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YOU MAKE POP MUSIC OR THE MUSIC POPS YOUCall the state’s attorney’s office and demand they treat me Caucasian 3126031880
Retweeted by frax @bapestasoldier no :/I am literally on house arrest for allegedly hitting a cop in he helmet with a skateboard after police attacked pro…
Retweeted by frax @roshux new shirt: BrianD& Jenny Matrix& Ted Wong& Ki Swan& Games Dean& The Law.i hope freddie wong got serious top for making video game high school
Retweeted by frax @catboiardee k word k word k word k word ableism it really sucks to only see autistic people talking about sia’s movie. that movie has a scene of prone…
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socialmusicstore s2 is Realmy current feelings this week have been that if you are capable of being president of a death regime like america t… have not rly known how to express it and also i am trying being on bird site way less (at this moment i am failin… biden will be back with some new music in 2 weeks and try to act like this never happened 🙄
socialmusicstore 2 soon
Retweeted by frax“You’re like a knife in my chest” 1/1 beanies, shirts, hoodies, pants, magnets up now! 🔪
Retweeted by fraxRobert Packer—who celebrated the mass murder of 1m people at Auschwitz—was released with no bond after violently st…
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Positive Vibes
Retweeted by fraxPLEASE RT this today, my father, #MLK’s, birthday. The Federal Government plans to execute #DustinHiggs today, fo…
Retweeted by fraxONCE AND FUTURE MY FIRST EP OUT NOW !!!!!!!
Retweeted by fraxi should just be off twitter this algorithmic friendship shit and literally at least one person harassing me every… i don't feel real can you tell me that's wrong ?
Retweeted by fraxMy monitor went off again. I have been at home. I was watching Ben 10. This is the 20th fucking time. Call the sta…
Retweeted by frax @JamesBaroz cold brew with oat milk in this housemy sense of humor is doing free advertising for chipotle and shawn mendes @fraxiommusic me and the girls going to Chipotle to get a Shawn Mendes Bowl
Retweeted by fraxYEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Y… am sorry that i do not know how to start a working game of among us. @mmattbtw UHHHHH UH UH UHHHH ???? UHHHHH them 😂😂😂😂😂😂Vocals :/
tw// grooming my experience with @/dontmove111 / oaf1 i've been withholding my experience some time now and have…
Retweeted by fraxclosure prod. @saoirsedream :3 stream everywhere
Retweeted by frax @puppyv0m1t HOW IN MS PAINTmade sum mspaint art of @fraxiommusic s fursona :3
Retweeted by fraxwho still listening to this in 2015
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moving like a z a simply fucking go person I’d say fuck all the noise,
Retweeted by fraxare your dog show notifications on ??????? @gupimusic EVEN IF YOU VOTED FOR BIDEN !!! @glaiv3 HOW DID YOU NOT DROP OUTto all my mutuals, oomfs, fans, and besties who didn’t drop out of school ur in my thoughts this semester 💜✨doordash: 😮😮 Come Come Come!!! Come Eat Our New Restaurant Called “Holy Fucking Shit Chicken 😎And Lettuce@!” We Bou… MORE ALMOST SWEARING RESTAURANTS can't tell if it's my hormones or wat but i cannot finish music lately . this is my notes app apology to my collaborators .thc stands for the gamer boyfriendthinking abt the dude i used to work with who called elon musk "elon-chan" and said he was "a daddy" and "a god" @garden__statue i too, have psychic gender damage from the last time i saw my parents : D @christmasmourn yes it was def me being cheated on and groomed by m*n 💖💖🤗🤗✨✨
@enrondripgod :( @stargirIIl thank u
Retweeted by fraxme being normal: 😁 #goodmorningsorry i know this is controversial and i might lose some followers but i had to say the facts.hyperpop playlistCan we normalize treating me w kindness and respecting my boundaries<3idk abt the rest of u
Retweeted by fraxrepost if YOU are also a god-fearing fraxiom fan
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@hyperlinkthedog @khaztoons I Said😮💜🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️i am a simple they them. i see the @fraxiommusic fursona, i draw the fraxiom music fursona
Retweeted by frax @elenafortunee I MISS Uo also i can actually tweet this @elenafortunee masterpiece he uhh 4 my birthday 🥺🥺🥺 selfie the difficult person test is #IAmNonbinary day, so here I am in all of my NB glory! I’m Omar, I’m 16, and I’m a music producer, charact…
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Retweeted by frax#IAmNonbinary and also i am gay and my only pronouns are they/them and i am literally not a man and if this makes u… @nargleflex @khaztoons 🥺 @wishboneworld soon @petghost413 yeahhhhhhhhhh baybeeeeeeeeenew bnuy just dropped @fraxiommusic 🐇
Retweeted by frax @rileythemus this happens to me every other day literally run far far away from this app while you canmaking food house was awesome because i would really be unhinged and fucking crazy on songs and just immediately ju… @Danneroni @khaztoons bnuy. @khaztoons JUST IN!!! @FRAXIOMMUSIC IS BNUY 😮😮
Retweeted by frax @exxogenesiis yes 💖🐰2011 i will try to go more viral than i did in 2010 😼 @umru_ I deserve to get suspended.just made this w/ ella :D✌️😁
@nebita yea next game send !!aaron cartier bananas voice: among us among us among us @PetalSupply TWITTER IS LITERALLY BAD can y’all please help my friend ? His surgery is month and some change away. Can y’all donate and share please
Retweeted by frax @lilaaron911 oomf testing his features on his mutuals 🙄hi this is my house gofundme please boost and donate if u can. direct donations keep us from having to deal with go…
Retweeted by frax @alicelongyugao @abbigaga Abbigaga pure icon xothis song is good .... 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
2021 @bodyofmyown using my screenshot besite 💜 @howdymoo think of the Brand Optimization 😎📈 of being ✨💖Queer Adjacent 🎵 and Alt 😮😬🔥 @ipodstuckonrepl OMG WHAT DOES SHE THINK🎵 Mom's 45s Vol. V 🎼 available now! My 5th sample pack made (almost) entirely from old vinyl ✨ The first 4 volume…
Retweeted by fraxone step closer @linkinpark [100 gecs reanimation] out now ;3
Retweeted by frax @itisthatkid I DONT DESERVE 😭😭 @itisthatkid need!! @gjonesbass I Am So Tiredtw antisemitism look through this thread
Retweeted by frax @LILTEXAS LAME AF