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Parker @FPS_Parker Austin, TX

Player for @ValkyrieLLC // 18 // Contact- Dms & @hyunseoVAL is my little sova guy

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@Inf4mousEnergy LMAO @GeorgeCGed @GFX_Hon i dont know if you do this stuff but i figured it couldnt hurt
@bbylapras @ctrrlz HEY 👋 LET ME HAVW MY MOMENT😫 @ctrrlz I’m blushing stop 😫☺️ @ctrrlz 1 day brother @ctrrlz DAT MAYNE VINNY TOO ICEYLFT t2 exp took a break for a while, but im ready
Retweeted by Parker @xvrVAL Ladies and gents A site on ascent is closed off @xvrVAL 😈DEMON TIME 99X @xvrVAL LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA new wave of sleep deprived gfuel snorting 4 am demons are here Please welcome the new GenZ! @StunnaValo
Retweeted by Parker @GenZval @cycotic @StunnaValo @ToozyVal @ShaneVal_ @ImposterVAL @zullxs ImposterONTOPBABY
@itsmarouS @bbylapras LMAO @Inf4mousEnergy I hate people like that "OMG OMG GAME IS SO GOOD LETS GRIND IT" plays for 10hrs and never touches i… @bbylapras ok RudolphGo watch the man Ton killed this VIDEO IS LIVE! Astra God meets Raze Movement I Valorant Montage ft. @FPS_Parker
Retweeted by Parker @cycotic @SyntheticOrg DAT BOI SANE WILL COME BACK EVEN MORE ICEY @xvrVAL @mobiFPS nah yeah jett was legit, its tenz alt @Inf4mousEnergy @AyeeTrain DAYUM ADAM @xvrVAL @mobiFPS
@ProfessorSoop It happens bro dont let it eat ya up @ProfessorSoop That sucks, I know nothing about what happened but I always try to treat every team the same. Youll come back bro allg @ProfessorSoop what happened soop manFirst game getting streamed ;) @ValkyrieLLC @itsmarouS unlucky @itsmarouS WHAT DID BAYO TELL YOU[#VALORANT] Make sure to support the squad as we take part in today's Godset Qualifier! 🔥 @slip4000 🔥…
Retweeted by Parker @mobiFPS Proud of youI can fill for VCS, I can play all duelists, skye and kayo. DM me @HitBox_Hiros
Retweeted by ParkerThe homie @bear_valorant Just dropped 30 in a ranked match and the egirl on our team added him
@906Rest @BayonetVAL @SyntheticOrg Keep dreaming brother @ToKacey I second this @Demir02k Happy birthday bro🥳 @ValkyrieLLC @KrypticGrid @FPS_Parker bag igl
Retweeted by Parker @_novaVAL Dr.Doofenshmirtz's 1v1 spike rush is the most prestigious T2 event @sw1ndal They be like T2 exp -8th in a GLG -32nd in VCS -Won Dr.Doofenshmirtz 1v1 spike rush tourney @itsmarouS HEY THATS BESIDES THE POINT LMAO @AjjEsports @BayonetVAL @SyntheticOrg lmao @BayonetVAL @SyntheticOrg @AjjEsports dont take my managerGodamn I popped off IGLing today, when the boys listen and play well while setting them up is one of the best feelings ever[#VALORANT] WE MOVE ON! GGs @GonzoGaming as we take the 2-0 W in the lower bracket in @AGNValorant! We move to p…
Retweeted by Parker @ZenOXsd Make your own, easier to remember and you get to chose where you lineup and where it hits exactly
@GFX_Hon @WichitaWolvesGG BIG FOR THE BOY @GFX_Hon Does this mean SEN Hon!!??? @xvrVAL @PlayVALORANT @CarbynVAL @Agr0fps @ShiftyVAL @KyzieVAL @nytothevek @SharkedCS @hawpsu @idkdaniell @_SlimVal that match its a Marvin's room type of night @GFX_Hon x for fact @GFX_Hon FNATIC HON POG
@Inf4mousEnergy @OODALooperz @MambaModeGaming @Lazarus #ODINGANG4LIFE @Inf4mousEnergy @OODALooperz @MambaModeGaming @Lazarus Big vouch, super strong controller player and will benefit any teamShow some love please 🙏 LFT Prev, @OODALooperz @mambamodegaming @Lazarus <- Unsigned Controller pref (Proficient…
Retweeted by ParkerITS PLAYOFF TIME! We kick off Round 2 of @AGNValorant Playoffs tonight at 9PM EST against @GonzoGaming! #TheLegion
Retweeted by Parker @murtplays @GFX_Hon @ctrrlz JOKE* @ctrrlz nice dog @ceryal_ Nice to see you're killing it bro @rainsvision Keep killing it brother @ooMOOMANoo SO HANDSOME @masvalorant @HitBox_Hiros Vouch, hes a great teacher and willing to sit and work through problems, will slot onto… Levitate has disbanded, I am again looking at opportunities as a Head Coach/Analyst. - T2 experience as Hea…
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I have a question What are yalls thoughts on if playing ranked is needed for competitive? I personally haven't play… @bear_valorant @HitBox_Hiros This dude is cracked out of his mind + bump + ratio + dont careStill LFT 😁 @HitBox_Hiros
Retweeted by Parker @xvrVAL ok this is emo @Demir02k Get well soon king @ZenosVAL WTH VCT curse stikes again @GFX_Hon @GFX_Hon Hon the best aroundit cost no monies to support a designer. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the recent support it means a l…
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@Demir02k DEMIR WHAT HAPPENED @Inf4mousEnergy SAME🤗 @xvrVAL false @xvrVAL EMO TWEET✅ @Inf4mousEnergy OMG ADAM😋 @ZenosVAL Very handsome @Inf4mousEnergy lmaoHey guys, this is Remington and he is here to clear your timeline of garbage drama Like and RT so others timelines… @xvrVAL its really crazy how much we dont know about people
@NightlyGG @ESLPUBG GO KILL IT BOYS🙏 - The final day of the @ESLPUBG Masters Americas 2 NA Group Stage is about to be underway for #NightlyPUBG! ⏰ -…
Retweeted by Parker @LouVLRT_ vouchWhat F/A's would want to make a team and stick until the end? Want to make something work and even if I have to mak…
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@BayonetVAL @HitBox_Hiros bro post one and occasionally retweet itHoly fuck what a fking game 2-1 vs @andbox_official ! #TSMWIN
Retweeted by ParkerThat match was insane @TBillsen THERE ARE SO MANY "Yeah ik we are a T3 team but we couldnt make it to ro32 agaisnt faze so I think we should disband"
🙏 - #NightlyPUBG is about to drop into the final day of the @ESLPUBG Americas Masters 2 Qualifiers! Come support th…
Retweeted by Parker @bbylapras @bbylapras green for sure @xvrVAL @SoaRGaming @ValkyrieLLC 🤗Lost 0-2 to @SoaRGaming ggs highlighted some crucial mistake, we come back stronger @ValkyrieLLC
[#Valorant] GG's to #CrowdPleasers as we take Round One of the #VCTChallengersNA Open! Next up is @SoaRGaming in…
Retweeted by ParkerWe win 2-1 against Crowd Pleasers 10-13 13-8 13-6 @ValkyrieLLC GAMEDAY! Make sure to show your support for the squad as we participate in #VCTChallengersNA Open Qualifier st…
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@ctrrlz bro I live in texas and those were some of the most interesting and cool lessons I remember @SoaRGaming @Demir02k @KrypticGrid @slip4000VALORANT SENTINELS OF LIGHT BUNDLE GIVEAWAY🚀 - follow @SoaRGaming - like and retweet - tag 2 friends winner annou…
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