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We are The ROSBOTS, #FIRST Robotics Competition (#FRC) Team 5572 from San Antonio, TX. For more info, check our website or Instagram (rosbots5572)

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Sometimes the ROSBOTS fail, and that's okay, because when the buzzer goes off, we get to pick up our bot and try ag… @FTC13108 @FIRSTRGV @FIRSTweets This is such a great idea for outreach and building up your team! Truly… @maikenmagic Super cool! This is a great way to showcase #STREAM and #STEM! @4525FRC @CoventMarket @ONCultureDays @CultureDays @CANFIRST @London_Events What a cool way to celebrate #FRC #STEM
@FRC4131 @NWHarvest Way to embody #morethanrobots and #graciousprofessinalism! Great work showing how #FIRST and… to go! #WomenInSTEM #womenintech @firstlikeagirl @GirlsinTech @ladiesinfirst #STEM @TRex4935 Please make this into a button! #INFINITERECHARGE #FRC2020Our friends @Spectrum3847 in @FIRSTinTexas are definitely an underused knowledge base. Make sure to check out their…
@susan_ashmore @FIRSTinTexas @NASA @NASA_Johnson @FIRSTweets The ROSBOTS got a laugh out of this one! Too bad the 2… do #FRCTeams like Team Appreciate @FRC2468 manage to have successful seasons year after year? Communication an…
Retweeted by FRC Team 5572 - The ROSBOTSAs the ROSBOTS like to say, "Protect what matters!" Safety is always #FIRST in any discussion for Team 5572. #FRC
@FIRSTinTexas @Team4219 The ROSBOTS also can't wait! The possibilities are infinite!
@frc4265 Such #graciousprofessionalism! Great job!
@Team4219 @FRCTeams We can't wait to see what y'all are up to for #INFINITERECHARGE #FRC2020! #TeamTexas another way @FIRSTweets @FRCTeams reflects the work force! The ROSBOTS prepare @FTCTeams @firstlegoleague for…
This is HUGE! The ROSBOTS believe that everyone should have the opportunity to create. Could this lead to more… 5572 can't wait to start the season backed by #forceforchange and @starwars. May the force be with #FRC2020!… @FIRSTweets @FRCTeams is preparing the ROSBOTS for our futures in Engineering! Just another way robotics is… @FRC3175 Way to support @firstlikeagirl @ladiesinfirst @GirlsinTech! Great work!
@eaglebotics No problem! The ROSBOTS love to support our FIRST family ❤️🤖 @ResetRobotics The ROSBOTS want to wish y'all luck in your future endeavors. Thank you for leaving a positive impac…
Our First Signing day was awsome, this is such a cool was to honor our kids. We are sure they will be super #FIRST ROSBOTS could not be more proud of their 2019 graduating seniors! They have all contributed so much, and we wis…
@TeamOrion3240 Launching into #DestinationDeepSpace with you all this season has been one heck of a ride! Thank you… history, great civilizations have risen, then fallen. Now it's our turn to rise - building and bolsterin…
Retweeted by FRC Team 5572 - The ROSBOTS @FRCBacon1902 OINK 🐷 OINK 🐷 BOOM 🧨 #FIRSTLikeAGirl has impacted so many teams for the better, #FIRST will never be the same again! @Spectrum3847 The ROSBOTS are always super excited to play along side Mr.Allen 🤖 Your generosity has impacted so ma…
Congratulations to @allengregoryiv from @Spectrum3847 on being the 2019 Woodie Flowers award winner! It's very well deserved. 💜
Retweeted by FRC Team 5572 - The ROSBOTSA HUGE congrats from the ROSBOTS to our fellow 🇨🇱 #TexasTeams in Round Robin: @Crossfire7179, @Robowranglers,… ROSBOTS and @JHRoboBroncs are having the hardest fun we'll ever have at #FIRSTChamp. Together, we double-climbe… to go blue alliance, the winners of the Carver division finals! The ROSBOTS may not have won, but #TexasTeams a… you @330_BeachBots for making #FIRSTChamp and #FRC such a blast🚀! The ROSBOTS wish you luck as you play in yo…🚀The ROSBOTS may not have made it into an alliance, but we wish the best of luck to our fellow #TexasTeams and ever…
#TexasTeams and @FIRSTinTexas for the win! The ROSBOTS, along with our neighbors at home, @thefirstorion, and our n… ROSBOTS are super proud of their drivers today! We may not have had the best of luck this morning, but that did… ROSBOTS didn't get caught in the crossfire this match because of our launch into #DestinationDeepSpace with our… we didn't reach #destinationdeepspace this match, the ROSBOTS still had the hardest fun we'll ever have w…
Mission launch! The ROSBOTS just reached #destinationdeepspace in our last match of quals day one at #FIRSTChamp! A… big thanks to Team 7891 for giving our friends from San Antonio regionals and #FIRSTinTexas, Team 7088 Robodogs ,… who just won their second quals? THE ROSBOTS! With a score of 56 - 43, the ROSBOTS, with the help of… ROSBOTS are ready to launch after meeting @DeanKamen. #FIRSTinspires us to be #MoreThanRobots! We're glad to be… ROSBOTS have landed at #FIRSTChamps! Countdown...t-minus...70 minutes until the #firstinspires
Thank you @neisd_stem and @leeneisd PTSA for for the awsome send off! We are super excited for the…
5...5...7...2...liftoff! 🚀 After much anticipation, the ROSBOTS just launched our comp bot, Vincent, towards…
🤖 Robot in a box - limited supply - place your order NOW! 😂 Vincent is all tucked in, getting ready to blast of t…
The ROSBOTS could not be more proud of their fellow San Antonio teams @BroncBotz and @TeamOrion3240 for making it t…
@BroncBotz @Team4063 We cant wait to see ya'll there! ❤Guess who's headed to world championships for #frc2019? The ROSBOTS are! We are SO excited to have the opportunity… big congragulations to red alliance, the winners of #firstintexaschamps! We're proud of everyone who competed tod… Cannoli! Qualification match #111 had two complete rockets and the international high score of 143 points! Con… you @MarathonPetroCo for showing your support for our #DestinationDeepSpace season! We are honored to have yo…
GO BIG RED! The ROSBOTS just got another at #FIRSTinTexasChamps in #AustinFRC! We couldn't launch without the help… from the pits on Day 1 of #UILRobotics @FIRSTinTexas. #UILState info ➡️
Retweeted by FRC Team 5572 - The ROSBOTS3... 2...1... blast off! The ROSBOTS just launched into #destinationdeepspace during their #FIRST win of…
That's right! The ROSBOTS just got their third win of the day, 65-55, with the help of our wonderful alliance membe…! The ROSBOTS just launched🚀 into #destinationdeepspace again at #FIRSTinTexasChamps here in #AustinFRC with…🎉YAY!🎉 The ROSBOTS just won their #FIRST match at #FIRSTinTexasChamps in #AustinFRC! Thank you to our wonderful red… ROSBOTS have safely landed at the #FIRSTinTexasChamps! We can't wait to go to #DestinationDeepSpace tomorrow du… @FIRSTSigningDay @FIRSTinTexas @FIRSTweets
@FRC5427 @FIRSTinTexas The ROSBOTS were so honored to meet and play along side your students this weekend. We hones… won 2019 Engineering Inspiration Award at FIT District Del Rio today!!! @FIRSTinTexas
Retweeted by FRC Team 5572 - The ROSBOTS @FRC5427 We just made it back! Thank you so much for playing with us, The ROSBOTS hope we can do it again sometime! 🚀❤ @FRCteam3997 @FRC1817 @neisd_stem Anytime! You know where to find us if you need anything, and Congrats on winning…
Our BLUE ALLIANCE 🛡 may not have won at the #DelRioFRC quarterfinals today, but it was super fun trying. Thank you…'s right, Team 5572 just finished our final quals match with a win, 54-39! We are currently ranked 13 in… ROSBOTS always show our spirit loud and proud, @FIRSTinTexas! BIG RED!! 5572! The ROSBOTS just won another match, moving our rank up to 9 in #DelRioFRC! We couldn't have done it wit… and proud, the ROSBOTS just won their #FIRST match of quals day two in #DelRioFRC. Our alliance members,…! Our last quals match of the day and we won, 56-51! Teamwork makes the dream work and we couldn't thank our…
The ROSBOTS had their #FIRST tie of the season, 38-38! Great job red and blue alliance for a match well played!…! The ROSBOTS just won another quals match, 58-55, with the help of our red alliance members,…! The ROSBOTS just got their second win at #DelRioFRC, 54 - 26. Go Big Red!!! Thank you to our red alliance me… ROSBOTS are climbing to new heights! Our #FIRST level 2 climb of the season and our #FIRST win at Del Rio!… ROSBOTS met a special guest, @HurdOnTheHill, today at Del Rio! We are so glad he came to support @FIRSTinTexas ROSBOTS' button design is just out of this world this season. Thank you so much #FIRSTinTexas and #DelRioFRC fo…
This is awesome! Thank you Del Rio And @Team4063 for the Incredible hospitality, we can not wait to get started. 🐰…
Woohoo! The ROSBOTS just drove off the second platform! This may seem like one small step, but it's a giant leap fo…
@FIRSTRGV Let's go Basket Bot! @frc7312 @RoboticsFun @FIRSTinTexas @TISDRobotics @TomballISD @TISDTHS What an awesome moment, thanks for playing with us! ❤
We could not be more proud of our Rowdy Red ROSBOTS ❤ We are the 2019 FIT San Antonio Industrial Design Award recip… Rosbots are proud of the Red Alliance for making it to semifinals! Although we lost our second semifinals match… to the next match! Although the Rosbots didn't win this match, we still have a chance to make finals! Great job…! We're off to the semifinals with Team 7521 and Team 7008! We won our second quarterfinals match 51 - 33! Go… BIG RED! The Rosbots just won their #FIRST quarterfinals match! With the help of our red alliance members, Team… are about to start! The Rosbots are so excited to be in red alliance with Team 7521 Ultimate and Team…! 5572! The Rosbots just won another match, 43 - 9. Only one more match for the Rosbots in quals!…🎉Woohoo! The Rosbots just got their #FIRST win of the day with the help of our red alliance members, Team 6733 and…'s a wrap! The Rosbots finished the day undefeated, with a final win of 45 - 29! The Rosbots will need their re…! The Rosbots won again, 49 - 20! Thank you to our awesome alliance members the EHS RoboCats and @frc7312, who… win in the basket! The Rosbots got their seventh win of the day, 49 - 38! Way to go drive team and thank yo… alliance from 2018 Alamo regionals reunited at last! @Ironfangs5986, the RoboRiders, and the Rosbots!…
Yeah! The Rosbots just got their sixth win today, 54-43-! Our awesome red alliance members, @ElektraBots, yeah! The Rosbots just claimed their sixth victory, 43 - 12! We can't wait for the next match… fourth win today, 20 - 15! The Rosbots are over the moon today! 🌚 #DestinationDeepSpace #FRC #Robotics one! The Rosbots just won their third match of the competition, 27 - 22. Thank you to our wonderful blue… #FIRST level three climb of districts! Way to go the RoboRiders and @TeamOrion3240! Team work makes the dream w…, we are the Rosbots! Team 5572 is excited to be competing at FIT San Antonio districts! hoo! The Rosbots are currently ranked #1 after 12 quals. Great job everyone! #FRC #Robotics #frc2019 win for the Rosbots! We won with the Red Alliance 32 - 24 in our second qual match. Way to go! #FRC job Rosbots! We won our #FIRST match 40 - 9 for qualifications with the help of our Blue Alliance! 👍🏼👍🏼 #FRC