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Join us in the 4p ET hour: FBI investigates death of black man in Minneapolis after video shows police officer knee… investigating Ahmaud Arbery shooting as possible hate crime, lawyer says | Ahmaud Arbery | The Guardian #arbery @philjaeger99 @kdqd3 @glennkirschner2 Right now; a free and fair election. @kdqd3 @glennkirschner2 Prepare for the worst, but fight like hell to ensure it never happens.
@JoyceWhiteVance Good point Joyce. It’s not “return” to greatness, which would make more sense with re-opening the… @RadioFreeTom @TheAtlantic Tom explores the confounding question of what kind of men support Trump. Well done. @dtheavenger @JustWhatNowWhy @athenamarkos @merlisa @DanaBashCNN @NicolleDWallace @maddow @Lawrence @neal_katyal @MollyJongFast Brain?
@CowGenocide Good point. @rosalita356 There wasn’t time. @AmandiOnAir No, it’s not. Check out my clip from MSNBC today that I just retweeted.Casual Friday.
@birdsee44018322 @DeadlineWH @NicolleDWallace @MSNBC @NBCNews There’s more than that. @travi44 @DeadlineWH @NicolleDWallace @MSNBC @NBCNews I’ll explain.Join us in the 4p ET hour: Man who recorded Ahmaud Arbery's shooting death on video arrested on murder charges ⁦… @WinsorJohn @evry1sagnostic @FFRF @FilmThreat @fred_guttenberg @funder @GeoffRBennett @glennkirschner2 @godless_mom President just gave Putin carte blanche: Trump to Withdraw U.S. From ‘Open Skies’ Treaty @AshaRangappa_ Hysterical.
Unqualified, Untruthful, Unashamed: John Ratcliffe confirmed as next director of national intelligence - The Washin… @deflep977 @DavidCayJ I didn’t get that letter. Maybe she knows better. @MarthaMcSally @realDonaldTrump Wow. Our taxpayer dollars at work. #golfGate
@dreamwithfaith SmallHere’s my take on the next 6 months: ▶ The Coming Chaos by Strange Days with Fernand Amandi #ComingChaos #corona @wyndsayl @BarbMcQuade Those lawyers made the big bucks. @travi44 @BarbMcQuade They had two kinds of tap water at the Hoover building; Creamy or Chunky. I preferred creamy. @ncprogressive Not much. @rosalita356 Appeal @BarbMcQuade You had coffee? Tap water at the Bureau. 😁Justice delayed is justice denied: Court temporarily blocks Mueller grand jury material from being turned over to H… went by the book: @tedcruz @NatashaBertrand Exactly.
It’s official, we’ve lost the concept of accountability: Democrats open investigation into Trump’s replacement of a… @AshaRangappa_ He has no idea what he’s talking about. @AshaRangappa_ My Lord, who is this guy? @SamSanderson123 @glennkirschner2 @neal_katyal That was me. Several news outlets refused to publish my prediction b… @CynthiaCozzo @bradheath He thinks he’s about to get fired based on Trump’s presser today. This is an “out-brief”. @MyPlace4U @brithume Not today he didn’t. Keep up. @MarieB6860 @brithume Yes. @kostapek @davidfrum @realDonaldTrump Flintstones vitamins. Chewables. @brithume Because he had to wait for Barr to admit that there’s no criminal case.
How long before Trump claims Barr is “Deep State”? Barr says it's unlikely Justice Department will investigate Obam… @JoeWaczewski @jheil @NicolleDWallace @DeadlineWH Great minds think alike.Successful drug dealers never consume their product. This won’t end well: Trump says he takes unproven hydroxychlor…“Enormous evidence” Pompeo backs away from theory he and Trump were pushing that coronavirus originated in Wuhan la…
@realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump What planet are you on? @OhSuzieQueue @dailybeanspod Thanks @breeny122 @dailybeanspod ThanksIn case you missed it last week 👇🏻
Retweeted by Frank Figliuzzi @realDonaldTrump You can’t spell OBAMAGATE without MAGA, and that says all we need to know.
Let’s discuss at 6p ET: State Department Inspector General Steve Linick fired, top Democrats launch investigation -… We need to prepare for the possibility of Trump rejecting election results - The Washington Post ⁦@brianklaas… @janrobinjackson @zen4ever2us @glennkirschner2 Bumped. I’ll see you with @AliVelshi at 6p ET. @mayawiley Thanks Maya.Join ⁦@mayawiley⁩ ⁦@glennkirschner2⁩ and me for your second cup of Saturday morning coffee in the 11am ET hour on ⁦… @janrobinjackson @glennkirschner2 @mayawiley @JoyAnnReid @amjoyshow @MSNBC 11:15a ET @WalshFreedom Thank you. @perlmutations Thank you. @kathygriffin Thank you.
@KarenBeChirico Thank you. @hwinkler4real Thank you. @RoArquette Thank you.We said goodbye to our Boston Terrier Bella last night, unexpectedly. She was almost 13. Bella was feisty and thoug… @DemWrite @DevinNunes @PhilArballo2020 @DevinNunes admits the GOP must break the law in 49 states to win the election. @thedailybeast She has. @Gigi2my3 @mitchellreports I totally understand. See you at 12:20 ET. Warning though, Trump may speak during this hour, so be prepared. @KarenBeChirico @MuellerSheWrote Karen; You definitely know your Italian phonetics. If we were in Italy, it would b…’ll join @mitchellreports at noon ET. @MichaelMcboat @dailybeanspod Thank you.This👇
Don't miss the full interview with @FrankFigliuzzi1 about Trump's #Obamagate tactic on today's @dailybeanspod episo…
Retweeted by Frank Figliuzzi @kasie I’m interpreting the data through my admittedly biased lens. @kasie Agreed.I unmask the “unmasking scandal” for you in this quick hit explanation. Spread the word. @MuellerSheWrote @CollusionHoaxer @SkullduggeryPod @Isikoff @dklaidman The report where Mueller found ten examples of chargeable obs… @ombudsman4truth @SkullduggeryPod @Isikoff @dklaidman And then, they found Flynn on tape talking to Kisylak. So, th… deceived the court about those handwritten FBI notes: Ex-F.B.I. Official Is Said to Undercut Justice Dept. Eff… @kasie Some of us happen to like Oxford commas. @3gnr @SkullduggeryPod @Isikoff @dklaidman Just a thought; How about listening to my comments on the podcast and re… @JohnToole1 @SkullduggeryPod @Isikoff @dklaidman No idea what you’re referring to. Reference cite?Not for the faint of heart - If you want my candid deep dive into what’s happening and what’s about to happen; this… @SkullduggeryPod @Isikoff @dklaidman This was a great discussion. Thanks for having me. @brithume Not quite the same caliber as Fox News’s Dr. Phil and Judge Jeanine, I agree.
Good call by judge Sullivan. Flynn either lied to the FBI when he denied talking to Kislyak about sanctions, or he… @GarrettHaake @wildwestpie Yawn. @RonnyJackson4TX Stick with fabricated press briefings on Trump’s physical exam; less damaging to our democracy than fake conspiracies. @samn_wright @Tom_Winter @djrothkopf And you think China will graciously share our stolen vaccine research and not… @DirtyDesertDawg Just some willing governors who, once the virus resurges in their red states, with limited or no m… we go: Kushner, Law Aside, Doesn’t Rule Out Delaying 2020 Election - The New York Times #kushner @tammylively @RickSharp79 @Tom_Winter @zen4ever2us You’ll see organizations that support preservation of democracy,… @Tom_Winter @RichardGrenell Exactly.
@Emerald06Lisa @Tom_Winter To the truth. @RickSharp79 @Tom_Winter @zen4ever2us GoodCaution: Conspiracy Ahead @kdqd3 Thank you.I’ll explain today in the 4p ET hour - Frank Figliuzzi : Trump's 'Obamagate' comments and Barr's Flynn meddling sug… @DTruvet @MSNBC @NBCNews Read the piece.Frank Figliuzzi : Trump's 'Obamagate' comments and Barr's Flynn meddling suggest troubling new pivot ⁦@MSNBC⁩ ⁦…