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MaLinda Hill, PhD @Fred2700 Wuppertal, Germany

Social Scientist, English Lecturer, Small Town Girl Living Her Dream!

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@Marina_Sirtis Mouth open! @ralexander24 @TheEllenShow Then why are you here? @DUNEFlLM @TheEllenShow At least Ellen's ADMTTING her mistake! That's more than what many employers do! Google, Fac… @Marina_Sirtis Watched it and had a blast! Thanks for doing it! Say hello to Dorny!
@Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets So it's late now in Germany! Must go! Speak to you later! @Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets Thank you! That's why I teach at a community college in the second chances pr… @Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets Oh my foster sisters! I love them dearly, but they just don't understand how… @Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets No, I don't blame myself. But at 55 I can finally be angry at the system that… @Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets 2) CPA kept me and other foster children naive! Although we had Medicare, we… @Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets 1).Thank you for being understanding! When I tell this story people act as if…
@Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets God bless you! Oh how I wish my caseworkers were more like you as mine seemed… @Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets That's so nice! Believe it or not, my foster parents were being paid for me w… @Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets Just read the PDF! In principle, if a student went to uni year round for four… @Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets Wow! Respect! How long has this program been going on? @RandyRainbow I love your hair! Just so in love with it! Please keep it! Your Twitter Mummy, MaLinda! @Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets Wow, what state are you from? I am from Indiana. Uni wasn't free for fosters… @Asmartwoman @rla711 @joncoopertweets This is so true! After I aged out of foster care, I practically lived on camp… @rla711 @Asmartwoman @joncoopertweets Very true! Talk to me or any child who grew up in foster care and you will qu… @IAMQUEENLATIFAH I am so saddened! Just watched her biography on Netflix! RIP!
@SamsungDE If you put a keyboard on that baby, you can take my money!🤣🤣🤣 @SaulBishop @straczynski I have time to think during lock down!🤣🤣🤣Plus as an educator I really dislike people who d…
@ErinJones1701 @Marina_Sirtis Here's Marina's bio. She's one of four actors who has played the same character on fo… @Flying_Foodie @OliverL4 @ErinJones1701 @Marina_Sirtis Throughout this whole discussion, people keep forgetting to… @devscover @BCRittmeyer @tom10248 @Marina_Sirtis It's so funny how some people can't give Troi this simple acknowle… @_Verikey @JenMarieStones @devscover @Marina_Sirtis Both Marina and Jonathan are often said to have appeared in the… @JenMarieStones @devscover @Marina_Sirtis Actually, it's a matter of interpretation as the question can be looked a… @devscover @Marina_Sirtis Troi has the most appearances of all the female cast members with 175 appearances over fo… @CinLou27 @Mike_G1967 @jen_nene88 @Acosta It only gets political when BLM go on the stree and people act like they… @Tamesha1022 I totally missed this one as I was in Germany when it came out. I used to watch soaps as a teen, but w… @TomMcNaught1 @ReesusP Keep those snaps coming! Hopefully, their employers will see them and pink slip them! No com… @KathyRoTheFirst @Mikekidneyguy @CathyWentzel @ReesusP So true! White women who overwhelmingly voted for Trump vote… @Arriadna @sar_oso Such groups have been a problem for over a century! They are now allowed to come out of the wood work! @straczynski @ryantriddle So in other words, your boss doesn't want kids to understand how democracy works by union… @Tamesha1022 Omg! Which soap opera is this? I need to watch it! It'll give me something to do!!!🤣🥰🤣 Haven't watched… @shaunking @RBReich Waiting for a commentary from you! @shaunking @JoeBiden I think you need to get active here! @CinLou27 @Mike_G1967 @jen_nene88 @Acosta Both situations aren't ideal! The difference is spacing! There is more sp…
@astrid_klos @nowthisnews In the US it would be called assault! If anyone dies, the charge can be increased to invo… @astrid_klos @nowthisnews Btw, the law required her to stay home for up to 14 days! She broke the law. She wasn't e…
@astrid_klos @nowthisnews I don't think the authorities will be that easy on her! Like the US, businesses can file… @Elepitts1997 @abandonship45 @landmeinz @JimboHesi @Jaaavis @StreetVillain Unlike the US Germany doesn't run a for… @nowthisnews I am so embarrassed! Yet, another American thinking they can do whatever they want, infecting an entir… @Elepitts1997 @abandonship45 @landmeinz @JimboHesi @Jaaavis @StreetVillain Do me a favor and grow up! You're not cu…
@abandonship45 @Elepitts1997 @landmeinz @JimboHesi @Jaaavis @StreetVillain Anyone can participate in this conversat… @Elepitts1997 @abandonship45 @landmeinz @JimboHesi @Jaaavis @StreetVillain 2) Germany has stricter laws than US bec… @Elepitts1997 @abandonship45 @landmeinz @JimboHesi @Jaaavis @StreetVillain 1) I was replying to your "sarcasm"! I f… @Elepitts1997 @abandonship45 @landmeinz @JimboHesi @Jaaavis @StreetVillain You're asking? You've got to be kidding!
@martierichards3 @RandyRainbow @HeadCountOrg @glaad Long beautiful hair! Oh, my, I feel a song coming on! @Marina_Sirtis Marina, people don't want to read The Communist Manifesto to understand the division between the cla… @Dfiz14 @AllenSBoyd1 @borderpig11 @Marina_Sirtis German Democratic Republic! 😖 @Marina_Sirtis I am sooo lucky that it hasn't been shown very much over here in Germany! It just makes me so happy… @CinLou27 @Mike_G1967 @jen_nene88 @Acosta You need to understand the difference of disease spreading between a rive… @kennethhommel @TomhernTommy @Marina_Sirtis @realDonaldTrump And what I am saying is that leadership starts at the… @kennethhommel @TomhernTommy @Marina_Sirtis @realDonaldTrump Just stop! Leadership comes from the top! Let's stop p… @kennethhommel @TomhernTommy @Marina_Sirtis @realDonaldTrump That's not true! Many states ran out of funding and ha… @kennethhommel @TomhernTommy @Marina_Sirtis @realDonaldTrump And what do you call defunding states so the governors… @kennethhommel @TomhernTommy @Marina_Sirtis @realDonaldTrump And who threatened the governors when they did do what Trump wanted? @Tamesha1022 The sound of silence!!! You best enjoy that ride home, Girlfriend!!!🥰🤣😇😅😚😇 @kennethhommel @TomhernTommy @Marina_Sirtis @realDonaldTrump Most countries did that! It's what he didn't do: allow… @TheView Thank you for your tribute! Many people don't think educators and child minders are frontline workers, but… @CreativeJuice21 @Marina_Sirtis @realDonaldTrump This has been in the making for a long time! The US is a country t… @kennethhommel @TomhernTommy @Marina_Sirtis @realDonaldTrump He should have had a lock a 120 day lo kdown like most… @mslindsaywagner Song got me a smack from the nuns when my chums and I sang it on playground in fourth grade! After…
@yehling_vicki @AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @VikaErshova @hannibal2000 @HALaaho @Joysalterego @Mark65556156 Funny, when we have a cholera outbreak, no one complains about the side effects of the… @abandonship45 @landmeinz @JimboHesi @Jaaavis @StreetVillain There are many procedures allowed in Germany, but not… @landmeinz @JimboHesi @Jaaavis @StreetVillain I worked in East Germany as an English teacher in the 80s. The health… @StarTrek @roxdaws Happy Birthday! @HOLLYStubbs17 @antiliberalmom @MindyT27658063 @jen_nene88 @Acosta In other words, Covid 19 is like HIV/Aids, where… @reginacalabrese @Marina_Sirtis Thank you! But it is so much work and hair is everywhere!🤣🥰😁 @FredLauver @Marina_Sirtis Well done! Good results! @Marina_Sirtis Yes, quarantine sees many of us going back to our natural states!!!🤣🥰😖🤪 The struggle is real! It is…
@GingerRabbit2 @MindyT27658063 @jen_nene88 @Acosta Your state is to be commended for its quick response! Now, you c… @Mike_G1967 @jen_nene88 @Acosta Actually, the protests were held in less confined areas as the rallies, which had j… @MarinaSirtisFan @HollyCardinal I work at a vocational school, where we have many teens and young adults who don't… @MarinaSirtisFan @nowthisnews @Marina_Sirtis After a depressing day at work where we were drilled in proper hygiene… @Joysalterego @Mark65556156 I do public health in developing countries with an emphasis on potable water and commun… @antiliberalmom @MindyT27658063 @jen_nene88 @Acosta Let's get something straight! Germany 83 million has about 9,00… @AynRandPaulRyan Um, this was an outtake for Germany speaking telly!😳 @Mike_G1967 @jen_nene88 @Acosta Did you also notice a good MAJORITY of those protesters were wearing masks? In almo… @MindyT27658063 @jen_nene88 @Acosta If you didn't notice, science told us to stay home! Hence the reason why Asia a… @MarinaSirtisFan @nowthisnews @Marina_Sirtis I spoke with one of my college educated sisters who believes in this m… @cartermackenzie @juliahosack @Marina_Sirtis Wow! What an honor! CONGRATULATIONS! @tras1234 @DemocracyInn @ElaineYoung94 I am an educator who has to go to school and face kids whose parents have no…
@Marina_Sirtis Throws herself on the floor and has tantrum! I always miss the fun!😖😣😩 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @saminman01 @mdgrinbaud @pepsirat_emma @yehling_vicki @agent_a29 @Data2364 @rashiduzzaman82
@thestorminside5 @ricksokugawa @cher You do realize you had 50,000+ additional bodies on top of the normal deaths?… @thestorminside5 @ricksokugawa @cher The UK has 52 million people while Germany has 83 million! Do the maths! We ar… @thestorminside5 @ricksokugawa @cher You do realize Germany is the size of Montana and doesn't have space like the… @thestorminside5 @ricksokugawa @cher In Europe, we got perspective when our cemeteries filled up because we had an… @ricksokugawa @cher Isn't herd immunity when up to 95% of the population have been vaccinated?! This protects the 5…
@K_JeanPierre @freepeeper Love it! I had Nike underneath my wedding gown and still wear them with my suits!!! So 90s, but I don't care!
@MarinaSirtisFan @BrentSpiner @Claira4017 Brent needs me as a roomy! My son knows to park his cellphone in his room… @mFlibble_ @Martin_Veart @tomaburque @WilliamShatner 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @mFlibble_ @Martin_Veart @tomaburque @WilliamShatner That is very true! People better get used to it and learn how… @Bob_wyre @tomaburque @WilliamShatner Dude grow up and act like you can carry on a conversation without insults and name calling! @mFlibble_ @Martin_Veart @tomaburque @WilliamShatner If he could get a handle on how he treats some of the women wh… @mFlibble_ @Martin_Veart @tomaburque @WilliamShatner Eureka! We are on the same page despite not agreeing on every… @mFlibble_ @Martin_Veart @tomaburque @WilliamShatner 2) Now, how smart is that? I'm a person of color who doesn't h… @mFlibble_ @Martin_Veart @tomaburque @WilliamShatner 1) That's the problem. How people speak in a music video is no…