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Personal tweets of career queer Fran Hutchins, Deputy Director of @EqualityFed, @alumniumass board member, fan of @AlabamaSB, stan of voting. (she/they)

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Just a by the by: "private" messages sent to individual people during a Zoom meeting show up in the end-of-meeting…
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈Should this be my new profile photo y/n? (Thanks @zoom_us!)
@amacduffking Just kidding, and I hope you two feel better soooooon! ❤️ @amacduffking Stop bragging about having baking ingredients. @herong Sastalgious: it’s a mix of generalized sadness, nostalgia for the way things were even though I didn’t appr… @rachelkiley Truly.Andrew Yang’s take is a very bad take. wheeeeere is my hairbrush? Oh wheeeeeere is my hairbrush? Oh where oh where oh where oh where oh wheeeeeeeeere..… minute ago @LauraKalba came running upstairs and said, “I need Oscar, he’s going to do my lecture.” He just came… @jessicashortall Operation hug mom: MSP->ATL->BHM on my beloved @DeltaThanks @NRMorrow. I needed Diane, Bette, and Goldie tonight. #QuarantineMovieNightNope. I retract my previous assesment. The least plausible thing is that they are all still wearing heels at the en… #QuarantineMovieNight farce that Bette Midler is fat is the most unbelievable plot line in FWC. #QuarantineMovieNightAn entire scene of answering machines. Wow. #QuarantineMovieNightAct harder SJP! #QuarantineMovieNight @_RebeccaMarques Was crushing on Jessica Beil, had to watch. So embarrassing.Ewwww that’s the sex abusing dad from seventh heaven nooooo #QuarantineMovieNightSick burn, mom. #QuarantineMovieNight you say lesbian....? #QuarantineMovieNight
@omylola @alisoneroman I love that recipe. I think I have all of the ingredients!April Fool’s day is cancelled, by the way. @omylola @alisoneroman Mmmm the stew
BREAKING (BAD) NEWS: Governor Little has signed HB500 and HB509. Devastating. Targeting trans people. Hurting trans…
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈Shame on Idaho @GovernorLittle for signing two anti-transgender bills into law today. Why target trans people, espe…
@StillNotSam This tweet just brought me and two of my coworkers to tears. At least two of us was from laughter. @herong Taking public transit to the airport and going on a work trip. @rebeccagorena @_Jordynkiera Yes! Post corona drinks! Also, when the camera falls. Comedy gold.Every video call
Imagine holding a press conference every day congratulating yourself on the greatest presidential failure in the hi…
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈 @LaurenFlans Let me know when you get to Simon and Garfunkel, or “Bargaining.” And remember, it’s not linear. You w… @LaurenFlans Denial."The food economy in Minneapolis has been mowed down. It's hard to think about how much that's happening around the…
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈Excited to join @PollenMidwest’s #areyouokmn gathering. Feeing less alone already! @dstopping Wow that was oddly satisfying. @NRMorrow Yes. And get used to figuring out who won’t mind you eating. @dstopping has to see me eat on the regular.
Do you remember what you did with your 2008 stimulus check? I spent mine on my gay wedding in Canada.I have to admit we are cooking all of our meals but it is hard to feel inspired or excited about this as an experim…"Perhaps this war will make it simpler for us to go back to some of the old ways we knew before we came over to thi…'s an @NPR segment with @amandafreitag on how to cook with limited supplies during this pandemic and it's maki…
Idaho! We CANNOT make minors have their genitalia examined in order to participate in sports. But a bill has passed…
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈Remember when the @GOP was concerned about universal health care creating death panels? Now they're telling us that…
@cmaddenmft Teletherapy is helping a lot. Also walks.
And then reverted to baby medicine "through mouth." WTF. I'm turning this off.TIL Trump knows the word "excoriate."
What habits are we going to develop that carry over beyond the quarantine?Motherforking shirtballs, THIS is the Bad Place. @nataliemself Cried on a zoom call yesterday ahhhh
So much crying but also singing!
Me, two weeks ago: Shame these @SlackHQ workspaces aren't very active. Wish I could engage more with these people.… ideas from Seth Rogan.
Well, I guess I'm growing my hair out.
“Since the 2015 conviction, Castillo said, he had not driven again drunk. That morning, after work, he planned to v… @SamSykesSwears @RadicalWelcome @WMTWTV Wow. @RadicalWelcome Wut.
Shout out to everyone who’s changing it up under duress. moves forward with a local public health emergency declaration, granting the city the ability to respon…
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈Yeah I don’t love it but it’s not the biggest challenge I’ve faced. Yeah #GenX @laurenthehough “She’s in the bathroom! Can I take a message?” @amandadeibert @GovernorLittle tell the Senate you will veto #HB500 if they pass it. Banning #transgender girls from compe…
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈Please don’t drink every time Biden says “I’m the guy.” Our medical facilities have other priorities right now. #DemocraticDebateCan you imagine if your state were prioritizing a non existent problem like trans people playing sports instead of…
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈 @dstopping I just texted that to @ianpalmquist
Wow. What an unmitigated a-hole. “He thought about it more. ‘I honestly feel like it’s a public service,’ he added.… questions the President on not taking responsibility vs. his decision to disband the White House pandemic t…
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈
"I don't take responsibility at all" is such a huge in-kind donation to the Joe Biden campaign that I wonder if Tru…
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈As a spouse of an academic I’ve been following how #COVID19 is impacting universities. I am curious if other univer… aid, ppl @PAYOLETTER Oscar is really good at working from home. those new to teleworking: when you're on a call, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE YOUR MIC MUTED UNLESS YOU ARE SPEAKING.
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈
📢 #URGEAlabama 📢 We can still stop this bill! Contact your Representatives NOW and DEMAND they vote NO on HB 303 an…
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈**Organizer Haiku** Phonebanking for Dems Why don’t they recommit me? Where’s the hard ask, bro?I have touched my face one million times in during this video call.Here’s a tik tok inspired by the tweets on my TL, clearly it needed to be said
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈 @rebeccagorena @URGE_org Getting to work with you and the @URGE_org team was a highlight of the last few years for… @DianaColinMer I literally cried after the call. It gave me so much hope because I know y’all are gonna make such a… @wilnelia_rivera Wow that is a bad tweetOh, France.
I just got phonebanked by @CHIRLA to ask me to fill out my #Census2020 form. The caller answered all my questions.… spent some time watching Fox News and Fox Biz tonight and this seems likely. Also, the commercials on there are w… students have noted that COVID-19 is showing us how any “honorary white” status placed on Asians in the U.S. was always provisional.
Retweeted by Fran Hutchins 🏳️‍🌈Twitter is so weird. This one guy was crowing about his anti trans oped in the WSJ (yuck) and then, used the commen…
@DirtySodaCanTab @DanHoak You guys are consistent at least. @melkingwrites I listened to everyone at my coworking space talk about it all day long.Have you had a conversation today that has not involved taking about the virus? I have not. @PerkinsSteph @arunadsouza @actblue @SaraGideon @jonhoadley @DebLavender Aaaand donated. @jessicashortall Oh wow. So was there enough ketchup though?
@hankgreen BHM to DTW 0% but I did wipe down my tray table and armrests... @arunadsouza @actblue @SaraGideon @jonhoadley Ah. I’m more looking to get engaged in holding Dem seats or flipping.… @arunadsouza @actblue @SaraGideon @jonhoadley When you say Ed Markey, is this in the context of his run against Joe, or the seat overall?Yesterday, while I had @actblue open and was in the process of donating to @SaraGideon, @jonhoadley called so I gav… @DrIbram I like this tweet for many reasons but “youngsters” is the primary one. @spur_of There was a horse in the library, people parked cars to blow kids access to all classrooms. A car in the l… @nypost How can we best regulate deer so this doesn’t happen again?
Queers, tag yourselves. I’m red puffy vest totally not enjoying this not even a little and also red puffy vest jeal… tide! Happy to be at my first Alabama Softball game of the season! 🥎 @dereklane09 @meclibby You would cut a hot dog in half you heathen. @JillianSinger_ @HillaryClinton @staceyabrams @ewarren And, THANK YOU for your work.