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@castlevania1986 Sexy people won’t ever shut up about being sexyI’m starting to like how I smell after I workout 😳As much as these white gays annoy me, I still will always find it strange that we entertain the violent homophobic…
Retweeted by IM VEGAN! @coolado_ best tweet of all time @chamalaharris The fact you even have to say this is so.... @adanylaluna I HATE @babybirkinbag 😭’t sleep so I took melatonin. The nightmare I’m about to experience in 30 minutes > 😳12 years ago today, Lady Gaga began touring with The Pussycat Dolls for their Doll Domination tour. She was their o…
Retweeted by IM VEGAN! @tarasavelo @brandonvance 98million dollars in cocaine seized in Hong Kong? OMG they found my purse!
Retweeted by IM VEGAN! @shart2break @RXNNIESUS I REGRET SLANDERING HER @RXNNIESUS I want her so bad omg @EverMUA They heard this argument once in 2008 from a dumb ass family member and ran with it ever since @boylipshionista @itzyjerry ? I thought the tattoo was a cyst or scab OMG @gaytaylorswift I just got her omg @gaytaylorswift LMAOOO they’re so annoying but if you can get diluc high level it’ll be a walk in the park @gaytaylorswift LMAO can we do it co op? Maybe tomorrow if you can or later tonight @gaytaylorswift I NEEEEE IT OMG @FRANKIETWT got Ganyu C1 bitch
Retweeted by IM VEGAN! @gaytaylorswift OMG WTF
@anthagiox 😭They won Katie Porter, who routinely makes Wall Street and big banks piss themselves, is a curious move that make…
Retweeted by IM VEGAN!I know we all make fun of Dua but at least she makes excellent music unlike other Twitter punching bags need to put an end to masks! No more liberal muzzles!
Retweeted by IM VEGAN! @fandefocas I mean it’s a cute name but she’s a bit of a c*nt @fandefocas Something not right about a’whorea @fandefocas TAYCE LEGEND @fandefocas The looks were shit and the fans will forget about her in two episodes because they have the attention span of 2 year oldsThe new strain of COVID @fandefocas Joe black bustedSZA has been on her tweet deck vibe lately. I just know a new single is upon us!All of my oversized pants don’t fit me properly since I’ve lost weight.. I’m broken @tofubans Not thisFRANKIETWT cinemas will be hosting a private screening x @miserabletop How’s the game? I’ve been debating on purchasingOrdered veganx pizza. Idgaf it’s Sunday!Babe they don’t care
Retweeted by IM VEGAN! @piercespears All in their feelings for no reasonWhen people block me just because I soft block them. Is it ever that serious @stardoos They’re gonna spiral when he’s sub not main dps. I’m smiling @stardoos When I get a buff for venti and Jean as the end result @stardoos Not albedo out selling childe
@boylipshionista Drag race is a step back for the community as a wholeTrade? With pastel hair? 😕 @boylipshionista Trade meaning cute in the drag race community sends @xjinsoulx My mum saved meWhy do the drag race girls always say stuff like “you’re my sister. We are a family” on episodes 1-3? You’ve known them for 3 days 😭😭😭 @lamchhops Why is he so big @xjinsoulx Another case of white woman dominating a place created by people of colourAt my old job if u looked like a nerd id give u the wrong flavor of ice cream on purpose, just because i knew you d…
Retweeted by IM VEGAN! @boylipshionista KXMFKDNFSKMDLFLG @lamchhops @augustwknd And why do you care? @CLUBFOURTYSIX You’re actually right 😭I want to be one of those good vibes only vegan 🍃🧚🏽✨ accounts who exclusively listen to szaBENNETT ACTUALLY CALLS FISCHL THE PRINZESSIN DER VERURTEILUNG AND LISTENS TO EVERYTHING SHE SAYS
Retweeted by IM VEGAN!Every day in 2021 has been filled with discourse. Are none of you tired? @whipdoja You’d have to watch the film to understand the contextI collapsed at the cinema makes $150,000/minute and pays you $16/hr but you’re mad at *checks notes* McDonald’s fry cooks?
Retweeted by IM VEGAN!와 귀여워죽어
Retweeted by IM VEGAN!in my defense, i have none. for never leaving well enough alone
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@RXNNIESUS PULLING FOR XIAO NOW??? @RXNNIESUS What did you pull 😭 @whipdoja He got @quenblackwell in his corner he’s not worried about nothing! 🙌🏼💯 @whipdoja It’s really bad for him @chamalaharris I mean she’s wrong I just wish it wasn’t him to say itPlease keep James Charles and Asian off my timeline. I don’t welcome that @chamalaharris She’s not very bright herself’m smiling @MichellePace_ When Natalie Portman played Jackie 😭 @RXNNIESUS Xiao using the same annoying flower as Ganyu..I’m really not pulling for him at this point @RXNNIESUS Those lamps are easy af to farm I WON! Whopper flower nectar is terrible I have so many treasure hunter shit just sitting there @RXNNIESUS I meant like the ascension material but omg I really wasted weeks farming for the cyro set when noblesse… @JangWonyouthful I LOVE YOU!The Drew Barrymore cameo. I jumped @JangWonyouthful You slandering beidou but her higher level than razor? 😒 @RXNNIESUS Well yeah but it’s ugly 😭 do we know what flower or whatever she’s using? @RXNNIESUS I just wish she wasn’t sword 😭 I need to get a 5 star for her to do any kind of good damage @RXNNIESUS I have no use for him rn but I’m gonna build him anyway for that reason @JangWonyouthful @RXNNIESUS The Trump and Melania of genshin @RXNNIESUS WHY DO PEOPLE USE HIS ASS IT PISSES ME OFF @RXNNIESUS @JangWonyouthful His little circle heals more and is quicker than hers @JangWonyouthful His healing slays ngl. Kamala and her dandelions aren’t seeing him at all @JangWonyouthful Bennett main WHATアル蛍
Retweeted by IM VEGAN!“But what do I know” girl absolutely nothing
Retweeted by IM VEGAN! @touchnick Not the reverse psychologyrice cooker taking longer than usual @Druperior I HATE @Druperior HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #原神 #GenshinImpact #원신 #甘雨
Retweeted by IM VEGAN!These were delish. Why lie?