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I'm an actor who posts personal stuff here. I've got a cute dog. I clean pools. I play video games. I was on @bluebloods_cbs he/him

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@joshbelville I know lasertime did an episode about this, I think it was this one... Also Eurotrip is a terrible mo… @clairelizzie It's okay. Not really better than regularThis is EXACTLY the problem to see my favorite client's dog on my route today dope voice:: I burned my quesadilla
Some of y'all don't know how to cook brussel sprouts and it shows a weird smell in the car while driving the other day. Popped the hood and found this; a squirrel or somethi… like, the best value.
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Gives you gas, gas, gas time i see that “how did your art improve from the start of the pandemic up til now” art meme i cant stop thi…
Retweeted by Sean go Christmas nowOn a lark, decided to watch Zodiac for the third time today. This is one of the best scenes in film history.
@Miexriir Follow the moneythis is a feature, not a bug @snowboiiii Just had a friend watching it today, so I'm reminded of Rocketman, which was almost totally snubbed at the Oscars but rules @MatWBT You watch Venture Bros? If not, google "red mocho cooler" @DanSchkade Wait, for real? @MatWBT I'm goin the other way, thanks
Happy birthday @koleross! Hope we get to hang again in the future @joshbelville I LOVE that movie. He should have got an Oscar nom for itWhat’s that?! Look out! Dog on the road! (how to make an ACDC-song in 30 seconds)
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If we took photos with our dogs like we did with babies.
Retweeted by Sean go Christmas now @stephensajdak Have you seen the satanic cult episode? We caught it randomly on Pluto one night and I nabbed a new… PlutoTV is the best and worst thing that has happened to me during quarantine
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Retweeted by Sean go Christmas nowin my day we had to delete tweets after 24 hours by hand
Retweeted by Sean go Christmas now @lsv Also the title of my favorite Robert Ludlum novelFollow CAG & Retweet for a Chance to Win a PS5 w/ Disc Drive. Ends Dec. 18th at 9PM ET. USA Only. #PS5
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@jggreer It'll shimmer you blind! @darth_erogenous Sup @darth_erogenous Hey
@PerpetualGayle They good pichas. DOITY PICHAS @joshbelville Totally, it's like I did the thing that was supposed to give me The Good Life and now you're criticiz… @joshbelville As someone who probably has very different ideas on student loan reform than are mainstream, the "jus… @Dbrasco37 Literally lol'd at thisBiden should start his inaugural speech by saying, “Well, that was weird.”
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@peterbcounter "Your superbox needs words" is something I say whenever a computer problem comes along @Baby_Pupsik I think a man should if he can, or just do his bestGrowing my hair and beard out until a vaccine is found. Hoping it looks bad enough that it really motivates them @PublicTheaterNY Thomas Middleton Christopher Marlowe
It's time to admit that I've never built an artifact edh deck worth a damn and at this point in my life I never willcant figure out how to beat this boss. any tips?
Retweeted by Sean go Christmas nowWe've been working our way through a mega youtube video of every 90's cartoon theme song, and it reminded me that t…
correct @LukeMones @KunkelTron The ear scene from All the Money in the World @GaryBuh Looking forward to the episode on it since I'm on the fence re: buying itEasily Hercules. Worst movie of these 4 by a country mile @TunaCan4u2Suck @JayBauman1 @kinky_horror @HacktheMovies And of course Juwanna Man
Carl Marx. Communist manifesto. Wikipedia.
Retweeted by Sean go Christmas now @VTCLA1 This is complicated by the fact that oppo goes super late in my cube group for whatever reason. I say treachery regardless @Toneman Damn I shoulda grabbed @Toneman Are they valuable? I saw a bunch yesterday and today too1, 6, and 10, though I've never seen Die Hard (I know, I know) @jggreer HAPPY BIRTHDAYI heard French people watching our elections were confused about who Gritty is, so I made this explainer for them.…
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Hey kid wanna buy some mice several hummingbirds today @AllisonByProxy @Walmart Yeah hey walmart do that, also I saw 2 people (non-employees but still) with no masks at all, it's the law @carolynmain DecencyHey @Walmart, tell your employees at the store on Powell and 82nd in Portland that THE MASK COVERS THE NOSE
@joshbelville you said it brother @joshbelville Perhaps soon. I just started Resident Evil 7 and got a gaming PC so there's all that @joshbelville and 1 @joshbelville Oh I own it. I own the 2 trilogy, 3, and 4. @joshbelville I have still never played one
My boss posted this pic I took of some resident ducks at a pool I was cleaning. Not pictured: the epic amount of fe…
An Arctic Fox in the process of changing from her summer coat to a winter one. (Photo: Kevin Morgans)
Retweeted by Sean go Christmas nowEven after a vaccine I think we should still wear masks when we’re sick and have to go out like just out of like. Common courtesy
Retweeted by Sean go Christmas nowNew profile picalex trebek was proof that you can be a kind person who also bullies nerds, 100% legend
Retweeted by Sean go Christmas now @GaryBuh I was shocked how much I liked the first one
This makes infinite power Morning! Bruce Lee, 1970s
Retweeted by Sean go Christmas nowJfc this is cringe night! don't know if the end of the election will bring me back here more often. Time will tell. But here's a cozy Bean…
Retweeted by Sean go Christmas now @ericszyszka @stephensajdak This reply belongs in a museum
WAIT THERE'S ANOTHER SCENE WHERE HES READING IT I learned that Walker Texas Ranger has a satanic panic episode that's at least 10 years too late. It's curren… @carolynmain So sorry for your loss @jalachan Oh my God @Busiris @WHMPodcast @Neekko Us too. Got nostalgic seeing the Facebook memory today. @PerpetualGayle Yrrebwarts Sserd Dnuf
Last night I learned wanton nachos are definitely for sharingAnimals I saw today. I pet the dogs. @Dbrasco37
@joshbelville Oh shit I do know this. Time to turn in my gamer card tm @joshbelville I don't know if these are real people and I refuse to find outMay this photo of Charlie and his amazing ears soothe you on this stressful evening. He's so velvety. So soft. Sooo…
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Retweeted by Sean go Christmas now @MatWBT Ben and Jerry's The Tonight DoughI'm drinking rum and just ate ice cream during a zoom shakespeare reading so my night is fine @MatWBT @MrNiceGuy18_58 Thor 1 is much worse @darth_erogenous hey
@GaryBuh What is this and how can I make the rest of my life about it @PerpetualGayle @mgarner1227 As you wish!!! you date me: You can watch me play Bloodborne I'll watch you play Bloodborne We can talk about Bloodborne Blood…
Retweeted by Sean go Christmas nowRan into Gregg Proops at a liquor store