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Retweeted by Freddy @mykyxrlt All 🧢 for impressionsI cant believe this is a multi million dollar show, i couldnt even take 1 minute how do people watch this every week @NoKidneysJoe L
@thegingerbatt HOWHappy Mother’s Day especially to those who no longer physically have their mothers in their lives. This day is just…
Retweeted by Freddy @chavoshellcat @LC18k @jayygone @pravypatty I miss pablo @CrypticNoHoes NAW FORREALPeople calling Sydney Sweeney ugly...they can't be serious
Retweeted by Freddy @KittenElise @BasementGula Yo???Girls get 1 compliment on their outfit on vacation then make a whole instagram page about their clothes
@_NotTeryn @Hauntterr Ive liked every lebron post since 2013 🤞custom shoe giveaway ✨ rules: rt and follow to enter the giveaway (turning on notis would be nice too) ends 22/05/…
Retweeted by Freddy @ciarastraphouse “I know”Love is dead. (@MboneHD)
Retweeted by Freddy @swazzyman @Xx2LeGiiT2QuiiT He deleted it so now hes making it look like i “made an edit”At 8 in the morning man? @Xx2LeGiiT2QuiiT
@oFabz 😫🤤 @oFabz Proof @_Black40 @reeseurfaced @PigsAndPlans Thats true it gives them a genuine “bond” that other apps cant really give @reeseurfaced @_Black40 @PigsAndPlans Do i have to be? @reeseurfaced @_Black40 @PigsAndPlans I would love to know tooI like this guy already @CrypticNoHoes Happy birthday bitch @HookTSB I remember @HookTSB Bro i remember them going on sale!! @HookTSB We learn the hard way lol @HookTSB I got 3 pairs on that restock in the summer i wish i held @HookTSB My next aj4 that i want is the metallic green or purple, i gifted my brother a pair for his bday and i stare at them all day lol @HookTSB These and breds r so nice @HookTSB Im not completely an old man yet lol @HookTSB Tell em to bring me my pension then lol @HookTSB They have that vintage look and feel thats why a lot of people like them, i have 3 pairs and where them al… @HookTSB 550’s r fire af wym @lledrook Whats the moves today @lledrook Yo??????? someone throw this man in prison and throw the key away!!!!
Retweeted by Freddy @sebastianjii @_NotTeryn @JudgeJudy Someone that gets itSGA is the only person i seen rock this vest right GO this got it😂😂 @saltyszn @sockjig @the_sneakdiss You can say that about anything, when theres a higher demand than supply there wi… @sockjig @saltyszn @the_sneakdiss Ngl i want these for pre/post basketball lol
@joshgoinginsane @EdWorId1 @BRITlSH Hes dropping a single tnCant wait to watch the demon slayer movie tom nightMario Judah got a face tat AFTER he lost all his relevancy 😭 hate to see it @k_gue_ 1/4/6/11 @sockjig @the_sneakdiss Y dont people get mad at their weed man for upcharging them since they wanna get mad at mfe… need the clear wrangler roof but its so expensive @_NotTeryn Uk where thats from? Lol @_NotTeryn As a wise man once said “this shit not on sale im not cheap” @_NotTeryn I only use grailed to buy stuff @_NotTeryn I literally have a job AND an LLC @_NotTeryn We dont care 😂👌 @whosalton Aint stoppin till one of us die kidnapped Steph Curry in GTA and shot him 😂😂
Retweeted by Freddy @VinnyBidatze What happened @Kithvariantss @cardbrokers @GFNF__ Fuck! @Kithvariantss @cardbrokers @GFNF__ Bruh the one hour im off my@phone @SOLELINKS 🤞 @optiuh WHERES THE TIP OPTION??? @marcu5y Tell us something we dont knowNobody wants to work because of the barely livable wages. Why would someone work 9 hours a day for 5 days for $500… @lledrook Welcome back gso everyone can find me
Retweeted by Freddy @sznsnkrs @SoleRetriever Im gonna wait till 5 min left to guess @SoleRetriever Bruh the app not showing the answer to the concepts raffle im struggling here @brenbrenlul @Xx2LeGiiT2QuiiT I stalked them lol its part of my job to know it @brenbrenlul @Xx2LeGiiT2QuiiT Think its his twin brother @Xx2LeGiiT2QuiiT ALTUVE
@marcu5y I remember i seen NF live once, walked out of that set after 8 minutes @BazKessel @IcyVert Clippers in 7 Lakers in 5/6 76ers in 6 Nets in 4 @BazKessel @IcyVert BLAZERS IN 7?? @joe_maimon39 Fuck altuve!Time to go pick up my suit from the dry cleaners @grey_rage @pulpfunctional @PedroSerna23 @javrawr @whoskumba Tickets were $180 for 4 days @IcyVert Astros yankees @Xx2LeGiiT2QuiiT “They gonna need to defend themselves from ME. 🤷🏽‍♂️” @Josh_Tries Mass reported @ELPWSwastaken @trvisXX Do you feel fulfilled @trvisXX Trav ill straight up fly out if u can hook me up with 2 tix for me and my older bro, we been fans since 20… thought i seen it all until i just seen a girl call Orlando paradise 😭 @snkr_twitr @imdoperoffline blowing out the astros in an electric stadium just feels so right @cryboutdat @Xx2LeGiiT2QuiiT Dub!WHERE DO I BUY THIS ANIMAL IM CASH READY @Xx2LeGiiT2QuiiT
Dude its Albert Einstein smoking a joint 🤣 you wouldnt get it @VinnyBidatze @simonyehores @sasson_isaac Lowkey @simonyehores @sasson_isaac Notice how theyre all before the pandemic, #reborn @_NotTeryn Ye me neither but people just wanna slander him for 20 likes. Shit makes 0 senseSame goes with everything else, yall hate stuff for no reasonMfers hate j cole just because the internet told them tothis reboot better be gritty asf i want to see carly do a line of coke off gibby
Retweeted by Freddy @may_wedda @Layymooon @marcu5y Our generation music is great too