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Frank Ó Gairbhith @FrankNotFrankie DMV for now, Chicago forever

Former campaign staffer turned grant writer. Self-proclaimed President of the Carl Sandburg Fan Club

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@lizchar Who’s winning?Well, this is awkward.
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithStill slaps @lizchar My thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time
and she says baby
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithThis is peak @messylibrary content’re right, but “take their money and then eat the rich” is too long for that poster board. race must not be going well
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhithsupporting American (Cheesecake) Factory workers
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhith @ElyseBee Go get ‘emI see it's "lifelong Republican activists/pundits think anyone should give a crap about what they think about who D…
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NEW: Harry Reid, who engineered Nevada’s caucuses going third in the nation, says it’s time to end all caucuses.…
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhith @girlyfriday RIP to a real one @lizchar I only got one letter and now I’m feeling unlovedI’m listening to Spring Training baseball on the radio and it sparks so much joyYour Church’s Sunday School: Bible Stories, arts and crafts. My Meeting’s First Day School: Learning how to meditate. #JustQuakerThings @lizchar This messaging feels more like Panic Switch- Silversun Pickups (Swoon, 2009) @cdiersing Did he win that election? I can’t remember
Billionaires perform no socially useful function and are an obstacle to human progress.
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithGUESS. WHAT. DAY. IT. IS. Robles CF Taylor RF Soto LF Thames 1B Gomes C Castillo DH Kieboom 3B Difo 2B Sanchez SS…
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhith“Debate Judges can’t bum smokes off of students” is Big Virginia Energy
Close every golf course and use the land to build affordable housing drumpf you’re finished sir
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithPhilosophy 101 my sophomore year of college. Now i just have a side gig that dives heavily into continental philos… @girlyfriday Prayin 4 uChris Walla of Elizabeth Warren Death Cab for Cutie…
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithHaving a normal one @SopanDeb The content i needed. #RIPIcheb
Genuinely curious for @SopanDeb ‘s take on this bombshell on PicardThis card aged well... @OldTakesExposed
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithBig Chicago energy
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithTwo justice systems. #RogerStoneSentencing
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhith @ChurchOfScherz And lo, He hath smited those who stole the sacred signs. And it was good, yeaWhat i wanted to say vs. what i actually did say @UFCW400 10,000 Safeway workers strike? Find out today at 12pm.
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithLiterally the last person i want to express an opinion about this a Quaker, i abhor violence. But watching these clips of Bloomberg getting murdered bring me joy.All of your mean tweets are going in Bloomberg’s next ad
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhith @brianbunton @ewarren Ya love to see iteveryone waiting their turn to get burned by warren
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithHey NBC, you can't just ignore Elizabeth Warren. She's not Matt Lauer's history of sexual harassment
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@chachachela Less gender roles more pretzel roles amirite @chachachela Not a very funny one tbh @miarye96 One of the kids i work with told me the other day that he was born in 2002 and i needed to go lie down @lizchar It’s a slippery slope @lizchar Shocked the General Assembly commented before the pope on thisViva la huelga don’t know who needs to hear this but McGovern was almost 50 years ago, most of the people who voted in that elec…
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithTired: St Paddy’s pun Twitter name. Wired: the original Gaelic version of my last nameThe most Chicago thing I’ve seen
The federal team that prosecuted Blago sent out a statement reminding people that he extorted the CEO of a children…
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One of these is my my favorite work of art by a Japanese artist and the other is The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Kat…
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Good morning.
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithGot lectured by a 20 year old so that’s how my morning is goingHere's the thing about the Astros bad apologies: it's not because they're tone deaf or because they have bad P.R. I…
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhith @J_D_apostrophe I am in love
Holy shit how could Muriel's PR people let her get interviewed by Chotiner?! That's a fireable offense IMO
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhith @J_D_apostrophe EXCUSE ME YOU GOT A CATHorace Mann would’ve hated charter schools tbh @eweb21 No love for the dc gogo smh @Bailzers25 I’ve ridden it for one stop and i love itI now stan the Boston T
Forgot you don’t pump your own gas in jersey @sarahdickmeyer @vulture The ranking of Something Corporate’s “Konstantine” so low is a crime @sophiewoz Welcome to your 20s @colinmdownes
@lizchar I stole one off of tumblr from their very first EP. That shit be hittin’ different @lizchar More important discovery: I own 4 versions of this song @lizchar That’s a hate crimeI know the Astros Soap Opera is in full force this morning, but today is also (more importantly) the 100th annivers…
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhith @colinmdownes @Bailzers25 First team to run Wipeout has to take the greyhound home @Bailzers25 Counter-counterpoint: airfare for 6 people is expensive @sumas__ Palentine’s DayNew England people: if I’m driving from DC to Boston is it faster to go through Hartford or Providence?You do not, under any circumstances, “gotta hand it to them”
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhith @evepeyser Dammit does this mean Middle Class Fancy is one of theirs?Listen y’all, we cyber bullied Schultz out of running, let’s do the same for Bloomberg
@SallyLHudson @jbouie This is gonna sound wild, but hear me out: A full time legislature @taber Surprised i haven’t seen anything about her having Chronic Lyme @girlyfriday This is why i never tell people my real name lolWhen the HR guy calls me by my legal name my first piece for @outline, inspired by centrists calling sinn féin trumpian, i wrote about the uselessness of…
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhith"Whether you knew it or not, we were having a great time together": Michael Bennet, the imaginary Canadian boyfrien…
Retweeted by Frank Ó Gairbhith @notthepunter God help usAndrew Yang’s candidacy has been made obsolete by a more efficient political machine
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithThe MATH just didn’t add up
.@WestgrenDana Got plans on June 2nd? suggestion during this election year is that you absolutely freeze out cable news. Especially the political show…
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithInject this directly into 2015-2017 Frank’s veins @lizchar Some of these are lowkey cries for helpGood morning. We're one step closer to baseball.
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithClaire McCaskill was only able to pick up 45% of MO's vote in 2018 - on the same night MO voters crushed an attack…
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithYa love to see it Rove but he didn’t graduate so it’s all good
are y'all sick of "another day, another good bill sails through in Virginia" yet, because personally I am not
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithHear "Be Afraid" from @JasonIsbell and the 400 Unit's forthcoming album 'Reunions,' due out May 15.…
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithBeing the only one in the family to vote Sinn Féin
Retweeted by Frank Ó GairbhithI’m feeling too many things right now employees with guns declaring war on their democratically elected boss isn’t exactly what you would call “good”Mom: The policeman isn’t your friend. Me, age 5: Why not? Me, now: Ahhhh that’s why