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@yzypreme No way they bricked this hard @LyonsClips Ayo what was that second one?“You changed fr” bro you were my SAT tutorYeezus era kanye was the best kanye @IsaacSued Why does it look like tiktok @QuanFlix_ @cyberaiosuccess @SudoShoe Yo!!! Cook!!!!!!!! @jeangaultierr I can tell cryptic is the guy that finishes others kills😭 @AbbyTheMS @CouRageJD @MaddieM This is so sickWth did instagram turn into @chaselyons “we need to chill again sometime bro” ya like last time we chilled you sat there on your phone the whole time
Retweeted by Freddy @yzypreme God damn stockx sellers are so stupid @HookTSB I dont even try for weekday release, just do snkrs and if i hit i hit
@may_wedda FACTS @ItsBearloe Ayo?🧁 @sophiesolit @TaZeify Ye? @XeenNoLogs Can i invite her to my podcast? @agreektragedy What r u trading with joe? @xoxabstract 12-8 on weekdays. $freddychiniGonna trick someone into stealing the letters. Free $10m @joshua_deadly Cheat code @kayIeenie NopeIm not gonna say it @sophiesolit @TaZeify Spencers has a bunch @ash_kaashh ON GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @panelpenguin @jeangaultierr My ass is not reading😂 @jeangaultierr Did anybody read past the second line?Anybody a new york islanders fan that wouldnt mind filling out a quick survey?DAWG THIS LOOKS STRAIGHT OUT OF COD WHAT THE FVCK @MrBeastYT Holy... i remember you doing the 1,2,3,4,5 million subscriber videos giving that sub _M of something @jeangaultierr 2 strokes MAX @MambaOut Na😂 @jeangaultierr A movie called King kong @BrenBrenlol @CrypticNo 🧢 @rxyymond I just followed you yesterday and what the fuck @ShaShaRealSmove Ill play you for a lifetime, if you beat me you pick the prizeTHERES NO WAY LMFAOOO @solefed Since 7/3 @SamjaySJ Holy shit this went nuclear @rudy_betrayed This shit is so funny @Mako On god @atSerpentine Good. @atSerpentine Lol @endeylol Can i havePhotoshop, house parties, messing with teachers, basketball, sneakers, and the time i catfished a kid on twitter an… @atSerpentine Get her ass @WhoseBacon @Goobiuslol @Classify GET THAT SHIT OUTTA HERE @Goobiuslol @Classify 🤮 @WhoseBacon @Goobiuslol @Classify U put mustard on pizza? @Goobiuslol @Classify If you put any sauces on your pizza you rnt eating real pizza @Classify You need to bring him to L&B gardens and di faras @Froste Ive had chicago pizza and i eat ny pizza 3 times a week, they are COMPLETELY different. Chicago is fluffy n… @LyonsClips Need one @ShaShaRealSmove Check the banger i sent u @permabad Oh another time: a girl from tinder linked up with me and we got pulled over like 3 hours after i picked… @ItsMacDoogle @endeylol @gordong_ Whats with the mr bean item @permabad At an edm festival i was getting with this girl and she just randomly bites a whole chunk of my lip off.… @endeylol @gordong_ @ItsMacDoogle Yo macdoogle is everything ok? @apemodeongod @Classify Then when u check them you’re in the wrong lmao @apemodeongod @Classify Trust me i know lol. Parents are much more lenient with them @Classify Its crazy how hes the complete opposite as his brother @lemiwrap Ye @okleslie The elite game @lemiwrap Na its stizzy here @lemiwrap That device is used for thc here @lemiwrap Your smoking device @VinnyBidatze @BleacherReport Im down w that @jeangaultierr Bc they’re negative in the bubble 😭 @BleacherReport @VinnyBidatze going crazyyyy @jeangaultierr Oh na😂😂 @lemiwrap Stizzys are the 🐐 pen @nCaustic_ Lookin good nicole @jeangaultierr @Elpadre210 I charge my headphones twice a week and get 15-20 hours per charge it’s impressive lol @jeangaultierr @Elpadre210 Here are the earbuds, i cant really vouch for those bc im a headphones user (use to use… lance210 fell off hard @thezackmamba Have 3 more coming in 👀
@chaselyons Its your shadow cloakForgot these came in too LOL @HookTSB I really like them, wish i bought them soonerMail day🙂 @WanaComeOutHere I dont doubt this is his last project @joe_maimon39 I seen videos shit looks crazyyy @WanaComeOutHere Hes gonna transition out of music and do architectural work. Watch @AntPascaleNY1 It was forwarded to me via a groupchat @WanaComeOutHere It sounds like a farewell song. Man if this foreshadows something imma cryIdk if this makes any sense but this sounds so rejuvinating in the best way possible @SportsandMath1 @The_Riddler_254 @Gabepvm3 @SacramentoKings These statement jerseys r messing up all the casuals😂 @agreektragedy Went once a week for volunteer work from 6th-10th grade @Elpadre210 @jeangaultierr They go in and out of stock a lot but these are them @jeangaultierr Got u. On the train rn so in 15-20 when im on the bridge with good service @jeangaultierr I use jbl bluetooth headphones and like them a lot (use headphone 6-8 hours a day)Im straight @mike_murray22 Down for tonight @Censor Trains to brooklyn was suspended earlier and verrazano is closed @Candace_Bar @Rabbit__Redux @LLateralus7 @Breaking911 Goyim is plural for non jewish in hebrew @JDeZerga @PlayboiClaxton 21 hours after the tweet @JDeZerga @PlayboiClaxton Funny how u made a deadline after they wonDudes will buy a girls onlyfans based off her profile pic @lovlyxs @Raaz_ia @michaeldickson This chicks really siding with hezbollah 😂😂 i swear 2020 cant get crazier @ashlenite The trains downtown shut down so im just chilling in my office till 5:00 lol