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Nebula-winning, World Fantasy-Nebula-& Hugo-finalist storyspinner; time-traveling Code Poet. (she/her). Genre MFA Director @westernGPCW Opinions my own.

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In functioning democracies, you just count the ballots. All of them. & you don't change the rules about how & when…
Retweeted by Fran WildeThe Coffee must flow.
Retweeted by Fran Wilde @fran_wilde @MaryProYetti Tell me of the cold brews of your home world Usul.
Retweeted by Fran Wilde @The_Tolkienist That may be the winning QT.
Oh my heart. I did not expect this. :) A bit of joy for your day.
Retweeted by Fran Wilde @DayAlMohamed Oh that was so nice.Please read. It is essential that this not get sanitized by the media as if it’s an acceptable “political strategy”…
Retweeted by Fran WildeI'm doing a Zoom visit with the New York Public Library and we'd love to get some questions from kid readers. If yo…
Retweeted by Fran Wilde @jnikolbeckham I know!! I'm going to miss you all a whole lot.I'm posting the reading here in hopes you find something as well that helps you do the impossible too --(reading list cont.) "My God, It's Full of Stars" by Tracy K. Smith "We Astronomers," Reb… list continued) "Selkie Stories are for Losers," Sofia Samatar, @strangehorizons read: @FondaJLee's "I Created a Deepfake Girlfriend and Now We're Getting Married" @techreview students have created incredible work, and I'm excited to see it in the world. Meantime, I thought I'd share so…, I'll wrap up my final "Writing the Impossible" seminar at @randolphcollege as 2020 Pearl S. Buck Visiting… @Hugo_Book_Club @sfwa @Catrambo thank you!We have a copy of this cookbook, and have made recipes out of it. Not only does it support the good work of @SFWA
Retweeted by Fran WildeJust sent off a huge file to my @LFPbooks editors and no I won't be over here biting my nails. (Ok, yes I will.)… @ClarkeAward (Which is also possibly related to my more fully caffeinated state) @ClarkeAward This response delights me! @EvieManieri ❤️❤️❤️ it is so good to see your pixels!Coffee is the mind helper Coffee is the little drink that brings clarity I will drink my coffee I’ll permit it to p…'ve said it before, but it bears repeating. There is one place in the world where a map of #COVID19 cases & deaths…
Retweeted by Fran Wilde @Wanderlustin @GouletPens @galen_leather Origin Studios NitrogenStill drawing for #octoberink #octoberink2020 #sketchtober - prompt: “cardinal points”. #fountainpen @gouletpens
@NorthshireToga @clpolk Thank you so much -- it was wonderful seeing you all again! I hope I can get back there (bo…'m going to be talking to @fran_wilde this afternoon at 5pm et! it should be a lot of fun, come get a ticket!
Retweeted by Fran WildeOn Sunday, join @fran_wilde for WORLDBUILDING AS A BANQUET! A banquet is about more than food: it's a rich, deep-d…
Retweeted by Fran WildeWOOOOO!!!! @intelligentwat Way to go!! @tordotcom @intelligentwat @TorDotComPub CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD woah I'm yelling I'm so happy. @csecooney @intelligentwat @TorDotComPub OH YAY!!!!! @dongwon @gregvaneekhout slow clap @TorDotComPub @DjangoWexler YAY DJANGO!! @frumpenberg Would St Mary’s College know ?It's six days until the election, which also means it's six days until BEDTIME FOR SUPERHEROES is out! You preorder…
Retweeted by Fran WildeWe're SO excited for our virtual event at 5 eastern tonight w/ staff favorites @clpolk & @fran_wilde talking about…
Retweeted by Fran Wilde @aliettedb @tashadrinkstea @Planetpinto @micahepsteinart same. saaame. @lynnemthomas Happy birthday, Cait!! @ardyceelaine We need to go shopping when you’re done @GayathriKWrites @Neulita I am so glad! @jsmayank Yes O JS let’s talk about this PleaseA thought for today from KEEP MOVING. Let’s do what we can to take care of ourselves and each other. VOTE.🧡
Retweeted by Fran Wilde @NataniaBarron Euphronia ftw @VashBandy It’s wonderful @dieslaughing Yes indeed. I just broke down the black / white / green / checkerboard garment game for the Chemist and he finally saw it.Queen’s Gambit : coming of age, goth AF, fashion on point, heart in place. Chess. Moses Ingram, you have my attention.Read
Cannot wait to talk with @clpolk tomorrow (10/28) at 5pm est about one of my favorite books this fall - The Midnigh… great thing about the 2020 election season is the level of engagement - so many families are having conversatio…
Retweeted by Fran Wilde @WriteTeachPlay Many happies you two!:: drops the ceremonial gavel on hypocrisy day : : Goodbye day. Until next year. I hope we are much changed by then and in good ways.OneTwo minutes until Hypocrisy Day is overThree @mikechenwriter Thank you, buddy.Six minutes.Dear day: you were in so many respects utterly terrible and I am staying awake to make sure you leave. @Bibliogato I'm so sorry for your loss. Wishing comfort for your family.McConnell adjourned the Senate until 11/9 with no COVID relief.
Retweeted by Fran Wilde @cmpriest Bad to the Bone 1: Undiggable; Bad to the Bone 2: The Cat Did It; Bad to the Bone 3: The Purloined Dinn… @fadeaccompli @cmpriest I don't doubt it @cmpriest NO @cmpriest (pause while I remind myself that translating Flannery O'Connor titles into Bad Dog Story Titles quickly… is the first cover in a new bestselling Canine Noir Detective Series.
@anniebellet thank you!! @DamienAWalters thank you! @mcnamx thank you! @charlesatan @ac_wise hello Charles! @ac_wise thank you! @AtGreenblatt @NightmareMag congratulations!! @suleikhasnyder ... ;_;You should read this article. It is long. But it details everything from that first nightmare meeting and every fai…
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@sesmith Thank you so much !! @MARIADAHVANA Because chiko-scrapple crust doesn’t have the same ring as smart!crust @KeithAManuel Thanks, Keith! @BAoki Xoxoxo & coffee @navahw That means a lot - thank you!Work in Progress. Sometimes writing feels like typing an ocean. (Didn’t realize that until I drew this.) Sketchto… are mad that people are dancing in voting lines and distributing PPE at the polls, because the oppression is d…
Retweeted by Fran Wildethe book printing supply chain has been fucked all year due to a perfect storm of factors, so if you’re likely to w…
Retweeted by Fran Wilde @EngetsuNao oooof @terriwindling ok but see: Terri Windling quotidien dreams might involve magic and pixies and cities that toss thei… @JohnPicacio @ASFAart @LBardugo @FarrTehani @Planetpinto Congratulations, John!!! @ericsmithrocks happy birthday! @aureliusraines2 ughhh truth @Mir_QueenofMars hah! ooof @heathersfolly woah @ludibriumventis you should get overtime for that @AdriJjy this is a canonical dream @NataniaBarron ok so *then* when you fell asleep what happened @effies no no no @masterobscurity @SubplotKudzu I love flying dreams @invisibleinkie it's so strange! @drownedworld smol scream @GenevieveCogman Ok that’s just unfairOooof did anyone else have wildly detailed dreams about everyday things? @Hana_Soh Right back at booo @Hana_Soh ❤️❤️❤️
@Juniper_breze Thank you! @LeeFlower YAY GOOD!!