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2019 #FIRSTChamp housing and travel discounts for teams are now available! Check out what’s there so when your team…
Blog! Doesn't hurt to check out the Championship lodging info & find out how many district slots for those events…
#throwbackWednesday...that's a thing right? We are so excited about the season, we can't even tweet straight! How m…
Blog! Regionals with room for you & get a list of materials to mock up field elements come Kickoff. #omgrobots
#thehypeisreal #kickoffiscoming #wecanthardlywait
RT if you are at a @FIRSTweets event today! @firstlegoleague @FTCTeams #omgrobots #morethanrobots #FIRSTLAUNCH2019
Q7: What role can parents play in inspiring their students to explore computer science? #FIRSTInspiresChat
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionQ8: What are ways people can use their skills in computer science for good? Can these skills be used to make the wo…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionQ5: There is a lack of diversity in computer science, and this problem starts in K-12. How can we create a more equ…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionQ6: What can today’s students go on to do with computer science education? Is it purely for people who want to do p…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionQ4: The #hourofcode has become a global movement, with millions participating in 180+ countries. Why do you think t…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionLet's dive in with Q1! Q1: According to @codeorg, 90% of parents want their child to study computer science, but o…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionQ3: How can educators get started adding computer science to their classrooms? #FIRSTInspiresChat
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionHello and thank you to everyone joining us today! To participate in the chat, please reply to the question with the…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionAt DEKA with Dean and @SOLIDWORKS @FRCTeams @NEFIRST #Omgrobots #morethanrobots
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionJoin us today at 3pm ET for our #CSEdWeek Tweet chat with @don_bossi and @naomiTeaches #omgrobots #morethanrobots't forget! Deadlines for the FIRST Scholarship Program are coming! Check them out now and #applyapplyapply
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ANYBODY can learn to code! #makeitloud if you're participating in an #hourofcode during #CSEdWeek!
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics Competition @JayFlores2032 @Kitboga @NIglobal Space and Math? DOUBLE BONUS @AutomationDirec @Kitboga @NIglobal Oh yessssssssssssssss!!!! Bonus points for a space joke! #DestinationDeepSpace @edictorians @Kitboga @NIglobal That one DEFINITELY gets a bonus!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! @Team6481FRC @andymarkinc Hello Team 6481! You can check all the 2019 event information here: @whoisndla00 Please send your request to! Thanks!Reminder! The Safety Animation Award is due today, 12/6, at 3pm ET! Get your submissions in now! Must be submitted… for a science joke! From the stream today with @Kitboga and April from @NIglobal "What's a robot's favorite d… @Kitboga and April from @NIglobal built this cool meme-o-meter earlier today! We are rebroadcasting at 8pm E…
"Code writers, they are my idols." - @iamwill, global superstar and STEM ambassador 🙌 #CSEdWeek
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionReminder! FIRST Choice by @andymarkinc is open until 6pm tonight! Finish up the priority lists now!… all @FRCTeams: the #FIRSTChoice Round 1 Priority List Submission period will be extended through 6PM ET t…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics Competition#CSEdWeek #OMGrobots Go check them out! They are programming the meme-o-meter! #coding! We apologize about the FIRST Choice by @andymarkinc slow performance this morning. FIRST Choice is now open… tock! FIRST Choice Round 1 closes today at noon, Eastern! Log in to your team’s account at… of the Upper School robotics team, @frc6502, brought their robot, Dropkick, to a Preschool assembly last we…
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We're ready to make history with the biggest #HourOfCode yet! Join the 50 million students who will try the Hour of…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionFIRST Choice Round 1 closes tomorrow at noon, Eastern. Log in to your team’s account at to…!'s #CSEdWeek! DYK that while 90% of parents want their child to study CS, only 35% of high schools offer such pro…
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Reminder! In order to submit the Safety Animation Award, Lead Coach/Mentor 1 or 2 must designate an Awards Submitte…'s #CSedWeek2018 Do you have a plan for #hourofcode2018? Join us on Wednesday, 12/5, at Noon ET with guest… @kellyludlam @FIRSTweets @andymarkinc Hi Kelly! The Palmetto Regional organizes their own hotel blocks! Please cont… America’s top 50 women in tech
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionOur #stemsquad is 1M strong, representing one of the largest communities of #coders in the world! 💪 In celebration…
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NEW #podcast alert 🚨! This week's episode features @FRCTeams Director Frank Merrick. Brought to you by @KetteringU
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics Competition#firstinspires #morethanrobots
#morethanrobots“Very rarely do you learn from something you did really well in one go. It's when you fail and tweak and fail again…
Blog! It's time to book your hotels! It's also time to get your @FIRSTweets Choice by @andymarkinc Round 1 Priority…
Blog! Join us on December 5 at Noon ET on our @Twitch channel for a special episode with @Kitboga in celebration of… is working on their #moonlander? #omgrobots #morethanrobots
#morethanrobots #FIRSTLikeAGirl @BDaRoz @Inventables Thanks for the heads up! We will get that fixed! #FIRSTChoice @LabVIEW USB inventory was wrong, now right #500not1187 Already using @Inventables voucher? Just made a tweak to the instructions at your #GivingTuesday on with us! Individual gifts do great things: 🔥 show our sponsors the #stemsquad believes i…
Gift matching makes your gift even better! Join our #STEMsquad today! Individual donations add up! #GivingTuesday you know the impact of #GivingTuesday? Gifts from individuals: 🔥 show our sponsors the #stemsquad believes in FI… @lmhicks03 @FIRSTweets Hi Matt! All we can say is that you can see the teaser here! #39moredays us today! #omgrobots #morethanrobots #GivingTuesday
That was intense! Who else was holding their breath???? #wecanbreatheagain #omgrobots #Congratulations @JoeSlifka @NASAInSight We just saw you on @NASA TV, too!!!! Soo cool! @FIRSTweets @FTCTeams #FIRSTLAUNC2019 NOW: We’re about to have our first #MarsLanding in six years! The landing kicks off a two-year mission for the…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionChange the world! ...but first, get dressed. 🦸 Check out the brand-new #FIRSTLAUNCH2019 North Face jacket (on sale…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionRT if you will be tuning in to the #InSightLanding today! 2pm ET, 11am PT! #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE #omgrobots
Get your #animation on! Your Safety Animation that is! Due Thursday, December 6 at 3pm ET! Get started today!…
It's a great day to book your hotel with @FIRSTweets! Great discounts, awesome advantages, plus get to know the res… inventor, Ashton Cofer, in an interview with TED-Ed: “I was originally inspired to work on this invention t…
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You don't want to miss this! #omgrobots #FIRSTLAUNCH2019 you rebuilding the Apollo moon lander, or building a moon lander for 2069? Check out the SOLIDWORKS xDesign Cha…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionTreat yourself AND give back this #BlackFriday with AmazonSmile. Select FIRST as your favorite charity, and 0.5% of…
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Happy Thanksgiving to our US teams! Remember our offices are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will reopen on…, entrepreneur, and founder of @FIRSTweets and @F1RSTglobal talks about entrepreneurship and has some advic…
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#wehavethebestvolunteers #morethanrobots the opportunity to sit down with @don_bossi President of @FIRSTweets & Patrick a @FRCTeams student at…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionBlog! Lots of reminders! #omgrobots #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE Choice Round 1 starts today at noon, Eastern. Visit for detail and log in to your tea… you ready for #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE? @SOLIDWORKSedu is prepared to help your team navigate the final frontier w… is where #FRC teams will find training tutorials and the most active community in CAD! Got Qs about FI…
Blog! Another Regional Event added in California! #omgrobots #DestinationDeepSpace#FRC Teams can create photorealistic renderings of their designs using SOLIDWORKS Visualize, included with all… #FRC teams sign up for sponsorship with @SOLIDWORKSedu, each team member gets a personal license to… is proud to sponsor hundreds of @FIRSTweets teams around the world! A #SOLIDWORKS #sponsorship incl…
We will miss #FIRSTPOWERUP too!!!! But only 47 days until #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE!!! #omgrobots
Engineering Career Night hosted by @HNMCS Robotics @FRCTeams 7659and @FRC1360 was a success despite the weather. A…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics Competition @DustinShadbolt We can hardly wait either! #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE #omgrobots #thehypeisrealWhat a perfect Saturday morning for robotics here @BVTHighSchool at our FIRST LEGO League Competition! So proud of…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionTeam @OxBe4 is excited to teach so many enthusiastic @BSCSD students how to code using @scratch From 1st grade to o…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics Competition#morethanrobots week on the #MacroFab #Engineering #Podcast we have Derek and John of the @TechHOUNDS868! They are part of…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionOpening Ceremonies!!! RT if you are at an event this weekend! #INTOORBIT #MissionMoon #ROVERRUCKUS
Blog! Wondering what to expect regarding the virtual field plan? See today's blog: if you joined us at the @ROKAutomation #AutoFair18 We had a blast with our #stemsquad!!! #omgrobots a blast at the #AutoFair18 with our friends from @ROKAutomation Thanks for letting us be part of your…
It was great to spend time with @ROKAutomation, #FIRSTAlumni and @FRCteams @frc708 @frc203 last night at…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics Competition @RedhawkRobotics Great question! For ground delivery (most of Continental US and Canada), the mySite fee is $200. F…! The virtual kit is now live! Plus lots of other reminders and announcements! #omgrobots #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE Choice passwords posted with codes today, but FIRST Choice doesn’t open until 11/21, so not much use till then #omgrobotsThe pre-kickoff release of the Virtual Kit is now LIVE! Visit for more details! #omgrobots
Blog! Actuator controllers, MXP boards, and motors that are legal for the 2019 season!