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Fidget Spinner "Shalashaska" Ocelot / Tokugawa Heavy Industries R&D Intern. Tweets are my personal view/ Saoirse Ronan simp account.

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@plumpotatosack @kazeenokami 😳😳😳 thank youThe second set are taken with my iphone hence the difference in tone even though i used the same preset.More shots*phone call* "Hello? Yeah, I just walked in.." Me: *humming* Me: bokap inget dulu mas @fajaranugerah pernah bilang kalau di NZ mah cuma satu apps seumur hidup. Kalau di sini big data…
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️ansheeah yes aussies
h @sas__qia 2nd pic wild pacar sendiri gak disimp buat apa pacaran
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️anshee @sendagurah did you just @kazeenokami Yeah these are mine ahaha thank you 🥺🥺Your favorite coming-of-age flick. @Kowalskuyyy Carrie and Lowell, almost all of the songs there."Bro you are quoting Sufjan Stevens awfully lot lately are you okay?" - Colleague A. @jonsdemetra
@samakehidupan let's goooooo
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️ansheeAss wr wb pa' ustadz, kalau pintu taubat itu ditarik atau didorong ya? Terima kasih. Dari Alvin di Cisarua.Udah panik bangun gabisa nyium eh beneran. circa august 2020 @st0nedfree i retweeted it @st0nedfree im sorryyou
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️ansheepraise the sun @sas__qia no💯
When a meme hits a little too hard 😂
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️anshee @sendagurah cikgu @sas__qia we don't talk abt the hat incident here. also they want to make it a regular programmeHampir lupa casablanca has the nastiest traffic jamwhy tho @chicquito im begging you people to get laid or something
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️anshee @mintchix beri sedekah @sendagurah wadu @sendagurah bangsatBinging "For Those That Wish To Exist" rn. Might topple "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us" as my top Architects' album.NEW @Architectsuk LADSSSS @cilorvip man i did all the thing and still got infected. to be fair i still go out everyday for work.pengen nyoba tidal @cilorvip bruh u lucky af @menghanyurkan maunya lohanBanyak ikan di laut tapi yang gue cari ikan air tawarbruh moment @plumpotatosack ok
@clandestine_j FURRET @clandestine_j isame @hrdbacot Self-reward waktu dapet kerjaan pertama, didn't think much and pulled a trigger on this kinda hard to fin… - Hammock and the boys @harryscarpIace Tbh for anything other than the boots i agree, but the boots is something lustworthy @Akbar10Ward yoi @harryscarpIace wym fuck tabi boots i fw tabi boots @st0nedfree I feel that Kojima and his team visitted Bajo at some point and they were like dam let's make a walking… Americans, never cease to amaze me with their blatant ignorance."Do you ever think maybe God stays in heaven because he's afraid of what he's created?" Is such a raw fucking line why is it from SPY KIDS 2
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️ansheeexhibit 100000000000000 of westerners with narrow worldview @Akbar10Ward fellers
besok mau content with myself*kalauRobin Hood kalua horny jadi Robin Wood I'll see myself out thank @sendagurah bentar lagi nanggungAnd then we'll be okay just had to be here
Retweeted by 🅱️lank 🅱️anshee @forgedflange @bang_bar0n dm detil dong ngab @forgedflange @bang_bar0n size?YOOOO pokoknya gini aja
kominfo: sopan kh begitu @plumpotatosack @kokokribow wah jadi mauGIBLE FOR WEEKLY RESEARCH ECOUNTER YAAASSS ABOUT TIME NIANTIC GAVE US A META-RELEVANT/DESIRABLE MONS FOR WEEKLY RESEARCH @Akbar10Ward @st0nedfree she lowkey freaky @Akbar10Ward @st0nedfree ngentotttCRISIS CORE???????? @ajinomonoto mans down bad @Akbar10Ward
@forgedflange jahPink + White @Akbar10Ward BRUH Stranding (2019).
2021 @upforagoodcry yes💯💯💯💯💯yuh @sssugarette 😳😳😳 @forgedflange 42mm bg @munciess 👌👌 @martabakiju 😳😳😳 @fadhildjaja It's quite hard to get one with decent price nowadays sadly 😔 @forgedflange 38-44 sih normally @imnotjoi I had it for like 5 years alreadyLookin' sharp mate