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Perfect refresher to get us ready for tomorrow. Can not wait.
🤷🏻‍♂️ all respect for my guy @Return_Of_RB but he never had a chance in there today to battle @Return_Of_RB on the boards. Should be a doozy. hell @RobbieBarstool This was such a good episode. Robbie put me on to @seawayband recently and I havent stopp… can’t catch a break with these guys shot time we bring the Barstool Golf Society to Glen Oaks. @BarstoolTrent and I have both played this course in real…
OH MY GOD. We almost lost @NjTank99 here...
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliTomorrow
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliSome personal new's: I flew to Las Vegas and fucked the @Raiders stadium
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliLive with the best virtual golf course builder in the world right now and we're building Butters Bay. Join us
Butters Bay construction will be live on the @ForePlayPod YouTube page tonight around 8:30. I will have… a ridiculous thing we do.
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliBiggest debate here will be the yardage. If we play it up we will get absolutely torched... let’s tip it out! and I are about to face off in an alternate shot at Spring Hill in minny against 2 YouTube viewers. No idea h… live right now with @BarstoolTrent for the Jurassic Classic. Look at how outrageous this golf course is. Come…
Unbelievable that a stoolie won $5k tonight just because we played a couple ping pong games on @StoolStreams. What… no!!! @PFTCommenter and @hen_ease are making fun of not just @FrankieBorrelli but also his father!!!
Retweeted by Frankie Borrelli$5500 Table Tennis Battle Between PFT Commenter & Frankie Borelli - Stool Streams XIX
Retweeted by Frankie Borrelli @Glenny_balls Imagine not enjoying a prosciutto sandwich right now? battle for the ages on Thursday
Retweeted by Frankie Borrelli
What an outrageous shot by JT. Give me 1000 tries I can’t get it that close from thereMy dad had the orchard going WILD this morning tonight. MDWOG x @SnoopDogg. Subscribe:
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliCongratulations to my sister and her beautiful bride. So proud of these two and couldn’t be happier to be by their…
Tonight was my first time missing #RNR ever (for my sisters wedding) and I have a tear in my eye looking at this ph… @barstoolsports @stoolpresidente @BarstoolBigCat @HollywoodCCTR @RaceCharlesTown @roughnrowdy jockey’s in the jock…
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What song are you listening to when driving down this road?
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliTonight’s Barstool Golf Society event is so diabolical. Bethpage Black is playing so hard. Fast and firm greens wit…
The First Annual Stool Streams Jenga Player Draft
Retweeted by Frankie Borrelliholy. He's off the tee box before the ball lands way to learn how to build a masterpiece is by watching @crazycanuck1985 on YouTube. Unreal tutorials. News: The construction of Butters Bay has begun. @PGATOUR2K off @FrankieBorrelli!!! Put Geoff in a home!
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliGuy caught the homer and absolutely lost his mind with the glove throw. Brain just completely shut off, i love it
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliAlright. I just shot a 60 in the first round. I’m unconscious. T5 and 2 back of the leader going into the the final… Now:
I never understood these rallies... they have to be just for entertainment. like the guy in the green could've just… at 8pm the triple box returns to the @ForePlayPod YouTube page. We'll be playing in the new Barstool Golf S… my dad’s godfather who he’s named after gets mentioned in the new Chicago 7 movie reading off Vietnam ca…
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliDoing a chest thump with @McConaughey on @PardonMyTake. Surreal moment.
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliStepping up to the tee live on YouTube right now. Join me
@FrankieBorrelli @PGATOUR2K me showing up to the links to play
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliYour tee time has been booked for 10:05pm. From the rose room to the tee box for PFT tonight. (Is the rose room a t… @FrankieBorrelli @PGATOUR2K @RobbieBarstool Frankie I would like to announce I am playing in this event.
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliTonight on @PGATOUR2K at Oasis Beach Club we play The Wonderwall Classic (like what i did there @RobbieBarstool?)… dad just sent me this. moly. Maury absolutely buried @RiggsBarstool here out of NOWHERE Tuesday @BarstoolTrent has it. He just has IT. Energy through the goddamn roof. I could listen to him speak about the golf swing a…'ve got @BarstoolTrent, @BarstoolLurch and myself all live in one stream. Idk how its working, but it's working.…
I somehow figured out how to get @BarstoolTrent on the PGA stream. Watch us both play in the Barstool Golf Society… it started, How it’s going, How it will always be.
Today’s scorecard: 95 38 putts 3 greens 4 fairways 1 broken soul boy oh boy was I busy out there today. Hand… of my pre golf routine is searching the course map online to get a feel for how many balls I’m gonna lose toda… up to the tee. Join me: night Barstool Golf Society event is now live and it's a BIG one. 54 hole event at @crazycanuck1985's new gem…
Sometimes you forget you're mic'd up and me talking about how hot Morgan Wallen is was one of those times
Retweeted by Frankie Borrelli - We had Brock Nelson on to discuss his and Frankie’s golf relationship, how he got into golf growing up in a…
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliBrock Nelson on @ForePlayPod on the team: “It’s such a great spot. The history of the team speaks for itself especi…
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliBrock Nelson on @ForePlayPod talking #Isles: “This year was crazy. The run was crazy. Obviously a super weird year…
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliPURE ELECTRICITY FROM @DARIUSRUCKER Full round live now:
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliIf you're a fan of country music this golf match is a MUST WATCH. I mean, we have Darius Fucking Rucker out here gr…
Fore Play vs Country Stars going live on YouTube in 2 minutes. Join the premiere with us in the chat. Lets do this.… crazy point. Have to take my hat off to the course on this one. Had to overcome adversity #blessed to o…
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliTonight. 8pm. It’s incredible how into the match these guys were. This is as real as you will ever see your favorit… Man scramble will premiere tonight at 8pm 🚨 I’ve made another teaser. I think I want to be a full time teaser maker when I grow up.WOW @stoolpresidente finally admits what the world has known for years. He likes me more than @frankieborelli ( PS…
Tomorrow on @ForePlayPod 👀 right now on YouTube playing Barstool Golf Society Event. I may win this thing tonight. Let’s go low. Join me
Always love talking to our guy @TrevorImmelman. Great episode out today listen here -> up to the tee on @PGATOUR2K on our YouTube Page. Barstool Golf Society time. Join us
Hard to find a better guy in professional sports than Toewser. Gonna miss him on the island. goddamn. live right now. It’s time to go low Watch here:
We’re at 88,000 members in the Barstool Golf Society. 100k is coming which is simply outrageous. Tonight’s event is… the return of @FrankieBorrelli smut fanfiction on the blog. Nature is healing. I Think I Want To Have Sex Wi…
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliUpdated on @FrankieBorrelli
Retweeted by Frankie Borrelli
Update: I’ve thought about it and I LOVE it @FrankieBorrelli
Retweeted by Frankie Borrelli @scottmayfield2 @FrankieBorrelli I kinda love it tbh.
Retweeted by Frankie Borrelli“I have a new revolutionary energy drink and you can get in on the ground floor” looking head ass
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliFRANKIE!!! I don’t even know what I think about this look but I love Frankie going for it
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliI’m the only guy on the property not wearing a collar. Someone said “you could sell us the new iPhone at any minute… wore a risky outfit to a wedding tonight and I think it might’ve been a miss.65 first round. Something is happening on this live stream. We’re going LOW. golf society event @PGATOUR2K Stepping up to the tee right now. Join me moly
There’s only one man we can trust to help us win tonight... @BarstoolBigCat
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliNow on the tee: @barstoolsports. From #SAFTB shirts to #BarstoolGolf hoodies, shop our growing collection of Bars…
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My Uber driver couldn’t believe I film pizza reviews for work. Laughed right in my face. I love this guy.’ve said some questionable things on this podcast there’s no denying that...but we can all agree I am correct here
2020, important questions were asked. @ChrisComoGolf #51strokes
Retweeted by Frankie Borrelli @FrankieBorrelli Frankie I have withdrawn from this event. Good evening to you, sir.
Retweeted by Frankie Borrelli @FrankieBorrelli Frankie I have decided to play in this event. I will let you know how it goes.
Retweeted by Frankie BorrelliOh my god? Furthest home run in history?