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Joined Twitter 5/28/15 Live now. Starting with Fortnite, then maybe some more Bendy and the Ink machine. Come see the new Theme! @Michael65664879 Pls click the link and read it before thinking it serious lmao @GOHGAMER 😂😂😂😂😂 @epictreasure1 LMAO @LooneyFuego WHEEEEZING @BetosCurse Click the link, please, read the bio, please.Apparently the picture isn’t visible. huge announcement. Times have been tough, I have been really strained. I have decided to start an Only Fans. I ho…
I am liiiiiiive! SO close to more emoji, and piggy tails Ha.
@GetDogedScrub I was doing such a good job! I was months purge free, with a controlled strict diet and exercise. No… have to cancel stream for the day, my throat feels like a bunch of razor blades. Not having control over my die…
@SamziIla What happenedI’ll be live an hour then 😊Evening stream?
Still live, come check it. found this helpful.
Had a lot of fun playing murder mystery with you guys. Was nice to connect socially like that 🧡 I did it, i did it, I am on time, I did ittt i sangg this yay ay ay a @Punishergaming9 Seems to be okay, just spooked. I don’t want to walk my dog during this virus either. It is my res…
Guess who has new emoji on the channel? This girl! Come see them for yourself! done by the… @PinkMeatBall I’m honestly okay, i just can’t sleep lol @PinkMeatBall And I’m here for all of you!!! @downtownsynergy Big hugs. @shieldmaiden772 Ahh why are you so precious. You’ve been the one who’s kind to me! I’m so glad sapper told me about your streams 😭🧡I apologize for my inconsistency again. I was on a roll! We’ll get it back, my insomnia has been really bad lately.… @NickEh30 @jeffyonpc is a legend, that may be too early for him and his time zone but hella vouch for duos. He is a… @CritzBTW He was charged, never even had corona. Just spreading fear. So messed up.This is so scary. Please be SO careful when out shopping for groceries. Avoid it even if you can. Selfish people li…
@klo224 You’re being very brave putting yourself out there like this every day. Thankyou @klo224 With that being said! I hope YOU are taking extra precautions to keep yourself and the customers safe 🧡 @klo224 Entirely different. Some people I know are literally just going on joy rides because they are bored. “Racing” they called it. @SamziIla It hurts sooooo badI use my phone like this, I need to chill on the isolation screen time, now I’m sitting here with crazy pinky pain😂
@sheikahwolf I think what’s even worse, they were out of country 7 days ago. 🙃🙃🙃 @sheikahwolf I don’t like to subtweet, literally no one even called them out for it either, it bothered me a lot.Saw a huge influencer preach about social distancing and staying home. Followed by a video post of them at the beac… ever person in the United States needs to watch this. PLEASE RETWEET
Retweeted by Foxyzilla @MrBones2134 Thankyou 😭 @FangsOuch 🥺 @FreekAL0 You are absolutely amazing. Thankyou for your kindness. @Fauzy_Mohamed I really appreciate this @sheshn94 😭🧡 this means so much. @Camwiki_FPS You’re an incredible human being. @TonyMontana1883 Sometimes I don’t believe this. The comments on this post have me kinda shaken. I wasn’t expecting this response. @XiaRoseTV You are so incredible 😭 @Maverick20132 You’re amazing.I don’t understand, I really don’t.... I have such an amazing family on here 🥺how did I get so lucky?
Playing an old game I used to slay at tonight. @JHatsukina My mom knows how much I hateeeeee video calling and even talking on phone. I never ever EVER ever do i…’m probably going to be pretty inconsistent the next little bit, aiming to get back on track Monday. I took some t…’m actually having a really hard time with this. Im missing and worried about my loved ones who live very far away… am so glad I am not the person I was a year ago. Insane self growth and I’m so proud 👍
Luna was begging for some of my mango... I called her out for it and she did this. I can’t breathe. @bumblebreeeski_ @TonyMontana1883 I think because of corona? @TonyMontana1883 Everyone is posting to not watch it so it’s making me want to so I clicked play @CritzBTW“Don’t watch contagion on Netflix” it’s 3:10am, I probably shouldn’t click this button.
@tit12707 I promise if I show any symptoms I’ll get tested right away, to make sure I don’t spread to others ! I’m literally a hermit lol. @tit12707 I live in middle of no where. So when I walk my dog. I don’t engage with other humans 🧡 @tit12707 I am fine. I literally have had no human contact. I only leave my house to walk my dog. My sick feeling i… @bb_notyourwaifu Can relate to this so hard 😂 @WellKnownAlias Here hold this block
@dcharles25 MuchShe totally thought this was her bark box and was actually so excited, then she realized it wasn’t for her. Was sad… approves of this package. THANKYOU @WatchMixer 🧡💛💙
During a Coronavirus update/meeting this Mayor excused himself to the restroom but forgot to turn off his microphon…
Retweeted by FoxyzillaIt's OK to fall down, as long as you get back up! I fell off track for a few weeks, I am back on it and ready to k… @davdchristmas Why did I watch this to the end. @iistarkyii As long as you just grab what you usually grab, you’re fine. The people who see it in stock and grab wa… @TonyMontana1883 100 percent. Equal shame on those who saw others hoarding and decided they also needed to go and b… you go out and buy 3 packs of toilet paper and 20 cases of water because you’re scared about it not being there…
Live meow, Schedule streams resume tomorrow <3 I do not tweet those out! 9AM EST Mon to Saturday. @Sorethiel You got this 👍Live now on new setup ok bye.
@VellaPlays I want a second one to balance my light more but I can’t afford it yet @VellaPlays Yes! I don’t use any other light in my office either! I’ll be doing a video of it all soon @JennySimilee I’m so in love. I feel so zen walking into my space😌 @Gadgetgirlkylie Thankyou 🥺 @Skrubski Thankyou 🥺 @VellaPlays No! I have it on 17 percent @iam_ikandi Made a tweet detailing!! I hope it helps @SnoopyR6s It was in the wash :)2x ikea Alex drawers. 1x ikea Alex drawer with file cabinet bottom thing 2x adils legs, gerton tabletop. For cheape… getting asked about my desk, ALOT. I already had the ikea drawers and just upgraded and arranged the tops. Total… @iam_ikandi I had most of it already :) ikea! Just upgraded the tops. The table and leg system! Will go in depth ov… @devastations @jcambriz_510 Literally just made this my desktop background, its too stinking cute. @PerfectUnoTV @PerfectUnoTV I got it from amazon a while ago! I’m going to find links to everything though and make a video on this :) @Symlistic Yes @TrapZ1lla Ikea. Not very expensive. I had all the bottom parts and just swapped the tabletops that’s it.Without further ado! My new and improved set up! Excited to also announce we will start doing a lot more art/drawin… stole this from my moms Facebook btw, which I think makes me funnier.It’s working!!!!! I have picture!! Time to put back in all the extras, elgato etc. Thank god, it was just the motherboard.
Laughed way harder than I should have at this one. @TheStigMcRae Last pc was easy. Liquid cooling and smaller case has made this one super challenging. @PinkMeatBall Yeah so it could be the bios thingy. I’m going to get this now. help from friends it is looking like a defective motherboard not ram. Loooooool.Having some issues with new PC, will be streaming as soon as I am able to figure it out. No idea how many days or h… @Soft_Mixer @DopeFrags Yup, was just unlucky. @Soft_Mixer @DopeFrags I can’t even get windows to launch so I don’t think I need to do this lol.