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@hannahfearn @Nicola_Slawson Yep, I'm planning to get a full single too. Tbh a £150 IKEA bed, even if we *do* repla… @BadMammyBlog Actually yeah, our current place had two doubles (it's only a 6mo contract so the landlord didn't wan…😍😍 @SimonEves Just one of the many reasons I stan @blackler1998 I'm just kidding, I love Cornwall and I'm happy for y'all.(Calm down everybody, I adore Cornwall, have family there, wrote my master's dissertation on it, got married there,… won, Cornwall. Enjoy Tier 1 I hope it makes you happy. Dear lord, what a sad little life, Cornwall. You ruined… if you had one of those bunk beds with a desk underneath, my 12-year-old self thinks you are the coolest and w…, turns out people are LOVING the bed chat! I have to go do some actual work now but am really enjoying hearing… @violetfenn Fair. I just can't bring myself to put my 3yo in a double bed though, he'd look RIDICULOUS! 😂 @BethanyMosettig Classic dads underestimating the will of their teenage daughters! 😂 @portobelly OK this actually makes some sense, I'm into it. @CandDBeth @costanza_fierce This! It's insane. Even just thinking about it makes me hysterical. He'd be like a tiny… @ClareMcPlus4 Haha I was thinking about this and genuinely think trying to squish two people into a tiny uni dorm b… @laurenlibbert Credit to your dog for these A* tactics 😂 @katieheffe @lucytobin Yeah, a few people have responded and said this way they can boot the kid out to sleep on a… @RoseStokes Do it! I asked and they're happy to send them out. I decided not to bother in the end though - how nice could it actually be?! 😣 @meghamohan @anniepixeykeys Lol it's cool, we got it! @tinukebernard You. Had. A. Four. Poster. Bed? 😍😮I am nearly 37 years old and I just had an actual genuine pang of envy. @rayrod Yeah this kind of thing makes a lot of sense @HelenNickols Yes, space is definitely a factor. I did NCT in Hampstead so... go figure. @Philippa_Carter Yes! I bought a 3/4 for a tiny tiny room I rented in about 2013 so they're defs still a thing. I g… @Pickpricklypear Haha yep, my first double was also a futon - in my third year student house. @Denise_Rawls Yeah I actually hadn't thought about the height issue. I am 5'4" so never a prob for me. @VivEgan41 It IS outrageous! I can't conceive of putting my 3yo in a double bed, who on earth does he think he is?! 😂 @stephanieboland Same! Depending on where I was renting I had a mix of doubles and singles (and at one point a kind… @courtneypochin Younger siblings are so jammy! @GeorgieR30 As a teenager I defs thought this but the responses here suggest it's not that simple a correlation. @LowellSwift Honestly wanted one of these my entire life! I stayed with a friend in Berlin once whose dad had built… @BrianMcleish Haha yes! I had a double futon in third year of uni but then the first place I rented after graduatin… @AletheaAlone Ah yes, I hadn't thought about height. I am 5'4" and have been since I was 13! Also husband is 5'7" s… @rhiannonlucyc I don't think it seems weird, it makes sense in the context. It's more that it never occurred to me… @rhiannonlucyc Oh well played! Getting a bf with a double bed is an absolute win for a teenager! (not that I would… @DonnaLFerguson Oh! I hadn't thought of that a actually. I'm sure that is why some people do it. I'm reasonably con… @David_Waddell Right? It seems mad to take up so much space with a bed they don't need. @sarahturner @OddLittleOrange Lol you know it does 😂 @TAIMtoTalk @HannahAlOthman Legit always wanted one of those though! 😍 @Nicola_Slawson The idea of my 3yo in a double bed! 😂What is he, some sort of child emperor?! @Abi_Rimmer Right! Yeah just thinking about it and my third year student house I had a double futon so yeah, that w… age were you when you first had a double bed? Chatting to my NCT group about upgrading toddler beds and surpri…
Lay on my bed feeling low and apathetic. Forced myself to roll out my mat and do a pilates video. Regret to inform you I felt better. @hannahfearn Oh yup, had a similar thing the other day (obvs ignored it). is actually a good question. Some dating apps do give people the opportunity to disclose their (for eg) HIV st… @Exposing40 @ByRobDavies Hahaha @Exposing40 @ByRobDavies Haha dw I wouldn't have said it publicly if I was serious @ByRobDavies Really pleased Twitter's been able to provide you with the answer I already gave you half an hour ago... @CoffeeAndKink It... fully is. @CoffeeAndKink Ah yes, the big hilarious prank of making your desk-buddy feel excruciatingly uncomfortable in front… @CassidyGavin I mean... I guess maybe that's part of it? But that's still not really a prank is it?I have a suspicion the "prank" might be in sending it to journalists who will tweet derisively about it thus boosti… me unimaginative but I don't get what part of this is a "prank". Do they think we're gonna open the box and be… @GoingMedieval 🙋‍♀️And the media! @GeorgieR30 Yeah that makes sense. @nakedvix 💙💜💗 Do you mind if I RT this? Feels very relatable. And CONGRATS! 🌈 @GeorgieR30 Conversely, I think most people are less themselves in writing and it doesn't actually do them any favo… @GeorgieR30 Definitely. But I was noticing it pre-lockdown too. I think people feel more in control? I've accepted… you even imagine having this kind of platform?
@ZebraRoseSub Definitely! @ZebraRoseSub I think when I say "I value objectivity" I mean more the pursuit of it. Of course, nobody can ever be… @agent_alec Looks adorable now... how long did it last? 😕
I mean, yes, obvs. But if Dec 25 is the only chance I'm gonna have to spend time with people I love then I'm sorry… @abbybeall @sirenabergman This is so interesting though... why do we still care? I'm not even in touch with most of… @sirenabergman I'm reasonably sure I *have* been cancelled by those people 😕 @farringtonsmith Uhhhhh yeah that's weird af and creepy! @Afrofilmviewer So incredibly sorry to hear this. Can't even imagine how you must be feeling but sending love and s… @teawithrothko Yeah, it makes perfect sense. And actually most journalists I know and admire understand this and ta… @hansmollman Is it bad that I'm quite drawn to the idea of the mystery. Imagining myself swinging violently between… @liv_css oh hell no @teawithrothko Oh, I 100% know what you're talking about. But does it have to be personal experience, always, do you think? @_SianAbigail @bethanymrd Yes! This is a whole other side to it, imo. The "Why you?" has increasingly come to mean… @jessicabateman Definitely! I'm thinking about friends who complain re media agenda and then go "not you, obvs" and… @jiabrahams Oh I agree with that for sure! @jessicabateman Yeah defs. I think the answer is probs just having a range of quality journalism which addresses st… @Holly_PJ Definitely agree on marginalised voices but the question applies there as well. Do people only ever want… @Holly_PJ Well maybe "objectivity" wasn't the right word to use. It's more that the job inherently involves us writ… @Holly_PJ Yes I agree with this too! The pressure on younger writers to mine their personal life for stories is huge. @JaspJackson Well that's how I feel. Writing about other people is literally the entire job and not something [most… @DavidA69941129 Definitely but should we (journalists) not continue to aspire to it? @Holly_PJ Of course! I would literally never write about anything without including voices of people who've experie… think about this a lot because while I trained in a time and environment where bringing yourself into the story w… @bethanymrd So then should none of us ever report on things we haven't experienced? I'm gonna be out of a job pretty fast that way. @bethmayashley Ah yeah, ours is a Victorian house (converted) so they're original. Does it say in your contract you… of a contentious question but is there a line to be drawn on the "commission a journalist who has experie… @bethmayashley Assume no picture rails? Place I'm currently in has them and it has revolutionised my life. @RVT9 holy bananasFwiw I don't mind at all. I'm usually pretty happy to help (depending how busy I am/the other demands on my time).… @DiscoWrites Bodies are effing awesomeTurns out most of this week's to do list is favours for other people. DW, if you've asked me to help you out with s… @DiscoWrites For real. And one person can experience the whole spectrum too. Over the years with pregnancy and brea… @Exposing40 That's quite a good shout. Although don't they prefer the dark? @ramsay_baggins Nooooo @calandrabalfour Hahaha yes ohmygod me too. I feel like a superhero every time I grab one out of the air! 😂 @Exposing40 Nooooo (but I'm thinking about getting a plastic dress case for it)It's one of the tragedies of adult life that you finally get to a point where you realise wool is worth the extra m… @hannahfearn The Dream podcast! I can't stop recommending it to people. S1 (which is about MLMs) is better than S2.
@hurricane_ros To be fair, I should point out she absolutely isn't talking about depression as a disorder (which sh… self-help, ammarite. 😬 @j_mcconnachie "We are considerably hornier than yaow!"A fridge for when stencilling "I am considerably richer than you" on the wall in Live Laugh Love font feels a littl… mum: Working in citizens advice makes you realise you have absolutely no right to feel depressed. I come away te…