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guitar in @camp_trash. editor @getAlternative. bylines @VinylMePlease, @bandcamp, etc 🤝🌏💫

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@nicolette_sara play the first three chords of any weezer songs and you will understand how correct you are @nicolette_sara he also can’t read and needs to get beat up. it’s all true at once @nicolette_sara he loves the band Kiss and being famous. those are objectively cool things to love @nicolette_sara this is something i believe deeply: some of our finest pop writers are in fact morons @nicolette_sara they have a lotta hits @queenzimont baby’s gotta get its own Spotify, that’s all there is to ittruly a top 50 record ever recorded, it will never be topped in the genrereal Lamp hours @reallygordon can we pitch Top Ten Switchfoot Songs as a teamlotta heaters here @Ponderifica @ps4homescreen okay but take a stance KyleJust wanted to make sure you seen this @Dame_Lillard
Retweeted by keegan @elliottoconnor @sameflannel cc: @raquelaharmontwo diet cokes, a roll of paper towels, lemme get some some peanut m&ms since i’m here, burritos, inspiration point…
Retweeted by keegan @strangetalesrec correct it is number one @en_cohen @ryleywalker @lfitzmaurice this is the Portland dude in the Dandy Warhols shirt who is always at the bar… posted this too late last night via @goosehonking
Retweeted by keeganI TOLD YOU @camp_trash IS A REAL BAND @D0zERRR @Spotify Krill, Krill, Krill forever @D0zERRR @Spotify fuck yeah @Snaves holy fuckin shit @hd_bug_pics @wrstprtyevr @weave_info @Bartees_Strange truly goes harder than humanly possible @FranziaMom @wrstprtyevr @weave_info @Bartees_Strange I FEEL BAD ABOUT RUBY, I FEEL ROUGH ABOUT THE ENDING
Retweeted by keeganIf I gotta do drugs to find love like this, i just gotta do drugs then
Retweeted by keegan @jphotofyre @wrstprtyevr @weave_info @Bartees_Strange 1. Room On Fire 2. Is This It 3. Comedown Machine 4. New Abno… @Ponderifica I’LL SUPPLY THE LOVEi truly did not realize Spotify HAD a Japanese emo genre tag. this rules.actually the Strokes being so high is a surprise, but we just left the new album on a loop whenever we cleaned for… @ToeKnee____ song of the goddamn decadelmaooooo zero surprises here album cover is absolute ass, man @Ponderifica king shit @bakerbakerbaker @CraigSJ flexing on those pathogens
@chrisfarren thank you i am indeed. just listening to the Campfire TV episode and rearranging my list of favorite musical albums this year. @chrisfarren hello Chris Farren i hope you’re having a good Tuesday @Ponderifica MONEYASS, THO: CHIPOTLEthe amount of votes that Weave got is so deeply gratifying to me @eric_bach_ no one should. get out there and raise hellThanks @FranziaMom ! We put our 2nd album "The Sound Ⅱ" up on bandcamp. Now, You can buy the both physical CD and f…
Retweeted by keegan @charmer_mi do you want this perfect song title or can we have it @chillwavve wow, pinterest-ass year you got coming up therehell yeahHOPEBUTT VODKABOOBS HOMOSEX @broazay can never have too many red flags! @linemade666 sure, everyone gets upset about misogyny but just lets this slide. i see how it is. @kobthatreal you said it @hellobineet this is the only logical answer i’ve seen“I will now dunk on a bad take by continuing to spread its reach, exactly as the author intended. I am fighting the good fight.”do not Quote RT trolls being vile about Elliot Page. you fucking appears that i have lost my fight to get The Sound II onto any end of the year lists, so here is a preview of my… @heliotropix no but i’ll keep looking @CraigSJ 👀 @tombreihan the Record Setter goes hard as hellat some point we probably need to discuss the seal of the city of Buffalo Stereogum list is great @rfcrecords goes hard as hell, man @CorbinReiff neverwe’re gonna need a bigger bracket shit. it’s real. shit it’s here @en_cohen @reallygordon it almost makes you start to wonder if it was my takes that were the problem. thankfully,…—–██—– Put this on —–██—– your timeline █████—if you —–██—– acknowledge —–██—– this as a symbol —–██—– of the —–██—– blog house era
Retweeted by keegan @condescendents i assumed they would clearly be google images lol i read just filled with yearning and had to see itthese are all just literally google images, as i have lost the burner phone i used that year in China and have no p… were closed for most of 2019 but opened back up this year i guess, hoping they’ll survive until i can get back to Hong Kongtake me back to Lin Heung @mollyomalleyx damncyber monday used mean something. it used to mean internet sex on a monday
Retweeted by keegan @gregorymconway delightful record @smartpunk and it’s a heaterthese are all starting to resemble one another as we descend into winter lmao.november 5x5 to be straight up my most listened-to song of the year that we got a great record from Peter and Nate (Algernon, Dogs on Acid, Snowing, Glocca Morra, etc) this year…
Retweeted by keegan @carsondaoboys good ideas take time @carsondaoboys Rail To Grind cast @demayoshitshow @Oolongli420 @STS_hllhwk Hello Hawk, an extremely good band
@SquidDad Krussy @wrstprtyevr so is the song coming out or what the fuck @Ponderifica @camp_trash are we gaslighting Kyle or is Kyle gaslighting usokay FINE, I’ll bite,,..,,, who the fuck moans Keegan!?!
Retweeted by keeganOkay FINE I’ll bite,..,,. What the fuck is glassjaw
Retweeted by keeganHere it is: I can’t stand it anymore, new music from Camp Trash!
Retweeted by keegan @chillwavve 🏕 🗑 @JoshhTerry ty!SPEAKING OF Chinese music: this Bennu Is A Heron record is one of the best screamo releases of the year. Guangzh…’t know long it’ll be before people give a shit about Chinese music but when they do, i hope this record gets th… record from Hiperson is an absolute stunner, there’s a lot of different sounds/ideas they explore but this one… don’t think any album has been called “underrated” more in 2020 album than this one...probably more “underappreci…
Retweeted by keegan @FranziaMom That was the album. If they would’ve plugged headphones into it they could’ve heard it, but now it’s gone forever.
Retweeted by keeganthe Camp Trash album rollout is really starting to heat up @cloudnothings realized today i forgot to buy the damn thing so i never heard it. accidentally saved a little treat for myselfi do kind of enjoy that we have a secret "bandcamp-only" album. it's like the discography version of the hidden bon…
Retweeted by keegan @FranziaMom my only plea is that you revisit or visit the cloud nothings record that came out in july on bandcamp.…
Retweeted by keegantruly Song of the Year type shit, the grooviest kind of emo/indie rock, underrated record @qhrizpolley jesus christ that’s not a best of that’s an All Of It