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Oakbotics @FRC_3739 London, Ontario

We are Team 3739: Oakbotics. London’s FIRST robotics team! Formed in 2010, we’ve inspired over 1.5 million people to explore STEM! Home of FTC Roboroots.

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We once again had the privilege of attending the St. Bernadette meet-the-teacher open house tonight! Got to demonst…
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@FRC_3739 Yup, us too 😝😬
Retweeted by OakboticsIt's our first recruitment meeting. There's a lot of promise in this crowd!
Retweeted by Oakbotics @frc2706 For sure (if we make it)! @FRC_3739
Retweeted by Oakbotics @andymarkinc Arrr, we appreciate that Ye be celebrating such an occasion! #InternationalTalkLikeAPirateDayYarrr, it be #InternationalTalkLikeAPirateDay and we be celebrating the occasion here at AndyMarrrrk. Rise up, me h…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @frc2706 Looks like a great group! Good luck this year!
Our Robotics Hub is full of #engineering action these days! It's a one stop shop for all kinds of #STEAM programs!…
Retweeted by OakboticsLooking forward to the Amherstburg Uncommon Festival September 27-29! Come and see our #STEM booth along with…
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Thank to our western fair event, we trained over 1200 new robot drivers, including 2 little ray’s employees, a geck… @FRC6907 You’re in good hands then! Let us know if you need anything this year, and good luck! @FRC_3739 The tech guy from team 254 just mailed us! But many thanks as well to you guys.
Retweeted by OakboticsJust a reminder to our #stemsquad members and yours who are 18+ - it’s election year. Educate yourself about the pa…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @frcteam4617 @WesternFair @FRC3739 Thanks for coming & good luck in the preseason!Had so much fun this week @WesternFair ! Thanks so much to @FRC3739 for inviting us! #omgrobots #frc #westernfair
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Robot demo @ Western Fair! well do you know the rules for FTC SKYSTONE? Put your knowledge to the test by taking @CANFIRST SKYSTONE Rules…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @FRC6907 We can help! Send us the question, we can work on it with you#Meet_Our_Mentors! When a mentor encompasses roles from a technical expert to an understanding father and a wise fr…
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Awesome day for FIRST ROBOTICS !!! Thanks for including our team today ❤️🇨🇦🤖
Retweeted by OakboticsCheck out all 14 robots here today at the #WesternFair2019! Thanks to our friends @FRC1334 @1374robotics @frc781 @4525FRC @SJHS_RAMS added some excitement to our night!! #OMGrobots Fun maneuvering this robot🤙 What a great gr…
Retweeted by OakboticsGettin' lit to start another fine day of showing my colours at the @WesternFair in #LdnOnt! Join me in the Canada b…
Retweeted by OakboticsWe will be joining our friends @FRC_3739 today at the Western Fair in the progress building. Please stop by and see…
Retweeted by OakboticsVideo of the Day @FRCBacon1902 Chairman's Video 2019 - (2:46) This is the 2019 winner o…
Retweeted by OakboticsDid you know? Ear muffs, popsicles, and trampolines were all invented by children! Read this great @CNBC story (and…
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Excited to have @4525FRC with us at the #WesternFair2019! Come check us out at the progress building! #STEMHaving fun at @SouthbrookGC . Join us for our golf tournament on October 6!
Retweeted by OakboticsFirst full team meeting of the year! Over 80 new and returning members!
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Forbes: Why @Disney’s Star Wars collaboration with FIRST is "brilliant." #FIRSTRISE #starwars
Retweeted by OakboticsDay 7/10 at the western fair! We’re pumped to have volunteers from @mtsrobotics5288 @FRC5024 @frcteam4617 @frc4814 @FRC_3739 @CANFIRST #team5672 Chi Miigwech Bev for all you do!
Retweeted by Oakbotics @CANFIRST Bev is amazing! Thank you for all you do!Today we’re celebrating Bev Carmichael for our volunteer appreciation profile! Thank you, Bev, for all that you do…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @FRC_3739 @ramferno3756 @frcteam4617 Yes....yes I do
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Want to drive our robots? @ramferno3756 @frcteam4617 #MapleAlliance is here! from Hoover Dam this Thursday, it's the FIRST Robotics Competition 2019-20 Game Teaser! 🤖 Get your first look…
Retweeted by OakboticsHappy Birthday to 2 of our mentors, Mr. Steele and Thomas Steele!Huge shoutout to @botsgd @mtsrobotics5288 for making today a success! We had more than 4.5 hours of drive time logg…! It's beta test season! Sign up today! #omgrobot #INFINITERECHARGE
Retweeted by OakboticsGreat first meeting. Looking forward to another wonderful season of #FRC #omgrobots #InfiniteRecharge
Retweeted by OakboticsAll kinds of cool stuff going on at the fair today! #Day5
#NASA reported that astronaut Scott Kelly's DNA was 7% different after his year in space...but if that's true he wo…
Retweeted by OakboticsDear USA, We’ve taken the NBA Championship and the US Open. You can have both back if you just please return the S…
Retweeted by OakboticsOAKRIDGE 60TH REUNION - Saturday, October 5th 11 AM to 4 PM School Events 4 to 7 PM Social Event off school prop…
Retweeted by OakboticsThese past six messages have been the driving philosophies behind why we do what we do and our final message is to…
Retweeted by OakboticsEven @SafetyShep had a great time at the @AeroGO2019 air show!
Retweeted by OakboticsIt is day 7 and the preparation camp is still ongoing with motivation. Our programmers are optimizing their code st…
Retweeted by OakboticsCALLING ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!!! Want to learn how to design, test, build, program and drive a robot with your f…
Retweeted by OakboticsI feel so honoured thank you 😲#proudCanadian
Retweeted by Oakbotics @frc4814 there is a leek in your robot... fun today introducing kids from the Hamilton-Wentworth 4-H STEM Club to programming using Lego Mindstorms! Nova…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @FRC_3739 @FRCquilt 👍❤️
Retweeted by Oakbotics @Team6481FRC Can’t wait either! Let’s go! @FRC_3739 Can’t wait to get there on the 14th!!! ❤️🇨🇦🤖
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Congrats @FRCquilt on placing first in the quilt category at #WesternFair2019 ! great to see our friends getting along, sharing resources & smiles here at the #WesternFair2019 ! Stop by the pr… @arctos6135 @frc4814 @frcteam4617 @FRC1334 @1374robotics #MapleAlliance for a great second day!
Sept 30-Oct 2 our #Robotics training camp at @CampBigCanoe will run. #Ontario @CANFIRST teams interested please con…
Retweeted by OakboticsWestern Fair day 2! that’s how we do it @CANFIRST
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The FIRST community will be celebrating tomorrow’s @FTCteams kickoff all around the world. I’m looking forward to j…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @arctos6135 @FRC1334 @1374robotics @frc4814 @frcteam4617 @4525FRC @Team6481FRC @frc6854 @CapFrc @mtsrobotics5288 An… @FRC_3739 @FRC1334 @1374robotics @frc4814 @frcteam4617 @4525FRC @Team6481FRC @frc6854 @CapFrc @mtsrobotics5288 We’r…
Retweeted by OakboticsWe are mostly loaded in for the #WesternFair2019! Can’t wait to hang out with @FRC1334 @1374robotics @frc4814 first meeting of the year. Looks like we will have over 30 members!! DEM Robotics has a very bright…
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We are excited to pitch in for load in at the western fair! Catch us in the progress building tomorrow through Sunday the 15th!Our team Open House and Info Night is just ONE week away! Join us on Wednesday, September 11 at 6:30pm at @opl_bpo
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CAN'T EVEN WAIT!!!! Who will be tuning in? #omgrobots #SKYSTONE
Retweeted by Oakbotics9.7.19
Retweeted by OakboticsNASA and JPL are testing a supersonic parachute under Mars-like conditions for future exploration. Project by: JPL…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @paulkeenan59 Thank you! DM us as soon as you know which day you would be interested in coming, we’ll keep you updated! @paulkeenan59 we have an outreach going on from September 6-15, at the western fair. I remember you saying you want… back to school, oaks! Our first meeting of the year is today from 2:30-4pm in the Design Tech room.This is the best thing you'll see today ❤️
Retweeted by OakboticsThe start of infinite possibilities. Make it a great year. Get the @schoolmessenger app and join the “All Oakridge”…
Retweeted by Oakbotics#team5672 Mno Ghizhep! Have a great day! Mna Giizhigaat #BeautifulBuzwah #MnidoMnis #Wiikwemkoong
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Welcome Back Oaks! Here is this week's Week at a Glance :) See you all tomorrow!
Retweeted by OakboticsDid you know 9 out of 10 teachers believe hands-on learning builds students' confidence? Learn more here:…
Retweeted by OakboticsThe #CanCode summer camp @Studica in Mississauga was a blast - amazing to see the kids so excited about LEGO, codin…
Retweeted by Oakbotics⚡️⚡️⚡️
Retweeted by OakboticsCalling all Canadian FIRST teams! We still have room at the Robots @ Western Fair event for showcase teams, from Se… @FIRSTweets @Qualcomm We’ve got one of the inaugural FTC Canada kickoffs happening with @FRC1334 @1374robotics your FIRST Tech Challenge Kickoff watch party yet? 🤖🍕 Coming Saturday, Sept 7, 11:30am ET: #SKYSTONE presente…
Retweeted by Oakbotics6-mineral double sample auto. We never had a chance to run it at Worlds because all our partners could sample.…
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Team Tunisia is starting their robot camp with brainstorming activities with the members of the 2017 and 2018 First…
Retweeted by OakboticsHad a great lunch at the Knight of Columbus in Aylmer, with proceeds going to @4525FRC! We’re on a lovely drive thr… Tunisia was pleased to co-host a live stream with Team Mexico and Greece, they discussed the importance of emb…
Retweeted by OakboticsOn our way to the Knights of Columbus in Aylmer to support our friends @4525FRC! See you in a bit! forward to having a phone with a battery that lasts longer than 3 hours and doesn't require me to carry mul…
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Thank you! We are so happy to support our South Africa partners & can't wait to mentor your new FTC teams!…
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More than #rhubarb --- there's #robots today in Shedden as the #RuralRobotics Roadtrip continues! @ElginCounty
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Had a great time hosting "Robots @ the CNE" this past weekend. No better way to finish the summer than by showing o…
Retweeted by OakboticsNext stop: Malahide Township! What else could anyone possibly want to do on a #RainyDay other than design & code…
Retweeted by OakboticsToday's first #RuralRobotics Tour stop: #Belmont!!! Thank you @LibrElginCounty for always helping us share #STEM in…
Retweeted by Oakbotics💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 Interested in joining us for the hardest fun you'll ever have? Registration for 2020 is now o…
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We had such a great time at the Robots@CNE event in Toronto! @LetsGoToTheEX #robotsatcne #friendswithrobots
Retweeted by OakboticsDestination...Power Assist? #justdemothings @celtxrobotics @hammercitymaker #omgrobots
Retweeted by OakboticsWe’re down at the @hammercitymaker Mini Maker Faire at the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology with…
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