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lainy @frailrabbit he/him 18 🍪 ed & ocd

ed diary 🎀 pro recov!! ♡ dni: fatphobic/allspo

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@comfortstarves ty cress tysm! i might not be very active on here so if u have a non ed acc i can… @miupafait TY LALA!! im gnna make a new non ed acc i think ^__^ i will follow u @comfortstarves heya cress:333 @anorexicgirl444 i Wuv u @anorexicgirl444 :3i think i am going to attempt recov i dunnoermmmmmmmmm @koolaidiot popsicles and rainbow goldfish though yummy yunmy @koolaidiot it makes me so happy personally :3 but i couldn't eat those cakes cake makes my tummy hurt @anorexicgirl444 cupcake nd milkshake!hey friends!!!!!!!!!baby lain vs adult lain @pinkcorpsebride i saw this stuffed animal on pinterest i thought you might enjoy not judge me its good and idc if you think its grossi want corn casseroleyesterday i was so high up and now i am so lowi can't stand myself anymore @parariru @angelicteary so proud of you winnie 🎀 if i make a non ed acc i will definitely follow u
my friend is so respectful and sweet to me about my ed i love her soooooooo muchlain is the perfect name for me m so glad i chose iti believe the first photo is a white ermine moth and the second a silk moth if anyone is wonderi… is safer than most (if not all) the shit on ed/shtwt, block me if you have a problem with agere/petre !!
Retweeted by lainyactually really hate this app so many weird nd gross people everywhere @ih3artbone wtf is wrong with people ewhaving a watermelon popsicle im disgustingblegghhh
i loveeeeeee food gifsyummy… @tetebokkl hiiiii @koolaidiot @koolaidiot WOOO @koolaidiot how i imagine hateful ruben: think i have BED now i dunno :( i binge alllllllll the timeeee @comfortstarves TSYMMM CRESS I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH!!! 💕💕🎀 WENT WELL !!!!! my therapist has a puppy he was so cute ♡ feeling very drained now though @miupafait what game is this? @pinkcorpsebride ew wtf ugh. this show is so annoying/weird370 calories ♡ didn't finish the carrot cake bar to have lunch nd watch mIp 🍨look how cuteee the hand cream i got is ♡ doesn't burn my hands nd smells like honey suckles @comfortstarves i know right 💕💕💕💕💕💕 they remind me of puppies so cute i also found this jumper @miupafait i think u wld love bleeding hearts as well :3 my mom has some @comfortstarves TYSM cress!! m so nervous but excited to kick ocds butt🎀🍃 lapageria rosea ~~
Retweeted by lainy @miupafait one of my favorites :3 @berryomads same if you sexualize age regression ꒰ ྀི ◞ ◟ ꒱ /srs ur very weird if you doi start ERP today . . nervous @doribunni @l3sbiancals !!politely asking my moots 2 unfollow @/cutecurlycals since she posts “th1nsp0” of people who d1ed of their ed and pe…
Retweeted by lainytw // spider , if you have arachnophobia beware! found two wolf spiders yesterday m still soo happy… friends 🐇
dni if you post / like gore , please @BearyJessi i am good!! going to get to see my dogs today at my moms house!! @BearyJessi GOOD MORNING BRI !! I did sleep well thanku !! 💕💕 how are you !i am lamb. but i am also a fawn. but i am also a bunny. and a pony.good morning angels , just woke up in my comfy hay bed @tiniilovv us !! @zokitz pls do not throw up 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
@sweetiidol thanku sm!!!!! @petitestgirl i did do this :3 !! 💕💕luckily i was able to go without my notes and did pretty well… said yeah ocd and has gotten me a therapist to start ERPpsychiatrist said i have undiagnosed autism and was shocked that no doctor said something until now @BearyJessi literally uslamb lashes 🐑 was one black nd white lamb too lambs . . i saw some lambs in a field today after my appointment ^__^… my lovely friends make sure u all drink water and take care @petitestgirl omg m only just seeing this reply ☹️ thank you evi!!!! @berryomads yes!!i have my first appointment with my psychiatrist tommorow and m really nervous and probably will ha…
@berryomads i think u would love these teddy figures i hav!! @berryomads loveee that teddy bear boxyea like i saw some of it a long time ago and it just is disturbing to me... am too tired today i dont wanna leave my bed everypony!! 🩷 (it is five pm) @miupafait oh hes such a cutie aaww @r0tdoll i lob u @comfortstarves heck yea!! @miupafait VERY REAL @petitestgirl omg we can wear sweaters toook i watch video and sleep @koolaidiot hm wnats to be a lamb in a field with me i want to be a lamb in a field like everyone hates me nd is better than me nd i dunno
@ilovgranola this one is so adorable omgi @BearyJessi goodnight bri 🎀💕🎀💕🎀 to play my littl phone games then fall asleep 🧸zztommorow i might be able to do more though. i might go outside or even go somewhere if i am up… takes me till 4 pm to even leave my bed . . then i shower which is an exhausting process for… ocd is really taking over and my ed is kind of . . i dunno. . m just eating one meal a day… had one meal and some snacks today @worminmybrain_ ours are kind of opposite ^_^ @parariru enjoy! 🐇💕i hate men so much why are they so full of themselves ? @miupafait cupcakedollie ^.^why are yt comment sections infested with misogynists
@frailgf cupcake is so perfect for the pink one though... omg you could name them cupcake and frost…