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Finance & economics writer and commentator. Author of 'The Case For People's Quantitative Easing' (Polity Books). Sings a bit too. Always right, never believed.

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@Grimeandreason @sjwrenlewis the report finds that it is endemic and institutional. Clearly, Starmer was waiting… @MrhobanJames @JamesConran1 @Whatislif3 @sjwrenlewis Bored now. Muting you. @MrhobanJames @JamesConran1 @Whatislif3 @sjwrenlewis If a response to a report is not about the report, it is a straw man, by definition. @ToastMagnate @Egoproveios @sjwrenlewis I am really, really tired of people like you deflecting blame to others. Th…"The response to the report wasn't about the report" is the definiton of a straw man! @MrhobanJames @JamesConran1 @Whatislif3 @sjwrenlewis He was responding to the report! @JamesConran1 @Whatislif3 @sjwrenlewis *sigh* the statement was in response to a report which examines the Labour P… @charlesbamford @sjwrenlewis I did not want that outcome, actually. I wanted him to accept the report in full, with… with this now. Instantly muting anyone who tweets anything at me about Corbyn and antisemitism. @qanwarb @sjwrenlewis Questionable whether responding to an evidenced report about antisemitism in the Labour party… @MrhobanJames @JamesConran1 @Whatislif3 @sjwrenlewis I think it is questionable whether Article 10 applies in this… @charlesbamford @sjwrenlewis it amounted to gaslighting the many Jews who have experienced antisemitism within the… @charlesbamford @sjwrenlewis it was wholly inappropriate to say that in response to this report. @JamesConran1 @Whatislif3 @sjwrenlewis The EHRC's finding is perfectly reasonable. Accusing Jews of making fake acc… @xanarres I did not invent anything. Please read what I said more carefully. @charlesbamford @sjwrenlewis It is wholly irrelevant. It's a mammoth straw man and really insulting to those who ha… @Folaist @charlesbamford @sjwrenlewis And it was a successful distraction.....look at all the people who are now di… @Folaist @charlesbamford @sjwrenlewis It really is a rejection of the report's findings. Amazed you can't see this. @xanarres You are repeating Corbyn's straw man. @KrisHolt1 @TheUKDemocrat @AdamWagner1 Yes exactly. That's one of the EHRC's key findings. The party must take all… @charlesbamford @sjwrenlewis I am simply pointing out that as the EHRC report does not compare antisemitism in soci… @JamesConran1 @sjwrenlewis I'm not going to help you destroy Corbyn's straw man. @_Financeguy @sjwrenlewis I don't. @AsaCusack @sjwrenlewis Clearly you haven't read the report. What it says is antisemitic is dismissing claims of an… @_Financeguy @sjwrenlewis Nor does the EHRC report. @xanarres He introduced a comparison that does not exist in the report. That is a straw man. @charlesbamford @sjwrenlewis And I did not say that Corbyn's assertion was false. I said it was irrelevant. It is a… @charlesbamford @sjwrenlewis Corbyn's claim that antisemitism was no worse in the Labour Party than in wider societ… @charlesbamford @sjwrenlewis "One antisemite is too many, but....." isn't really saying one antisemite is too many. @xanarres it is not "bad faith" to point out that Corbyn's statement is a massive straw man.I have read the entire EHRC report, and it does not conflate opposition to Israel with antisemitism. The fact that… @ZodiacNein @sjwrenlewis Oh, so you reject the report that the Labour Party leader has accepted in full. I presume… @xanarres The fact that the EHRC report doesn't make that comparison means Corbyn's comment is a straw man. It amou… @charlesbamford @sjwrenlewis It is not a "good faith" question. Saying "we aren't any worse than average" isn't an excuse. @ZodiacNein @sjwrenlewis can I suggest you read the findings of the report @the360pt I'm pretty appalled by the response from Corbynistas tbh. @_Financeguy @sjwrenlewis that has been the case since the Stephen Lawrence inquiry. @_Financeguy @sjwrenlewis the MacPherson Report established the principle that racism is defined by those experienc… @ZodiacNein @sjwrenlewis er, this rather reinforces the argument that the Labour Party hasn't been effective at dea… @Egoproveios @sjwrenlewis I think Corbyn has a serious blind spot about antisemitism, which is why he has unwitting… @sjwrenlewis Corbyn's statement denies that there is a serious antisemitism problem in the Labour Party. It says th… @NyeBeverage @moomintroll420 @sjwrenlewis No, it is a fine line. Corbyn's opinion cannot override the findings of a… is gaslighting. It says that antisemitism in the Labour party is no worse than it is in society as a whole, an… @ZodiacNein @sjwrenlewis Where do you get that percentage from? @dotski_w I have personally witnessed all of these except outright approval of Hitler and the Nazis from left-wing accounts on Twitter. @dotski_w this is what they found in social media posts from ordinary Labour party members. I would call this an en… @caprichard11 @HIGHSHARPE @sjwrenlewis He literally denies that there is a serious problem and gaslights the Jewis… @JamesHealy23 At the risk of going round in circles, the EHRC specifically said that downplaying the seriousness of… @dotski_w the EHRC report says that the evidence it was sent included Holocaust denial and approval of Hitler and Nazism. @caprichard11 @HIGHSHARPE @sjwrenlewis I'm not "spinning" anything. I have read the EHRC report and Corbyn's statem… @KaleckiMicha @JamesHealy23 The report says, on the basis of substantial evidence, that there is a serious problem.… @emceebeere @sjwrenlewis I've read the EHRC report. The findings are damning. I can only think you haven't read it. @JamesHealy23 as the EHRC finds that there is an endemic problem within the party, yes it does imply that the claim… not getting the antisemitism thing.... @emceebeere @GeorgePeretzQC no, there really isn't. Either a claim is legitimate or it is not. @caprichard11 @sjwrenlewis Given this, it is hard to see that Corbyn's statement is simply "expressing an opinion".… @caprichard11 @sjwrenlewis Perhaps you should not make assumptions about what other people have read? And perhaps… @caprichard11 @sjwrenlewis I have read it. In full. @HIGHSHARPE @caprichard11 @sjwrenlewis The EHRC says the party has a very serious antisemitism problem, not a "mild… @JamesHealy23 saying the scale is exaggerated implies that a signficant number of claims are fake. @moomintroll420 @NyeBeverage @sjwrenlewis This is a very fine line, which is why there will be an investigation. Ar… @TheUKDemocrat @AdamWagner1 You aren't quite getting this antisemitism thing, are you? Let me rephrase Corbyn's s… @NyeBeverage @sjwrenlewis "One antisemite is one too many, but really there weren't nearly as many as has been clai… @NyeBeverage @sjwrenlewis "I don't dispute your experience, but really it's not that bad" is gaslighting. @NyeBeverage @sjwrenlewis A key finding of the EHRC report was that people who made legitimate complaints were not… @NyeBeverage @sjwrenlewis the fact is that the EHRC said there was a serious and widespread problem, and one of the… @NyeBeverage @sjwrenlewis In the circumstances it is a wholly inappropriate statement. It is gaslighting the many J… @NyeBeverage @sjwrenlewis I'm concerned that Corbyn and his followers seem unable to understand what antisemitism *… @NyeBeverage @sjwrenlewis Where antisemitism claims are concerned, no there isn't. Either an antisemitism claim is justified or it is not.Suggesting that complaints of antisemitism were fake or smears is one of the types of unlawful harassment found by…
Retweeted by (((Frances 'Cassandra' Coppola))) @sjwrenlewis that paragraph in Corbyn's statement therefore appears to be antisemitic. I suspect this is the reason for his suspension. @sjwrenlewis Simon, there is a very serious problem with Corbyn's statement, and that is the fact that he alleges c‚Ķ of the most common types of theft in Victorian England was of clothing. A handkerchief thief was a ‚Äėstock buzze‚Ķ
Retweeted by (((Frances 'Cassandra' Coppola))) @TheUKDemocrat @AdamWagner1 The second to last paragraph of Corbyn's statement says claims of antisemitism were exa… @TheUKDemocrat @AdamWagner1 No-one has ever said otherwise. The report highlighted cases where claims of antisemit… @Richarddowden8 @francesweetman @francesweetman look at that account's TL. It's an anti-semitic bot. Report it. @Richarddowden8 @francesweetman This is a very fine example of a straw man. @TheUKDemocrat @AdamWagner1 On the contrary. We are saying that antisemitism claims should not be dismissed as "fake" without due process.CBs have done a lot to stabilise markets and keep low rates. From then on there were diminishing returns. Low costs…
Retweeted by (((Frances 'Cassandra' Coppola))) @TheUKDemocrat @AdamWagner1 The point is that alleging claims of antisemitism are fake is itself antisemitic. Claim‚Ķ legal finding: ‚ÄúSuggesting that complaints of antisemitism are fake or smears‚ÄĚ is antisemitism and in som‚Ķ
Retweeted by (((Frances 'Cassandra' Coppola))) @meldrew21 He does not accept the findings. That supports my argument, end of. @meldrew21 On the contrary, I can perfectly legitimately back it up with his statement today. Which particular part… @CashQuestions But there would be a massive outcry about the "poor pensioners" which would inevitably force a futur… @staylorish Soon to become Apathy? @meldrew21 But it does. @meldrew21 And tbh if you can't see that whether he refuses to accept *some* or *all* of the findings is irrelevant… @meldrew21 I'm not presenting anything in a dishonest way. I am saying that he does not see antisemitism. I've said… @meldrew21 Corbyn has a blind spot over antisemitism. This is true whether he rejects *some* or *all* of the report's findings. @meldrew21 Er no it is you who are dissembling. My point was that he does not see the problem and that is why he do… @CashQuestions Or worse, force the government to top up their reduced pensions with Pension Credit. And they could… @Nawelli1988 @Tommyeas2 You've made that up. @meldrew21 Yes, that's what I said. He doesn't accept the report's findings. I said nothing about implementation of them.I strongly condemn the recent terrorist attacks in France, including today's heinous attack in Nice inside a church…
Retweeted by (((Frances 'Cassandra' Coppola))) @Tommyeas2 @Nawelli1988 this is a good example of how antisemitism goes unnoticed. You didn't see her tweet as anti… @Tommyeas2 @Nawelli1988 Did she make similar comments about other women criticising Corbyn's behaviour? No? Go figure. @meldrew21 I'm really not. @meldrew21 I have not misrepresented him. I said he did not accept the findings. That is what is statement says. @EvanCull I wouldn't be too sure of that. @Tommyeas2 @Nawelli1988 It is also misogynist, so might fall foul of Twitter rules on those grounds too. But the pr…