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My moots already know my answers @DSilverballs Both great artist that have done amazing work for Gintama @JiroTWT Wait they actually posted it aight time to rewatch this scene for ♾ time @Yorozuyajose The hype is real have fun @loyalanimefan Gintama
Here is a random Mimosa Gif just because lmao 🤣 🧡
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH} @C4Motoko Me when I post anything non Gintama related @C4Motoko I know you ain't here yet in Gintama but this my favorite @__UchihaSama__ Nah Naruto and Saskue vs Momoshiki the better fightLob 7?👀
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH} @Mtths0 Really interesting didn't know that they only have worked with Gintama must have an exclusive contract or something 🤔 @Mtths0 True Does x Gintama is great as well I just prefer the Spyair songs a little moreGintama x Spyair is the greatest ship in anime one: Record of Ragnarok anime:
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH} @vMigii Gintoki @Yorozuyajose Caught up on peak love to see it 😩 @boodykun A few respectable opinions a couple misses overall not a bad list of takes @IssaSadWeeb Gintama starts a little slow but it's definitely worth it know what to do my moots gas Gintama @C4Motoko Recognize the first one but what are the other 2 @C4Motoko Yes its a real Gintama op they played one time just cuz they thought it'd be fun to make a ms paint version of the op for fun @C4Motoko Gintoki and it's from this masterpiece of an opening @The_Antagonist7 @GKillianzoldyck Thats fair I just liked her the time she was around @C4Motoko S2 it gets way better @GKillianzoldyck Just swap Akame for Sheele and we have the same list @TomTerminator11 Yessir an amazing character 👏 tangle of secrets A family of strangers SPYxFAMILY (Sakata Edition)
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH} @fdblaize This oddly worke I love itDoromizu Jirochou @C4Motoko Oh that one that's an amazing scene @C4Motoko Which scene is this one again was it the one at his house? @yukuzai 2 🐐ed father figures Father’s Day to the best Dads Shoyo and Gintoki
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH} @C4Motoko Not wrong honestly fandom need to shut they asses up the amount of good episodes that shit has I can count on 1 pair of hands…
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH} @TomTerminator11 I find it hilarious but it's no Gintama that's for sure @Katsurote Not wrong @GoldenBalmung Gintama was good before chapter 300 but that's when 4 devas started which is definitely one of Ginta… @lelouchisgoated Part 2 atm @novaonmobile Nino but Miku a solid choice as well @gutznotguts watch Gintama it's peak comedy 🤣 @C4Motoko @TomTerminator11 @shehryxr Already follow these 🐐s @TensaiBlaze Spittin @__UchihaSama__ One Piece Bleach Naruto HxH @C4Motoko Of course I still need to finish the show but that man was an amazing father so of course I had include him @FurkiJow Father's Day to all the amazing fathers/fater figures in animanga and in general @Mutes8008 Yessir @Abykvn Gintama @yukuzai I'm pretty confident in my top 3 atmsorry but... 😭😭😭
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH} @SlikSimpsRin @RailgunFan1 Here you go
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH} @RailgunFan1 Good Morning my 🐐 @The_Antagonist7 Interesting timing 🤣 @GKillianzoldyck @zorofromwano Glokerpullsajock @Priskilletz Yessir Gintoki supremacy all the way SUPREMECY
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH} @zorofromwano Sure why not @PingShortex Morning Ping @zorofromwano Yes got a Ps4 @Yorozuyajose Good Morning Jose @GGrisan GGrixan spittin @Arshj00 Gintama is just so amazing @RailgunFan1 Good Morning my 🐐 Jason @ImJustZAZC Morning Zazc @ImJustZAZC Can't see but which one is ahead atm @levitemp4 Morning Levi @JustSomeWiseGuy Morning Wise Guy, about time I start Gintama. I already know to skip the first 2 eps and that I should be going in with the min…
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH} @TitoMochi Morning Tito and it's my personal 3rd favorite behind Donten and Pray but such a fun banger song 🎵 @ImJustZAZC Cultured cat 🐈👍Good Morning Everyone @Yorozuyajose @Boomboom_editz @Minkquaa @Cool35289 @KONODIOS4VIOR Let's go!!!!!!!! Night everyone 😴 @GinBi7 Yes they are which why I can't wait to get rid of it @GinBi7 Oh lol 😆 didn't think about that just saw and clicked it @FreebornPedlar POLL:
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH}Poll in comments @ImJustZAZC Thanks it wouldn't let set one up for some reasonWhich one should I use as my actual pfp Poll below @levitemp4 Don't worry pfp will be back to normal tomorrow this is definitely not staying @levitemp4 @Charmy_4ever Fairy Tail cast @RogersBase Then there's Gintama which doesn't care about Shonen formula just dose whatever caption needed.
Retweeted by Freeborn Pedlar{CW:HXH} @tax_xempt @vizoverheaven Yes unfortunately and I wasn't on Twitter at the time @vizoverheaven Horny hours eh @PhreshGen Interesting @aniiixmes @JacobLianza Same got so much but for another time 😏 @Dotunxd Yeah it's temporary don't worry lost a bet @uireasa @levitemp4 Shit slaps hard pasta so good 😩 @JacobLianza Thanks not even the tip of my collection 😏 @C4Motoko Except op 2 @JacobLianza @JacobLianza All would take awhile but here are a few