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.@theblcklst founder; Story, politics, and football (soccer) fan. IG: @franklinjleonard Speaking: @freshspeakers

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@anylaurie16 @cheo_coker @chnbizz @JoseMolinaTV Probably would have had @johnlegend come out to do a bonus verse about America’s hometowns.[Enter Clown.]
Retweeted by Franklin LeonardI don’t know why everyone is making such a big deal about it. He’s gonna have a brutal time staffing up in swing states. @paulscheer I don’t disagree. The lack of transparency around viewership Im finding particularly dangerous since it… @kamranthekhan “You ask me if I have a God complex? I am God.” @GailDrakes @tweetdeguerre @FredTopel @TheAmyNicholson By that logic, streaming should solve the problem.This is a Netflix joke, for the record.No one, and I mean NO ONE, who insists on keeping Confederate monuments up is doing it to prevent further inhumanity
Retweeted by Franklin LeonardObama would have had Fire Saga singing Jaja Ding Dong and an American adaptation of Húsavík. @thesamgillard @lmckr @bionicbritt86 @grumpyenough I mean, I do have an answer, but sometimes the conversation becomes more important than the answer, a… @ModernKingfish @tyahma Clive Owen! Got nothing! On me! @ArranNZ your matchups and your monologues.Someone really should do an acting Verzuz thing. Each actor chooses two monologues a week in advance, and both ha… Meryl vs Viola. Seven monologues. No roles barred.It’s late, so I’ll share my Tom Cruise story - when I was an intern at [REDACTED] he came in for a meeting. I asked…
Retweeted by Franklin LeonardThomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence and called slavery an “abominable crime,” yet he was a lif…
Retweeted by Franklin LeonardAlso, that is the most savage of cuts.You can’t say you care about the troops and do this to them. @pramsey342
Retweeted by Franklin Leonard @ProjectLincoln How much time do you have?One of the primary arguments leveled in defense of the Emancipation Memorial and against its removal is that Freder…
Retweeted by Franklin LeonardYour attention, please.
@paulscheer That phenomenon was actually quite rare though. If anything, streaming has the potential to create op… @grumpyenough At this point, I honestly can’t disagree with that criticism, though Id also argue that the conversat… @MenelikTucker You may just be watching the wrong movies. @BenTiberius Does the fact that some good and original things are created within a system prove that a system has not been ruined? @grumpyenough I suspect your nostalgia for a bygone era is clouding your ability to properly evaluate it. @doctor_aardvark @laurieskelly @Candescently @TheAmyNicholson I actually wish someone had done a rigorous study of the second choice attendance phenomenon in th… Frederick Douglass is trending... Many folks are rightfully pointing us to Anna Murray-Douglass, the Fred Bl…
Retweeted by Franklin Leonard @missannabiller Do you believe that on balance, films were better on average during the heyday of the studio system than they are now?Would love for a major Hollywood publication to convene a conversation on whiteness and invite the folks who run th…
Retweeted by Franklin Leonard @mattadvance Should I send you my Venmo or Paypal? You owe me $10. @kylew978 @KhalidLattimore Are you suggesting that RottenTomatoes and Metacritic are somehow a secret menu? @emilyyoshida Three act structure is just a beginning, a middle, and an end. I may be wrong, but I feel like that’s… @ziwe retrospect I should have saved this thread until I had written a book called “what ruined movies.” @TheAmyNicholson @kathicarey @claudialonow Fair question: First bullet predominates. @kyalbr Cinemas existential angst preceded the invention of television. @jonipepin @emilybest @taralconley did not know this photo existed, but @SpikeLeeJoint, I’m filing this away for our next interview. @jgownder @StarrburyMike @YouGotTamd Because you have chosen to use the one word version of the term, I can only assume you’re talking about… @andrewdisney @zachheltzel When were studios ever making culturally specific subject matter? @BWWMatt I don’t think you’re necessarily wrong about a brief recent period of the industry’s history, but I’m fasc… @claudialonow @nealdusedau Ruined American movies in toto. @BWWMatt You sure about increased consolidation reducing who gets the financial support to make movies being an act… @Putney_Kotto And yet imagine a world where [redacted]. @KrisLongfield Do you think the studios know that themselves? Because if they did, they probably wouldn’t be hiring those companies, no? @Spiczynski You have unusual friends. @lwbean Nah. As much as it’s easy to mock creative executives in the industry, many good ones do exist.Okay this is my favorite answer in this thread thus far. Achievement unlocked. @CameronCraig88 I’m on record as rejecting an objective standard of art, so no. @PuffingtonPress So just to be clear, your theory is that MORE people making movies is what’s making us think that they’ve been ruined? @el_tweeto1 While I appreciate the self awareness, the answer is still.... @sethporges But if it weren’t for [redacted] there’d be more good movies and less bad movies. @zachheltzel Sounds like you’re saying movies haven’t been ruined, which is a legitimate position, one that I insti… @jimethedp Comps as they’ve been historically used are definitely nonsense. @monaeatsLA You grossly overestimate the power of studio marketing departments. @kwene_dru I’ll keep this quick. @scandallas Yeah man, those Godfather movies. Ruined everything. @schuman_matt @derekahlswede @jimethedp @schuman_matt I’m limit it to American movies for ease of consumption. @pnambyar @_flowerguardian @Alexgr8white @chrisdosmil @Cornwellius I’m going to wait extra long just to spite you now. @SillyVeryRabbit Both decision making approaches are deeply flawed. @MateoLaurel Neither, actually. @WendyLiebman No and no and don’t even give him the damning praise of suggesting he ever had that much power. @JuddTaylor @DerelictMovie @DerelictMovie An adorable veneration of an era that doesn’t deserve it. @Alexgr8white The content. @jenifafa This is all true but it’s not what ruined movies. @walkingredflag The people that ran the studios may have had animosity toward Netflix but that is FAR from the same… @lawantgarde @KhalidLattimore There are so many compelling, thought provoking, and self reflective movie narratives to enjoy. I’… @Sethrogen I tend to agree, but I very recently landed on a counter argument that intrigues me.… @cusemikei The first talkie did have a bit of blackface, but no.