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lord of the pick-me bitches

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@michelinmansimp otherwise it's a good tweet @michelinmansimp how did I spell were wrong @abby0mal I love youuuuuumichelle obama looked so cute today we're they throwing her a party?am I still hungry or is dinner mad at me @MuthoniK20 @larodgers_ ILY @sherrysworld @larodgers_ I want to kiss u and hold u @sherrysworld @larodgers_ you're my favorite person!!'
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just thinking about john mulaney and wishing him the very best 💗
Retweeted by frankie @bigsharkguy ty buttercup @StevieMarsocci @larodgers_ it says "give it time" lol @larodgers_ ouchie @TheChalupa1 @CanadianBeave13 @Chelle_Coops @MariasWestSide @LostNTheAbyss @Jettalea @MorphineDreamzz @LexoLuthoro this is the first and only compliment ive recieved on mi profile belss u @ashhhhhhole @larodgers_ my wife @nikitadumptruck @larodgers_ thank u!!! @showmetheyamz @larodgers_ kiss @zziak22 @larodgers_ ILY @bigsharkguy @larodgers_ yes @sgasarah I love u @lynndewitttoya @larodgers_ pulled a leg muscle hitting a pose more selfies more crying more random misspelled thoughts @IAmAlkhemik @larodgers_ you didn't see thaton zoom being forced to acknowledge the fact that im real
Retweeted by frankienew bimbo just dropped 📸@larodgers_ SOELLED THE CAPTUON WRONG IM CRYING DONT TALK TO MEreally edgy of everyone to post them flipping off their tvchrissy just took my crown as ultimate pick-me girl in one tweet @WhatsAGreenhorn perfect @courtjakefan nothing idc @Piece_N_Love this means the world to meoh wait can I not because trumps leaving?? I think the best way to celebrate is to make it about me. @IAmAlkhemik algorithm geniuswhat time can I post cute pics whats selfie hourif you have depression open this
Retweeted by frankie @sharty_b like clackers @mattkjake I said this about you"I sucked his dick as a joke" "what was the joke" "oh the joke was he always wanted you to suck his dick" @kornliketheband I can see that @kornliketheband I was thinking one hbu @_benjvmins_ do your best @Suurrahhh omg blonde daphneballs instead of nipplesGoing to put all of @frankieplsrelax’s tweets together and use it as a monologue for my master program auditions
Retweeted by frankie @emi_healey this is an honor I know you will get a full scholarship
matt said we were ordering pizza and then goes "would you eat a salad?" I feel like I just got cheated onIf I could go back and make this my senior quote...
Retweeted by frankie @showmetheyamz @crocfanpage @spicycasserole @PallaviGunalan @ThatAdamKid @smithsara79 @Dobrenkz @ArielleDundas grateful for having sexy hot followers that are also super intelligent and cutewhat is joe and kamalas plan to make everyone be nice to me @raven_Deth yes I love my doctor sooo much idk why the secretaries were mean :(( @sharty_b I would LOVE to be immediately crushed by a rock @stoneybellz You're so cute I am sobbing I love ur makeupI have no gas in my car but I don't feel like filling it so i'm just gonna never go anywhere againhow do I up-cycle my dandruff @LexoLuthoro do they have them @sh3riffwoody noo you're so sexy ahabeing cute is really hard you're lucky none of you have to do itthinking about pasta @smithsara79 ILYSM i'm gonna bully her back one daynot to be an anxious mess but my doctors office was super rude to me on the phone so i'm going to let it ruin my daycan someone give me $400 it's important @FireBeets LMAOOOOI love powerful womenI miss watching girls scream at bouncers for not letting them into the bar at midnight on their 21st birthdaycan I just say I hate that my teacher is making us reflect on our paper right now like I handed it in and it sucked… @sharty_b I study communications rn I doubt anyone will ever let me do math @ashhhhhhole I don't want to work :(nvm you have to do mathshould I get a phd @lynndewitttoya she loves me cuz I make her laugh she's not gonna call me out but I know she knows @BadTonyravioli OMGGGG @_justwinnie another song said "I hate you so much" but didn't fit the screenshotbleeding all over my dental hygienist while trying to convince her I floss every dayI didn't text matt back this morning and now he's throwing a tantrum via spotify recommendations @emi_healey ME TOOOOOOIM SOBBING TO CLARIFYGETTING KITTEN SATURDAY SOBBING
if I saw that coming towards me i'd stab itthis is genuinely the most humbling moment of my life I look like jack skellington i'm gonna scream blood"everyone hates me" ok be me everyone loves me @gaycowbxy tina lugo!! @gaycowbxy anime or tat artisti've been watching anime for like a week and there's a super popular anime tattoo artist near me and the way I bing…"If you increase the minimum wage the cost of living will go up!"
Retweeted by frankiei'm a bimbo and I just chugged a red bulli'm really smart I just don't talk about it because my twitter is an experiment to build my confidence in my appearancecorporate needs you to roundhouse kick me in the face @sherrysworld i'd leave him for u @sherrysworld ok what am I chop liver to youI love spooky things. hope to be one someday. @WhatsAGreenhorn @Skoog LOLLIPOPmy inception totem is whether or not my dog is dry heaving repeatedlyalso support queer and black owned business by my lovely friend and follow CBG on instagram/Facebook for all your h… just want the haters to know I haven't watched the office in 2021 and i'm not a better person for it @BlessedBigIron cat tree a job so I can fill my house with cat trees @WhatsAGreenhorn ok