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jai ꈍᴗꈍ ❀ @foxwounds ༺ az ♡ she/her ༻

mediocre twitch streamer who hopes she can make u laugh sometimes ✨ irl twilight princess zelda

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this is what happens when u get me angry I SAy HELL YAAAA HELL YA HELL YEA FCKIN RITE @Mitsuki_BOW shut UP @tweissCS once i have my self esteem back and have the balls to stream with a webcam again im gonna be unstoppable @awhnutss JGHHGJJGHGHJJGHJGHGHJGHJSFwait every1 doing this let me join @Sinnar15 @chloe_hime7 @gusfolger @cettobincsgo @chhopsky awwww someone doesnt get enough attention at home. it's showing
@CohesionOw nice flannel @Ahadify sorry what @Ahadify i do both @idkmanwow understandablei say this but i’ll be back in about a month or so watchhow r people still playing overwatch it is nearly 2021early cs stream then val later idfk whats up click for snacks @phyerx wtf it’s too early for this i’m gonna SOB ? @phyerx u r a queen @Mitsuki_BOW dis me @bobaconan me irli will never forget the time i told my ex i like tattooed men and then he went and got a tattoo a week later. i hol… @Mitsuki_BOW stopguys i think i have a type i think it’s really obvious @danteclap @itsGGood @Aust2n @DEMBEK_ @ryderOW or me @CohesionOw @DEMBEK_ @ryderOW LMFAO @talknice2urself bruh @chickenill felt !!!!took a shower and suddenly i have a will to live again that’s crazy @DawsieeCS u down bad @UberHaxorSpoof mhm i have so much energy that even low energy to me is high energy for people it's insane @SummYGG are u okayu think it's annoying to be around??? imagine living in thIS FLESH PRISON BRUH. HOW DO U THINK I FEELim abt to make a chat command that explains i have severe ADD cuz too many of u bitches be giving me shit for being… @giraffley LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO @Mitsuki_BOW bruh @giraffley hey
@talknice2urself ok i haven’t slept n idk jack shit abt religion so this tweet confuses me. jesus w sex workers?????? huh @ImMahti my friends in disc r forcing me to watch w them rn LMAO starting at the beginning for my dumbassfinally starting game of thrones srry i’m late 👍 @TNZNs dam wish my friends were like dis @darth_boii naw the first one @bobaconan u be ightWhen u fumble the bag but the homies there for u
Retweeted by jai ꈍᴗꈍ ❀ @Moristiko is this what acid feels like @sluonyou @Viol2t_OW @radiiants POGGERS ‼️ @sluonyou @Viol2t_OW @radiiants Genuine question @Viol2t_OW @radiiants Is everything ok at homewhy is this cow so SICK
Retweeted by jai ꈍᴗꈍ ❀ @MellohCS Happ bday mr. melloh @Mitsuki_BOW @airbagged LMFAO @IAmTacoGod @NotChaseyb Dam what’s that like @leaf_cs Happy birth @IAmTacoGod @NotChaseyb Dam thats fucked up @NotChaseyb @IAmTacoGod Vouch @tweissCS Yeah sure why not @tweissCS Yea u tellem @WooperLady ur way too kind
@WlNDRUNNERS FRRRRR @astrovishu @Deactivate @awhnutss How tf u not know Anne Hathaway @Mitsuki_BOW ITS CUTE STAY MADMe n who @casctiel I’ve been much better but at least I’m healing 😔💯👍 @caraisop @caraisop love u baefoxwoundz variety streamer pog??? playin dishonored come make fun of me bc i suck at games like this @krnnguyen_ thank u loml @Thundiee thanks king @ariessqc Why have social life irl when online friends r better @SanityyVAL I love my cousins id put my life on the line 4 them @AlexExamples @ariessqc LMFAO @ariessqc Imagine ur parents not already thinking that 😔 @IAmTacoGod Can u stop @SanityyVAL When my cousins were younger my aunt refused to let them follow my social media @1DanimalC I like this tweet it’s one of my best. @SanityyVAL Whenever I post stupid shit I always text my mom and I’m like it’s a joke don’t question jt @SanityyVAL My mom thinks I’m funny @DawsieeCS No @JDubsCS I can’t stop this is why I have a private twitter @JDubsCS I just had a coffee my thoughts r racing my ADD is on steroids I can’t stop @dbrodgers27 I’m a son too @HarvestCreates Thanks king @maddimaddo We just need to get this mf pink out. Do y’all have bleach over there @SanityyVAL Thanks king @giraffley I would never go super short but booby length I like booby length @graphitecs HELL YEA @ariessqc THANKS KING @maddimaddo Also I wanna dye it again but gray so I need help rebleach to get pink out @bobaconan We can go bald @maddimaddo Pslase @maddimaddo I been too lazy to go get a haircut but I need one so bad she’s dead @maddimaddo I liked it when it was boob length last time I did it @maddimaddo I would only chop to boob length this shit is getting unnecessarily long now @LJH_ASTR Thanks just wanna know who my real friends areI’m mentally stableHey guys if I was having a mental breakdown and chopped off my hair would u support me ? Not saying this is happeni… @Thundiee Yes @bobaconan Yeah I got u king @kasanes0401 @astrokuso I pretend I do not see it 👁👄👁 @kasanes0401 @astrokuso LMAO @piege_reine @malvadaism Guys I’m trying to thirst men into my dms cuz I’m bored and want attention please understand @solaWatch Down so bad man