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Enjoying the high school robotics competition today that my husband and I mentor. job Remix Alliance #4! Going to the semi-finals with @FRC6800 and @Team231HighVolt Drive Team at Remix this weekend! Great job students! you @TexasTorque #1477 for hosting Remix! We appreciate all the work your team put into this event! @FIRSTinTexasWe are having a great time at Remix. On Alliance #4 with @FRC6800 and @Team231HighVolt winning our first quarterfin…
We held first safety training session of the school year tonight.
Space Challenge 2019 @Mindstorms_EV3 Summer Camp was a huge success as @katyisd Ss explored coding as teams tackled…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427📰 Get involved in the Action! Don't miss out, sign up now at: ! 📰
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Today we are recruiting new members @TompkinsHS Falcon Camp who want to join the robotics team. Look for our table & robot in Main hallway.
Pearing up to change the world:80 baked potatoes, 80 bags of butter /sour cream/ cheese/ bacon / green onions, 4 wa…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427We are so excited to be playing with our friends @frc624, @FRCTeam1296 and 7494! #omgrobots #team5892 #cryptoheros
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427DUB CITY 🏆 Congrats to our all-girls drive team for bringing home the gold at TRI last weekend!! Thanks to…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427
@FRC5427 @Spectrum3847 Jess is quite the wealth of knowledge!
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Thank you again @MichaelDell @DellTech for supporting our team this year! We appreciate your investment in high sch… Canada Day!!
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Thank you Jess J. with @FIRSTinTexas for hosting the Grants Workshop at #TRI (@Spectrum3847)! Learned lots to help…
What a weekend at #TRI, finishing in 1st place! Thank you to our amazing alliance partners FRC 323, @frc2158 and…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Wow! Great job Alliance 8! You won it all. So proud of you guys!
Honored to present two @TXWorkforce Grants totaling in $655,000 to @DelMarCollege ! These Grants will up-skill th…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Meet some of the Girls drive teams at texasroboticsinvitational #omgrobots #stem @FIRSTweets @firstintexas
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427TRI @TRIrobots is live! Watch here - #omgrobots #offseason
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Community outreach events are one way students share the mission of FIRST with their city, school, and community. T…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Congrats to our Girls Drive Team winning 3 of their 4 matches in Girls Tourney @#2019txri today! We're proud of you! Zelaya is a dedicated electrical lead and is traveling to Ecuador along with members from @FRC5427 to teach…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427 @FRC5427 de 🇺🇸 visitó 🇨🇴 y compartió con nuestros equipos FLL sus conocimientos. 📣se agota el tiempo de inscripcion…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Kids camp was a success! Thank to all the children for making this camp unforgettable #omgrobots
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427 @FRC5427 @Spectrum3847 @FIRSTinTexas See you soon!
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Thank you @katyisd BOTs for allowing us to demo our 2019 robot & update you on high school robotics in the district. forward to T.R.I. offseason competition hosted by @Spectrum3847 including All Girl Drive Team tournament! @FIRSTinTexas
@GearHeads2813 Got your card today! We enjoyed meeting you guys @FIRSTCHAMP in Houston! Have a great summer & hope to see you next year!
@MichaelDell @DellTech @FIRSTinTexas Thank you so much for supporting us this year! It helped us reach more students interested in STEM!Congratulations to @DellTech @FIRSTinTexas grant recipients @frc1817 @frc2468 @frcteam2881 @frc5427 @HowdyBots6377
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ROSBOTS #5572 volunteering at the UIL First in Texas District Championships. #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE #FIRSTINSPIRES
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Don't forget about #TAMU Family Weekend!
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427
Tough tournament here at @FIRSTinTexas district champs. Out in the semi finals to a very tough 3rd seeded alliance.…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Day 3 📸 #UILState Robotics @FIRSTinTexas. Finals matches coming up! #UILRobotics info ➡️
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Thank you #FIRSTinTexasChamps for Industrial Safety Award and Engineering Inspirstion Award! See you in Houston!…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Congratulations to all who qualified for Worlds from @FIRSTinTexas District Championship! And a big congrats to our…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Texas District and UIL State Champions! Thanks to our amazing alliance partners @frc3310 and @Droid__Rage!
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We won District Regional Chairman's Award in Austin and are heading to Worlds!!! @FIRSTinTexas @TompkinsHS you again to @frc5892 for setting up viewing area and for allowing other teams to watch w you @FIRSTinTexasOur Drive team ready to play in first match of day @FIRSTinTexas District Championship!
Spotted @TheRoboSpartans hat at State competition today!! the FRC competition in Austin @FIRSTinTexas and satellite viewing area provided by @frc5892
Thank you #5 Alliance leader @FRC7492 and @FRC5572ROSBOTS for a great alliance! Safe travels home! #FRCDelRioThank you @CityofDelRio for a wonderful weekend of robotics competition! @FIRSTinTexasOur robot worked hard for #DelRioFRC , time to rest until #FIRSTinTexas State Championships.. Thank you @frc5892 an…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427We had a great time at #DelRioFRC with our alliance captain @GreaseMonkey457 and partner @broncbotz! We came up jus…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427WE WON DEL RIO!!!!! Such a nerve racking tiebreaker- amazing performance from @FRC1817 @FRC6800 & 6315, you guys pl…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Thank you #DelRioFRC for the Chairman's Award!! See you all in two weeks at #FIRSTinTexas State Championship!…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427We won 2019 Engineering Inspiration Award at FIT District Del Rio today!!! @FIRSTinTexas
Thank you to @ChannelviewISD for hosting #ChannelviewFRC! Great event @FIRSTinTexas !All 5 @KatyISD (MRHS, MCHS, SLHS, CRHS, OTHS) @FRCteams in semi-finals at #ChannelviewFRC today. Congrats to @frc624 for winning!Thank you Alliance #7 Capt @1255blarglefish & 6111 RoboKnights! We enjoyed playing with you at #ChannelviewFRC. Safe travels home!We had a great time at #ChannelviewFRC and very excited & thankful to win Chairnan's Award! @FirstinTexas Text back to replyRookie FRC Team #7418 the Channelview Techno Falcons with team and event sponsor @LyondellBasell employee volunteer…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Showing spirit at #ChannelviewFRC @TexasTorque @FIRSTinTexas @FRCTeams #omgrobots #cisdinvestigates
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427You never know who you’ll run into at a @FIRSTweets event. Here is Patrick Felty with Dayni Alba, Global Corporate…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Day 2 of #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE #FRCDistrict match play is a great reason to break out into a dance. @FalconsTechno
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Spring Break = #ChannelviewFRC #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE FIRST Robotics Competition during week 3 of #FRCDistrict.
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427#ChannelviewFRC Alliance selection is underway! #FIRSTinTexas #TexasTeams #DestinationDeepSpace
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Semifinals - Red Alliance is leading! #ChannelviewFRC #FIRSTinTexas #TexasTeams #ChannelviewTX #DestinationDeepSpace
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Help us congratulate and thank our Volunteer of the Year Kris Verdeyen, here at the #ChannelviewFRC event!!! Thank…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427We won Judge's Award #ChannelviewFRC Gearnotics 5070 #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE #OMGrobots #FIRSTinTexas
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Congrats to @frc624 for winning both their FIT district competitions. They are now ranked #1 in State. @FIRSTinTexas
@FIRSTinTexas Promposal in Java by 2 of our students at #ChannelviewFRC yesterday during qual matches. @TompkinsHS
4-1 win v Katy HS tonight ending on a high with BOTH @skylarr2212 & @barbolivieri hitting their 5⚽️th varsity caree…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Great night to be a Falcon!
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Dean’s List semi-finalist, Anuraag Routray! Congratulations !!!
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As a Navy veteran, I was disgusted to see SNL mocking fellow Houstonian, and Navy SEAL, Dan Crenshaw. He was wounde…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Are you a Texan with a disability? #TXHireAbility partners with Texas Workforce Solutions to offer free Vocational…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Congratulations, @LcisBobcats @404wired! Good Luck at @BESTRobotics State!! The Robonauts are cheering for you!…
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Our scarecrow robot is making a special appearance at @tompkinsorch Halloween Concert! Part of our team is in orch.
Convocation bound @katyisd! We're ready for the '90s. #bethelegacy #7LJHpride
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427And that's a wrap for the first ever ISA camp in China! The camp couldn't have been such a success without the wond…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Tompkins robotics @FRC5427 HS Ss running the 2018 robotics camp @KatyShawCenter. @katyisd Ss exploring…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427We are in middle of holding our 2 summer camps for 8-14 yr olds. Great way for our students to lead. @FIRSTinTexas of our team who spent 4 weeks this summer holding STEM & robotics camps in Ecuador. @FIRSTinTexas
We had a great time!“I chose electrical engineering to find a way to deliver power and energy to places where power and energy are not…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Thanks to our many volunteers who help run texasroboticsinvitational! #omgrobots #liverobots #texasteams
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427We know #TexasTeams at the Texas Robotics Invitational are in good hands with @NTxFIRSTMentor and @RachRobot.…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Day one at TRI was fun! Thank you to our alliance partners 5572, 5892 , 6377 and 2848 ! #TRI2018 — attending Texa…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427This is awesome! #TRI is lit!! Orrr . . . it’s not . . lit? 🤔. Anyways - this is so much fun! Thanks a lot…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Whoop! #FunFriday
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427Keynote speaker Dr. Heather Wilson (@SecAFOfficial) is wrapping up the U.S. Air Force Science and Technology 2030 f…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427“This isn’t a robot... it’s a sledge hammer to break down cultural barriers. A universal language spoken in every n…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427TRI 2018 Mentor Drive Tournament #4:
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427 @TompkinsHS senior linebacker Ryan Cillessen talks about the team's first state 7-on-7 tournament berth in this int…
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427We are looking forward to competing at TRI tomorrow. Thank you @Spectrum3847 for hosting our favorite summertime competition! @FIRSTinTexasCongrats to our girls team, @FRC3005 & @FRCteam3997 for winning the All Girls Drive team competition at TRI today.’re here at TRI ready to compete with some of the best starting today! Come check it out today and tomorrow!!
Retweeted by Steel Talons 5427
Thank you @katyisd Board of Trustees for recognizing the HS robotics teams & @TompkinsHS UIL Robotics State Champ
Congrats to our students graduating today!! We'll miss you, so proud of you! Good luck @ college & beyond! @Frcteams @TompkinsRobotic founding student's msg send out today. He's now a jr @TAMUEngineering. Thx @FIRSTinTexas @FRCTeams! @TAMUEngineering His team, FRC 5427, won UIL State Robotics championship last weekend in Austin!
Excited to win #UILRobotics state championship today with alliance capt @118 and partner @frc3310 in Austin today! you @Robonauts118 for inviting us to join your alliance with @frc3310! It was a great day of competition!!Excited to win a state championship with @Robonauts118 @frc3310! @TompkinsHS