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@GOPLeader @NationalGuard Way to mislead people yet again, but hey that’s the Republican way isn’t it? @SenRonJohnson Shut up you puppet.
@donwinslow “We’ll see how this goes.” My guess is that it won’t go very far. @PPennypacker @RepMTG @JoeBiden Q called and said that you should realign your Q calendar. The year of the Kraken d… @RepMTG @JoeBiden Q called and said you need to recalculate your Q-Kalendar because the person you were to impeach… @SenTedCruz Resign, you insufferable toad. @mtgreenee Your followers literally attacked the seat of government little more than two weeks ago. But go on with… @VoteMarsha *except 1/6/2021“Siri, show me the difference between a bad and good press secretary” man she was done, huh
Retweeted by Robbie M. @parlertakes They are going to really lose their shit when they realize the Pope wasn’t arrested. @letsreadhorror @deathsheadpress I’m going to want to read that! @StephenM @POTUS Terror hot spots like Tennessee? @lynnrusso88 @david_j_roth @StephenM @POTUS Come on everyone, Linn is in a bad place right now. Q lied about Trump… forget that you can be BOTH supportive and critical of your leaders. Blind support is detrimental to our comm…
@jkcarnah Go buy some MyPillows you Q dork. @shanehawkk @ksorbs You are right. We won’t forget all the damage he and his cronies did to this country. His name will be all… @steven0560 @ksorbs
Retweeted by Robbie M. @dotjenna The only sad thing is your Twitter bio.Sound up! @letsreadhorror Now we have the youngest poet laureate reciting a powerful work of hope and unity. Hope for the future on so many levels. @SadieHartmann This tweet is everything. @Mike_Pence @LloydEisler Well, Obama didn’t start any wars. You still can’t tell the truth. Sad.
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@SecAzar @HHSGov @AlexAzar You will be remembered as an incompetent Trump lackey who lied all the way up to the end. @TODAYshow I’m already miserable so....Watching the COVID-19 Memorial that is being led by the president elect @JoeBiden and vice-president elect… @srkdall Big sleep energy around here as well. @SecPompeo This is rich coming from a guy who works for a guy who attempted to overthrow valid election results in....the United States. @SecPompeo You probably should have read this a long time ago Mikey. @SecPompeo Yeah , you really should read this. @RepMTG You don’t understand the first amendment or the second amendment. Resign now. @RepHagedorn Didn’t you vote to invalidate countless votes over unproven claims of fraud? Resign. Now. @DC_Draino Huh, you don’t understand how the first amendment works? Where did you go to law school?NEW: Using data from 18 publicly accessible Discord chat servers, we found numerous participants in January 6 unres…
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@parlertakes Oh no!!!! Sheetz will be closed. How will I survive “the storm”??!!??!!!!??? @mtgreenee You still don’t get how free speech works? Maybe you shouldn’t be in Congress if you can’t understand the most basic amendment.A new version of the fist statue is being put up at George Floyd Square. This one is made of sheet metal.
Retweeted by Robbie M. @big_fielder @PressSec Jesus Del! Did you even read the tweet? @mtgreenee @Twitter Just what we need is a super lame knockoff of the Cheeto in Charge — take your Q act elsewhere. Resign. Now.Drew Brees now has lots of time to respect the flag:
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@mtgreenee Q told me you should resign right now. When We Resign One We Resign All or whatever stupid phrase that y… people run this great publishing company and have a great discount code. fat reminder that if people legitimately convinced themselves to believe that donald trump was a good president…
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As much as I want to laugh at this I have to remind myself that people like this are a danger to everyone around th… @CthulhuPostman @dean_dahl @freeblackgirl @BridgetMarie Calling Shapiro “reasonable” and “not a bad guy”? Would a “… $15/hr min wage bothers you because it's more/ the same or "too close to" what you're making, direct that anger…
Retweeted by Robbie M. @CawthornforNC It is sad that you were elected. Resign. Now.
A crackhead “advising” the sad/mad orange. Scary stuff. @TTuberville @Sen_Tuberville Resign. Now. You are a fraud in every sense of the word.I wonder how all these right-wingers are going to feel when they find out “cancel culture” doesn’t hold a flame to criminal prosecutions.Officer: Do you know how fast you were going? Me: where were you the evening of January 6th?
Retweeted by Robbie M. @DanaWessel Don’t waste your time. Annoying and pretentious music made by an equally annoying asshole of a person. @laurenboebert @getongab Free. Speech. Is. NOT. Under. Attack. @laurenboebert I’m calling on you to resign for aiding terrorists. Or stick around and find out what it’s like to g… important, and quite hilarious, read. @RepAndyBiggsAZ So are you the one hiding your fellow traitor Ali Alexander? Shut your mouth and resign right now.
All these idiots filming themselves inside the Capitol, or just having their phones on, are going to get a visit fr… excited to be included in the @Night_Worms book party for CRUEL SUMMER by @WesSouthard Big thanks to… @parlertakes @RepFischbach You are providing comfort and support to terrorists. Resign. Now.I’m looking forward to having my “Minnesota exceptionalism” tested by the ever fantastic @ChrisGethard and his new… to announce NEW JERSEY IS THE WORLD. I’m making a podcast about New Jersey that couples with a Patreon that’s…
Retweeted by Robbie M.I would appreciate if someone from @politico would read all the racist things Ben Shapiro has said about Arabs and…
Retweeted by Robbie M. @RepPeteStauber No unity without accountability. Have you seen all the troops surrounding the Capitol building? Th… @historydigger3 @RepHagedorn Nobody. Lost. Their. Freedom. Of. Speech. @RepHagedorn Resign, you sad turtle. Your party killed a Capitol police officer. Your party desecrated the nation’s… @LindseyGrahamSC Where were you on 1/6/2021? Weren’t you screaming about not have enough protection as the insurre… @mtgreenee @JoeBiden Haha. You are such a clown. Resign. Today.Donald Trump needs to set the record straight about Q. He needs to explicitly state that he is not fighting a cabal…
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@DonaldJTrumpJr “There is always a tweet” junior edition. @AHILBERT3000 @LindseyGrahamSC Hey crybaby resign already! @RepTomEmmer @RepHagedorn @RepPeteStauber @RepFischbach all need to tender their resignations immediately. They are… what WOULD be an impeachable offense, 197 GOP members of Congress?? The Republican Party is a failed enterprise…
Retweeted by Robbie M. @mtgreenee Gaslighting seems to be a trend for all Cult45 members. You aren’t Christian, you are a Trumper. Resign. Now. @mtgreenee Resign, you dumb dummy. @RepMTG @mtgreenee Q called, he wants you to resign. @mtgreenee @RepLizCheney If the “base” is QAnon dorks and fascists like you, then it’s probably best Liz steer clear. @RepMTG @mtgreenee You are the enemy of this country. Resign. Now. @mtgreenee Why are you still in Congress? Resign. Now. @RepMTG @mtgreenee False equivalency. Resign. Now!
Retweeted by Robbie M. @RepHagedorn Have you resigned yet? No? Well, get to it!On top of everything else, the Trump/Republican axis murdered a mentally ill woman last night. you know how fucked up the world is when I am the voice of reason on CNN? I’ve eaten pudding out of a BAG before…
Retweeted by Robbie M. @hausedave So stoked for this anniversary. Here is a throwback to that Minneapolis basement show with Northcote and… @ChadLutzke Ooooooh! Yes please!!! @RepGosar Resign. Now.Greetings from your friendly neighborhood political scientist who studies the breakdown of democracy and the rise o…
Retweeted by Robbie M. @IvanHnn Let’s not forget that this United squad, for the most part, has been together for a few seasons. Chelsea h… @FischbachMN7 @RepFischbach Now is the time for you to resign. @RepHagedorn Resign. Now. @RepTomEmmer Resign. Now. @RepPeteStauber Resign. Now.Porn Against Fascism. Sorta really sad that people can hurl all sorts of threats on Telegram, but boobs are a no-no.
Hitler was found guilty of treason and sentenced to five years in prison after the Beer Hall Putsch. He served nine…
Retweeted by Robbie M. @slut4antifa So what am I supposed to do now with my officially licensed ANTIFA decoder ring?