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@JosieBellerby @midlandhealthuk Thanks! Unfortunately when I rang the NHS service they said I needed barcodes :/ it's all so confusingIt’s time – we’re proud to present the Total War: WARHAMMER III Global Gameplay Reveal! Showing off Survival Battl…
Retweeted by Frankie @BeccaCHenry @RandoxOfficial Yes, THIS! There's no information on this barcode thing - I got told on a call todayTh… @SamIPOMB If I can't tell them I have a negative result I could be fined over £1000, there are fines up to 10k. @SamIPOMB ...? 1. I have a negative test result for my day two test 2. If I had COVID that wouldn't be funny, would it?So now I'm in a queue with a wait time of over 35 mins, with a certificate that my day two test is negative, but no…"Midland Health UK" is actually a front for a company called @RandoxOfficial. On their website, they list the NHS T… day 2/8 test kit cost £179 The day 5 TTR kit cost £170 @frazerxyz @midlandhealthuk It's appalling. Good luck though, hope you travel safe.This is what I got in my kit from the London Corona Test Centre for Test to Release (day 5). There are no instructi… @frazerxyz @midlandhealthuk If you want to do test to release don't forget to get day 2 and 8. It's a nightmare, I'… @FlowerFist_Rob @midlandhealthuk It's not that simple, this is a UK government thing. I don't have covid. @FlowerFist_Rob @midlandhealthuk No. This is a private provider for people after entering the UK. Apparently you ha… so I had no idea I needed to take a pic of my day 2/8 test kit barcodes for the whole UK testing quaratine t… @OvileeMay @TravisGafford Spring Break'd @PeterStevens82 @emmajbradshaw I noticed that too. They obviously bought an 8 pack of oranges and 2 for a fiver on… @pr0phie @FullmetalShorte Stunning! Congrats to you both ❤❤❤
@DogMedusas @saiint There's an insta link on this twitter thread @edmorrish He's a so-called "speaker for schools" which I guess means delivering speeches, despite sounding like he's never set foot in one... ... .... I... JFC. @semphisss That's one way to get me back on their talent lineup! @OnFireAnders Nana and Walter = ice cream tag team @Artyfakes @chewyco Stunnnnnnnning 😍 @OnFireAnders You should absolutely give her the ice cream for this @brettsr Thanks Brett! @Alchemister5 WE INTERRUPT GROUP C OF ESL PRO LEAGUE FOR FRANKIE TO GET MARR- "CASTERS START GAME PLZ" @MattDemers @MoxxiCasts @skrff @BonnieElvira yay! @MamaRosaMakeup Thankyou! So happy you're back on set with the Flashpoint guys! <3 @pancakepow Happy birthday lovely! xxxI didn't do an "I said yes" post, but I did an Instagram post last year about being engaged. I just assume people a… @MattDemers @MoxxiCasts @skrff @BonnieElvira OH AMAZING! @saiint Thanks - I didn't do a formal announcement @MattDemers Ooh any clips? @midlandhealthuk That would require going to the post office sadlyGet in bbz, we're playing CS @Swiftor Thanks! I er, posted a balloon on Instagram (!?!) but didn't do any sort of announcement otheriwsePlanned my wedding for August Bank Holiday weekend so it wouldn't clash with any CS events... @SoozUK In support of his evil plan to build a shopping mall. CONSUMERISM! MWAHAHAHA! @PannaFoszka Yep! My day 5 falls on a Saturday so I'm going to have to wait until day 7 to be good to goThis is all after the delight of the @UKGovTweets website which is needlessly confusing and - at the time I booked… to call to see if I could drop off in Clapham instead - locations website says you need an appointment and th… booked @midlandhealthuk because I figured it would be easy to get a sample to them... turns out their lab is in B… to find somewhere to drop off my day two sample but I literally can't get to Croydon if I'm quarantining. Th… @FarTooShort Unfortunately I'm meant to be in quarantine and it's day 2/8 testing. Boots is a winner for leaving th… @Gfinity @pokimanelol ... "hot tub views receive more views than regular streams" This is just the opinion of the… @alexfoo They're all private companies, you can't do PCR tests related to travel on the NHS (or if you can that's a… industry around PCR Test to Fly is booming, yet poorly organised and packed with companies making a quick buck,…
@_Tridd So glad you're being looked after, hope you're OK ❤It's really weird to see David Hockney impersonate David Shrigley via Microsoft Paint... not a great result @Devourlick Have to get you on season two! @Devourlick It's lovely to have a job where I get to judge others' gaming performance rather than having to reveal… had so much fun filming this - episode one is already on the YouTubes -> @midlandhealthuk Thanks for the reply. I got a certificate but no instructions. @midlandhealthuk do you have a pdf of your instructions for day 2/8 test kits? Clearly the printer wasn't working w…
Dear Brands, if you have not been in the space before please consult with consultants or organisations as you would with any other space.
Retweeted by Frankie @Smix @Fifflaren Ahhh congrats! ❤❤❤ @fifty45ninety Thanks! ❤
I always feel so lucky to work with team and this event was a special one. Thanks to everyone involved ❤ heard you like to speak during someone else's clutches 🤔 @MACHINEgg and @SPUNJ have something to say about that…
Retweeted by Frankie @FURIA_VINI You are crazy but I appreciate your enthusiasmCHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY is upon us! 14:20 - de_ancient SHOWMATCH 🌟 Team @SPUNJ vs Team @MACHINEgg 16:00 - #DHMasters
Retweeted by FrankieThis is how my day is going so far. @superdad781 Yes because he wrote the book...
@doraexploring @annawaits @ElevateToArt Thanks! Hair mousse at the roots, hair creme mid lengths to end. Air dry or diffuser. Some days I onl… bo5 between 🇷🇺🇰🇿 Gambit and 🇷🇺🇺🇦Navi will decide the champion of #DHMasters Spring on Sunday. CIS continues to d…
Retweeted by Frankie @MACHINEgg Fuck, I need to cancel the cake orderMe trying to walk after I've had a really big lunch IQ вебка от тренера NAVI Чтобы никакие соперники не прочитали тактики по губам
Retweeted by Frankie @oS_JMose @_____Graves @TheJuliaLove @VegasVanguards @JakeSucky @nypost It is as it's intended. That's how writing… dancing analyst @Maniac_CSGO #DHMasters @lildingus It actually wasn't! Didn't realise he was a Hitchhiker's guy! @BradGuy73 @entoatucasa @lardybasto @robinince The NHS had its best rating during Gordon Brown's premiership. It's… I was 15 a boy called me "frood of the week" on their website and it was one of the best things to ever happen… we hear the new generation roar? 🇷🇺 Gambit vs 🇪🇺 G2 (16:45 CEST) 🇩🇰 Heroic vs 🇷🇺 NaVi (20:00 CEST) 📽️…
Retweeted by FrankieDown to the final four at #DHMasters Spring: 🇷🇺🇰🇿 Gambit · Playoffs 5/6 times · Never made final 🇪🇺 G2 · Playoffs…
Retweeted by FrankieIt's SEMI-FINAL day for #DHMasters Spring! 1️⃣16:45 CEST: @GambitEsports vs @G2esports 2️⃣ 20:00 CEST: @heroicgg
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@CaptainFluke You should definitely wear this during SI @goosebreeder Calculated 😎 @PapieroweDrzewo Mac and Charlotte Tilbury. I think NYX also have some kind of system in place to help with shades.… @PapieroweDrzewo Undertone is important. A lot of makeup websites will now get you to choose from a series of pics… @mbCARMAC ☺☺☺ Say hi from me! @RettigOrPara Highly unlikely to be as it's not my skillsetReady to be dazzled! @DreamHackCSGO
Retweeted by FrankieThe #DHMasters Player POV-Streams for @AstralisCS vs @G2esports are live! We are testing this feature for YOU, so…
Retweeted by FrankieCome in.... @_Tridd Could need more space, looking to work elsewhere, a breakup or moving closer to familyIf Columbo were anime:
Retweeted by Frankie @OJBorg I saw some convincing le cruset dupes from a reputable store a lil while back... less helpfully I cannot remember where
@readtldr @launders Put Nuke back in for goodness sake @ZGGaming Thank YOU! <3 @ZGGaming It was an absolute pleasure talking to you <3 <3 <3Episode 31 with @FrankieWard is now out! Frankie gives a fresh perspective with a more technical background than ma…
Retweeted by FrankieWhen you think there’s nothing certain in this world, there is one thing we can assure you about. The…
Retweeted by Frankie @pansy Toblertits
@Seanovan0 Thanks! Hope you enjoy the event! @Wheezy__T I still haven't played Troy, I really need to stream it during the player break... @2AngryGamers 😍😍😍Going to stream some Ancient (what else?) from my hotel room... @EsylltMair @benpartridge I was once told gargle with port rather than swallow