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We are SO excited for the #weekzero event tomorrow! RT if you will be attending an event in your area! And show us… got chills!!!!!!! Anyone else excited for #DestinationDeepSpace????? #OMGRobots #itsfinallyhere #WeekZero Update 12 is posted. #omgrobots #destinationdeepspace
We want YOU to be on our alliance! 💖 💞 ❣️ #omgrobots #HappyValentinesDay classroom isn't the only place where learning happens! There are many pathways to a successful career. The… compute me 💛 💚 💜 #omgrobots #HappyValentinesDay are red, violets are blue all of us at FIRST Robotics Competition are nuts & bolts over you 💘 ❤️ 💕…'t forget Dean's List Submissions are due TODAY, 2/14, before 3pm ET! Get those submissions in! #omgrobots
Blog! It's #WeekZero time! Join us on Saturday, February 16 from 9am to 3pm ET on our @Twitch channel for some swee… of the most successful and enduring feats of interplanetary exploration, our @MarsRovers Opportunity is at an e…
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Team Update 11 is posted. #DestinationDeepSpace #OMGRobots
Blog! Check out the winner of the 2019 Digital Animation Award sponsored by @AutomationDirec #omgrobots you want to be part of the next generation of aspiring workers who will work smart and hard? Check out The…
Enjoy FIRST-only contracted amenities at most hotels including complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast. Book your event hous… are just a few minutes away from being LIVE with @987highrollers while they show us their shop and build some bu…
Do you want to be part of the next generation of aspiring workers who will work smart and hard? Check out The… excited to meet this amazing team! Join us at 6pm ET for a bumper build show with @987highrollers @twitch one more hour until you can see build a legal set of bumpers with @987highrollers Join the conversation on our… is joining us for a GREAT show today? We will be LIVE with @987highrollers building bumpers and seeing a seriou… us tonight! 6pm ET! We are excited to be building a legal set of bumpers with @987highrollers We will be live…
Team Update 10 is posted. #omgrobots #DestinationDeepSpace @FRCTeams who 💙 producing video! We want to follow your #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE journey through Build Season,…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionWe are so thankful for your support! #wehavethebestsupporters
One of our #robotics teams LA Streetbots getting ready for competition! 🤖 #STEM #omgrobots #firstinspires
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionCongratulations to all the teams who submitted for Chairman's and Woodie Flowers Award! You are amazing! #omgrobots minus ONE HOUR until Woodie Flowers and Chairman's Award Submission due! Get your submission in now! #omgrobots for tuning in to learn about @KetteringU University and how to take your FIRST experiences and Turn Pro! We… you're looking for something fun to do this summer, @KetteringU University offers summer programs for students i… you aspire to be an inventor, innovator and world-changer? @KetteringU University ranks 4th in the nation for pa…"FIRST allowed me to land my dream job as a biomed engineer straight out of high school, travel all the way to Chin… you want to run a company one day or start your own business? @KetteringU University's School of Management help… University has given out nearly $5.25 Million in scholarships to FIRST students! Learn more about Kett…
One of FIRST's core values is impact. @KetteringU University shares that value and offers students many opportuniti… you want to continue to tinker and build while in college? @KetteringU University has a space just for you! The…"FIRST is the entire reason I discovered my passion for engineering and without it I never would be at Kettering do… University's Professor Pat Atkinson is working with students to combine robotics and medicine. The stu… University is the sponsor of @RoboZoneShow where you can catch up on the latest FIRST news through vid…"FRC prepared me for Kettering by giving me opportunities to epically fail. It taught me to take risks I believed i… you like to tinker with machines and find out how they work? @KetteringU University's engineering programs are c…"I was given 14 co-op job offers before I even graduated high school because of my experience with FIRST robotics!"… works with over 500 companies around the country to help students apply their knowledge to real world… University hosts the only back-to-back FRC Districts. With over 80 teams competing, Kettering is looki… Science your passion? @KetteringU College of Sciences and Liberal Arts provides students with hands-on classroom… you see Kettering's match board in your kit of parts? You can use this at your competitions to keep track of yo…"FIRST Robotics got me out of my shell, gave me the confidence to believe that I could do anything that I set my mi… University is sponsoring the Student Lounge at the Detroit Championship April 24 - 26! Come visit to r… Electrical Engineering your specialty? @KetteringU Shell Eco-marathon team works to build the most efficient car… you interested in helping the environment through science and engineering? @KetteringU University has a new GRE… University's GM Mobility Research Center is a facility that allows students to have an industry level tes…"FIRST Robotics allowed me to discover my passion for programming before I even came to Kettering University. The e… University is one of 8 universities in the world competing in the SAE AutoDrive Challenge. The students a…"FRC saved my life. I came from an underperforming school where I didn’t have the tools for success. In FRC my ment… University's Co-Op program lets you gain real world experience while being paid in school. With over 5… to stay involved with FIRST in college? @KetteringU University has a FIRST Robotics Community Center which is… you worried about Skynet? Worry no more! @KetteringU University has a new AI program where you can learn more a… you know... @KetteringU University has a new Robotics Pathway where you learn how to leverage your FIRST knowle… Morning FIRST! Kettering University is taking over Twitter today. Follow along to learn how you can take your…
Team Update 09 is posted. #omgrobots #destinationdeepspace
The classroom isn't the only place where learning happens! There are many pathways to a successful career. The…! Youth Registration? Is your team ready? Get registered now! honor STEM heroes like McAuliffe by asking your Rep to co-sponsor H.R.500, which would mint a commemorative co…
Your robot is getting ready, but have you made your hotel reservations for Regional or District event? Now is the t… Wondering about other scholarship opportunities? Check them out here! Update 08 is posted. #omgrobots #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE
#morethanrobots 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 #BlackHistoryMonth!
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionShoutout to the hundreds of @ROKAutomation employees around the world that are serving as mentors to @FIRSTweets te…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics Competition"To depict life in space is to commit to paper one’s hopes and aspirations for humanity’s future." #FIRSTLAUNCH2019
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionTeams! The Team Avatar Submission System will open on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2019! This blog has been updated:…"It made me want to change my life and do something important." 💙 "Ypsi-area high schoolers learn surprising lesso…
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Join FIRST alum @RobotMakerGirl as she live tweets during the double premiere of @MythBusters Jr. episodes! Tonight…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionDo you want to be part of the next generation of aspiring workers who will work smart and hard? Check out The…'s #ThankYourMentorDay Give a shout out to your mentors today! #omgrobots #morethanrobots #mentorsmakethemagic we #ThankYourMentor We have teachers, #FIRSTAlumni , industry & sponsor comp. adults, parents of current & pa…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionToday is just one day that happens to be dedicated to thanking your mentors, but we want you to know that we apprec…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionLet's hear for our mentors! Thank you for your commitment and dedication! #fuelthemission #ThankYourMentor ultrasonic rangefinders - your robot will be able to measure distance for you, to assist with autonomous navi…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionAs #NationalMentoringMonth winds down, we want to thank all of the mentors and coaches who #fuelthemission of FIRST…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionFIRST President Don Bossi fondly remembers a mentor who taught him many valuable lessons: Robert H. Rediker, his th…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionFor 8 years as a #FIRSTAlumni mentor, @OxBe4 mentors have continued to support me through my electrical engineering…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionBlog! The awards deadlines are coming up! Make sure your team is prepared! #omgrobots #morethanrobots you’re using more than one @maxbotixinc Ultrasonic Sensor is your system, there can be some interference. Check… @maxbotixinc is releasing a patent pending sensor made for cargo detection. Sensing up to 16.5 m, featuring ultraso… have 4 range outputs on our @maxbotixinc sensors - Analog Voltage, Pulse Width, Serial Data, and Analog Envelope…
With our HRLV line (like the @maxbotixinc MB1013) using multiple ultrasonic sensors can be done in free-run mode. T… @maxbotixinc proudly supports ALL TEAMS. If you have any questions with using our sensor, please contact us at tech…! Join us for the Build Season Celebration Show on February 22! Learn how below! #omgrobots #morethanrobots us know how you’re using our sensors -- Use our hashtag #maxprojects and you might get a feature on our page!… TIME: Do you have some questions about our sensors or challenges you may have come across? (We will try to… for an easy way to get started with the @maxbotixinc MB1013? We created a tutorial < @maxbotixinc MB1013 is great for the Sandstorm period of #destinationdeepspace Whether you choose autonomous or… Teams, @maxbotixinc here! 👋 We’ll be taking over FRC’s twitter account today. Stay tuned...…, @maxbotixinc is taking over the FIRST Robotics Competition twitter account - we look forward to helping the…
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Team Update 07 is posted. #omgrobots #DESTINATIONDEEPSPACE classroom isn't the only place where learning happens, and there are many pathways to a successful career. The…
Thanks @NIglobal for hosting the FIRST Strategic Partner meeting this week, and thank you to all of our passionate…
Retweeted by FIRST Robotics CompetitionJan. 28 is the anniversary of the Challenger accident which killed all crew on board, including educator Christa Mc…
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