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Freestyle Love Supreme @freestylelove The Booth Theatre on Broadway

CYPHER ENGAGED || A spontaneous fusion of hip hop, improv, and comedy! Now on Broadway at the Booth Theatre!

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@RachelBeth99 @Lin_Manuel @essex_honors @aneesafolds We run until Jan. 5th, 2020.Just about sums up all the fun we had this weekend at #FreestyleLoveSupreme. 🎤
@tammytotz1221 Yessssss! See you then! @EmilyKimoto @Lin_Manuel @jamesmiglehart Thank YOU for being a part of an amazing audience tonight! @KennerNoah @Lin_Manuel Welcome to the Twitter-verse, glad you joined us at the show tonight!
How do you even begin to describe what @FreestyleLove is? We put members of our crew up to the test. to Freestyle Love Supreme, you never know where the night will take you! @joesmithmusic @PeteButtigieg Heck yeah! We're so happy you had a good laugh! @BarbaraEustice @johnceustice Love, love, love this! Glad you had a good time! @thenleisaid @jamesmiglehart @jellyd @UTKtheINC @arthurlewis @offbookbeatbox Aw shucks! We couldn't have done it wi… @FOrDsLaDyWWEFan @UTKtheINC @jellyd @offbookbeatbox @jamesmiglehart Thank YOU for hanging with us! We're glad you had an awesome time! @aggienole @TheatreProblems @maddygraccee_ HECK. YES. We hope Maddy enjoy's her first Broadway show and we can't wa… @Georgiee_Porgie @Lin_Manuel Thanks for all of the love, George! We love the dedication! @Chri5Olender @Lin_Manuel Leggooooo! We can’t wait to see you so soon! @runter82 @offbookbeatbox @jamesmiglehart @jellyd Thanks for being awesome! Glad you joined us! @theHamilswiftie Heck yessss! We can’t wait to see you! @bross124 @Lin_Manuel @UTKtheINC @arthurlewis @aneesafolds We blush, we blush! Thanks for joining us, we’re glad you enjoyed! @DivagirlV11 @keldachick Thanks for hanging with us last night, y’all were great!Thank you Michael for the great article! #proudflsfamily that’s the nicest!! Thanks Jon — can’t wait for InTheHeights to hit movie theaters!! @jonmchu amazing night with my fam from another clam. Has anyone ever said that? They probably shouldn’t. Love you f…
Retweeted by Freestyle Love Supreme#Repost @JellyD: "Such a joy to see our #FLSAcademy students at @FreestyleLove on Broadway! I love these brave soul…
@theHamilswiftie Box office tomorrow morning!U up? Day off tomorrow? Come get a dose of #LATENIGHT @freestylelove at our 10PM show! We’ve got some $40 rush tick… these geniuses made half their show last night about Gabby’s #tattoointhehighschoolbathroom The talent is undeni…
Retweeted by Freestyle Love SupremeAnyone else notice the FLS shirt on @Lin_Manuel SNL bow?? @Lin_Manuel in the debates!! #proudflsfamily @oddieodelia We blush, we blush! Thanks for being a part of an amazing night! @emmua11 HECK YES! Thanks for hanging with us tonight! @troublevero Thanks for joining us again, it’s gonna be dope!
@MicheleKaplan1 @jellyd @UTKtheINC @Lin_Manuel @bsherman2222 @arthurlewis @aneesafolds Thank YOU for joining us, Michele! @Georgiee_Porgie @offbookbeatbox @aneesafolds @UTKtheINC @arthurlewis @Lin_Manuel Heck. Yes. We’re so excited to ha… @babyxe OMG! We love the dedication, see you tomorrow! @tlbkagan @offbookbeatbox @jellyd @UTKtheINC @ChrisisSingin Leggo! We can’t wait to have them with us! @bennyseegz @jellyd @Lin_Manuel @offbookbeatbox @UTKtheINC @jamesmiglehart Yeeeeeessssss! Let’s do this, see you tomorrow! @TheRickConnor @Lin_Manuel Heck yes! Thanks for joking us! @JerZeeJess Thanks for hanging with us!Sometimes he raps, sometimes he sings! It’s J-SOUL! @Georgiee_Porgie @jodimckee @BwaySHO @annaspykerman @msmartiannyc @jazzchica @Lin_Manuel AMAZING! See y'all then! @pfogs The perfect end to a long week! Thanks for hanging with us, Paige!! @Georgiee_Porgie @jodimckee @BwaySHO @annaspykerman @msmartiannyc @jazzchica @Lin_Manuel Feel better soon, Georgette! @jodimckee @Georgiee_Porgie @BwaySHO @annaspykerman @msmartiannyc @jazzchica @Lin_Manuel Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Wasn't it dope?? @beijingdou @Lin_Manuel That was so fun!!! Y’all were the best! @Maestrotakus @UTKtheINC @aneesafolds @kailamullady @bsherman2222 @arthurlewis @Lin_Manuel Damn- y’all were a great… @wetripthelight Thanks for the LOVE! Hope to see you soon! @superprofesh Isn't she amazing?!? @JuleesahLee Thanks for the LOVE! @beetlelins We run on adrenaline and awesome song ideas! @DarleneLeifson Yeeeeeeeesssssss! Cannot wait!
@MagentaRocks We blush, we blush! Thanks for coming (and not being shy)! @tlbkagan @jellyd @UTKtheINC @ChrisisSingin We're here for this mic check! @thejennybot Thanks for coming out, Jenny! @Lschwieters Thanks, Lynn! You're dope! @LighterWay2Live Late nights are the best night. Are you coming to hang with us soon? @isaac2004 @TashasEv You're making us blush! Thanks for coming to hang out with us, Issac! @beijingdou Oh hells yes! See you soon! @O_Mierca @UTKtheINC Yes. Yes. Yes. @L8rAlliegator @Lin_Manuel Oh hells yes!!! Bring some song ideas with you! @Maestrotakus Yeeeeeeeesssssss! Thanks for hanging with us! @randiyo Awww we are so sorry to hear that, Randi. Hopefully, you can see us again soon!! @troublevero @randikoro LEGGO!! Can't wait for you to join us.In kindergarten, what did you want to be when you grew up? (🎥: @AneesaFolds) hip-hop artists? (🎥: @AneesaFolds) is the most fun part about what you do in #FreestyleLoveSupreme? (🎥: @AneesaFolds) musical? (🎥: @AneesaFolds) GIVE IT UP for one of our newest members- @AneesaFolds aka YOUNG NEES! a basement to the Booth! We’re still pinching ourselves that we’ve ended up on Broadway!
@DerikZoo @UTKtheINC @WayneBrady @jamesmiglehart @jellyd @offbookbeatbox We blush, we blush! Glad we could be a par… @msmiih @Lin_Manuel Love this a llama (a lot)! @csalcii @Lin_Manuel @UTKtheINC @asalcii Leggoooooo! We can’t wait to see you in 56 days!! @surly_bird Yesssss! November can’t come soon enough! @K_bowes @voguemagazine @UTKtheINC @ChrisisSingin @DaveedDiggs @jellyd @jamesmiglehart @offbookbeatbox @arthurlewis @Kgriff_W That would be dope wouldn’t it? @DanielleHoey26 @offbookbeatbox We can’t wait to see you so soon! @zurint Thanks for all the LOVE! @LynneBiggar @jellyd @jamesmiglehart @UTKtheINC @WayneBrady @Lin_Manuel Thanks for hanging with us! @MagentaRocks See you soon!#proudflsfamily — the amazing @WayneBrady getting some hometown love!
Is there any topic that you will absolutely not freestyle about? (🎥: @UTKtheINC) is your favorite song right now? (🎥: @UTKtheINC) does it feel to go to Broadway? (🎥: @UTKtheINC) is your pre-show ritual? (🎥: @UTKtheINC) five hip-hop artists? (🎥: @UTKtheINC) is your advice for young rappers? (🎥: @UTKtheINC) IT UP for @UTKtheINC! 🔥 y’all — check out our BuzzFeed interview! Around minute 25 FYI. #proudflsfamily @aneesafolds @UTKtheINC
From freestyling to fashion magazines! Thanks for the feature, @VogueMagazine. HUNDRED PERCENT PROPS to the individual who came out to their parents during tonight’s @freestylelove supreme s…
Retweeted by Freestyle Love Supreme @areyouboreddoe We couldn't have done it without you! Literally! @SusanKnipper1 @Lin_Manuel @ChrisisSingin What a night, what a night! Thanks for chilling! @aggienole @TheatreProblems Thanks for the LOVE! Hope you can see us soon! @SonYAsbookshelf Yooooo! Thanks for spreading us! @clowchan Yeeeeeeeesssssss! Thanks for joining us! @GinaBurrage @Lin_Manuel Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We couldn’t have done it without you! Literally. @deb_marieRN Thanks for coming! @csalcii Are you going to join us??? @clowchan Damn- y’all were a great crowd! Thanks for hanging with us! @Brosoor @RebeccaEFontana @ChrisisSingin @WayneBrady We certainly think so! Come check us out for a night of laughter and freestyling! @JuleesahLee So glad! Come back anytime you need a little freestyle pick me up!