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side note, fuck snapchat memories for making me remember this @1jokudah @fragadelphia wtfAYO IT'S THE FUNNY DAY!!! Throwback to 2019 when I found out my ex who was cheating on me with my best friend from… hopefully @fragadelphia releases gotv links for future frag events, I know so many ppl who would cast/stream th… @ItsRozooo @NiTsUcs @littlebeerr deadass, idek if u guys can go and spec games tmmr either. shit is dumb @littlebeerr agreed, top two should go into day 2 @roycilyy @FlowjiCS @kyleleleCS who knows? might fuck around and get relegated 😎😎 @roycilyy @FlowjiCS @kyleleleCS shitposting and fragging, I need to play like season 36 fraq for that to happenat this point, it feels like I'm just going to frag to meet my friends... I'm just hearing more and more negative stuff lmfao @roycilyy @FlowjiCS @kyleleleCS THE RETURNwho was born on may 16th @stubsCS @GETTHEBAGMARK ily man ty for bringing me fr ❤️❤️❤️ @stubsCS I looked thru my old finsta and saw pics of me and my ex and saw how happy we looked @stubsCS i'm so sad manDoing great then I just got hit by a wave of sadness. Fuck this @stubsCS @NoahFrench_ BASEDIT'S ME, I'M BITCHES WATCH MY BOY, HE'S AN UP AND COMING STREAMER
@hotelious @FlowjiCS @kyleleleCS i outfragged you in both games yesterday wtf @s0bgg @stubsCS @GETTHEBAGMARK BASEDTHE DEMONS ARE BACK @FlowjiCS @kyleleleCS @mistafila @ProxedCS @stubsCS @GETTHEBAGMARK eu4 is based, ask @hotelious or @scooterflyer @1calebcs i am bitchess @GavCSGO @ItsRozooo gotchu @GavCSGO @ItsRozooo top of each group makes 2nd day @stubsCS am I WRONG? @RiceRage poggiesbitches really went from finstas on instagram to private twitters huh. @graphuu ily ❤️
Yo @GizzleCS stop being a nerd and pug with us @1kamiiii 😘 @1kamiiii ur so cute omgwhen he hisses at you 😩😩🥵🥵 @1kamiiii for the cash cup tomorrow. just trying to have some fun with friends. rts appreciated
Retweeted by Ian | @TeamErosGG @abbyisqueen_ wordI just re-found this banger @littlebeerr Mine - Phoebe Ryan Win and Woo remix @crazlik ❤️❤️ @1jokudah tyI'm so sad :( @Disputesz can i join @hunkofjunk3000 my bad @koi_csgo typical koi banger
Retweeted by Ian | @TeamErosGG
yo wassup @el_jack0 @Osodankk FIRST (second) ROUNDED !youtube !twitter !discord @tariannkan! I think I am extremely talented and capable of being a T1 coach Qualifications: 1. Being a nice human 2. N…
Retweeted by Ian | @TeamErosGG @basedhailss @cornFPS corn is cooldude @GizzleCS this is us in TGL @tactilecs @cornFPS based @Ethexfps @cornFPS ik i am @Ethexfps @cornFPS i bought a nova for 14/15 rounds on ct side Mirage and proceeded to fail to live up to your standard @cornFPS i tried to be @Ethexfps but instead I'm dog shit @cornFPS yo wassupfuck you @cornFPS @koi_csgo that was the most fun scrim i've ever playedy'all ever been muted for 21 rounds in a scrim on accident
Retweeted by Ian | @TeamErosGGHoly shit it's been so long since I've even thought ab doing shit like this again, life is good.
@RiceRage indeed @stubsCS i'm getting trolled @1kamiiii gg @R1FTT_ i have a job secured and i start on the 9thHOLY SHIT I JUST GOT A CHECK FOR $260 FROM MY OLD BANK SO I CAN PAY ALL MY SHIT AND HALF A BIT OF ROOM TO BREATHE LFGholy shit this week @R1FTT_ on foe nem @hotelious @_Huntxrr @NiTsUcs @NotSoAxel @Ethexfps @zionxiv bitch you know I've been on the PUC for months and never changed it! @Iceman_CS Vouch, super dedi and willing to grindLFT for ESEA Season 38 -I prefer to rifle, but AWP if needed -Looking for an IM team (or Main if anyone wants to tr…
Retweeted by Ian | @TeamErosGG @TeamErosGG I'm forced to replyIts so nice being with the same 5 again for a second season straight. Ive played with same cores but not the exact…
Retweeted by Ian | @TeamErosGGGood morning friends, who would like to watch all of the Harry Potter movies with me? @RiceRage please yes i need the buff @RiceRage My dms are always open if you wanna talk!! Sending lots of love and positivity ❤️❤️❤️ @RiceRage you doin ok Rice? @NEONISNOTHERE I WAS HERE FOR THIS ONE @NEONISNOTHERE this is a bangerWOO NEON TIME
Retweeted by Ian | @TeamErosGG @tariannkan Love you Kari <3<3literally our fragadelphia team @stubsCS @GETTHEBAGMARK @bologna_eater79 @koi_csgo @NEONISNOTHERE @koi_csgoFish are friends not food @GizzleCS dude? @crazlik in scrims, my bad
@littlebeerr I'm right here @Arctic_Taco where's my inviteforget me too @1nwdcs @hotelious why does his hand look like that @hotelious wtf team died entry/support/awp LF top open/im+ dm me or on discord shlepp#6863
Retweeted by Ian | @TeamErosGG @GrandCruCS Thank you 🥺❤️ @parwazcs @pitzuhtime boys split it unless someone offers to cover it, in which case, you pick up the tip @HootenannyKidd happy birthday hoot
@ItsRozooo did the groups for all the events come out or just this weekends ones @ItsRozooo bruh wtf @stubsCS We can still kiss dw @koi_csgo *COUGH COUGH* @stubsCS take notesHey @koi_csgo, how's your day going @stubsCS i got hacked