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fragpasty @fragpasty Norfolk, UK

Shirt wearing bon-viveur. Cook, runner, and suave greedy guts about town. Observer of life. Cloud enthusiast. Could do better if he applied himself. INTJ

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@billyblade71 @hizzary @archivetvmus71 Have you watched the original? @hizzary @archivetvmus71 Such a shame. They remake all the good stuff and steal it. Never watched the US version on principle! @archivetvmus71 Brilliant TV! Ian Richardson is dazzling. Such a disturbingly good performance. First series was th…
@archivetvmus71 @JamesCollingwo1 @CuriousUkTelly Thanks for the tip! Never heard of it before. @CuriousUkTelly Probably the best BBC drama ever produced imho. It just gets better and better with every watch. @hizzary It would be so much easier if they asked where you wanted stuff delivered FIRST. Then at least you’d know… @ECreedOSH @FarmRunnerUK That looks like a very good walk. #envious
@fillthewhole Beautiful!Green beans and tomatoes doesn’t sound particularly interesting. But after an hours simmering, with lots of garlic… Ladera is a great way to deal with a glut of green beans. I accidentally ordered it in a Paris restaurant… something more frustrating than shopping at Ikea: trying to order from ikea online. Didnt think it was possi… @hizzary @RSPBMinsmere Not a lot tbh as the hides were closed but it was just nice to be outside :) @tjhutchings71 @RSPBMinsmere It is. Been going for years but always see something newBeautiful walk at @RSPBMinsmere today. I needed some fresh air!
@andrew_poho But that is how we bbq in the uk. It tastes better if cooked under an umbrella. Probably @cakevscales Thank goodness for that! @razzlefrazzle Perhaps we’ll see him a bit more in this series. The bowling they are facing is evil. @razzlefrazzle Amazing come back. Such good depth in batting. You can never write off this team. @Affenlou Always helps! Nice plums btw 😂 You too 👍 @40lucyjordan Two probably @Besho_Azmy @Jopolkadot A heavily underrated film. Gritty and with an edge like a heavy blade. @GSWooster I stand corrected. The spirt of the tweet remains. @GSWooster That is the most middle class tweet I’ve seen today! Countdown in Waitrose! @archivetvmus71 First shot is from Take Me Home. Classic drama. But saucy too 😂
After a week of abstinence it is time to start the weekend properly! Feel free to join me @GSWooster It was the first one I saw at the cinema and it blew me away. That was a great summer for film! @GSWooster Seconded
@IL0VEthe80s Duncan Norvelle @kerrya11en Dull start here. You’re behind 😂
@IpMcdonald @rostron_claire @dr_sjcullinan That looks good! @dr_sjcullinan I think I would have enjoyed it more if it had about 50 extra pages of description and an ending. I’… @transience80 I can see why! @transience80 Those look like the very best chips ever! @rostron_claire Oh yeah! Proper unnerving! @datadictum @jolilford A children’s book for adults I think. I would have found it very frustrating. Think writers… @LCWatson01 Yes, apparently a lot of his books are like that. Not sure it works for me. The voices seemed a bit clu… @CScottBooks I’ll give it a go on YouTube. I tend to find the late 70s to 90s was a bit of a golden period for TV a… @jolilford Haha I’m not surprised! It’s definitely not for the faint of heart! I didn’t read many children’s books… @SoryahhTale That sounds suspiciously like a recommendation? @CScottBooks I am thinking about it rather a lot. I think it probably requires a second read. I got a bit frustrate… @KerryPulleyn I think I would have found it hard going as a youngster. His style is very sparse. Lots of inferences and things out of order.Yesterday, on a whim, I read The Owl Service by Alan Garner. Supposedly a children’s book. I can’t work out if it w…
@lucietun I feel like that when I’m asked to do my tax returnRECRUITING: We are looking for a new front of house member 3 & 1/2 days a week- Thurs, Fri, Sat & Mon. Previous exp…
Retweeted by fragpasty @vicryan71 @dr_sjcullinan See! Not just me! @dr_sjcullinan @vicryan71 Exactly that! @vicryan71 Looks like it! @Sarah_Kendall @bigedwards He is so unsupportive. Every time I start singing he’s like “that’s off key”, “you’re dr…
Retweeted by fragpastyEver think “I must have a shower this morning“ then realise you are actually in the shower? Is it just me?
@TheGin_Genie Wow! @LisaJarmin @cmplxdcassandra Well I definitely wouldn’t recommend eating anything that would kill you. That’s a given! 😂 @LisaJarmin @cmplxdcassandra Low carb is sooo horrible. It’s just awful. Nom nom nom 😋 @MellieJBS I will give that a try. I’m cutting carbs so trying a few alternatives :) @MellieJBS No, it came in a packet. It smelt awful! Like nothing you would want to put in your mouth! @ProjectLincoln And I’m resigning to spend more time with my family... @MellieJBS 3. was nearly 4 when I cooked some cauliflower rice last week but it smelt so bad it went straight in the bin. 😂 @TheGin_Genie That looks brilliant! @Kirsty_M_N Monopoly has never ended any other way! @MellieJBS Brilliant!How to open a new book by William Matthews
Retweeted by fragpasty @GSWooster I don’t own a French horn. @Kirsty_M_N Because if you play it like that there isn’t the time to have an argument, and as we all know, it’s not…
The land. She is a beautiful lass. @MellieJBS Oh my lord! @MellieJBS I have heard tell of s’mores!It was almost like a summer Sunday of yore. Pirates of Penzance outside at Holland Park, with a fine Frédéric, but…
Retweeted by fragpasty @lucyastrid Beautiful pics, Lucy! @40lucyjordan Oh I remember watching that. Amazing sound track! #tendernessTonight might be one of those nights when I fall asleep listening to melancholy tracks, like a teenager. #booze @40lucyjordan Lucy, only you and I know how much! 😂 @jolilford Oh Jo! If only I was! 😬 @cakevscales Be brave! @BootstrapCook Now you say it Jack, it sounds like rather a lot to do!I’ve been chilling wine the the freezer so long there is a special indentation in a bag of peas for it. #booze @cakevscales I’d rather eat the sugar and not feel so dirty! It’s like sleeping with the enemy! @cakevscales Oh god don’t eat sweeteners! @Kirsty_M_N Annoying isn’t it! 😂 @Kirsty_M_N I see this is a form of natural selection. Anyone who would do this just for likes on the internet shou…
Why is booze so very nice? @NicolaJWarren You’re very good health! @Him_Me_Three Beautiful! @NicolaJWarren Oh I like that approach! @Affenlou I’m not going to repeat the second part for fear of WOKE twitter! 😂 @Affenlou I really want a cold beer now! You’re good health! @Affenlou Cheers! @hizzary it time for booze yet?Seriously! Try listening to WildTrak and walking normally. Completely impossible. Like not chewing a fruit pastille. Cannot fail to amuse. @porksmith TV Themes album. I just tried to walk down the street listening to it and it turned into the opening cre… was slightly better. But not much. I’ve never had a proper homemade crumpet so not sure how they should be... tried to make sourdough crumpets. Hmmm... 3 out of 10 I think! More practice required!
@Herne_TheHunter I’m sure he had better roles in his past! @Herne_TheHunter Absolutely! He played it much closer to the books. Both his films were entertaining and worth a watch. @Herne_TheHunter I thought Dalton was an excellent Bond. @loucarden74 @Hopewrites Want! @BRJ_SharpMcLeod I was thinking of doing some ice sculpture later just after I’ve finished sitting on that rather inviting tin roof.
Stranger Things!!! #StrangerThings of exciting news on grocery home delivery today. We’ll just leave these tax numbers here to help you choose…
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