way to start a #StricklandSaturday 🥰☺️😚#InBetweenTheTweets #911LoneStar
Retweeted by FOX @eternaIsx THAT SMILE @anylasedits1 we all love him sm 🥺❤️ @unsuremia best day of the week! @IssaMcClain knew you'd love 😌 @deansmiraclee always bestie ❤️ @deansmiraclee the definition of perfection @tasmdayas AND MINEThe perfect man doesn't exi- #InBetweenTheTweets #911LoneStar @yellowtkhoodie RISE AND SHINEGood morning #911LoneStar fam. Who's ready for a new #InBetweenTheTweets vid?To be a fly on the wall in these writers' rooms 😍 V excited to congratulate our ANIDOM writers on their…
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@symbolicem @MalcolmJamalWar @ResidentFOX 18 more days!!!! 🥳Woke up thinking about how much I miss @MalcolmJamalWar and @ResidentFOX. @SuzetteJames @iamsoamber no bc if @iamsoamber leaves, I go with her! 😭Have I mentioned I love @SuzetteJames yet? #JoeMillionaire's #JoeMillionaire o'clock! Who's watching? @judyhoppszpd @PivotingFOX how cuteeee?! 🥺📸 @PivotingFOX polaroids incoming 📸
Extremely necessary Cheyenne Jackson appreciation post. #InBetweenTheTweets #CallMeKat our fans: due to the unavoidable realities of the pandemic and the profound impact Covid-19 continues to have on…
Retweeted by FOX @Shanice_Alsina @JoeMillFOX I'll be suing with you! 😭┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ in ┃╱╱╲╲ this ╱╱╭╮╲╲ house ▔▏┗┛▕▔ we ship ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ Caro & Kurt ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ ▔▏┗┻┛… HAVE AN AIR DATE!!!!!!! MARCH 17!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by FOXFOX Entertainment is making a documentary on our humble town. And they just sent over this trailer — is anyone else…
Retweeted by FOX @FOXTV i am weed
Retweeted by FOXExclusive look at MGK & Megan Fox’s wedding:
We stan a fashion icon, @AdrienneBailon. P.S: There’s a new @SeeYourVoiceFOX episode tonight. may not know our Mariah Carey Impersonator (yet) but will this Secret Voice be a Vision of Love? Or w…
Retweeted by FOX @SeeYourVoiceFOX @MariahCarey you all the best on your birthday @millan_nyc. 🎉 #TheCleaningLady
Retweeted by FOXWCW today and every day = Nyesha Arrington #NextLevelChef
Our favorite couple. 😍 #Pivoting
Retweeted by FOX @PivotingFOX And mine! 🥺❤️ @monicaaksamit package deal! 😌 @BaileeMadison does that make us siblings? 🥺Same though
Retweeted by FOXCan @JoshDallas and Ginnifer adopt me? Thanks. dearest besties: apologies for the scheduling changes, but we are pleased to announce that #TheResident will be…
Retweeted by FOX @rafascosmic LAURA DELETE THIS 😭Who allowed them to be this beautiful?! @OurKindFOX returns TONIGHT. @ReidHands bye I’m sobbing“We’ll make it through this, we always do, right?" 😭❤️ #TheCleaningLady @kaylahwontstfu bestie pls I couldn’t have said it better myself! #TheCleaningLady @haIsteadsass We all stan #Armony 😭 #TheCleaningLady @jelevision #Armony 🤫 @trendsryder you already know! #TheCleaningLady @CleaningLadyFOX @trendsryder Don't steal my bestie! #TheCleaningLady @orcaindistress bestie pls ik you know😭THE WAY I SHIP THESE TWO!!! #TheCleaningLady SOMEONE HURTS THIS FAMILY I STG!!!!! 😭 #TheCleaningLady've said it before, and I'll say it again, Thony is a badass. #TheCleaningLady @ijustwatchit yesss bestieWho's watching? 👀 #TheCleaningLady Because you KNOW we'll bring the drama! but if my future husband doesn't drive a fire truck across town to bring me English breakfast tea, I don't wa… @RandR_Updates @RonenRubinstein I'll have my people talk to your people! #911LoneStarThe Twitter community has come together and decided to sue #911LoneStar for emotional damage.I feel like a proud parent! #911LoneStar @theflowercafe_ I had to 😭😭😭Paul 🤝 TK hypothermic #911LoneStarIt’s a pleasure being hypothermic at the same time as you sir @TheBrianMichael 🤜🏼🤛🏾 #911LoneStar
Retweeted by FOX @trendsryder MOM AND DAD ❤️ #911LoneStar"Damn your lady's good!" "That's why I called her!" ❤️🥺😭🥺❤️😭 #911LoneStar😘😘😘 Luh youu #911LoneStar
Retweeted by FOXT.N.T ❤️‍🔥🧨 #911LoneStarProtect Paul at all costs!!! #911LoneStar @trendsryder @SierraMcClain omg bestie you're here!!Live look at me fangirling over @SierraMcClain. #911LoneStar is family! 🥺 #911LoneStar'S THE BEST 🥺JUDDDDDDDDDDDDD ❤️ #911LoneStar @SierraMcClain the queen is here!!! #911LoneStarReady! #911LoneStar your tissues, y'all. #911LoneStarYou already know baybeeee!😉 #911LoneStar #SavePaul
Retweeted by FOX @FOXTV @RonenRubinstein Hey boo
Retweeted by FOX @RonenRubinstein @TheBrianMichael hi besties!10000000 #911LoneStar #savepaul
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@marvelstaylena @911LoneStar the star is a good thing! @911LoneStar I'll think about that for months if not years 🥺❤️ @endversetiel take it back!!!! 😭No context spoilers for tonight's episode: #911LoneStar is your sign to watch @CleaningLadyFOX tonight. @ResidentFOX birthday queens 👑Sending double the birthday wishes to our very own Anuja Joshi and Aneesha Joshi! 🎂 #TheResident
Retweeted by FOXThank you for being such a joy in this world. RIP Bob 🤍
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Coming to @FOXTV on JAN 9TH!!! @PivotingFOX #ginnifergoodwin #Pivoting 📸@AnthonyHolic
Retweeted by FOX @camachoswife @PivotingFOX You get it, bestie! ♥️It's finally here! 🎉 The series premiere of #Pivoting is TONIGHT on @FOXTV.
Retweeted by FOXCan we all take a moment to appreciate these three? Thanks. 📺: @PivotingFOX is back on your TV tonight. You’re welcome. #InBetweenTheTweets #CallMeKat
@sclarchive @CleaningLadyFOX I found my people @vol6wildflowers @CleaningLadyFOX can confirm it’s true 😌
Let me introduce you to one of my new favorite people: Sean Lew 📺: @CleaningLadyFOX @hfinewallsl Sierra >>> @jenlighting1 is a mood and a half. 💅 #JoeMillionaire bromance is unmatched! 🥺 #JoeMillionaire @caroesteph #curt it is! 😉 #JoeMillionaire