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@ItisLoNaij It’s too much man.., I shouldn’t even be seeing your profile pic right now😂🥴 @ItisLoNaij Haha nah, not even. I mean my daily dose of international “thirst traps” that I’ll probably never meet… @ItisLoNaij I figured it was counter-productive getting rid of the pay-off but keeping the source of the dopamine h… decided to have another stab at going w/out porn & not jerking off.., Felt like another brain reset was needed af…
@ALEJANDROCOLE @MariahCarey You’re naughty lol
@bootyholisha_ @GeminibrainPWR 😂😂😂
@Iyan63553070 Media has been shamed into recognising it’s Ok to rep full-black families in adverts w/out one partne…
Not gonna lie, I think the first Quarter of 2021 is gonna be Abysmal.., but then Spring will hit, Corona will disap… @THEHOODFLUENCER You don’t even need Marge Simpson for this declaration bro. Slave 4 U is top tier💯Quality Street are so renk!🤮 Celebrations all the way @nahhkev Bruv! We had two whole rooms during the first 3 x month lockdown my Mama wanted to keep “for best”🙄😩Ffs!😂 @iamMelsmith Nah, this is fully disrespectfulLawd-a-Mercy!😍 @iamMelsmith Who the hell was nominated if not them?! @FunnyTummy Season Tickets lol ⚽️It’s so hard to lower your standards once you’ve been spoiled.., I really wish I could but my conscience nuh let me lol🤷🏽‍♂️I don’t know The Hive continually come for JLo when Bey swagger-jacked her entire 1st quarter solo identity from he… to my situation right now. Soon as this Pandemic is over I’m moving @WipeMeDown04 Not til 30+ and that was cos I got into a relationship w/ a full🔝. I would occasionally bottom before… @nice_two Make the most of yourself by all means, I just hate when people paint on what appears to be good health l… hold fast to the belief only those w/ No Life and No Man live for other people’s tea and messWhy are Politicians given the option of resigning when they fuck up lol? In any other walk of life they would be fi… @bi_and_blunt Lol I genuinely thought you were going to say that when your mother asked her to resign she refused😩 @Iyan63553070 @pre_richie @ih8g8tor @Oovaruh Of course there’s precedent of using mixed people in place of full bla… @mixedtopdl Haha sounds like me and you would have fun together😛 @mixedtopdl Makes sense, I’ve learned to enjoy both but I don’t flip-flop. What we are to each other is what we are… @mixedtopdl Lol nah, a generous 8.5”😂 In all seriousness just develop a rapport to w/ an average size dude where th… @mixedtopdl 9” but he warmed me up and talked dirty in my ear😂 #Joke @GeminibrainPWR @islandday_ STOP CHEATING IN YOUR BOYFRIENDS! (for the hard of hearing lol) @mixedtopdl Lol let me put you in touch w/ my trainer😂It does seem funny to me that cheating is considered a growth period.., and that if you bale because of it YOU are… @yoopatt It does seem funny to me that cheating is considered a growth period.., and that if you bale YOU are the p…
@femmenoire___ @Oovaruh @ih8g8tor I said “many times” not “all the time” biracials are culturally/socially read as…🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 @pre_richie That’s what I’m saying, people are acting like biracials just label themselves. Nah, the black communit… @BlogsJay @fufinka @UNGODLYERA I can agree w/ this @RperSanders @perfect_leaves @AshleyMarinCRPS @nofruitbutnut Many parents do the best they can and either don’t hav… @Ramdam05080153 Exactly! You’ll rarely hear a biracial person claim “white(.)” w/ their chest unless they can fully… @BlogsJay @fufinka @UNGODLYERA I think of DC as a completely different act. Judged on her solo output the actual mu… @Ramdam05080153 I don’t know why people are so confused, as there is such a thing as nuance and shorthand lol. Clai… @Ramdam05080153 People have their opinions but it won’t ever trump a person’s lived-reality.., I don’t know why they think it does🤷🏽‍♂️Biracial Person: “I’m Black” Chorus: “You ain’t Black, you’re Mixed!” Biracial: “I’m part Creole and part Venezuel… @RperSanders @perfect_leaves @AshleyMarinCRPS @nofruitbutnut You do know parent’s aren’t uniformly wonderful don’t… @fufinka @UNGODLYERA Beyoncé has more in common w/ Lady Gaga than MJ. Talent, combined w/ Hard work and Incredible… @pre_richie @ih8g8tor @Oovaruh That’s what I’m saying. If you live in the UK you know biracials who claim “black” w… @AshleyMarinCRPS @perfect_leaves @nofruitbutnut The best you can do is educate your children and show them lots of… @LadyJuanita83 @Oovaruh @ih8g8tor Lol maybe we do but it’s not the world I was born into and until recently nobody… @perfect_leaves @AshleyMarinCRPS @nofruitbutnut I know what you mean but same time you’re obviously quite discernin… @Oovaruh @ih8g8tor If all you’re referencing to is the census, then yes we don’t have the same technical one drop r… @LadyJuanita83 @ih8g8tor @Oovaruh That part I will agree on as I’m one such mixed person. Dark enough and with an a… @floetrie @ih8g8tor @Oovaruh I’m gonna assume you’re both pretty young, especially the account with “teen” in the h… @LadyJuanita83 @ih8g8tor @Oovaruh Respectfully, where are you from and where is your friend from? I am mixed, label… @nofruitbutnut @yesterdayskid_ Lol not to mention someone doesn’t need to be 70yrs old to pose a threat. Paedo’s an… @nextlevelwnate She’s definitely a superstar @DatDudeJerome @ItisLoNaij Yeah, I read up on it and 2020 has created the same “conditions” as porn addiction. You might not be an… @ih8g8tor @Oovaruh Respectfully, that’s not true. Mixed people have been considered black in the 🇬🇧 for generations @ItisLoNaij PMO = Porn Masturbation Orgasm. I would have sex but the quality of guys here is really low, mostly out… @ItisLoNaij I’m enjoying it tbh. I feel like it was a needed move cos I’m certain this year’s gonna leave a lot of… @ItisLoNaij I started late.., I’m on Day 12 @brethawriter Thank God you survived but if you were on the ventilators then it will be the drugs they gave you tha… @ZeusWorld_Wide Loool I was just saying this to someone. There is literally someone else who would love, enjoy and… @MariahTrends @MariahCarey I have a question: Mimi said recently in an interview that she has 3 x Christmas albums.., what’s the 3rd one?
@Ramdam05080153 Gurl you ain’t never lied🥂 @Ramdam05080153 Travelling the world.., Sampling Ass and Dick from all parts of the Globe.., while Making music and… does not exist lol @ZeusWorld_Wide Kelly doesn’t have a musical direction.., nor does Beyoncé tbh although she’s done well to mine the… @BrownskinverseJ Oh hey, let me put you in touch with somebody: @ekimtahtsi done been through this.., 6’0-6’3 @HuffDaddySays That’s a project right there “Partner Lemme Upgrade U” (on their own coin though, we’re not dumb out here) lol @HausUrban @HuffDaddySays Lol it’s cos they spend the rest of their time in sports attire, it’s nuts how some peopl… gosh, the dude who just offered to suck me off on Grindr has said he's also open to a coffee lol🤦🏽‍♂️ Nah, man d… hate how mainstream uptempo’s nowadays just sound like generic dance music rather than a creative upbeat interpre… @mixed_dl What does it say?👀Casual Dating, STI-free/Covid-free Sex Parties and a Quality Match to Cuff come September.., I want what I want🤷🏽‍♂️ @iamMelsmith @carussodool It’s the hard-headedness for me lol I laugh during sex, it means I’m having a good time😂👌🏾 @Roddi_black @zmchsh Depends if they are indeed “Red Flags” or just imperfectionsMy uncle tested positive for Covid a couple days ago, he’s Ok. Grateful considering he’s over 60, has COPD and Asth… @carussodool Translation: “I’m dangling 🥕’s then feigning shock n’ awe when the 🐇’s start to bite” Girl you need to… @mixed_dl My goodness, be nice lol @BrownskinverseJ 1/2?! You need to step your bussy up Bish😂 We only do full round here“Errm yeeeeah.., you’re not coming.😘” That’s my only reply to either of those at this stage in life. I take the inv…, I always try to be warm and friendly. I’m not an open book by nature.., being nice to people and not actively…
@bi_and_blunt “Bad & Boujie” lol @iamMelsmith For real! La La Land would only have worked as a modern musical had it been contemporary but the choic… @MaliseTweets I watched it two nights ago, really enjoyed it @iamMelsmith It was sooo close.., but ever so slightly behind the zeitgeist. The lack of diversity hurt it for the… @lndndsctop Love Weed Brownies😍It’s a bit like a Welcome Break™ on the motorway lol.., No one ends their journey at a Welcome Break™ @bromantxxx Every time the red exclamation marks come out I see this lol @bi_and_blunt Stop speaking di people dem Love Language lol @Ramdam05080153 @WchEpoo @naima It was more what she says, they keep what Charles says intact but change her answer from a bashful… @Ramdam05080153 Book an Art Class? @mixed_dl Ahh I haven’t seen him since I blocked him.., how’s he doing lol? @Ramdam05080153 ...and the nudes are gonna transition to artistic nudes rendered w/ oil paints lol?