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@GiftReceipt @leo7221978 @Angelo_Pappas_ @NationalGuard Can you run my handle through that thing, just for fun?As bad as things may be, I’m always left in awe of Americans’ resilience and willingness to help each other in the…’t be fooled – the people who did this do not want “Justice” or “Peace.” are 100+ volunteers out right now putting Santa Monica back together. This is America. Monica is already rebuilding after being left in a huge mess last night. Police said 95% of the 400+ arrests…“This is our city. And who has to pay to rebuild this? Our taxes have to pay to rebuild this. So, we’re losing a… champion Jon Jones scolding kids like a strict uncle. I don't see any protesters in the clip, so these two wer… can donate to the Dreadhead Cowboy here, so he can get horse food and other supplies: @ZZ_NYC He’s on a video joking that he stole it, so I assume people thought he was serious. I was skeptical becaus…’m seeing tweets about a guy stealing a police horse in Chicago – but that’s not true. He is the “Dreadhead Cowbo… Friday night, a police officer was separated from his unit in Louisville as the situation escalated.… National Guard is currently deployed in several cities across the U.S. Calling in an Army division that specia… @StefanoDaFre Thank you, that’s all I ever strive to show.The @NationalGuard has fortified Hollywood Blvd. It is astonishing to see this in America.
@DownLadder1 That’s the aim of a curfew.Footage from outside the Target store near the Barclays Center. Many #BlackLivesMatter protesters aggressively blo…’m noticing this trend: #BlackLivesMatter protesters having to restrain people on “their side” from damaging prope…“When you take a legitimate issue and hijack it for unknown reasons, that is unacceptable to me, it’s unacceptable… @kevrector Any similar numbers from last night? (Saturday night, Sunday morning)Meanwhile, this guy is still driving a quarter-million-dollar car on the streets of LA today. Drive is being heavily fortified this morning. Let’s hope last night was the worst of it. @justin_ryland No.Rodeo Drive looks like a war zone. Stores that didn’t board up before last night are being boarded up this morning… today, the National Guard will be stationed throughout Los Angeles. 👉🏻'm pretty sure George Floyd wasn't killed for opposing capitalism. This is taking away from any legitimate messag… Brothers and Rodeo Drive this morning, in the aftermath of last night’s rioting around Los Angeles. 1968, Martin Luther King had a nearly 75% disapproval rating among all Americans. unenthusiastic vote counts equally as much as an enthusiastic vote. Nevertheless, there is a much greater chanc… 60 years ago (in 1961), 57% of Americans said lunch counter sit-ins "hurt the Negro's chances of being integ… are so many good cops all across America, but they get so little attention. None of them care about receivin… @SheilaBreezy There were no riots where the sheriff in my tweet works. (Flint, Michigan)This is masterful deescalation. Once you bring down the tension, it’s much easier to detect any bad actors who are… is it. This is the tipping point everyone expected, but no one knew when. It's happening now.
If you’re wondering whether America can still do exceptional things… @seanmdav So, neutrality from Twitter is not a legal requirement. Thanks for clarifying!“Even when Dr. King was assassinated, we didn’t do this to our city.”
This week’s starting lineup features Joe Torre and Jerry Reinsdorf. #FridaysWithFrank’t get fooled again. @evansiegfried You stole this tweet.I clicked for Gangnam Style. I was not disappointed. @winklevoss cc: @BadLegalTakes (Sorry for tagging you on so much stuff.) @foxjust @RachelBitecofer Epidemiologists are saying that’s already the case due to sheer scale. However, intentio… will be hilarious when #BoycottTwitter starts trending on Twitter. @bennyjohnson What branch of government is Twitter? Not saying I 100% agree with their action, but their action wa… @RachelBitecofer Here’s a thread: @RachelBitecofer @politicalmath has a piece laying out why this was a bad-faith argument. @davidshepardson @WillMcAvoyACN Has it does so before last night?LOL. Notice a missing name? This is from the McLaughlin Group in 1992.
Retweeted by Frank LuntzCritics often treat "Big Tech" as if it's a hive mind, the Borg of the internet. It's not. There is disagreement an…
Retweeted by Frank LuntzLaw-Literate Narrator: No. 🤦🏼‍♂️ @RyanAFournier cc: @BadLegalTakes @BadLegalTakes I knew this was inevitable. @KFILE Where can you see this?
“Moderation is a platform operator saying ‘we don't do that here.’ Discretion is you saying ‘I won't do that there… @lachlan Don’t worry – whatever tomorrow brings, you’ll be there. With open arms and open eyes. Yeah.Now would be the time for journalists to get a response from @JoeBiden on Section 230. (The law that says online pl… @StevenWallman Section 230 doesn’t cover cell phone companies.“No. Only Congress can change Section 230. Section 230 does not require sites to be neutral. Most legal experts be…“If a vaccine against #coronavirus becomes available to the public, 49% say they plan to get vaccinated, and 20% sa… experts say any changes to Sec. 230 would likely get struck down by courts. On Wednesday, the D.C. Court of… indicates that the White House is attempting for the EO to pass legal muster, rather than a few days of post-s… @JaredHuffman I could have used the sARcAsm fOnt, but c’mon.I’m tired of teachers censoring kids’ homework all the time!’m looking forward to the release of the #BetterAngelsBook this week (May 30th). @RepMcCaul teamed up with 13-yea… just learned of the passing of Congressman Sam Johnson, who also was a 7-year POW in Vietnam. He always stood so…
Big nuance in court's opinion: “The voter isn’t instructed to declare the nature of the underlying disability. El… @KevinMKruse @BobShrum Important context: How many of those cases required hospitalization? How have deaths trended… do I need a mask outdoors? "The distance from a smoker at which one smells cigarette smoke indicates the dist…
Retweeted by Frank Luntz @EddiePulley cc: @BadCOVID19Takes @mitchellvii [Citation needed.]More than 100,000 Americans have now died from #coronavirus. The U.S. death toll was zero just 91 days ago. @TalbertSwan That's not the same guy. Don't complain about Trump spreading lies if you're going to do the same thi… Twitter timeline is filled with tweets from people claiming they’re being silenced on Twitter.The president does not have legal authority to shut down social media companies. Twitter is more fun than Even Twitter.
82% of Democrats, 74% of independents, and 71% of Republicans in Maryland approve of the job Gov. @LarryHogan is do… richest person in each state. 👉🏻 @jleeannis Nope. They’re a lost cause.This is the absurdity you have to unironically believe if you think Bill Gates is planning to inject us with vaccin…“A Gallup poll from July 1984 showed that 65% of Americans opposed mandatory seatbelt laws.” growth should make everyone happy, regardless of political party. of Republicans and 62% of Democrats now have an unfavorable view of China. thought provoking column by Father Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame. It is the same argument…
Retweeted by Frank Luntz @DownLadder1 @brithume "No one around him." @CTomme2 @brithume Don't deflect. Admit you were wrong.There’s no shame in wearing a mask as an over-abundance of caution. Some people look pretty damn cool wearing one.… are attacking Joe Biden for wearing a mask today and claiming “he was around nobody except his wife.” @CTomme2 @brithume Which one of these guys is his wife?
@DownLadder1 @petgarsar @brithume Who shot the photo? @brithume I too wonder why a 70+ year old man would wear personal protective equipment during a pandemic. 🤔I hope this guy figured it out.
Retweeted by Frank Luntz“In the scientific world, it's expected that even the highest-ranking academics will evolve their thinking. But so…“Unless you can point to specific evidence that an account is automated or shows signs of being automated, hold off…"Companies in technology, financial services and insurance have invested in remote work tools, and there’s no indic… @ReaganBattalion From the article: Fauci said preparing for 1 million to 2 million Americans to die from the coron… @InstituteGC Tony Blair's @InstituteGC is currently helping 14 African nations combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Natio… who have lost work during the #coronavirus pandemic support stay-at-home measures at the same level as those…“The three-day holiday after a month of fasting is traditionally one that brings families and friends together for…
“The Twenty-Fourth Amendment precludes Florida from conditioning voting in federal elections on payment of these fe…“Clearing the way for thousands of Floridians to register in time for the November presidential election.” 👉🏻…