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‏‏‏‏A cynical critic of corruption & Justice freedom & equality #TheResistance

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Today Trump’s assistant Peter Navarro said “the Lord and Founding Fathers created the executive order.” He must be…
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡The only question Americans need to ask this election is "Are you better off than you were 165,000 deaths ago?"
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡Will you boycott the Kardashians products?Name one thing that would make you happy right now. Let's Be Positive 💗If your phone rang and you picked up and someone said, "this's the White House. The President will speak to you." What would you do? 🙄Write a new name for the "White House." Mine is: The Criminal HouseGood morning. 86 days until the election.
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡What are you doing right this second while you're reading this? Please be honest, unlike TrumpWhat would make your life be worthless if you don't have it? ✌️BREAKING: Republican Senator Ben Sasse just attacked Trump’s illegal executive orders, saying: “The pen-and-phone…
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡What's your mom's favorite sayings? Mine: Because I said so. That's why.How pathetic is Kanye West?
What would Trump have been if he wasn't RICH?
لماذا قدر للإنسان أن تكون أعمق جروحه تلك التي يحفرها بيده؟ غسان كنفاني
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡 @ProjectLincoln It used to be the Land of the Free. Now it's the Land of the white supremacy.Is America better off than it was 4 years ago?
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡I created the universe faster than the United States Senate could approve a stimulus.
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡If Obama brought HOPE. What would Biden bring? @JulieToes Keep it up 👍If Trump deserves to win an award, for what achievement should he win for? 🤐If you were a ROAD SIGN, what would you say? 🙄Would you continue RESISTING if Trump somehow won the 2020 election? @RepMattGaetz It's like saying Matt Gaetz and Trump define the TRUTH in the United States of AmericaWhat's ONE thing Trump is never good at?
A virus has spread around the planet. You are locked in your home. You must survive 30 days. The last thing you at… brush your teeth 10 minutes before going to the dentist because you think it's gonna make a difference.Twitter temporarily blocks Trump from tweeting for the first time. Raise your ✋ if you want Twitter to suspend Trump permanently
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡What do you do when you can't sleep? 🙄Have you ever HELPED a homeless person?
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡Do you snooze or get up instantly?Do you consider Melania as a high class First Lady who represented America better than any other First Lady as MAGAts say?Don't judge a person for drinking and swearing, judge the quiet sober ones. Those fuckers are up to something.ALLAH is never too busy to listen. Don’t be too busy to talk Him.
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡Today is the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act––one of the crowning achievements of our democracy. But once…
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡Post a GIF of your current MOOD 🙄What has Trump done to lose your respect?ابتسموا فنحن بفضل الله ، نعيش وليس بفضل الآخرين محمد الغزالي
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡I was locked out of my account twice till I verified my phone number @taniawh84254660 By TwitterHave you ever been suspended, blocked, or locked out of Twitter?Twitter temporarily blocks Trump from tweeting for the first time. Raise your ✋ if you want Twitter to suspend Trump permanentlyعندما تتذوق الصعوبات في حياتك يصبح عقلك أكبر من عمرك بكثير فكل أذى هو مستوى جديد من النضج ومن لا يتألم لايتعلم
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡
العزلة أَمرٌ خطير، ومن السهل جداً أن تتحول إلى إدمان، عندما تدرك كم مِن السلامِ موجودٌ هنُاك، حينها لن ترغب أبداً ف…
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡3 words Trump doesn't want to hear. 🤐The last text you sent is now the first thing you say after SEX.I Born as a Muslim. I Stay as a Muslim. I Die as a Muslim.
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡If your kid's schoolmate came to study with your son. You open the door & you see him wearing a MAGA hat, what would be your response? 🤐Have you ever HELPED a homeless person?What did you want to be when you were a kid?Name a food that doesn't need to be refrigerated 🤔
What would you do if Trump touched you?Did Obama's presidency help you, hurt you, or neither?What do you call a person who is not a Republican but supports and likes Trump? 🤔What's your favorite pizza toppings? 😋What do you call someone that can't tell the difference between their own delusions — things that can be obviously…
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What has Trump done that he's truly proud of?Would you hire Ben Carson to be your personal doctor?Can we all agree that if Trump somehow got a second term, we would be totally fcked?Have you noticed unlike any other US President, Trump doesn't care about animals, forests or climate change. What…
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡Raise your hand if you want Ghislaine Maxwell to squeal on every man that Epstein ever sex trafficked young girls a…
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡What do you see when you look into Mitch McConnell's face?If you had a boat, what would you name it?Once Trump is no longer president, what will happen?If all dead American presidents are resurrected to run in the 2020 election, who would win? 🤔
Will Trump ever condemn Putin for his actions?Where do you wanna be right now! 🌎Repeat after me: I will support Joe Biden’s VP pick. I will not allow the media to tear down a female candidate.…
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡 which species did Trump evolve? 🤔What do you call these people?
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡What have you discovered about America during Trump's 4 years in office?How many days are left? @sharhan123 Eid Mubarak
What do you call these people? from did your first ancestor come from? 🌍لا نعلم بعد رحمة الله ما الذي سيدخلنا الجنة ؟! أهي ركعة ، أو صدقة أو سقيا ماء ، أو حاجة مؤمن قضيناها أو دعوة ، أو ذكر فاعمل ولا تستصغر
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡How lucky would you consider yourself if you were Trump's friend? 🤔Who's still wearing their mask? ✋🏼Have you ever felt sorry for Trump? 🤐
If Trump visited the company you're working with and the CEO told all the workers to stand up and greet Trump when… anyone like Trump? #NobodyLikesTrump
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡Donald Trump is unfit to be what?
Does anyone like Trump? #NobodyLikesTrumpBREAKING: A Democratic super PAC is planning to use Reagan's 'Are you better off?' against Trump in ad set to air only on Fox News.
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡Even WHITE people are sick of other WHITE people's racist bullshit!Do you really hate it when you wake up every day in the morning and Donald Trump is President? ✋🏼lol. #NobodyLikesTrump is trending
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡If you say you like Trump "because he speaks what's on his mind," the rest of us know that's code for "I like him b… does Trump smell like?It's time to stop the war on Yemen and stop arming Saudi Arabia. I will be joining this event tonight at 7pm - mo…
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡How successful is Putin in destroying America without launching a single missile?Name a movie that you wish you didn't pay to see in theatersWhen should adult kids move out?Politicians fail to remember they were elected, not anointed.MAGA hat is a symbol of what?CABINET or FRIDGE? could have had sports if Trump supporters wore masks.
Retweeted by Fares Alahmadi @🏡More Uyghur Horror: #Harvesting Hundreds of Thousands of #Organs from #MASSMURDER – ⁦@BylineTimes⁩
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She absolutely WIPED THE FLOOR with Bill Barr! 🔥🔥🔥
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