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🏳️‍🌈✊ The @justforfunc guy 🍎☁️ #engineering manager at @apple he/him #BlackLivesMatter

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@lmoroney @radkat It was canceled but there was a two hours show and it’s a family tradition with @Carlapvera and hubbies hahaDid you know about this, @radkat ? 😂Russia is something else! @krisnova , watch this! Armenia 🇦🇲! 👯 ❤️@AthenaManoukian dinner never disappoints! Cheering as always for Iceland 🇮🇸 and especially for @dadimakesmusic 😍
Victory screech 🥳 @monkchips Sorry, I don’t know these wordsThis morning my bathroom sink wasn’t draining quite well, so I dismounted the drain pipes to clean them well Feeli… @ashleymcnamara @girlsnamewillis Tough criticism is how I grow as an artist @girlsnamewillis Alternatively, although why do feet only go left? Listen, I’m not a well known artist like… @girlsnamewillis I’m so so sorry I got a “Too fast too furious” feeling from this stroller and the rest is just my… @j_houg @RocketDogRescue @Muttville “Puppies, computers, and math”, so it’s fine when @ellenkorbes plays “arroz” even though this game is in English But somehow my words are not… @rohanrasane Mind to share the breeder’s info? @mattetti And next version is GPT “fort” @mattetti, it turns out Transformers is a woke movie? @steren @GCPcloud I didn’t say I liked it though 😅 @detiber @packethost Damn, not even a week off?
@gabbifish @devonbl I just loled out loud just realized that Korra’s pendant kinda looks like the @GCPcloud AppEngine Logo and now I can’t unsee Thanks, b… @AmandaK_Data @hssv Ronald Weasly the red haired cat 😍🐶: I just saw* a golden retriever pup and my motherly instincts kicked in What’s the best way to get a pupp…
Update: outside is still stunning @ManoMarks @tekgrrl Yeah, this is weird @devonbl Wait ... forgetting names is also an adhd thing?!?!? This explains so much! @astenmies @La_Rainette lol, the “social group” was oppressing a whole country with an absolutist monarchy though… @devonbl 🤩 @krisnova Mountains too, thanks
@krisnova #2: I know @BobCollins @Apple Oh yeah, my talk was so secret ... Medium: Youtube: @MylesBorins Wait, a woman waluigi? @MylesBorins waluijuicy to give a talk in an internal #golang meetup at @apple! @MylesBorins Excuse me but... link? @krisnova @h_yeomans @rakyll No, ya tenemos uno de esos @rakyll And we’re hiring 😋 @19emtuck (I got there diplomas during those years)Worth watching, especially if you live in SF
@jrefior An interesting candidate, if you ask me 😀 @19emtuck Or slow? 😎I spent 6 years in university studying computer science and software engineering I never took a class on history n… @Memestreet69 @TheNoodleUdon How do you know all this? Did you ask her first? @gabbifish @IanColdwater I, octal @emilyst Well, congratulations on making it in life k8s is “kubernetes,” does that mean sk8erboy is “skuberneteerboy”?
Retweeted by francesc @krisnova And now so am I 🥳People say having a 🐶 puppy is hard because you don’t get much sleep 😴 , you’re continuously interrupted for unknow… @theavalkyrie
@DirkOlbrich Laws don't apply to monarchies, it seemsWhy did Juan Carlos abdicate back in 2014? Oh, nothing serious! Just breaking his hip while hunting elephants in… Carlos I, king of Spain until 2014, is "going into exile" because a judge is investigating his finances. Oh,… are losing the number of people who died on 9/11 every two days.
Retweeted by francesc @mattetti It’s wine for ants @MylesBorins That’s more like it! @davecheney I actually don’t smoke so maybe It’s just not that bad?Per *week*? @krisnova I’m interested, my sleep patterns are shit @kwyntastic @devonbl I’m gonna say it’s your fault @devonbl I won’t post here the video I posted on Instagram but the water guns really fun 🤩
@devonbl We just got water guns and... it worked 💦🔫🤠 @lynnlangit I thought this was really cool! @TheAmyCode I mean... alcohol? @Lucky2Luciano2 This is the recipe I got inspired by, but I did fry the noodles first and ended broiling on the ove… @stephenaugustus THIS WOMAN AN AWARD ALREADY
Retweeted by francesc @plunchete En la tienda! The Spanish Table @jessfraz I miss your sister! Tell her I say hi ☺️ @krisnova I was busy cooking 🙃 @mauilion Yup! @NatashaGreen25 @bryanl This screenshot my dad sent 😅 @ramonmaciasg En tenim! @sigje @bryanl It’s actually both the mouth and the butt @bryanl I’m offended, and they’re fideus (noodles) and also offendedNot to brag, but this fideuà is 💯
@enneff @bradfitz The self-upgrading of the binary? I mean, if there's a language-agnostic way of doing it I'm all…'s a me! @IanColdwater GIF is brought to you by boredom and trying to reply to a tweet by @IanColdwater Was it easy to create? Well…😙👌 #devops is so #fetch @krisnova @IanColdwater H❤️NK! @shadowobsessed @hoofed_locust @kwyntastic I know, I watch the SimpsonsOH: sorry, but you’re not hot enough to be this superficial @hoofed_locust @kwyntastic Alternatively, @XanderGrzy @devonbl @ag_dubs the OS keyring (or the keychain for MacOS)?hi i'm a devtool CLI. i'm gonna write sensitive config to ur machine. where should i put it?
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If you're going to call me an engineer, make sure you put full-stack in front of! My way or the CSS way 🌈 @rothgar oh, wait ... you wanted a GOOD solution? haha @rothgar transform-origin: 361.45px 363px; @rothgar I should be doing something else but: transform-origin: 361px 361px; @krisnova I don't follow the logic, but I agree with the conclusion @JonMorehouse @bradfitz Feel free to share notes (or code?) @bradfitz I'm working on a similar problem, autoupdating binaries in Go should have its own framework IMHO