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Testing a theory in a flawed poll because all dichotomies are false and all switches say C T L I am a ___ and I say ___
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐 @StabbyCutyou @chrisbiscardi I think it's a fair exchange though if the information is actually useful @chrisbiscardi Capturing emailsTwitter ... for fake's sake! some states shelter in place while others are still free to roam is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool.
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐 @MaartjeME OpenGL in Kindle? @beccadottex It runs on windows @maria_fibonacci @hiphoox Tengo unos pantalones de ciclista largos ... @maria_fibonacci @hiphoox if Kubernetes in Docker is "kind" ... how about Kubernetes in Kubernetes? #thotleader @maria_fibonacci @hiphoox To wear leggings?
Shouldn't homophobia mean "fear of the equal"? #deepthot @19emtuck Definitely a Jura ... which I keep on reading as Jira @19emtuck No, but my coffee machine has the instructions also in French hahaha• Si vous utilisez une cartouche filtrante CLEARYL Blue, retirez-la. @ellenkorbes Hey, biscuitTry Pandemia FDA, your good old days FDA now with 75% less homophobia! you, still.
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐 @_peggyli Same though @rakyll @SJP1804 What I'll get once I get my sign on bonus 😉 @IanColdwater I had so much fun writing this one and it's only 18 minutes It's a pity you can't hear people laughi… which of your own talks is your favorite, and why? Extra points if you include links! RT for reach? 💖
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@old_sound grep @theavalkyrie Congratulations!!! @seldo He's fabulous and he knows it @theavalkyrie 💗 @ellenkorbes @maria_fibonacci I don't think so ... was it @ah3rz ? @ellenkorbes @maria_fibonacci I'm still laughing about the fact that there was someone holding that sign 🤣 @ellenkorbes @maria_fibonacci ... and fixed @__TheBaron__ @GianArb Thanks for your opinion!
Days 6 and 7 of #AdventOfCode in #golang now available on the @twitch channel for #justforfunc! Day 7 was really f… to start!!'s continue with #justforfunc live #AdventOfCode edition! ⏰ At 2pm PST (that's in around 80 minutes) DAY OF VISIBILITY
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐 @ellenkorbesℹ️ The Transgender Flag emoji has been approved for widespread use in 2020, as part of Emoji 13.0. This is now ava…
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐 @ellenkorbes Sorry to be repetitive, but #TransDayOfVisibility to all the visible and all the hidden trans people out there. You're part of a communi… @upupdowndown I'm still mad about @RockMSakura, tbhWanna have a #fitness program so you can get in shape while you #StayAtHome and help my personal trainer during… @upupdowndown I'll do the dishes in exchange of that crispy skin
Well, one more month of this then! #StayAtHome #COVID19 in #COVID19 #quarantine and wondering how to avoid becoming a couch potato? 🛋️🥔 Free time but wonder how to wo… @skinnylatte wish Americans would stop equating butter with ‘unhealthy’. Butter is God’s gift.
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐ilIt's not perfect, of course, but I'm pretty happy to see how the #BayArea is handling the #COVID19 pandemic. And… check: this is true. Kouign-Amann is food's final evolution
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐Finally the machine learning hot topics I needed in my timeline! ♥️
Thank you! This inspired us to do the math and donate the same percentage of our wealth. My husband @Nick_Ashdown a…
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐 @WhyHiAnnabelle @gentefied Oh, believe me I loved the bawling!! @WhyHiAnnabelle @gentefied Bawling the whole time 😭 @AmericaFerrera you're a treasure ♥️I just watched the season finale of @gentefied I'm fine, I'm fine ...'ve been admitted into the 1st COVID-19 vaccine trial. I'm grateful for my health. For the 1000s of scientists w…
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐 @maria_fibonacci Cómo te atreves, pero si es woke AFAlso, if you enjoy both we should be friendsTwo shows that are very very different but I equally recommend (so far) (Making it a poll because I'm curious abou… wait for it
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐This picture is from 3pm today. You can see exactly where Duval County ends and St. John’s County begins. All bea…
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@manbearkitten @catdaddymd Very strategically positioned mirror 👏 @GianArb It's basically the fundamental attribution error: these countries are suffering because they're shithole c… @ellenkorbes The way he ate the banana at the end ... of the most destructive and delusional things a CEO does is that when a fantastic employee quits, they try to t…
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐 @Lauri_Apple TFW people tell me about how "Europe" is based on the fact they were there once (or not at all): you all are talking about #COVID19, I'd like you to pay attention to the way you describe the countries where… was *only* two weeks ago? 🤯 : I give you the kale burrito! @maria_fibonacci, por favor de los pleasesCan you be any more White American than this pronunciation of "Huevos Rancheros"? I don't think so, no 🤣
@rolandoumana Here most people are by themselves, for which I'm gratefulSocial distancing, but buying groceries #COVID19 I changed some code to generate slices of a 3D model from C++ Using patterns and masks, ended up creating th… is actually pretty cool after all! @jrrickard So sorry to hear you and your family are going through this. It is indeed all bullshit. Virtual hugs ♥️ @ellenkorbes @IanColdwater Why do you think people clap? They know @NataliePis @ellenkorbes @IanColdwater I meant to type showman, but I'm also ok with this ending. @NataliePis @ellenkorbes @IanColdwater I'm a snowman, I do what it takes! @dvidsilva @carolinxcastrx Empanadumplings? @ellenkorbes @IanColdwater I also prefer when the audience claps at the end.The 17-year-old in L.A. County who died of covid-19 was denied treatment at an urgent care clinic because he didn't…
Retweeted by FRANCESC 🧼👐 @ellenkorbes Sorry, I already have a massage scheduled on that date! @ellenkorbes I know!! I have free time ... maybe I should try again Wanna do an online rehearsal? @ellenkorbes I watched the video before the context and I was like ... I remember you playing better than this ...… @krisnova I'm busy watching Netflix, sorry 🤣 @krisnova Box wine? @gnrfan I don't work at @dgraphlabs anymore, probably better to reach them directly
@IanColdwater absolutely nope @catmancatman864 My doors are open for your pears: M3P3QWanna come visit my #AnimalCrossingNewHorizon island? #dodocode: M3P3Q @pdaures @bradfitz Yup @bradfitz Man, last week I cleaned my house and I realized my housekeeper is a hero and I can't work at even at hal… @anildash From time to time I get to see a humming bird flying around the flowers in the backyard 😍 @maria_fibonacci Have you tried shaking it first?"syntax doesn't matter" the musical if we simply banned lobbying in the USA. @ahmetb @fatih And now I'm hungry again! @gentefied es tan buena!
@stamblerre @broady @MaartjeME @erizocosmico Let me keep notes next time I do live streaming! @broady @stamblerre @MaartjeME @erizocosmico I'll keep it in mind next time! 👍 @stamblerre @MaartjeME @erizocosmico I'm happy to jump on a call and discuss the whole experience It feels like it…