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The award goes to guys who actually play so not sure Judge is a candidate
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@NJD107_ @NJD107_ The dago express is right on time baby! I'm jealousWhen they tell Unc to get off the grill cause he drunk and burning shit
Retweeted by #Kanye2020Seems like good news
Retweeted by #Kanye2020Trump: rapist, racist,senile Biden:rapist,racist, even more senile Kanye: made my beautiful dark twisted fantasy
Retweeted by #Kanye2020They wont out the big fish, but the little stooges like you are going down. Sorry bruh, you're going to be sacrifi… you are fat and grotesque and they’ve been putting you on tv for 4 decades and nobody complained.
Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @FranksYanks23 The best!Does vodka kill the virus?
Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @Kaepernick7 Ya ... you were so oppressed weren’t you. #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by #Kanye2020Lol oh word?? @GotNoSperm @NYDan039 @Mick2b No prob budPeter King has become Peter Clown @GotNoSperm @NYDan039 @Mick2b Jersey Firewood on 206N just past quick check. 15.99 for a handle of cherry or hicko… probably right @MetsWes @NYDan039 @GotNoSperm @Mick2b Hickory pie is undefeated @NYDan039 @GotNoSperm @Mick2b Cherry wood, there's a good place in hillsboro to get quality pieces. They have hickory too.The fact that you cover people getting paid millions to play a children’s game while there are homeless in this cou…
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Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @SnottieDrippen Nomar Garciapasta
Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @SnottieDrippen Love Pablo, but ... Chipper Scones.
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2020'd smash @MidnightBashem Hope and change lol @MidnightBashem I'm loving this lol @ChetMonteiro Bro... lol omg
Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @NJD107_ @TheDietIsOff I said to myself...THIS IS THE BUSINESS WE HAVE CHOSEN. I didn't ask who gave the order, bc… Maxwell will Smollett Trump. Bank on it
Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @ChrisBiv WHAT THE HELL MAN! RT: @Judetruth it really isn’t a party for us, let me live and plant my seeds
Retweeted by #Kanye2020Hollywood- we can’t have voice actors play fictional cartoon characters of different races! Hamilton-
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@RAKcity27 Outstanding!!!HIT THE MUSIC
Retweeted by #Kanye2020.@Mamukelashvili5 has had almost 20 NBA Zoom calls including one with the Knicks So the Knicks have interviewed…
Retweeted by #Kanye2020Dan Synder just has to ignore all the knuckleheads for a few days until they find something to be outraged over.
Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @nicoleeejets That's my favorite thing to do when I dont take my boat out haha
@hotdogsandbeers We'll add it to the #hillarybodycount @hotdogsandbeers See, these are things I cant comprehend bc I'm not a parent, I cant imagine how difficult it is fo… @nicoleeejets You got a boat??? @MetsWes Lol I was at an outdoor place this afternoon w the gang. The winds became so bad it destroyed their outdo… @hotdogsandbeers Why only full time, not part time, I'm missing their logic here (shocker) @ToddVanBeveren Lol my bad @hotdogsandbeers I like to hate on her but shes not wrong, I'm sure there's a lot of ppl w kids having a terrible t… @NJD107_ @metsFanscotty HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @VamosYankees @yells__ Big factsYES. So fucking PUMPED. Ghislaine Maxwell is arguably the biggest fucking monster in this saga. I’m sure she’ll end…
Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @hotdogsandbeers Shes bugging lolI know a lot of ppl w kids and a job, are you drunk again? @SBNYMNYJ It's called, "facts fluid " @SBNYMNYJ Wikipedia is more reputable than Snopes tbh @coteinhooooo Big pharma has been price gauging the globe for 100yrs. Our fore fathers would've stormed DC with pitchforks by now @TheDietIsOff Gary is a Twitter Legend #RIPGaryKnight @SBNYMNYJ Lol where'd you get that? Wikipedia? @Nobilis619 @Martina @RexChapman Not even close, its a bluefishIndoor kids: “Christopher Columbus was a rapist!!!! A murderer!!!! A scallawag!!!!!! Indoor kids on the 2nd week i…
Retweeted by #Kanye2020Probably about 20-30 congressmen/senators, maybe double that in Corporate Executives/Hollywood big shots @metsfanmurph2 @MatthewFuntime But I like Matt bc hes intelligent and he actually reads. Most of these lunatics ju… @Martina @RexChapman It's a bluefish800k? That cant be true, I hope it isnt whole testimony will be sealed, we'll never get any info about this. Too many powerful ppl involved had a Mitchell and Ness KKK throwback.
Retweeted by #Kanye2020NBA when ppl NBA when ppl criticize America Criticize China
Retweeted by #Kanye2020Liberals have hated America since the 60s, led by Saul Alinsky and Noam Chomsky Gooden sound good, I hope hes doing well @MandMWFANFox News is supposed to be a network dominated by old viewers, but Tucker Carlson & Sean Hannity crushed all other…
Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @trackingsharks @metsfanmurph2 Bluefish @SBNYMNYJ Oh my god lol awfulllll @SBNYMNYJ 2020 is the worst bro @SBNYMNYJ Is Nashville shutdown too?Inappropriate we know, porn doesn’t belong on your feed, sorry 🍿🍿
Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @SBNYMNYJ I have a room booked for AC the end of July, as of now casinos are open, but no alcohol...I'm cancelling… Maxwell didn't kill herself.
Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @SBNYMNYJ Definitely be interesting to watch, hopefully it doesnt fuck up the progress we've made. @SBNYMNYJ I can see cases continuing to rise for the next month but I think the death toll will continue to decline @YankeesFan4299 Pudge RodriguezFacts are fun! @ChetMonteiro @ScoreyWebster @KopaKola @berniebirnbaum @TeamThirstTrap @Mick2b @jake87__ @AnthonyAlesi @NYMQnz
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Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @berniebirnbaum @ChetMonteiro @ScoreyWebster @KopaKola @TeamThirstTrap @Mick2b @jake87__ @AnthonyAlesi @NYMQnz
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Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @metsfanmurph2 @TeamThirstTrap @berniebirnbaum @Mick2b @jake87__ @AnthonyAlesi @NYMQnz @JoelMetsNY @ScoreyWebster @metsfanmurph2 @TeamThirstTrap @berniebirnbaum @Mick2b @jake87__ @AnthonyAlesi @NYMQnz @JoelMetsNY @ScoreyWebster
Retweeted by #Kanye2020 @BigDavesRants @JForma I dont think we'll ever see it, they'll seal that shit up @JForma I dont know man she knows everything Epstein knew, lotta powerful ppl dont want that info coming out @JForma Shes gonna hang herselfWords and actions have consequences, I'm surprised they didn't teach that at Harvard the girl who said she would “stab” anyone who said All Lives Matter yesterday? Here she is today 😆
Retweeted by #Kanye2020.@Alsboringtweets @JerryRecco listen to Queen Dragon attack
“You have to be on drugs to be a Jets fan” Me:
Retweeted by #Kanye2020Personally, I'd love to see the NYPD stand down for 30 daysI truly appreciate the NYPD, and I hope the two ppl i know who serve stay safe, but I gotta be honest, I want to se… @JForma @FranksYanks23 I'll trade you voit and Giancarlo for david Wright, you gotta take the contract