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MaLinda Hill, PhD @Fred2700 Wuppertal, Germany

Social Scientist, English Lecturer, Small Town Girl Living Her Dream!

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@jamesmcburnie @sissibgn Just like in the days of TNG!
@AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @NorthernCornish @vampiresiren2 @EricNK58 @hannibal20000 @startrek9 @treidius @tarasis @B_thetechgeek @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess I'm doing just that! When it comes out on Bluray at Ch… @TrekCore Although I am a social scientist, this super nova has me in a quandary! Such stars usually give an indica… @AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @NorthernCornish @vampiresiren2 @EricNK58 @hannibal20000 @startrek9 @Well_Jaggy @_MaryannLyons @Marina_Sirtis @latimes Yes, but I am not purchasing it because I can't afford another streaming service! @Marina_Sirtis My friend put the snap up of the victims lost in the crash! There were three children lost. It's jus… @Biggi47664220 @MarinaSirtisFan @TrekCore @Marina_Sirtis Could be prized tomatoes!🍅 But apples have more symbolism!🍎💝 @TrekCore @jonathansfrakes @Marina_Sirtis Wow! Deanna's has a green thumb! Nice snaps!
@_MaryannLyons @Marina_Sirtis @latimes So have I! Just have to wait a little bit longer for it to come out on DVD i…
@an_interrobang @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess @levarburton Regarding Geordi's vision, I'd be cool for him to have x-ra… @calapai @IanMooney72 @MarinaSirtisFan @Marina_Sirtis @startrekcbs @Alex_Kurtzman @AkivaGoldsman I understand what… @jonathansfrakes I hope CBS prosecutes! No bad mouthing of the Trek community by saying they're being unpatriotic f… @DevetakIztok @bstud82 @JeffSchogol @startrekcbs @Marina_Sirtis @gates_mcfadden @realLindaPark I once again want to… @DevetakIztok @bstud82 @JeffSchogol @startrekcbs @Marina_Sirtis @gates_mcfadden @realLindaPark I understand why the… @DevetakIztok @bstud82 @JeffSchogol @startrekcbs @Marina_Sirtis @gates_mcfadden @realLindaPark From Classic, TNG, D…
@an_interrobang @tarasis @B_thetechgeek @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess In Germany Discovery is on Bluray! @EricNK58 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @rebekah_starks @NorthernCornish @vampiresiren2 @hannibal20000 @startrek9 @Hansolo1964 @GrandpaClanger @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess I totally get what you're saying! Germany isn't much better and we have… @DevetakIztok @bstud82 @JeffSchogol @startrekcbs @Marina_Sirtis @gates_mcfadden Let's just be straight up honest he… @andrewkeates @GordonRamsay 🥴 I am afraid to look! @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess 9) Thank goodness I am a patient woman! Time has taught me Picard will be out on Bluray!… @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess 8) Fans want to see their favorite characters go along for the ride and not be side line… @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess 7) TNG fans WANT TO SEE Worf, Crusher, LeForge, Wesley, Guinan, Q and even Nurse Ogawa!… @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess 6) Do you value fans so little? Why is it so difficult to give us what we want? We under… @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess 5) Why the CBS did this to fans is beyond me! Not only that, fans are told we must susta… @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess 4) Not only that, I fear @StarTrekNetflix will suffer its demise because international f… @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess 3) Instead of respecting our purses, I have watched a million dollar advertisement campa… @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess 2) Is it too much to ask for your executives to get themselves together and stream Trek… @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess 1) Dear CBS, I won't be subscribing to Amazon Prime because I simply can't afford it wi… @tarasis @B_thetechgeek @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess What most people will do is subscribe for a month & download wha… @MarinaSirtisFan @Marina_Sirtis @startrekcbs @Alex_Kurtzman @AkivaGoldsman YES! TNG fans WANT TO SEE Worf, Crusher,… @AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis You speak the truth!
@TimothyJHill3 @randallaubwa @Marina_Sirtis I am so sorry! @Marina_Sirtis Tell me about it! @DevetakIztok @bstud82 @JeffSchogol @startrekcbs @Marina_Sirtis @gates_mcfadden I agree with you! I am a bit disapp… @Trophymad @agent_a29 @Marina_Sirtis It's on Amazon Prime in Germany! @AttilaMenyhrt1 @VikaErshova @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @NorthernCornish @vampiresiren2 @EricNK58 @rebekah_starks @Marina_Sirtis @MarinaSirtisFan @_MaryannLyons @Sara_21_10_87 @vampiresiren2 @lynnruby
@RandyRainbow I LOVE it!😄😄😄😄 @CoveneyDeborah @seyiakiwowo I totally agree! Yet, he adores Sarah Ferguson, because she used her connections so he…
@GlojoCuscuhing @DevetakIztok @Data2364 @JeriLRyan Thanks! @cbsaahelp Thanks for the apology. That said, international fans of Trek feel you treat us like money trees: shake… @GlojoCuscuhing @Data2364 I live four hours by train from Berlin! How this got past me I don't know! I would have b… @Stalsomething @TrekCore I think it has to do with copyright laws! Last year, the Picard series was a separate par… @EmpressCortana @TrekCore Is that the actor who played Grizzly Adams?😄 @TrekCore How I miss this ship! @MarinaSirtisFan @BettyMWhite I didn't know you shared the same birthday! @stoneiceman @ManuIntiraymi @Tbaldwin510B @Marina_Sirtis I know you feel bad for Marina, but God was so kind to her… @SusanBa93347610 @ManuIntiraymi @Tbaldwin510B @Marina_Sirtis I know how you feel! I'm now a great aunt and my siste… @stoneiceman @ManuIntiraymi @Tbaldwin510B @Marina_Sirtis I totally understand where you're coming from! I buried my… @ManuIntiraymi @Tbaldwin510B @Marina_Sirtis What wonderful words about Marina! She really supported me through my d… @leupagus @Hello_Tailor Wow! How sad! That person sounds so insecure and petty! Most likely he was very upset becau… @leupagus @Hello_Tailor So very true! The stories that are surfacing on YouTube are shocking and raw! Every female… @jonathansfrakes PS Fans missed you ar the press junket!😔 @jonathansfrakes 😄😄😄Our music teacher would wack us with the ruler if she caught us playing this! I still have a sc…
@Themlotsdad @henryscousin That should read prince! @Themlotsdad @henryscousin So true! Only Diana treated him like the price he is! @notcapnamerica @BernieSanders Bernie shows up in Mississippi and wants to get everyone organized, thinking positiv… @yashar 3) Learn to listen to the message that is being said instead of passing judgement! Get a good understanding… @yashar 2) I'm going to get a lot of flack saying this, but I don't care! POC have a LONG way to go on accepting re… @yashar 1) Let's be honest! In his hometown, he didn't have a strong connection to the black community. He is gay,… @weather_katie What a wonderful weather report! Well done! @DanaVivianWhite Thank you for saying this! I'm tired of the black community telling boys how to be! And that also… @MarkWil52807604 @_SJPeace_ Then please show it by not maligning or showing favoritism toward one religion! @andrewkeates @LucyAlexanderTV @Sara_21_10_87 @salon64london At least you can find a stylist who can do your hair!… @andrewkeates Oh, Andrew! I feel for you! I had to go see Dark Sublime in a hairstyle I didn't like either! It'll g… @dicksgraysn @intrstller This is the moment you realize hateful voices disrespected a character/person, because the… @TheView I disagree with Whoopie on this! Not everyone is cut out for such a relationship! Some people have morals… @write2live I loved him in Coming to America! @MarkWil52807604 @_SJPeace_ You do know the Bible has some of the SAME rhetoric, don't you? Eye for an eye and toot… @BFriedmanDC I swear some people have seen Independence Day too often! If Area 51 actually has aliens, then the gov… @hey_leia @atrupar @LaraLeaTrump What a family...
Retweeted by MaLinda Hill, PhD @JeanneB1962 @MMSnodgrass As a nobody myself, I've noticed that many nobodies actually have something to say or write about! @JeanneB1962 @MMSnodgrass This is when a writer needs friends who will help her brainstorm and see different soluti… @MMSnodgrass I think being a writer is extremely difficult as there are very few original ideas. Audience's expecta… @MMSnodgrass Sometimes simplicity is the answer! Most books read like an auto manual to fix a car with a few pages… @AttilaMenyhrt1 @EricNK58 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01
@AttilaMenyhrt1 @EricNK58 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @EricNK58 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @BenCSRobinson You're making us suffer! Talk about Schadenfreude!🤣 @DrJessTaylor Congratulations! Well done! @DrJessTaylor I could have used this while working on my dissertation years ago! @possiblyel That is some major shade!!!! @possiblyel The worst interview was UNICEF in Cologne in the 90s. It was a hot day: 40°C. UNICEF left me in a room… @AttilaMenyhrt1 @EricNK58 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @EricNK58 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @EricNK58 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @EricNK58 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @EricNK58 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @EricNK58 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @EricNK58 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @EricNK58 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @EricNK58 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @EricNK58 @AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @Trevornoah @Complex Give this baby some fried rice! He is going to be so happy and forget the scare! When he gets… @wcruz73 PS This man forces me to pray the Devil hauls 45's ar$e home early! When I, a God fearing Christian, begin… @wcruz73 I can't!!!! @rebekah_starks @MarinaSirtisFan Happy Birthday, Melissa! I hope your day is wonderful and full of love!!!! @AttilaMenyhrt1 @Marina_Sirtis @rebekah_starks @Hansolo1964 @hannibal20000 @NorthernCornish @saminman01 @startrek9