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Fidget Spinner "Shalashaska" Ocelot / Tokugawa Heavy Industries R&D Intern. Tweets are my personal view.

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lume @andreasngrh not a fan of the cw daybreak black white>von dutch in 2022 @Akbar10Ward @mahdinosaur bangsat @shichijen tato tatoPower fans (me/real):
2022'd ask god for a woman like her then i realized i am not adipati dolkenCanti Tachril is true to her namenew parents' fear acquired @wahkerensih surewhen night breaks bebek di atas papan *cakepp* Dapet memek lupa kawan *jiakh* @plumpotatosack @ezash the tweetamway west job creator
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️anshee @sendagurah profile pic legendThe official account for the Mexican museum of modern art posted this
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️anshee
@ahgelaap @kontempoLer yes?me either, a professional photographer/videographer to my client: @kontempoLer @ahgelaap ya @kontempoLer @ahgelaap ler @ahgelaap indeed it is 💯 @kontempoLer 💯😏
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️anshee💀💀💀"Which looks better on me: long hair or short hair?" Well you look better when i pull your hairlegend @____singer (2)the c in cops stands for cunt PURACHINA it, beanie fo today @yuriestax noicebread Phang Wiranat shut the fuck up challenge @bang_bar0n awkwkwkwkwthey don't play subtly anymore its in your face yet some fools will still part with their money alarm is that generic laugh track that every celebs use on their vlogs.who fell for this it literally has PONZI in its name
In the end, their very own nature is the chekov gun and they were the gunmen. @Cilorconnoistre Kapan ya🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @syecawanmadoe hi!
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️ansheehopeless romantic ❌ hopeless ✅he jus like me fr @sendagurah tunggu versi murahnya bg Baroe. Leica SL + Sigma 35mm f/1.4 @sendagurah cakep betoink lagi @yuriestax @shibuya3110 jah sold outbouta commit war crime for this bear
@Akbar10Ward @Dhistido X-pro2 ada filternya semua minus eterna sama classic negative 👀 @Akbar10Ward @Dhistido Kalo X-Pro2 sekarang yang seken seharga satu ps5 body only. Tambah lensa ya kurleb 15-16. Se… @Akbar10Ward @Dhistido gue tadinya mau ngambil X-Pro3 hasilnya bagus banget, tapi keburu ngambil yang sekarang he… @mahdinosaur cek kaki-kaki dulu sih biasanya @CyanPalette close to checking outYOOOO FUCKKKKKK @Josuandrew lmaoo serius? 🤔🤔 @syecawanmadoe ini pasarnya kan lol @syecawanmadoe 🥺
Idea: Dune but live action theaterLMAOOO @cilorvip padahal bukan sinepilReupload (lol). Once upon a time in Chinatown. Leica SL + Sigma 35mm f/1.4 @cilorvip w apait already is @ElegiKeIabu spoil aja it's not like im gonna watch it a @lusokapsih WKWKWK @ElegiKeIabu engga @ElegiKeIabu hahgod it's me again bener udah gue yang diserempet galakan dia minta gantiYou are hella awesome, I wish i was as half as awesome as you are. Congrats on graduating anyway!gm
i wanna do a java round trip with my car and take photos of my journey. @orcql is very lucky to have you as his gf ngl. you seem uhhh cool-headed and hella smart(?)Uhhh i am a walking fun fact???