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🇮🇹 I work for European Space Agency. Docker Certified Associate. JavaScript Lover. DML. Runner. Thoughts 💙

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@Shivam_priyansh @DThompsonDev nice to meet you! @natterstefan whenever you want🔥 @CodeDiv16 you have just memed me as an ape. I will remember this.
@mirzaleka Deal! @alyd789 @Arvind_0602 Thank you Alyssa! I lost this sorry!! @Himanshu_work 😂😂😂 @DThompsonDev @tricksIdeas037 @dmokafa @rafrasenberg @Prathkum @sai_krrishhh @TheAnkurTyagi @facetimeJS @webnoobcodes @florinpop1705 this could be a quite successfully gif @tricksIdeas037 @DThompsonDev @dmokafa @rafrasenberg @Prathkum @sai_krrishhh @TheAnkurTyagi @facetimeJS @florinpop1705 this is not helping bro xd @Himanshu_work stunning profile pic! :)My last 9 years in a nutshell: 2012: Sad, depressed 2013: Training 2014: Closed with the past, started working on…
Retweeted by 🛰️Francesco💙JavaScript @florinpop1705 Bam @8aran_ Thank you, Baran! Yes, the very first one is pretty cringing already. But I knew absolutely nothing about… @DivDev_ Doomed @puruvjdev I am not sure you will be happy about that. But ok 😂 @devinDford Actor skill intesifies @chriskalmar Unfollowed 🐳 @CodeDiv16 I am not counting you in. You are the voluntary victim in this scenario 😂 @ravinwashere it is A. I read it wrong! @rothecoder This is a nice challenge!! @SantamariaCode Subbed and commented 🔥 @CodeDiv16 I don't drink alcool Only junior developers' blood. 😂😂😂 @SantamariaCode so link it here :) @paulienuh "I should’ve known this!" is another "never say that!" I am dying 😂😂😂 @webnoobcodes it looks very good!!💯 @Prathkum I thought to have done a pretty neat job on the first one. I have seen it after one week and it is already cringe 😂😂😂 @webnoobcodes link? @paulienuh Never. Never. Never say this @Arvind_0602 But with even more powerful @paulienuh Why are you doing this to you?I created my Youtube Channel in September 2011. Until a week ago, I had 0 videos uploaded. In this week, I have re… @Lotus2316 I am a son of a B... You comment and are letting your cat be memed! Who is the worst between us? 😂 @AlexBuaiscia you can watch for the time that you want, and it still makes sense @wohi_raj 🔥🔥🔥 @rafrasenberg Hello, my name is Francesco @telmo @VP59m *exception that proves the rule* @utsav_20 you are a real meme rebel! 😂😂😂 @AbdirahiimYa No worries! Thank you so much! @telmo "divide et impera" doesn't apply in this case @dmokafa spotted🐳Docker cheatsheets 🧵 FIVE Docker cheatsheets I found online and I liked:
Retweeted by 🛰️Francesco💙JavaScript @ImThour to make the deployment process faster. Also to have the same environment both in dev and in productions @JavaScriptCoff1 a very good one! @PrasoonPratham you don't know the consequences @ravinwashere doomed @JoeHughesDev @BauerVadim exactly 😂 @OzaKaran way better! @Dilmerv @unity3d Absolutely! @Dilmerv @unity3d well said. It also makes the deployment process very easy, a very interesting aspect for those wh… @weibenfalk Let's say a great photographer 😂 @Sakshi0530 you are welcome Sakshi🔥 @Lindsey_design Thank you Lindsey!! @dmokafa Thank you Deni!! 🔥Out :) @Dilmerv Absolutely! 🔥🔥🔥 @OzaKaran You you don't use this as profile pic...wayyy betteer @ravinwashere Thank you Ravin 🔥🔥🙏 @SwastikaYadav15 😂😂😂 @OzaKaran the sepia photo does not help @lailah_grant who are you among all those? 😁 @designkojo Gaeta, Italy🚀🥳 It's Finally Out! "Mastering the Coding Mindset" is now available! Grab it quickly to…
Retweeted by 🛰️Francesco💙JavaScript @chriskalmar Bold as always.. But this time it could be too much @ggsimm 🔥🔥 @telmo Don't worry. @telmo b/w profile pic. I am not gonna do all the meme B/W because of you "Profile Pic Artists" 😂😂😂 @SimonHoiberg I like the first one @accolades_dev Congrats Luc! @telmo I have even more followers than you. You should listen to me //This is a joke @vitiok1978 It will be fun @telmo Do I look like someone who doesn't do what he says? @Sakshi0530 It is because I dunno how to add audio effects xd @rothecoder @BauerVadim @nlognco you rocked on WW!!! @coolprobn Something not very good 😂 @rothecoder @BauerVadim @nlognco way more accurate than mine! Thank you RO! 😂😂😂 @eligarlo You will understand...🤡🔪 @BauerVadim @nlognco Elaborate with 3 emoji 😂😂😂 @BauerVadim 🛰️🤡🔪 @SimonHoiberg 7 months ago, I would have never said I would have done something like this in my entire life The max 1-year goal is a must! @SavvasStephnds I would wait before celebrating... @webnoobcodes I took note and followed @nirbhayvashisht I will reward the speed. Damn bro! @oliverjumpertz you are not getting the danger. But ok. @nlognco It will be fast Mayank, don't worry @Prathkum you have chosen your destiny @dannysteenman My transformation is not completed yet. And you commented, in case you haven't noticed. @mayvastech @JavaScriptCoff1 mmmm i don't think so @DThompsonDev Maybe. But you maybe you haven't understand the game @catalinmpit @DThompsonDev @traversymedia yes, keep me giving ideas... @catalinmpit I am a smiley and overly positive person if you haven't noticed yet. @catalinmpit Grill you? Do you think somebody can be THAT evil? @mayvastech @JavaScriptCoff1 who knows @JavaScriptCoff1 This is not even my final form @catalinmpit I know @tadaspetra you should not have commented then. Now it's too late @jackdomleo7 you probably would have been included anyway...😂⚠️Message from the DML ⚠️ Not for impressionable hearts. @Karemortiz1986 I would like to hear that! :) @eligarlo A bit early for this. But thanks for saying this!