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Love good food, good wine, great company. Anti-Tories. Anti-racist. Anti-FPTP. Queue jumper. Brit at heart, proud EU citizen. #BLM #FBPE #LFC

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@darrengrimes_ @ReasonedUK Always making up excuses in which you are just the innocent hapless victim. Go fuck yourself.We should not be asking why Darren Grimes hosted well known racist David Starkey as a guest. We should be asking w…
Retweeted by FranS #RejoinEU #ElectoralReform 🇬🇧🇪🇺🇩🇪🌹 @SashaFoxWalters Bet his sweat glands have found their function this evening. @sunny_hundal @JCHannah77 He’s an idiot. @zz_james @Brasssneck @Louis_Allday I didn’t even want to bother pointing this out. It is so unutterably thick. @acemsdavis1 @Sarapga97 Kids can be so contrarily awful. @acemsdavis1 @Sarapga97 Yes! Agreed. ❤️ @KateWilliamsme I can’t understand why broadcasters kept giving that man jobs. 😭 @daaavid_v @Leonard_Daniels @Louis_Allday Guys can you untag me please? Thanks. @sajidjavid Your boss has said equally as bad very frequently, and yet you choose to work for him... @acemsdavis1 @Sarapga97 That’s another story. So sorry you suffered that. My brother did too. What an awful thing. @acemsdavis1 @Sarapga97 Sounds like you had a wonderful time. @RebetikoWalrus @VesperUK @daaavid_v @Louis_Allday I didn’t say we should now give them reparations. Where did I say that? @thegoatman15 Really incredible. If someone had made it up as a story nobody would produce it - it’s way too far-fetched. 😂 @acemsdavis1 @Sarapga97 Quite disruptive I suppose - but if it’s a routine do you get used to it? @acemsdavis1 @Sarapga97 I love that your dad had a folk group. That’s so cool. @funder Especially in a Woking Pizza Express. @DavidOlusoga This is truly appalling. @MattChorley @timesradio None because the pubs shouldn’t be opening. It’s too soon. @TheCurrentMrsC ❤️ @malakhstudios @Louis_Allday Isn’t it awful?Gotcha! // Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI on charges related to Jeffrey Epstein @Louis_Allday It’s the way he says “we settled that 200 years ago” as if our treatment of black people from that po… @akentishlass I’m so very sorry for your loss. @TheCurrentMrsC They are lovely! @gavinesler @Den2000 @hmtreasury Juvenile is exactly the right word for all current govt comms. @MrsWardenHill @Sarapga97 ❤️ @paul_astell @Sarapga97 ❤️ @ChrissieGrech ... taking my holiday 😉 @hollyhaygood People live inside the arctic circle. What are you talking about? @hollyhaygood Who is denied access? @CliveWismayer Because before you do something it should be incumbent upon you to find out if you’re allowed to do it or not. @notwithnail That idiot. Racist fuckwits, the lot of them. @Sarapga97 Wings @NicholasPalod2 @MarshallJulius That is true. @MarshallJulius @straymoose101 It would be so great to have a video of everyone who hosted that show saying “Hello,… @notwithnail Who’s the one on the left? @notwithnail Dumb & Dumber @MrvnWdmr Genau richtig. @ChrissieGrech @DMinghella Good stuff. They received a huge backlash - and rightly so. @BBCPolitics As Johnson was lying and Starmer was right, when you post these videos, can you not please put a fact-… @ChrissieGrech @DMinghella Did they delete it? @StephBuffamonte And I'll bet every single one of them is "pro life" and refuse women the permission to say "my bod…
@31ltolox @Schadenfury @rach0907 @Schadenfury @31ltolox @rach0907 Yes!!! A big penis shaped trophy with a whoremonger mascot on top! 😂 @MillyMia8 @KnittedKittie @itvpeston @ITV But they’ve been told they can. It’s the govt’s fault. @rach0907 🤫🤭 @Schadenfury @31ltolox @rach0907 You’d think with all our effort to annoy these knobheads we would get something. @jchelle36 It’s not right, but I would eat that. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 @gerbillady I would love to watch it from the beginning again - but then bang goes many years of my life. @rach0907 I am 5/12 of those things. Are there prizes?Toby Jones is outstanding in #Marvellous. What an amazing true story. Beautifully told.Raise a drink to 45,000 dead and several regions back in local lockdown.🥂🤬 @Conservatives are tone fucking deaf. @rach0907 *refreezing ffs @SamanthaMalin Yay! And... @rach0907 Yes. Definitely. Refreshing veg is fine. @CpmGray @pamelawharfe 😱😂 Well spotted!last week about easing lockdown restrictions. All he has is slogans. It’s waffle of the highest order. #Starmer is… Johnson at #PMQs: “We’re the builders, they’re the blockers. We’re the doers, they’re the ditherers. We’re go… @CpmGray Ooh. You reckon it’s a dye job? @joshuawongcf 💪✊ We stand with you! @Otto_English It must be a joke. @frederickmpj @SamanthaMalin What do Gove and Vine have to do with Eggheads?A direct result of the Tory council house sell-off, and our continued appalling lack of council-owned housing stock… @OrenShevlin @99_hp @StevePeers Agreed. That will be the problem for many. What many do is turn their house cash as… @BettinaSRoss1 Well said! @OrenShevlin @99_hp @StevePeers Yes. For UK reasons. But the French don’t make massive demands as far as I know on… @GregsonRachel @MarkBartlam @judi_sutherland @JamesCleverly Yes. We absolutely need our forces to do something abou… @BettinaSRoss1 😋 @GregsonRachel @rd_aardvark They’re lovely. @GregsonRachel @rd_aardvark Apropos of nothing - in your bio pic, is that a really tiny chair, or do you have really enormous cats? 😳 @MarkBartlam @JamesCleverly It’s ripped from America and simply doesn’t make sense here. The Tories have underfunde… @Geoelte_Spinne @chrismiller_uk They can be terrifying if you get between them and their escape route or babies. I… @MarkBartlam @judi_sutherland @JamesCleverly The police need their own training to stop the systemic racism among t… learned (again) he's a conman. 5bn is peanuts. It sounds like a lot, but it isn't. What happened to the 60bn fro… @Tim_McNulty @JamesCleverly 👏 @sazlyons1 "How I failed to be Dominic Cummings" @judi_sutherland @JamesCleverly Yes. It doesn't even sound cool. It sounds ridiculous. Our police need more funding… @JamesCleverly Defunding the police is an absurd idea for the UK - it doesn't even make any sense. The UK police is… @dwatchorn I just read the letter. It is just total waffly bullshit. It's literally a plea to be able to say White… @Staedtler The EU will only accept SM and CU if we retain FoM - and Tories will be crucified if they do that. We're… @Geoelte_Spinne @chrismiller_uk Scary fuckers. Be careful! @Murdoch__666 @lucyallan @BorisJohnson We've left. What is it that you Brexiters don't understand about the fact th…
@PBProjects Yes. What a waste of berries! @AshcanPress @InglemanD Amazing. What a great story! @Socialistdawn @Otto_English Perfect. @BBCFOUR Loving this! So interesting. And Helen MacDonald is a great presenter. Hope she gets a series soon. 👍 @PBProjects Forky-scrapey??? @BrandonLewis @pritipatel You are literally celebrating taking your own citizens’ freeedoms away. What is wrong with you? @ASnarkness I remember it well! 😂 @Conservatives Of@course they did. They know what’s good for our Country. @pritipatel @Conservatives @UKLabour You put my entire family in jeopardy you hateful bitch, on the back of Vote Le… @ClodaghSister And how everyone laughed at her dress choices. I’m looking at her and thinking “thank you so much fo… @tompeck Cheese pare? @Coldwar_Steve So good. So fucking depressing. @BarristerSecret Fuck noooooooo!!!!!!! @PoetTaxiDriver @MrsAitchBee That’s awesome! @humongous_huw I never did 😶 @RichardOCrooks @rd_aardvark Seems far more civilised than Russia!