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@BAKEGLA @lustwerkmusic yup 🥺❤️ @lustwerkmusic this made me cry galcher, thank you <3Pop Smoke Edit
Retweeted by frankie @OliveTonic Awww noooo 😞 @JAYVERSACE obvs lol @kush_jones_ My career is taking a pivot @kush_jones_ right ?? Lmaothis song is banger but case’s vocals are lower than everything else so he sounds like a background singer am i rig…
@lvkerlvker Happy bday honey ! @DJTAYE 2018💀
@degendering 💀 @degendering why do people think this is any kind of diss lmaoPeople also use Germany as an example of how to do reparations correctly, and like..... no lmao
Retweeted by frankie @ilanabryne 😂 @glorbis Exactly lolsome of these djs get paid so much money because they use their platform to say absolutely nothingJust set up which hosts a spreadsheet that aggregates info from an anonymous survey for gre…
Retweeted by frankieGlad we got a write up on @washingtonpost for the @hausofaltr compilations but the comments ppl left on the article…
Retweeted by frankieAfter reading a million comments the past few weeks, I’m genuinely surprised by how little dance music history some…
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No Weapon formed against me shall prosper #LadyABluesSoulFunkGospelArtist #TheRealLadyA
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Live now >> donating to @BXMutualAidNtwk >>
Retweeted by frankie @eclairfifi @aerielist of what exists in the public realm about Marsha and Sylvia I put online. ⁣
Retweeted by frankie @gabrielszatan What on earth lolIf only America would just SHUT DOWN and TAKE CARE of its citizens until the virus is under control like most other…
Retweeted by frankie @alima_lee Antiblack fingers 💀There are many instances of people being called out, apologizing, adjusting their behavior, reconciling the conflic…
Retweeted by frankie @potasium5 @yu_whoooo 💀Brooklyn blocked an eviction tonight! Racist predatory landlord Gennaro Brooks-Church successfully chased from the…
Retweeted by frankie @lexciya_ @glorbis ❤️❤️❤️ @_Axm3d 💀Testimony of a Black Woman in Montreal’s Creative Scene
Retweeted by frankie @d_hansen and thank you for pointing that out <3 @d_hansen Lol a mess @d_hansen Totally, and that research would yield way greater impact and support those communities better. It’s now… there a German word for “absolute refusal to engage in critical thinking about race” ?
Retweeted by frankie @d_hansen curious what their justification is of that, so strange @d_hansen im going to delete this because my framing is misleading to the content @d_hansen eek sorry i didn’t see that 🥴 @geezus_billions 😁 @johnxela this would in turn defund the BPM police @djchloeharris Can’t wait lolPop Smoke’s death bothers me on an ancestral level
Retweeted by frankiemonday tuesday wednesday are like bang bang bang then nothing left to give for the rest of the weekSome of y'all have never had to sit in a room while people casually debate your existence and it shows
Retweeted by frankieunfortunately someone’s intent is not a determinant of what is misogynistic or racist. the person who experiences t…
Retweeted by frankie @degendering Awww happy birthday my love 😘😘When a Black woman says "you know what...don't even worry about it," you should definitely worry about it.
Retweeted by frankiewaking up every day to a new racist delight is not enjoyable, there’s no pleasure in this, it’s exhausting and at t… have to think about racism. we have to fight it. we have to suffer the consequences of fighting it while whit… i get super depressed about is how little white people have to think about their actions relative to anyone elseThe fact that people are defending this shirt because it was announced before Floyd was murdered is gross. Fuck the… @Zak_allan98 saying “fuck the police” was not invented because of George Floyd it’s been at the center of antiracis… @ChildsBrynna Lmao @jwbailz she chose release it now, in this time, so yes that is capitalizing @ziurinhell 😩💀good morning everyone haha @X_Ash_Arccangel Hahah totally @ziurinhell Lmao it’s a spectacle at this point @ziurinhell literally endlesscapitalizing off of racism by creating a “fuck the bpm police” shirt in the middle of a fuck-the-actual-racist-poli… @TiroOhP omg how does this get worse and worse 😩🧐 i mean, acab but the "bpm" police?
Retweeted by frankie @NathanHaimowitz Lmao of course ! Gross @drmathys_ lmaocalvin harris' real name is adam wiles lol okie dokie @noanunoparty awesome tapes from africa liked the statement lol @Bandcloud probably not championing for antiracism id guess? @peterkirn 😁That Harper's letter, to me, is in large part from people who are unhappy that they're not leading the current conv…
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We've tried fundraising, but how do you think it feels having to beg for support when you see a pub & garden raise…
Retweeted by frankieThe funniest/most tragic thing about the whole Jess Glynne saga is that an actual working class person going to eat…
Retweeted by frankie @mariimals Relate lol @glorbis @drmathys_ It’s honestly too much @drmathys_ haha so much love babes <3the fact that people value clubs more than peoples lives @telefontelaviv its as Jane Fitz once said "disgusting" lol @drmathys_ thank you Mathys for always standing up for us on this <3jane fitz's silence is deafening @drmcrshr @fysicaltherapy @DISCWOMANNYC 🥺❤️🥺❤️🥺So proud to be part of this! Thank you @frankiefatgold @fysicaltherapy @DISCWOMANNYC ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by frankiewanted to share that Physically Sick 3 w/ @DISCWOMANNYC raised well over $16K going directly to @EqualFlatbush !! t…
Retweeted by frankieif i was a director of Sub Club moaning about not being able to access the furlough scheme and appealing for public…
Retweeted by frankie @yu_whoooo the best spot in nyc 😞❤️I can't cope with the fact that Sub Club asked for 90k pounds 4 hours ago and is on course to meet its target by th…
Retweeted by frankieESSAY TITLE REVEAL Loud Black Girls will be here when autumn still feels vaguely warm. Preorder to support but als…
Retweeted by frankieI really liked the msg of solidarity from dvs*1 but only a white person would think this about Europe
Retweeted by frankieBrazil’s president tests positive for COVID-19 after exhibiting symptoms. He previously engaged in rhetoric downpl…
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the longer your lmao the worse your mental health is lmaoooooooo
Retweeted by frankie @Leonce Bonkers @zacharyfruit Lmaoooo my fave part @dj_houseplant Hmm I wonder where energy could be directed at this time....yup that’s me babes reading the quietus top100 of 2020
Retweeted by frankie @Yayyab Right lmao it’s actually so wild ! @woofer___ right he’s clearly looking for it and I took the bait lmao anyway my point still stands @woofer___ Omg this is the same Ryan ??? 😂wtf are positive vibes gonna do we are living in a race war and a pandemic babes lmao much as i agree with this piece, it’s rather audacious to write an indictment of experimental music without self…