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Rufus Sewell @FredrikSewell Hollywood. Hounslow. Freshwater East.

A clever play on words that draws attention to my career, but in a way that makes me come off as self-effacing.

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🎶From now on I identify as #Cuomosexual...🎶 #StayHome #NewYorkTough ♥️🗽
Retweeted by Rufus SewellSame here is so awful right now but this video still makes me smile. Wait for it...
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An important message, from me to you. #stayinthehoose #washyourhands #germanshepherd
Retweeted by Rufus Sewell @AliciaHannah @tomlenk Finally! @szczurek2725 @shanakn As a rule, no x
@shanakn My mum’s special ice-cream! @MelanieHewitt61 @briankoppelman (or I might have been in the Browns) @MelanieHewitt61 @briankoppelman Yep, definitely. And you may know this, but George was one of Bowie's first biographers. @DorBrooke @briankoppelman Benson and Hedges or (when I was unlucky) Silk Cut. @MelanieHewitt61 @briankoppelman It was my mum's place @briankoppelman Hunky Dory. Played on repeat and smoking cigs purloined from mum's bag in the attic of the Pelican, Laugharne.
Fuck all you racists
Retweeted by Rufus SewellThey've won the internet for today 🙌🏿 #RP: @tajimagazine
Retweeted by Rufus Sewell @salaman_clara deal x @salaman_clara I know! Isn't it great! Just a glimpse of the impish pub raconteur. I'd never heard him 'as himself'… @TwoPaddocks PS I'm doing ok lovely man. Keep it up. x @TwoPaddocks I thought we were adorable.
If we're going to bail out companies, and we should, can we put those who don't pay full on-shore taxes to the back of the queue.
Retweeted by Rufus Sewell @Hamblino @TwoPaddocks Likely crumbled to dust by then. @TwoPaddocks I haven’t heard those dulcet tones since karaoke on Tioman Island. More please!
@dancingcara007 It’s worth it. You get a lovely flash of what he’d have been like in The Browns of an evening (at first, anyway) @Lady_Marchmain For me it was his stories. He's very funny. @HelenLewry1 @kamitchell17 That she was @Thessaly Little Britain USA @wendywales I know. They do get a bit confused, poor dears. @ezhossington Grew up between London and Laugharne, so not bad. @Muna_M1980 Actually no.(Probs for Dylan fans only)I've always loved Dylan Thomas but this is a bit of a revelation is possibly the most accurate gif I've ever seen.
Retweeted by Rufus SewellThis thread. I am on the FLOOR.
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Help slow the spread of #COVID19 and identify at risk cases sooner by self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if y… @xanderberkeley @MackenzieAstin @gabrielhgaston @_MichaelGaston @IAmJohnAles @dominicburgess @ArjunGuptaBK I love this
@xanderberkeley Hello there! nice to hear from you. And that’s very nice of you to say. Good to see you ‘treading the threads’, yourself.No amount of evidence will ever convince an idiot. - Mark Twain
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@Tfort9 @robdelaney Hello luv @robdelaney I’ve been trying to imagine how he’d put it too, but I hang my hat. You nailed it.
Tiger Trump
Retweeted by Rufus SewellI say this without any malice at all, but please know that the US response is a catastrophe that is on track to cos…
Retweeted by Rufus SewellGo on Mikey!
Retweeted by Rufus SewellConservative PR touching base with Boris Johnson to tell him everything’s covered:
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'For Common Benefit of All,' Ireland Nationalizes Hospitals for Duration of Coronavirus Crisis, Sparking Demand for…
Retweeted by Rufus SewellHow beautiful is this
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Mi piace questo MOLTO
Retweeted by Rufus Sewell @unklerupert But look out, someone’s found his bog-roll supply. @Tiltinglia21Lia @Pinter_Quotes @Swann_Carole @HPinterTheatre We all did. ps Hello Lia x @Tiltinglia21Lia @HelenLewry1 @Pinter_Quotes @HPinterTheatre Me too. I saw it practically every night and it was rather good. @RealMattLucas You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve had “Thank-you baked potato” on repeat in my bloody head for the last 5 hours.Let me be very clear: No one is expendable. No matter your age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientati…
Retweeted by Rufus Sewell @DanaDelany Aw, thanks gorgeous lady.
@rufusjones1 I’d have ‘liked’ this even if there were no actual story.Controversial but maybe this is a good time for hospital car parks to be free for NHS staff? Retweet if you agree 👊🏼
Retweeted by Rufus SewellI don’t think we can ever really say this enough, but if you’re an NHS worker just coming off shift, or about to go…
Retweeted by Rufus SewellElegant. Dry. Pointed. A callback's callback.
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Retweeted by Rufus Sewell @Mick2Bick @DCComics Now yer talkin.A true patriot. 🇺🇸 @RandyRainbow
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We owe a debt of gratitude to the first responders, health care providers, grocery and retail workers, transportati…
Retweeted by Rufus Sewell @AliciaHannah @sebroche I did that once too, but to be honest, only because I thought it was Neosporin @seanpertwee @robinlordtaylor @mister_CMS @JamesPurefoy @Coldwar_Steve Fam @AliciaHannah @sebroche It is apparently @AliciaHannah @sebroche Of course he fucking is. He probably sews his own wounds. @michaelurie @ShakespeareinDC And ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 back. You’re phenomenal.
@NicholasPegg If you exclude tigers then that's the 80's out. @RichardEGrant Salut. The very benchmark to which all faux-pissards aspire. @TimPounder So jealous. @VirginiaMadden @michaelurie I’m not following THAT! @TaikaWaititi See also Atkins diet. @Hil67 ExtraordinaryIn awe @beardedroseguy @_MichaelGaston Come on! A fella has to let his hair down. @ShakespeareinDC @michaelurie I would queue in the rain for this.Woah
Wow this is beautiful
Retweeted by Rufus Sewell @_MichaelGaston Me too. It’s lovely. @_MichaelGaston @chelahhorsdal Love you too, Wifey.Now is the perfect opportunity to get motivated, workout, and come out of this absolutely shredded. Sadly we're hum…
Retweeted by Rufus Sewell @clfoxy1 @SamianthaK No, you’re alright x @reilly6363 Thanks lovely man. See you when I’m allowed and love to yoursThe spirit of NHS staff is absolutely astonishing ❤️ Please RT if you’re proud. WE WILL BEAT THIS!
Retweeted by Rufus Sewell @SuperPRGuy A fave (and I have a few)(‘Cuteness’ aside, I mean)This is actually gorgeous @indyfromspace Thank you Sarah! Somehow that makes me feel big and clever.
@_MichaelGaston Well, SHE LOVED IT. I also enjoyed form the next room, with my feet up. (Thanks) @realgarymackay Agreed. Time for a re-watch. @_MichaelGaston Lola is sitting, rapt. @AliciaHannah @sebroche He’s most likely staying away till you shift that fucking ELK out of your house. @AliciaHannah @sebroche Yes, wherever he is, he might appreciate that too. @Tfort9 @Babsybbooks x @Tfort9 @Babsybbooks Got the law on my side! @Babsybbooks I didn’t think of it as ‘using’ but no. Are you suggesting I take it down? it’s hard to spot your intention under all that fun. @jowhiley @BBCRadio2 I'd love to. @NickAbadzis @DavidGillette1 @Robwilliams71 I remember it well @NewmanEJ @PITLOCHRYft Not at all x#notasonnetShel Silverstein #readasonnet @devastjohn @Dempster2000 Fanx luv x