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mediocre variety streamer i guess | @witmer

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@witmer No I’m too busy having plans w u @witmer Hi
did my makeup first time in over a month, tried to take selfies, this is the best i could do ggs
Retweeted by jai ꈍᴗꈍ ❀ok i can’t take selfies but i can take videos here u go
Retweeted by jai ꈍᴗꈍ ❀ @sophfri Having a lot of gay thoughts
if you’re maroon 555 then I’m 666
Retweeted by jai ꈍᴗꈍ ❀ @poisedFPS Tell her ur sorry right now @okjerri That’s all u love @china_dollss HAPPY BDAY DAVINAS @YaYzma I love u @yllwgirl Pls @graphitecs King @DawsieeCS TY KING @ThyArtIsMemes Yeah unfortunately it’s not the best 😔 @darth_boii LUH U DARTH @chloe_hime7 Deadass @sophfri @maddimaddo Ok dude I made a MISTAKE @maddimaddo U FUCK @maddimaddo No I @sophfri LMFAO @chloe_hime7 No u bb @ethoz @ArrumieShannon @jadeyanh Women - 1 Men - 0 Get fucked @chloe_hime7 Pls @awhnutss I absolutely love u so much. @yllwgirl I miss u so much @nat_bambi Love u nat <3 @emma2k_ 🥰❤️ @SadMikaela_ 🤍🤍 no u @nat_bambi i love u ty gorgeous <3ok i can’t take selfies but i can take videos here u go @xmdcie i love u sm my queen 🥺❤️ @Ceroooooo77 ty cero <333 @Yonji_x1 omg no way we finally fucking got it GOOD MORNING KINGdid my makeup first time in over a month, tried to take selfies, this is the best i could do ggs
what’s up guys sorry forgot i existed
hi im live :D
why do people buy fast cars just to drive 10 under the speed limit. @sophfri LMFAOwhat in the mortal kombat did i just watch @laufiex DUDE HOW ARE THEY SO QUICK WHAT THE HELL @laufiex HOLY FUCK I CANT BREATHE HGAGAGHAHAHAH @laufiex SASHA LMFAO THESE BOTS ARE QUICK @xmdcie love u jules 🤍 @JDubsCS @Sanity_FPS @xmdcie how did y’all not know this @tobincsgo 98 in 2 hits. @Creachling no @FeaR_yK absolutely not @MarleeOF i literally dont know how to play the game at all anymore LMFAOjust went 0/21 in a cs game ama @Yonji_x1 @xKitzi facti do b flickin doe @yeahimsilly this looks so fucking gas @MarleeOF u* FUCK @MarleeOF love yonline learning is probably the worst thing ever who with me
shorter stream 4 today get in here while da food is hot @xmdcie happy birthday beautiful i hope you have the best day ❤️❤️ ily @tyleragler he
first stream in a week hi i missed yall IN THE HOLE!
Retweeted by jai ꈍᴗꈍ ❀ @shoukrrrr bro please try ithear me out: ranch on mac n cheese @YaYzma god ur just the best ur so hot @sophfri top fragging duelist? naw. top fragging sentinel. the wave. @tweissCS boomer hrs boutta hit @BringTheFknHype yea @darth_boii if i kept going for eye she would’ve killed me so i had to take the shot on her and kill eye after @frootev i just thought it was fitting like get shit on reyna u fucking clown @wumboknives wait 4 my cypher clips. i am a beast.(we r all covid safe btw my gpa is incredibly high risk)entire family decided 2 come over for dinner and i just hear them yelling from across the house. turns out it’s bec…
@gwinchie @Morgausse_ wait i fucked up ayo MY BAD @gwinchie @Morgausse_ hey man thanks for letting me use the lambo for the weekend while my car was gettin fixed, really appreciate the help!Happy To Be Alive.i feel god in this chilis tonight. @Yonji_x1 hello yonji :D @eerrriiicaa @wumboknives LOL
@ThoserAim YA!!!!! @graphitecs good morning king have a good day 2daygm gamers the vibes r immaculate today @swancsgo me too actually wtf @sophfri LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Mitsuki_BOW yeah get the fuck out of my mentions dude @yllwgirl sometimes oui’d makes me notice the pain more @sasssleeey yeah i already have some that were prescribed but they’re not the best :(
@maddimaddo thats sexy i’ll try that in a few mins when i feel like moving @Sanity_FPS Big Boy. @d6llas holy shit what is going on lmfao @ariessqc talk to em!
if they loved u they would get u a dragon. remember that @ThoserAim help @TTVHollywood bro stop
@nate_rett58 she built like an apple watch @danteclap ty king < 3 @ThoserAim @rabbitcs1 "she used 5G to melt my brain" @ThoserAim @rabbitcs1 he literally just said smth about how he got killed by his 5G or some shit LMFAOOOOO @xmdcie bae @daytoniwnl any time king @ThoserAim maybe one day jai will be a facecam streamer againthx for stream i try and become daily streamer again ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!