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Should the be Electoral College be reformed or even eradicated? What are your thoughts?Joe Biden has Donald Trump's 'diet coke button' removed from Oval Office via @theirishpostQ) What is the difference between Trump and a flying pig? A) The letter F
@purpledragula You're insane if you don't do it
Sometimes you need to be alone, so you can be with ALLAH.
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiDonald Trump's legacy is his coloring book.After seeing Trump deteriorating due to his loss, did you at any time feel sorry for him?Where do you see Trump in 5 years from now?Friends for life the future if a qualified Republican candidate was running for office would you vote for him?To any Trump Supporters still scheming: Meet Jenna Ryan. She took part in the insurrection, didn’t get pardon from…
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiTrump should get ready for what?Trump left office defeated, isolated & totally broken. discusses starting his own "Patriot party". What should be written instead of Patriot?Raise your ✋ if you're feeling secure and happy todayWhat caption would be perfect?"Happy old man", Greta Thunberg trolls Trump one last time, wishes ex-president a "wonderful future"
Donald Trump said it's not over. Is he coming back or not? @AdamParkhomenko We'd better.
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiObama is the best President. Joe Biden will be our NEXT best President. trump will be a twice-impeached CONVICTED "president."
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @Lauraslifeonink The cat is being treated like a passenger in the first class while I'm in the economy class... @ellinidata It's worse than the couch
@NachoProfessor2 It's too late nowMy wife was really angry and I told her to calm down. Later I realized the consequences of my words! @dona17_mc Can he speak English?BREAKING: Trump: I'm leaving the White House and I trust that our country will be more brighter. Just leave and t… Trump: The world is starting to respect us again, please don't lose that respect.
The difference between the BLM protests & the MAGA insurrection is the BLM protests marched to stop systemic racism…
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi"Trump’s incitement of his supporters before their attack on the Capitol on Jan 6 has galvanized a nationwide extre…
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words remind us that darkness cannot drive out darkness and hate cannot drive out hat…
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Three more damn days.
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiCan you see a child's face between the coffee beans?? a job you've always wanted to do
Name a person that is gone but not forgotten 💗What's your favorite lie to get off the phone?Post the last pet's photo you 🐱 took with your phone 🐶Tea Pain likes the sound of this.
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiName a food that doesn't need to be refrigerated.
What would you do if Trump pardoned all the Capitol rioters?Do you consider Trump's political career is over? @BeschlossDC Not only a family member as a matter of fact he would let the whole Trump family alongside with the on… NRA IS FILING FOR BANKRUPTCY.
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiWhat's the best food that you can cook?BREAKING The New York Times : Pence called the Vice President - elect yesterday to congratulate her on the victory… 2016 they said "fuck our feelings!" What should we say to them in 2020? did you want to be when you were a kid?What's your best non-swearing insult?
You have to buy a car that starts with the first letter of your name 🚗 What do you buy?
I voted to impeach President Donald Trump for inciting a violent and deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. I too…
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiA U.S. house impeachment isn’t removal, Donald Trump would have to be convicted by a Senate trial. Unfortunately,…
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiName the last song you listen to and add "IN MY PANTS"Name one thing Trump should do every day.
GOP Voters: Was the election secure? Every Election Org: Yes. Most secure in history Trump/GOP: NO! 100% rigged!…
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiThe last movie you watched is the story of your life! What is the title?Breaking: Republican Rep. John Katko will vote to impeach Trump for inciting the U.S. Capitol riot. Katko is the f…
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiBREAKING The US Joint Chief of Staff : The storming of Congress by Trump supporters is a direct attack on the constitutional process.You know you're getting old when you can't walk past a bathroom without thinking "I might as well pee while I'm here."Riddle! His mother is from Ireland, His father is from Cuba, He was born in Canada, And he's against all immigrants. Who is he?Would you feel sorry for Trump if he gets imprisoned at his current big age? 😋Trump is saying if he doesn’t get a Pardon than no one is getting a pardon.
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiThe only person trump ever hired who was qualified for the job was Stormy Daniels.
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiName something you want so bad but you don't have the money to get it.
URGENT CNN: At least 10 Congressional police officers are under investigation over the break-in.How old will you be on your next birthday? A) 13-15 😆 B) 15-20 😯 C) 20-24 👍 D) 25-29 😢 E) 30-40 😤 F) 41+ 😞Do you run out of Shampoo first or Conditioner first?If you see Trump falling down and asking for your help. What would you dooooo?In 1 word what kind of family is this? message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol.
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi" إذا كانت سعـ ـادة الإنسان مرهونة بوجود شخص أو بامتلاك شيء محدد فما تلك بسعادة." - وليم شكسبير
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @KimMangone Why? He's already had over 96 hours and has done nothing.
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiDeutsche Bank Executive Justin Kennedy, the son of former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. There's a classi…
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“لو كان بين إخوة يوسف أخت واحدة ، لقصت أثره كما فعلت أخت موسى لتعيده لحضن أمه .. فالأخوات والبنات لا يعرفن أبداً طر…
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiCall me old-fashioned but I don't think a president who incites a coup against the U.S. government deserves a $200,…
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiGood. Lock him the fuck up.
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiFrance Australia Romania Ethiopia SwedenChallenger! Name a country for each letter of your name! Let's see how good are you😊If your EX became a millionaire and asked you to come back, would you? 🤔Ted Cruz is drowning but next to him is a briefcase with 100k in it.... Which one are you getting first? 👀Can you name a song with ONE word title only?Describe your hair using only GIFSURGENT Trump did not show those around him any empathy in the killing of 5 people, including a policeman, during the storming of CongressName one food you refused to eat as a kidWhat's your reaction for Trump's not attending Biden's inauguration. @MysterySolvent Nope. Biden won while the whole world was watching carefully. So let the whole world see the celebr… does everyone think that the Biden/Harris inauguration should be inside, at an undisclosed location?
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiWhite people will take onions to their own eyes and taser their own nuts to mimic oppression before they let equality happen.
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiRemember when kneeling was disrespectful to the flag then they took the American flags down at the Capitol and repl…
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiOK Patriots: We are releasing a POWERFUL new video that shows why we need to #RemoveThemAll NOW. Can we get 2,000…
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadiin the spirit of healing and unity, Donald Trump must be impeached again, convicted, removed from office, dragged f…
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @bridget_joy_ If we aren't nice who else is nice? At least we don't storm our country's congress
MSNBC is reportin' that a San Diego Trump rally is out of control and police have called to shut it down for violence.
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiURGENT Republican Senator Pat Tommy : I think President Trump has committed a crime that deserves to be tried in Congress.Trump succeeded in being the first American President to be banned from several social media platforms.Whom to cancel next? Singer Ariel Pink dropped by label after artist attended pro-Trump rally that led to Capitol unrest.BREAKING: Trump has been banned from McDonald's. 😊What else is Trump going to be banned from?Don Jr. says he "lost 100,000 followers on Twitter"
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The white MAGA terrorism at the Capitol was sickening. It was infuriating. It was disgusting. The only thing it wa…
Retweeted by Fares AlahmadiChairman Schiff: Trump "must leave office, immediately. The best course would be for him to resign, but that would…
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