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I watch/write about TV. Words at @Syfyfangrrls, @observer, @LWLies, @primetimercom, @Collider, & @vulture. Talking about costuming, fashion and Felicity's hair.

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@themooks Even more annoying.I still remember the first time I heard my friends band’s song on Radio 1 and I lost my damn mind. This scene is li… @themooks So frustrating. @FayebellineW It took me a moment to realise it was her! @FayebellineW Charlize Theron too!There’s a lot of very good and very touchable hair in this cast. @FayebellineW The day has been saved! He does look goooood. @pastelpaperback @steve_venner I’m digging the Empire Records crossover tbh. @pastelpaperback That sounds like a dream combo.I wanted to be ‘90s Liv Tyler so bad. @FayebellineW I can’t believe I’ve got a busted DVD 😭Thank you for mentioning it was on Now.Took the plastic off, put it in the PS4 and the screen is black. Managed to get a crackly photo on my super old DVD… @NotRollergirl I am excited! It feels very much in my wheelhouse. @FayebellineW I didn’t realise it was on there! We just spent 15 mins looking for it 😂Excited to reignite my Tom Everett Scott crush.I don’t know why I didn’t see this movie when it came out because I had the cassette single (which I found today) a… the That Thing You Do DVD a while back. Tonight I’m finally gonna watch.Babylon Berlin is a period drama but it draws heavily on the horror and sci-fi movies of the ‘20s. For… drinking soup and Pillboi from The Good Place in the same episode. I like The Mandalorian.Really appreciate @eiffeltyler's honest piece during this uncertain and scary time. Hoping for the best for sites l… @daveyjenkins Do I have to down the bottle when I use this phrase?Every time "Caleb Nichols" is mentioned on #Westworld
Retweeted by Emma FraserFuck. Solidarity to everyone at Outline. @goodjobliz *Starts weeping when I work out how old I was then* @FayebellineW [COME BACK] is my go-to but occasionally I will find a half-sentence with no sort of signpost.omg Mr Motivator's routine today: - "we're going to spy next door." - "we're going to call the police because they…
Retweeted by Emma Fraser @HannahOClock I am sure I will hate it again by this afternoon. @HannahOClock It is always wonderful when you swing back to this feeling (which, I am currently also experiencing)I contributed to @theQuietus list of movies that changed our lives and wrote about learning the Ex Machina dance ro… fun thing of going through a first draft and finding the point you clearly gave up and was hoping the future v… out to @ELLEUK for shouting out these important people as part of a special digital edition… @SySnootles_ I appreciate that! @SySnootles_ I really hope I do the show and you guys justice. It really does feel like an honour to get to do this.New issue day, chaps! Get to the supermarket, support the local newsagent, support mags and buy @totalfilm. Or get…
Retweeted by Emma FraserGonna get sentimental on the main but I am very grateful to be writing about a show I love and that has impacted so…
It did also make me crave human contact.I rewatched the Season 2 finale of Schitt’s Creek yesterday for work and that final dance moment is an instant mood… @fawnianewyork fun watching @fawnianewyork interviewing Tan France after virtual happy hour. The end of today has been very g… now really want cake.This cover story is the gift that keeps on giving <3 reviewed Mrs. America for @LWLies, which is wall-to-wall excellent performances across a sprawling but incredibly… yes, the new guidelines are....still as archaic as the old ones.
Retweeted by Emma FraserWe need this. @inkookang I will be your co-chair! I just need to find someone to nominate me. @inkookang Yes! Tracey Ullman is my fave performance. She steals every moment she is in. @DLynnMatheson @byshondaland Katie Irish the costume designer said it is pretty unique, but you never know! @DLynnMatheson @byshondaland My pleasure!Listening to the song Transatlanticism so of course, I want to watch Six Feet Under now.Just to be clear, the state of Massachusetts is relying on the New England Patriots to deliver desperately needed m…
Retweeted by Emma FraserAnd because it is semi-related, here is the essay I wrote about buying these costume items for @byshondaland a coup… @daveks88 @kezmodo The ones rushing in from the bank are my favourites. @Ceilidhann Not silly at all!I am not wearing the top or skirt, which came with jewellery because my body is not Keri Russell size.Today I am wearing the earrings and necklace I bought from The Americans costume sale to up my WFH outfit game, whi… new Amber Says What! excellent @fuggirls red carpet retrospective @Remember_Sarah of the legacy Adam Schlesinger has left behind, I personally know several people that this (Emmy winning)… @homewreckwifey Right?! I can’t either. It must be so stressful to give birth while this is going on and then to lo…’s legacy is so many different things including this. What a gift. to wake up to this news.
@tobyherman27 @tobyherman27 holy shit, btw 🔥 @tobyherman27 @SchittsCreek @danjlevy @olreid @SchittsCreekPop This is also genius I @tobyherman27 @SchittsCreek @danjlevy @olreid @SchittsCreekPop The costume design on this show 💯 @sdpowell1 We don’t get this until next Friday but I will check back on this thread then. @GreenshieldsNic @ImperialNHS Thank you for all you’re doing 🙏Some celebs are good. love how much this show and its fans have given back. See also the current money-raising initiative (which is alm… “Little Bit Alexis” oral history by @emmdib is very fun but I particularly love this detail about where some o… @sdpowell1 I have started wearing outdoor clothes while I write (still comfy stuff) because all my WFH stuff (that… @dantract @dantract You're one of the good ones. @dantract Holy shit. Glad people are paying attention and actually staying inside. @dantract That is eerie as fuck. @chanelinezp It is very impressive how little it looks like him (and much he looks like Chris Tarrant). @jonlovett Idea for the pod - let Ronan cut it.Listening to Frightened Rabbit still makes my heart hurt, but whenever Living in Colour comes on it makes me smile… @kvanaren I wrote a thing earlier last month (before it went v bad) about Claire's predicament as a doctor and it i… @chanelinezp @PhantomRat Yep. I am not ready to say goodbye yet welcome this emotional state. @whendowelive It is pretty uncanny.Here’s some news to brighten your day: Derek Jarman’s seaside cottage has been saved following a successful crowdfu…
Retweeted by Emma Fraser @PhantomRat I can't remember the last time a show made me cry for pretty much the duration of the episode. I dread… thinking about this scene. wrote this about Moira and the Jazzagals at the start of the season for @primetimercom, which feels even more rel… @joereid @joereid We are going to need something to replace the tennis pool this year.Annie Murphy in high-waisted trousers and braces, Catherine O'Hara in a suit. I am 💀(the Levys look great too)… with joy at this image of three faves. 1st vs April 1st @GenevieveKoski Offering up Tom and Greg levels of optimism for this endeavour.😍🔥's April! Here are some new and returning shows coming to Netflix this month, picked by me for @primetimercom 1st vs March 31st
Retweeted by Emma FraserOnce again, Ronnie is giving me an evergreen gif to add to my rotation. 1 vs April 1 various playlists, Spotify is intent on me listening to Emmylou Harris' version of The Boxer and I am not mad about this.I'm sure there is a technical reason for it but now is not a great time for the water in my building to be switched off.