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@vzepop_ I should it’s really just me screaming @BBYSLEAZE Yup!!I’m playing dead by daylight with my friends and I’m just screaming @Breezy_Breeze10 I agree he’s so strange to meHe was so tiny my mom put him in her Goyard tote bag when we went to Ross 🥺 @bodyparser My tink tinkWhen Rocko was a baby baby he was so bad. We’ve had him since he was like a few weeks old 🥺❤️. @bodyparser 😭😭😭😭😭FLOWER TEA.
Retweeted by GOTH HOOCHIE MAMA @itsmatay Me too iman I been stressed for like 3 weeks trying go make he prefect gluten free biscuit lmappp @bodyparser us @itsmatay My dream no lieRocko got annoyed with me because I wouldn’t let him sniff a tree during our walk..... @Gabewinner1 Thank you for the offer @writingvampires 😩 I shouldn’t have it either that’s why I don’t buy it but it’s sooooooo good @DLP54306097 LMFAOOOOOOOO @DLP54306097 Did that make you sad? 😕 BEAUTY 👩🏾‍🦱 #ShowUsYourSims 📽️
Retweeted by GOTH HOOCHIE MAMA @goth_aunt_ Me too this is how I sit @petworthot Right and it’s so easy for me to make friends lol I don’t even be trying so like what is the truthThe way y’all hate on Aries for whatever reason I just want y’all to heal from whatever cause that not my fault I’m… are the only ingredients in these vegan shrimp all are pronounceable unlike what’s in some cereals! @twuublood ❤️❤️❤️❤️I have no white rice in my house 😭 I don’t buy it but I was craving it my Lordy @BREAKDOWNMAMI Yes they have no filter @DLP54306097 You aren’t the only streamer I watch baby cakes! @jackfanthony I want these!!!Beyoncé at the NRJ Music Awards on January 24, 2004.
Retweeted by GOTH HOOCHIE MAMAWhen you come into a twitch stream in the middle of the stream @sylphmon you!!!!!’s many reason I don’t like da baby but him introducing us to this weird light bright is like #1 for me @moneyymaya happy birthday!!!!!! @sarahnmclean Yeah that happened a lot @BigBadRoman 😓
Hi, This my little sister named kamirah Jackson. She was last seen on sunday. We’ve tracked her ig and the last thi…
Retweeted by GOTH HOOCHIE MAMA @horrorbutgay I don’t know if I can do itJust saw a drag artist I have a crush on bottoming how do I compete where I don’t compare @homosexualizer @JoeyxRoss Yeah especially if the chef is salt bae @itsmatay and I @IvanTheOkay fiend @BaeG0d_47 Short king!!!
Retweeted by GOTH HOOCHIE MAMA @arabqueer Right and also I be going through my own shitThat’s why I’m my personal life and on social I’m very strict with what I consume having ppl trauma dump on me is a big no @sylphmon Seriously I just be laughing it’s not worth the energyMoo-d 🐄
Retweeted by GOTH HOOCHIE MAMA @mayoprint Lmaoooo omggggwhen I worked in retail unprovoked a customer told me she was looking for some shapewear cause she just had a misca…’m now calling meat eaters fecal fiends. @coolairoh VeryHe spilled R.I.P Larry cakes’s so cute to me finished white tiger it was good @huskyvagina Me running a vegan festival @uneedashanita LMAOOOOOO that ferment hit different @uneedashanita I don’t drink so I’m like 😳I don’t drink or do drugs so I’m bent 🥴 @mahoushoujoasha The one in the picture my bestie surprised me with it @MajinBoujee So we can jump you?Just finished the bottle of kombucha I had last night....I’m smashed @coolairoh Sameeeeeee @mahoushoujoasha It was good as hell @MajinBoujee 😑 @Evnww God I wish that was me @MajinBoujee Literally wanted to beat your assThis was @frankenfemme_ to me before meeting me in person for vegan fried chicken
Retweeted by GOTH HOOCHIE MAMAI’m screaming this really me I think about setting stuff on fire everyday this to the head @r3dandrotten It really is so cute lol @r3dandrotten He’s really so strangeHer face........unmatched Grier in Jackie Brown
Retweeted by GOTH HOOCHIE MAMAThey are both so fine lord Jesus personally like to spend money. Help friends and family. And do what I wanna do. That cost money.. So I work a lo…
Retweeted by GOTH HOOCHIE MAMAA 1 year old. A and no way to get to necessities. This is urgent She’s unsafe. Pls share
Retweeted by GOTH HOOCHIE MAMA @soulflowerremix I’m like on the floor at them agreeing @Michete 🙏🏾I’m screaming at her fan pages liking and retweeting this’m watching a movie she’s in @BREAKDOWNMAMI I love you too 🥺❤️ @cyndeecexxx This time he just stood there lolPriyanka Chopra is just way too hot for that white twink like she’s one of the prettiest ppl on earth @itsmatay I can’t believe how good it isThe prettiest I swear!!!! @JazzCochina Dogs are so strange 😂😂😂😂😂 @eefababy Thank you lol he really is such a goober @Dancefae Thank you!?????????? @ineedahitta Ed was very much into itThis is how I dance @homosexualizer They wanna be oppressed so badWhen you see Superman using the car you’re still making payments on as a weapon:
Retweeted by GOTH HOOCHIE MAMA @KatHeartwell It’s everything @itsmatay Lmfaoo yes this jawn good af it’s not bother so far I drink a probiotic I’m scared but it is worth it I’d do it again 😭Gluten creeping up on me