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@Yuhuuur @MarcoAjx Fr @megcp13 They got xoup too...So much pain @Inteduardo Makes no sense @CouRageJD @Swpah Would love to see some more irl content @CryptiicNo Down so bad @CryptiicNo Shes not seeing this bro @cronieees @Froste Huh @Froste Im about to cut the turkey do u guys want some? @ELPWSwastaken Ye i guess so when u look at it like thatFortnite kids with 2 loving parents and their own room with a $2,000 computer and 4 cars in their garage would scre… @LazasBautista Bro fr @BisonPawg Happy birthday lil bro @goodbeanaltalt Oh man our brother has fallen @snkr_twitr Hope you had a good one w the fam 🙌 glad nothing dropped today so u had a little resting day lol @themacint0sh We love you mohak @Javan_Murphy Do it @Javan_Murphy Lob ass already god damn @AbbyTheMS This is fire
@Javan_Murphy Yo @DaDSHoT @TheMob We need a pic of the stuffing @scaruki @Xouped No @Layymooon @CryptiicNo @pokimanelol ITS A JOKE I SWEAR @CryptiicNo @pokimanelol Nice photoshopYooo you’re drippin bro RT: “@CryptiicNo: thanksgiving outfit 🙏 @pokimanelol what do you think lol” thanksgiving yall thankful for all of you 🖤 @CouRageJD Proof?🦃GIVEAWAY🦃 Separate winners will receive: - 1x Balkobot Yearly - 1x Torpedo Renewal - 1x Dragon Monthly To enter:…
Retweeted by Freddy @Layymooon We using the bdsm turkey today😃 @Layymooon Looks so goodThis years turkey ughh👨‍🍳😫🤤 can it just be dinner already?? @JaMorant This year is rooftop w my brothers no more walks from grandmas @sophiesolit Yes @thegingerbatt Ayyy. I need a rope bracelet @scaruki ForrealI asked my mom if we can have turkey this year for thanksgiving and this is what she brings home @BrenBrenlol I havent eaten fast food in over 4 years roblox man @BrenBrenlol Ill smoke u in a race @Layymooon PREACH @yNope_ All love brother 🙏🖤 happy thanksgiving!! @UCLALonzo @IcyVert We good RT @UCLALonzo @IcyVert Same @marcxsy SupExtra entries woo!!!! @marcxsy Ok! @marcxsy How can i get extra entries?? @wedoreally Oh word? Dm 😅 @wedoreally Same no joke @Josh_Tries ✊✌️ @crackwithdrawal Yessir!She thought i was about to send her some bread LOL really is very boring to watch now holy shit what happened to that game
@CryptiicNo Rnt u 5’4 @ImTooRealForU X1 @JustJared @CrypticNoOnee @Conmxn @Keekzsz Do u have a before and after of the cut @Conmxn By your barber right @Froste I should call her @Xouped AYO @madisonpettis @blackprints Happy thanksgiving madison @goodbeanaltalt Na ✊Hey girl are you ✌️ or ✊ lol @iHaveNoHoe WAIT WHAT @nypost Yall r going to hell @Layymooon @cuartocore @TristanGHill Bo3 looked the nicest imo @dagostlno 15k sheesh @TristanGHill @cuartocore Thats gonna be a shit show lol i cant wait @TristanGHill @cuartocore Do u know if nuketown is available for zombies yet? @TristanGHill @cuartocore EXACTLY it feels like im playing on colorblind, not appealing at all @cuartocore The colors feel so off @SubwayCreatures sup lol @IsaacSued Wanted to hear what he was saying lol @NotMarshy But looked inflated @rajonfrontos Manhattan bound B train @IamHoaxer Bro smelled like alcohol and cigarettes @La3Life -guy that hit cpfm dunksHomie was screaming this at 9:30am... @nikestore love you big bro in the morning and this hobo is screaming about biden on the train @princibayla Im abt to head to bed rn but lets pick this up tomorrow lol, if jean says anything about me don’t listen to him 🤐 @princibayla hi 😅No thoughts head empty only goth chinchilla.
Retweeted by Freddy @COSTCOBACKWOODS So juicy @snootid Yo @mariojudah_ When u dropping new music @scobesx Same id be so rich @scobesx -was doing insider trading“Joe Biden is going to bring illegal aliens into our country and steal our jobs!” -a grown man that hasn’t worked in 7 years @may_wedda @Froste @jujuubangzz @iHaveNoHoe @visionofviii @COSTCOBACKWOODS @bapestabre @Xouped @CryptiicNo @Boy1drr @optiuh @Froste @Oreologist @sonicx161 @Yuhuuur To what? @CorinnaKopf Can i get a ride @Panayioti @cookinbricks U gonna pull a me @Xouped @JhbTeam good jobThis nuketown is ASS
Grammys put some random rap group nobody ever heard about on their AOTY list instead of pop smoke, roddy rich, lil… whoever doesnt know the story behind this @Josh_Tries 😭