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🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶 @FreeWavez West Los Angeles, CA

Sound Engineer/Producer/DJ/Artist - - - - - Business: - - - - - Wave Up Records - N_U_O Records

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Shoot 2 Kill @KingSherriff 👑
You deserve your flowers @itsnellemusic wishing u the happiest of birthdays and a blessed upcoming year!Tbh I don’t think I ever sleep....A lil glitchy but.... WE LIVE[ENG] [PST} FREEWAVEZ: WAVE RADIO - EPISODE 9 check... one two one two
New Tings Tonight... New Home! - Wave Radio - - #Wave #Radio #Twitch #Stream @ Los Angeles,… we have officially found a home for WAVE RADIO! Trying to figure out how we are gonna run everything smoothly…
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶 @austinmillz will be djing #143athome for our thursday night turn up 💜💜 see you 2nite in the chats 💬💬…
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶NOV 2ND - RE:CONSTRUCTION available to listen and download EXCLUSIVELY on /…
Also we have officially found a home for WAVE RADIO! Trying to figure out how we are gonna run everything smoothly… have 2 projects dropping very soon. Filled with so so so much music. I know it’s not cool to do albums any more b… @SoSusMusic @papakhanmusic Every morning @ScHoolboyQtie BothLemme clip a 3rd drop on the TL right quick🌝
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶 @universexpander Yassss here we go! @ScHoolboyQtie She went to my highYou’re running out of money You’re running out of money You’re running out of money You’re running out of money You…
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶Shout out Tokyo Beat and Fashōgun to everyone who’s been goin through some rough shit and is still here fighting
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶Asshole millionaire try’s to be drug dealer and playboy.... instead of staying in your lane now u filing for bankruptcy....Demon Time 😈get ready people !
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶Omg! @T_BirdMusic just blessed me with a HUGE remix! @ScHoolboyQtie Mmmmmmm
Giving someone candy corn should be considered a threat
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶😭😭😭 R U GUYS READY?
Holy Shit!’s the lineup we wanted! @KingSherriff vs the Dodgers 🙈
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶 @Surge_Yo @cantfindlulu This one firePull up a seat bon appetite... No Louboutin's when that red on your sneaks... Bang @ Los Angeles, California
@T_BirdMusic And when u feeling frisky T Majorso lowkey that if my name is ever in your mouth you're probably doing too much @simplysaff @SecretDJBook I thought I told u thisWish U Were HereCurrently sitting on 2 albums... Thinking about releasing Nov and Feb @ScHoolboyQtie Lowkey everyone at the same resorti find it funny people can have whole ass careers and when they get outed as abusers literally everyone in the indu…
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶 @dotmvsic @JacElizabethhThere is a time and place for everything....
@cavaliersound SameStop Putting These DJs and Musicians on a pedestal!Really wish the gate keepers would just let me pass thruIT TAKES ZERO FUCKING EFFORT TO BE A GOOD PERSON!!!!
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶 @demimverron @spiiiins my spirit animal @ScHoolboyQtie @ScHoolboyQtie ✈️Is the internet still keeping track of these DJs taking shows during a pandemic? Or did we just stop caring. @ScHoolboyQtie Zammm... simply gorgeousWhy am I STILL hungover from last night.... 😞SkrrtSkriber Saturdays Live 🔴 im on Twitch right now making beat with the Subscribers winners of the Marbles races…
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶 @iamclopz I’m pretty sure this is a meme by now but addicted to this record! @skyman42069 But in fact u do! Love u sky squirrel @iamclopz Tbh a lot of variety on my side. Falling back in love with HipHop and finding some new found love for groovy house tunes @iamclopz I miss u brother. I hope ur finding inspiration and the music is treating u wellI really don’t fuck with drive in raves.... please please please just stay homeI miss @iamclopzSiri play “What’s Poppin” @cantfindlulu 👑
2020 @AstroBoyMatthew Tbh all the time. Hard to feel purpose some days. Blessed for the days that feel better than others. @nappyisCRACKED @nappyisCRACKED I have a full movie theater running 24/7 sad my Yeezy 1 platinums broke apart last night 🙃Sorrry for the super short stream today! We raided @kollabalab ! He is about to start another beat battle challange… every week! Every Friday! Pull up and vibe![ENG] [PST} FREEWAVEZ: WAVE RADIO - EPISODE 8 ! -- !discord !streamavatars @RikiYamada @elohimmusic @beatport @YouTube Music is the Cure @LaLaChuu @spiiiinsYall we about to get real spooky in this thang come slide on me while we hunt ghosts in #Phasmophobia
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If you plan on sharing your art Share it all Cuz you don’t decide what people like
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶 @ScHoolboyQtie I mod on Thursday nights 😭 @FOURCOLORZACK can bless Austin Millz with a raid after ur stream pretty please 🙏🏼Imagine Dating Her... @ScHoolboyQtie Explains it allA relationship should be 50/50.... I make her love songs.... And she cheats on me.... oh.... this is supposed to be funny. Got itMy crush lives so far bet she don’t think imma pull up...Distance....I probs wouldn’t be able to make it through life without discord!
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Did the music for this short film/mockumentary. #FreeTonyZhang
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶Tomorrow @ 7p PST 👀👀👀
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶The Crumbliest After Afterhours!
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶ANNOUNCING... HALLOWEEN HEATERS 3 😈 Our 3rd installment of spooky bangers drops 10/23 with singles dropping all wee…
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶11:11 🖤🌊 @greatdane Miss u tooY are all the edm kids trying to sound like @OfficialAceAura today.... ?NEW BALLADS HOUSE MUSIC! 🏠💞 21 SAVAGE 🗡 FACETIME 📲 STREAM/DOWNLOAD:
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶 @universexpander I was not... 12/4/87 Send some Energy新PCでの環境が整ったので久々に顔出しDTM配信します! 今夜21時から
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶“butterflies” (featuring jay park @jaybumaom) official music video out now. 🦋
Retweeted by 🎶FRÊĒWÂVËŽ🎶Believe... Then ReceiveTbh I always feel like I flourish under retrograde.... May the odds be in my favorLoved going thru and telling the stories behind some of my songs! We raided @DJBADMUSIC ! He got the tunes to cure…[ENG] [PST} FREEWAVEZ: Dear Diary... Tonight I Spill All.... -- !discord !streamavatars't stop won't stop
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