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eagerly following the ramona flowers redemption arc from birds of prey 🐿 drawing buttons @facebook

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i have a serious account – its the group chat where i go cry you cant follow itlots of ppl r trying to add to the joke in comments & i need them to understand _i_ have set up a pretty strong con… know i was on the fence about this issue, waiting to hear both sides of the story and such but im starting to t… @marcelcutts miss u marcel buy me a pint when this is overA friend in Cuba sent me this. We’re getting clowned on by Cuban whatsapp
Retweeted by laura bananasa friend told me once that he couldn’t unsee how gravity falls Wendy and Robbie have the exact same body type and s… making children’s cartoons more inclusive we are depriving kids of an important part of a bisexual awakening: th… now seriously if youre trying to make good css I like to think of components as juice and glasses - your presen… imdb reviews bot is such an underappreciated gem found the 1 place on hoxton st that will still serve coffee and its a pizza shop and the guy (in a chef outfit) h… 7 of quarantine: half of twitter made bread today. Many of them were not wearing pants.
Retweeted by laura bananasu shouldnt do this!!! its a niave implementation use useReducer to properly manage yr margin stateif u dont wanna use css margin you can use react hooks instead @jennschiffer ty for the validation!!! but also we basically have the same avatar and i was so confused as to who w… @Multi_Task_King @xander85 @CaitlinBreeanna i ate it all okay imma go get moreit’s been a while since i talked about my favorite wikipedia page, the ‘ships are NOT boys’ policy page… to be clear what i mean by ‘im _trying_ to be vegan’ is that the peanut butter kitkat chunky has milk in it an… put pasta in the rice cooker bc i’m so random lol and anyway now i have this completely massive completely oversi… can’t for the life of me tell if marble blast was any good actually or it just gave you something mindless to d… i didn’t remember at all from forza horizon was all the pt cruisers everywhere see sometimes things from… i know about american accents is that you gotta replace random vowels with the spanish pronunciation of a and t… a deal of ppl ask me about the difference between frontend code and backend code. frontend is the cool one and backend is the one for nerdslove when designers are like ‘i craft interfaces for HUMANS’ thank you for clarifying i craft them for harold the c… like 9 to 10 is for the elderly but only Monday weds and fri and the NHS can get in an hour before doors ope… working out at what hour my supermarket opens to the general public today so I can get a coffee reddit has made me realize I don’t know any men in infosec actually?? It’s like all my girl friends who have m…
The worst thing about the modern era is that there will be an entire generation of art wiped from history because i…
Retweeted by laura bananasbeing a web developer used to mean more than writing javascript. it used to be all about torrenting a copy of photo… playing a ton of fable and also of real life im really enjoying this mechanic in bioshock infinite where you… totally get it it’s why im binging games instead of watching movies they give me something to do with my h… respect that the chair only ties you up so you’ll pay attention to the carefully choreographed entrance to the… when bioshock first came out and it felt so weird that their civilization was falling apart yet everybody… dont do it booker 40 of quarantine started replaying it like 2 years ago but the remaster messed up the ui scale and the text was literally unreadab… things i do to prevent conflict is pretending to not be upset when my parents ignore me trying to go vegan and… twist in firewatch story where it goes like HA WE TRICKED U INTO THINKING THIS STORY WAS INTERESTING BUT IT IS… is an outlier in the walking simulator genre of gaming because instead of being a game about a teenager w… threw a poorly smashed clove in a soup and i grabbed a big chunk thinking it was a block of cheddar and i was like HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THISbig bread invented the social pressure against eating raw garlic to sell you garlic bread pass it intbf these are emotional support waffles WAY WESTERN MAN??
Retweeted by laura bananasim having a bit of a cry as the reality of this whole situation really sets in and ngl im finding a lot of solace i… have never in my life seen a fat hairless cat
Retweeted by laura bananasngl i feel a bit cheated @ my mom wanting to skype on a saturday please this is my first day of the week with no video calls and i’m keeping it that waymy new hobby is screenshooting photos of the @BTP where cops are increasingly clearly less than six feet apart apocalypse is so weird i remember picking this game at launch and thinking ‘wow forza is trying so hard to be cool’ and i mean it… offli ran out of 7up (cool hip trendy beverage) and i has to get schweppes (adult boring fancy beverage) and i k…*piers morgan who just woke up from a 2 month comma voice* saw this in london today. outrageous. never expected to… hate explaining shit. telepaths only
Retweeted by laura bananas*cat voice* found a spot to sit
simpler times, man [checks, then rechecks clipboard] love? to see it
Retweeted by laura bananasWhat it feels like going out grocery shopping these days
Retweeted by laura bananaswhat a bizarre apocalypse this is beingso earlier this week i overdosed on sleep pills and apparently i gifted myself 24 cans of monster feel this post so hard ❤️ It's okay to be barely functioning right now. It's okay to be stressed and anxious. It…
Retweeted by laura bananasturn on sound for a surprise bc i was listening to simple plan and that got recorded toobtw have i told u about my clap shortcut for iphone? total life changer best thing i ever made… in public: all👏programming👏languages👏are👏the👏same👏it👏doesn’t👏matter👏what👏tech👏u👏use me, at 2pm, in a roadside mo…’m so glad this was a real thing already because this started as a shitpost but then i was writing the div for the… @freezydorito [stares in @jxnblk]
Retweeted by laura bananasoh my GOD and it lets you say `yas` instead of `true`This is the only important decision I've made regarding his design
Retweeted by laura bananasboy: i shoplift and do drugs me, trying to impress him: in march 2020 i went out for TWO forms of exercise once
Retweeted by laura bananasupdate i made it worse my hat in the cursed react styling discourse with ‘have you heard of styled components? well now get ready…
Retweeted by laura bananasI've been struggling to write lately and couldn't find a text editor I liked for Ubuntu, so I made my own with Elec…
Retweeted by laura bananaslike this is in my hometown and jesus fucking christ can people there learn to mind their own fucking business idk its nice that we are better than that not gonna liesomething that scared me about the quarantine is that in mainland europe it has taken this almost lent-like shape w… crows are coming for my coffee and honestly good luck with that boys not even i want this supermarket americano… treating other ppl like they have the plague as usual dog walkers: distancing from the dog even skaters: k… i have learned from this entire situation is that it wasn’t just in tinder profiles, people really just don’t… can’t catch a break can they @_dte @sainsburys +1! Super clear and super on tone
these are gorgeous ❤️
Retweeted by laura bananasHoly shit the park behind sainsburys has A NAME? like that they re establishing her as a teenage delinquent by the implication that this is not her first trip in… @ryanflorence @notbrent it’s beautiful @freezydorito @notbrent Why not three?
Retweeted by laura bananasyou will NEVER believe what the last xbox update did @treelzebub comic code!! dont exist have you ever seen a monad out in the wild? no you havent case closedit’s fantastic and i love it and its a HUGE adjustment from other places I’ve worked at where theyd rather have me… that facebook advertises very little weirdly is that in terms of career progression, ‘be very good at cod… row 3, what a banger, how WEIRD it is to play an open world game where you dont have superpowerseverybody in old street clapped :____)It’s happening!!! #clapforNHS
Retweeted by laura bananasbring your real self to work they said liked doing this for validating strings just to be sure you know, if somebody types a name with a negative n… im jsx ooooh why are u using prop={“value”} you dummy you dont need {} there oh no what is this what is prop=…*tied up, being carried over my kidnappers shoulder* hey i realize i have like ZERO leverage here but i was wonderi… is burnout paradise’s secret. how is it still so good so many years after. what does it have that makes it a t…