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Oakbotics @FRC_3739 London, Ontario

We are Team 3739: Oakbotics. London’s FIRST robotics team! Formed in 2010, we’ve inspired over 1.5 million people to explore STEM! Home of FTC Roboroots.

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Fantastic! TY @CANFIRST for continuing to make a difference in the lives of so many young people! Check it out…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @kkanagas @CANFIRST Hoping there will be another of these moments this year 🤞
Retweeted by OakboticsHere's my @CANFIRST #FRCOntarioDistrictTour for 2020. Week 1: Durham College Week 2: Humber College Week 3: Ryerso…
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Thanks @FM96Rocks for helping us spread the word about our #ScienceExpo2019 this Saturday #ldnont
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Happy @Team6875 day! 11/16 is 0.6875! #omgrobots
@team3683 @snpsteam 💚❤️ BFF!
Retweeted by OakboticsHappy Simbot (11/14) Day 😊💚❤️ @frc1114
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@FRC_3739 @frc1114 ....And in that moment pretty sure we were thinking "what even just happened?!" Ah, #rookies
Retweeted by Oakbotics @frc1114 Who’s that in the corner? @4525FRC ?Happy Simbot Day (11/14)! #omgrobots #BallSoHard
Retweeted by OakboticsToday one of our original members moved on to his new career. Having been our first Safety Captain, our main builde…
Retweeted by OakboticsHave you heard the news?! We are so proud of all the organizers that have participated in the 2019 Culture Days a…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @ONCultureDays Thank you so much!🏆 We had a blast sharing the creativity & artistry of technology & can't wait to t…
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On #RemembranceDay, please take time to pay tribute to & reflect on the sacrifices made by our Veterans so that tho…
Retweeted by OakboticsOk, we’re officially excited for the 2020 @FIRSTweets game, #InfiniteRecharge powered by @Disney and @starwars ! It… our last round robin match, ending with a three-way tie for 1st. Unfortunately, our alliance scored fewer cargo…
Retweeted by OakboticsSTEMley overtime! We had a great time competing with all the teams there. Thank you @arctos6135 and…
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They do more than build robots here! @frc6070 @GlenforestSS @PeelSchools
Retweeted by Oakbotics @arctos6135 @BloorCI @frc5596 @frc6070 Congrats! Cheering you on from London!Won our second round robin match! #omgrobots @BloorCI
Retweeted by OakboticsWhat a day at STEMLEY! Partnered with @team3015 and @frc5719 in elims, we took it to Finals 3 against the powerhous…
Retweeted by Oakbotics9th place at the end of qualification matches, time for alliance selection!
Retweeted by OakboticsDropped down to 11th, but we’re back up in the rankings in 8th! #omgrobots
Retweeted by OakboticsAwesome first match with our friends @frc1285 @frc1325! Stay tuned for more updates as the day goes on #omgrobots
Retweeted by OakboticsMany of our fabulous members and captains have gone off to post-secondary and we have been blessed with new young,…
Retweeted by OakboticsBig crowd at the #STEMleyCup championship today, and Overtime Sunday tomorrow Come visit!
Retweeted by Oakbotics @GWSSRobotics @FRCTeam1075 @MetalandSoul Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. We had a great time and look forward… you to @FRCTeam1075, @FRC_3739, and @MetalandSoul for being amazing Alliance partners and helping us get to S…
Retweeted by OakboticsThank you to @GWSSRobotics @FRCTeam1075 @MetalandSoul for a fantastic elims round today! We played semis against th…
Thanks to the cool people on @FRC_3739 @frc4814 @ramferno3756 @FRC5024 @frcteam4617 for helping us make this a Peop…
Retweeted by OakboticsThe team has safely arrived in Hamilton Ontario in preparation for the STEMLEY Cup Championship tomorrow. We look…
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Working on optimizing our arm autonomous movement💻 #skystone #firstechallenge
Retweeted by Oakbotics @FRC_3739 We look forward in seeing everyone during this upcoming @CANFIRST 2020 season!!😎👍
Retweeted by OakboticsWe are proud to announce our first event of 2020 will be the Durham College District Event, followed by the Western…
#skystone a follow program with our skystone block #ftc #13000DataWolves #yycrobotics #omgrobots
Retweeted by OakboticsWe had a great time yesterday at our Parents Night, with 60+ attendees and 2 robot demos! Thanks everyone for com…
A moving tribute to Prof Flowers, who inspired many within and beyond @MIT with his approach to engineering educati…
Retweeted by OakboticsThank you to Alumnus and lead mentor Thomas Steele for helping FRC 6162: Cap Alpaca over the past 6 weeks! We appreciate your efforts.
@KnackRobotics Between 150-350 per day per event!#1969
Retweeted by OakboticsDr. Woodie Flowers pushed experimental learning by showing engineers how to solve problems with their hands, rather…
Retweeted by OakboticsSo much enthusiasm from the Water Bears at the practice field this morning! They're a rookie @CANFIRST community FR…
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A tribute to Woodie will be on the NBC show "Sunday Today with Willie Geist” on Sunday, Nov.3, 8:00 AM EST (remembe…
Retweeted by OakboticsGot some really cool news, robot friends. Tomorrow morning (November 3) at 8am Eastern, the Sunday Today with…
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@CND_Grant @FRC_3739 thank you We do too :)
Retweeted by Oakbotics @4133Fusion @FRC_3739 Spectacular, I love a great mechanism
Retweeted by OakboticsGreat event for all families in the @TVDSB and #Ldnont community
Retweeted by OakboticsTesla Solarglass vs 🎃 Happy Halloween!!
Retweeted by Oakboticsdouble reverse 4 bar is completed. We will have this set and and another identical one across from it and that will…
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Hello @FRCTeams and @FIRSTweets we’re STEAMLes 8136 from #Lesotho! We’re very excited to be part of this great prog…
Retweeted by Oakbotics😍 🌎 🚀
Retweeted by OakboticsOur side panel design
Retweeted by OakboticsHappy Halloween! The scariest costume I’ve seen so far is somebody without safety glasses on. #omgrobots #SafetyFirst #HappyHalloween
Retweeted by Oakbotics#stemsquad & @starwars fans ages 16+: there is still time to design a Star Wars droid & win a trip to…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @frc2706 @SafetyShep Shep is the best!🥰
Retweeted by Oakbotics @FRC_3739 Thank you for inviting us! It was so much fun coming up with different costume ideas!
Retweeted by OakboticsHappy Halloween!! #BMO #R2D2 #RobotsAttack
Retweeted by Oakbotics @NorthMiddlesexD @CANFIRST #RobotsAttack
Retweeted by OakboticsHappy Halloween from 6135! Check out these pics from #RobotsAttack :)) 🎃🤖🐻🎃 #omgrobots #spookyszn #BestCostume
Retweeted by Oakbotics#robotsattack!
Retweeted by OakboticsHappy Halloween from Otso and the team! Can you guess who we dressed Otso up as? @BloorCI #robotsattack
Retweeted by OakboticsGetting ready for a trucks AND treats! @smhunt @asmithtvdsb @Arleie @tvdsb @FIRSTweets @CANFIRST #RobotsAttack more…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @Team6481FRC @NorthMiddlesexD Amazing!Always fun dressing up the bot for #robotsattack @NorthMiddlesexD
Retweeted by OakboticsCheck out our new logo. We're ready to take this season by storm! @frc2056 @RoboticsHWDSB @SaltfleetHWDSB
Retweeted by OakboticsThe Falcon 500 is the coolest motor we've ever seen! @VEXRobotics @VEXproRobotics #TeamIFI
Retweeted by OakboticsOur FANUC LR Mate dressed up as Casper for Halloween this year! #robotics #automation @FANUCAmerica
Retweeted by Oakbotics @oakridge_music He’s one of ours too!Hey look, it's Iron Man, and I believe he's one of us!! Oaks Music students are the best. ❤️
Retweeted by OakboticsAnd a throwback to last year when @SafetyShep dressed up as an adorable safety ghost!
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Tony Stark created his own Iron Man suit! This is amazing! #GoOaks #PrincipalsAwardforBestCostume
Retweeted by OakboticsStudent led workshops into safe & proper use of tools as we prepare for #FRCbuild season @HBBeal @CANFIRST
Retweeted by Oakbotics @frc2706 @SafetyShep That’s amazing! A @SafetyShep in shining armour!Happy Halloween! For the #RobotsAttack challenge we dressed up @SafetyShep and our Stronghold robot Mergio - and he…
Retweeted by OakboticsIt was an honour to talk w/@ReidHoffman on @MastersofScale be able to express my gratitude to my heroes…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @FRCTeam2852 This costume put a smile on our faces. Thank you for participating! #RobotsAttackHappy Halloween everyone! @FRC_3739 challenged us to dress up our robot, and this is what our team came up with!…
Retweeted by Oakbotics @team5672 #Miigwech for taking part in the #RobotsAttack outreach! @FRC_3739 @FRC_3739 #Miigwech for thinking about us. Happy Halloween! Mna Tasewan! 👻
Retweeted by OakboticsTeam5672 who recognizes that new safety captain? Their name is Skynet? @FRC_3739 #RobotsAttack
Retweeted by OakboticsThis marks our 5,672nd tweet on this account. Shoutout to team @team5672, one of our pals from Wikwemikong, Ontario…’d like to invite @FRC771 @frcteam772 @FRC865 @FRCTeam907 @FRCTeam1075 and @Team1310 to participate in #RobotsAttack! @FRC_3739 @team5672 @FRCTeam2852 @frc1325 @frc7058 @Team_188 Challenge accepted! 🎃🕸💀
Retweeted by OakboticsAlright folks, it’s All Hallows’ Eve! Take your spookified robot out for a demo to partake in #RobotsAttack! Chec… @arctos6135 We are too!!Who’s excited for #RobotsAttack? We sure are!
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Here’s to 5 more years of impactful outreach and optimistic tweets! #MyTwitterAnniversary
Thanks to @FRC5254, @Team2708, and @CadetRobotics for joining us all the way from 8th seed to finals! Congrats…
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We had a great time at Rah Cha Cha Ruckus! Captain of the 5th alliance and semi finalists with 610, 2852 and 3015B,…
Retweeted by OakboticsModifications to team capstone.
Retweeted by OakboticsOh and these are just the American ones we’ve received! We have 8 from Canada too!Optimizing our 1st Skystone identification auto. #omgrobots #skystone #FTCteams @goBILDA @REVrobotics @andymarkinc
Retweeted by OakboticsThank you to everyone who has mailed in a Flower for the #WreathsForWoodie campaign. We’re gonna need a bigger wrea…
@frc4814 @CANFIRST @FIRSTweets @FRC5024 @Thunder_Stamps Thank you for participating!Team 4814 has completed their flower for #wreaths4woodie Can we see yours supporting Woodie Flowers? #omgrobots
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@celtxrobotics That’s amazing! You guys could open a Celt-x store with that much merch!
This was an incredibly well written and touching tribute to great man. #WoodieFlowers
Retweeted by Oakbotics#STEMsquad?! Now my dreams really ARE coming true!
Retweeted by OakboticsWoodie Flowers, MIT robotics guru who championed ‘gracious professionalism,’ dies at 75 vi…
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