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i should not have gotten on instagram back kms because i’m really going to kmsjust saw my body shape in the mirror that was petrifying let me use his pen because i got stuck with the haunted room in his house
2020 you even watch the broad city episode with blake griffin come on now get creativei know he’s swinging that giant dong and you all are boring in bed coming back with powa powa actually picture is really funny but as a leo like it hurts @virgowhodrives you quoting with this selfie’s official! *’m b*by! (yes this picture is from winter idc no new selfies anymore) song is so funny i love it think she’s a queen very black mirror dystopian for China to have a social credit score... Any way now I’m going to go try to find…
Retweeted by frank @hernameisjuan points were madei am so huge i feel like i’m in a clown car siri what is the best way for tall people to lie down in a careveryone on timeline being hot today sugar boohow many people were crying @markparkbark happy i could d word and it’s alrightSlap on some diapers
Retweeted by frankcuz i’m out in the club and i’m sippin that bub and you’re not gonna reach my telephone listen to all 17 minutes of this too often people at subway are like damn bitch you again?yeah.... yeah... MORNING! @boy____troy what is your explanation resident p*zzagate worker? @dolewhipdaddy what do you mean what do i mean!this k*** song is lowkey a 4/10 but i absolutely cannot stop listening to it i’m obsessed i’m thankful scratch that baby i’m grateful gotta say it’s really been a while but now i got back that smile @fucklnghlcks LMFAOOOit was too much (in a good way) @th3saddestangel yupjust saw my dream body type on twitter so i will be stepping into a wood chipper (sorry i’m tweeting so much i’m very manic)skin really so ahead of her time it is crazy☝🏼 for William Marcus Wilson
Retweeted by frankif i come across somebody on twitter and we’re not already mutuals but i find them very hot i will simply block them @colemanjspilde she is a stinker the music is a stunnerlistening to this stinker tonight ashe and it was like i never left
Retweeted by frankgoing back to being a sexy pool boy the moment unemployment is done and that’s all i will be tweeting about 😍 they are both the villain because this movie is shit like i’m going for a swim
PLEASEEEEE IS THIS L*Z LOLno no it’s truer row at the sophie show @HarpieSlave people listen to literal child rapists and pro-lifers she is a big fat loser i didn’t say she wasn’tpreordering l*na poetry book 4 different ways it’s the most pretentious thing she’s done and i need it kidding it’s 99!i’m so irritable because it’s 95 degrees outsidei don’t really see uma thurman working with quentin tarantino anymore 😐 of want to play ov*rwatch at some point today FT. @breerunway (REMIX) OUT MIDNIGHT
Retweeted by franksmile you know it’s something fun something for the summertimethis has my stomach in knots INTO ITTTT go back to december all the time is so gorgeous and this cover art is a serve yeah yeah no it’s truesad sad tears of a clown now listening session oh mein godt☝🏼 is like disgusting is simply allowed to do anything she desires @Fiandach like netflix cancelled it and there’s gonna be another season later this year and that’s it @Fiandach you heard mechilling adventures of sabrina cancelled realized covid is probably going to start mutating in the US because there’s so much of it LMFAOOOO likes... women haters all of you every single one you ever watch tv and think about the good old days where you could be in a room with other people
i think i’m actually t*uch deprived like i’m going to stay under my weighted blanket and try and trick my brain int… want to erase him. when i see him it is on sight. you get the vibe then you get it believe people are being hot on the timeline when i just ate a huge dinner 😐 @thegrtest @piercespears lana @ don’t get opinion @piercespears loony. a loony man. @rosygl0w @Illumi_NOTme yes!kathryn hudson being self aware on an album cover and i like it. i won’t be taking questions at this time. i also r… you will be dealt with. britney spears slander is punishable by blockidc if this is fake, it’s real
Retweeted by frankoh lord this classic needs to be in my hand right now 100% be in support of a nationwide public school teacher strike. This is insane.
Retweeted by frank(half) the man / the main many people posting **** on main today... @dolewhipdaddy i agree with me <3 @dolewhipdaddy i feel the same way was no need for more music after this hero ellie goulding @jamesjmnz Yup 🥰i’m ready to force myself to like this jessie ware album because i think not liking it would be a bit sexist