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laura whatevers @freezydorito "shoreditch" allegedly

almost dropped my phone into a trashcan to get that cover photo 🐿 making buttons go clicky @facebook

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showing my friends to the hidden line-free mac & cheese truck at the last company party final mission! @type__error how visible does the warning have to be? it might just need to be in the t&cs?i have nothing but respect for poly ppl because i’m not even dating anybody i just have two coffee shops i’m a regu… was today years old when I learned that Disney was sued by a hyena biologist for the depiction of hyenas in Lion…
Retweeted by laura whateversportrait mode works on pigeons wow you touch two CLEAN blocks of the same metal together in space, they weld! Atoms in solid metals move a bit. Tou…
Retweeted by laura whateversit landed in this nation, saw everything luton had to offer, and decided to land in heathrow instead brain still hurts from this episode
Retweeted by laura whateversgot catcalled in what turned out to be a dream and idk its nice its nice my brain at this point has given up on all…
this guy from netflix BNA is dressed like a playstation 5 and i can’t unsee i pull off howdy i can try to pull of howdy its not like they are gonna call me out on this. like i just realiz… @xenadu02 anyconnect replaces its own icon to apply the status overlaysme, 2006: y does the mean tv doctor think ppl cant have 2 diseases at once must he always find 1 cause for it all.… man i was so young so naive @freezydorito Every time a game gets revamped, Dungeon HR and Legal has to sit the Dungeon Boss down for a talk.
Retweeted by laura whateversgoing thru a lot ok @OneWeirdAngel honestly ive learned to embrace the messyness its like i cant eyeball a metre either might as well g… got rid of the cylinder in 2019 but now they measure it with this thing that looks extremely like something yo… guys measure things in feet like monsters and fetishists we use SCIENCE by which i mean we have this cylinder i… discovered that fl oz means ‘fluid ounce' which actually makes a lot of sense. you see in my head it was 'flo… @hhike1 bad praxis @hhike1 shit untweet this @freezydorito no herbs no spices only mayo
Retweeted by laura whateversit’s a fish and ch-okay i think you get this i trust you to get this it’s just not very goodenglish ppl will just like put a trout over a pile of intel core i3s and call it a meal @alt_kia @BooDooPerson it’s not covid you’re thinking of covids monsterBritain 2020
Retweeted by laura whatevers @freezydorito grok gets put on a PIP rather than addressing how it was possible for grok to get injured in the workplace
Retweeted by laura whateversdungeon boss: so is anybody blocked on something grok: GROK FELL ON THE SPIKE PIT AGAIN GROK FEELS NO PAIN FROM BOD… @freezydorito morning standups with the Pits, Traps, and Secret Doorways Division
Retweeted by laura whateversif dungeons have bosses this implies that dungeons also have quarterly performance review cycles @jtannady wasnt the first guy like the final boss in an assassins creed game @KevinDavus @winterslexposed air=tall, pro 13 = grande, pro 16 = venti IMHOdeflecting accountability for the bad things that happen around you - stunts personal growth - my therapist says it… @Pabrick i like ittt! if you dont wanna commit to a whole jar just try the love burg itself for lunch! @monkchips @unblock_list this accounts got a history haha @unblock_list what blocklistsit’s SO GOOD yall holy shit i cant believe you can just like walk into a coffee shop and buy weed 2020: holy shit i cant believ… understand the need for tough measures at the border but this is too much.
Retweeted by laura whateversshe turns into ball like sonic in gay baby jail to walk into the forest temple do y’all need anything new covid favorite is this cafe that has forgotten the opposite of takeout are you sure ganondorf: yes why are you asking contractor: its just clients normally dont ask for floor… you think about it ganondorf never actually DOES anything evil in the zelda canon all he actually visibly uses h… has gotten me so used to next day shipping that its completely bananas to me my apple store laptop has spent… a break between tasks and made these for an artist frd, very stupid but can you relate😔
Retweeted by laura whateversrename the 16 inch macbook to Macbook Pro Max cowardsasking alexa about the weather in the ratatouille universe really took a dark turn since the events of the original film didnt have any caffeine since sunday and drank 4 monsters today and ngl im starting to have second thoughts sucks turns out everything i thought was romantic is actually codependency
Retweeted by laura whateversa voice up above says that the oxygen masks will come out of the ceiling. not when you want them, but rather, when… sitting in a long theater-like room with 100 other people and having actors in the corridor silently perfor… in N64 games r like 'i got this power fragment you need to save everybody, found it lying around! if you want…
imma stream some odst RIGHT NOW if you wanna join!! say hi on chat officially over folx @freezydorito In the same way some people dig the classic propaganda poster aesthetic I hope “fast food COVID poste…
Retweeted by laura whateversi was PLANNING to twitter bot them and then they disappeared and now it’s like do i even bother i can’t top the rea… that like 20 hours where we didn’t knew if they pulled back the WELCOME BACK TO SUMMER ads bc the actual b… that all this time the 5G coronavirus theory was a cleverly engineered distraction from the very real 5G bo… gothic If We Kissed 😳😳 In The Dominos Exclusion Zone @hhike1 you say that but thanksbot is awfully quiet @hhike1 bonk_notes @hhike1 how do i make a macro also as a bit of a guilty pleasure i love how the ps3 was like all over the fucking place it even switched logo… u ask me i like the side logo on the og ps3 covers / the engraving on the xb1 boxes, they both let the boxart be… love how everything about disk games on PS5 is like ‘seriously? you really want disks? are you really gonna make… it with the design system @hhike1 #blessed 😇 @freezydorito Counterpoint: haaaave you met Vigil?
Retweeted by laura whateversthere see we already dun goofed @conniptions if you claim your computer is free of sin, while it is a universal truth the world is sinful, are you… Code can only truly be Clean if you write it on a computer that has never witnessed sin so like why even tryokay you change vpngui.icons inside the app package to whatever icon your heart desires and heres a vid if that sou… @EmmettNeyman will do!!Tomorrow at noon PST! #Korra #Korrasami
Retweeted by laura whateversand it does the antichamber non euclidean space thing that i absolutely despise because if anything can be anywhere… fine i guess but it thinks its way smarter than it really is. it feels like it doesnt actually know what to do… finally had a chance to play superliminal (1 year later cuz xbox) and its exactly like stanley parable in that i… @sophiebits @dan_abramov @acdlite im bad at this okay @sophiebits @dan_abramov @acdlite and then if both dan and i die its an agatha christie novel waiting to happen @sophiebits @dan_abramov @acdlite you can be mine!you can pretend media doesnt subconsciously influence children but lets be real yall think dogs cats and mice form… abt cancelling/censorship/stuff is that even the worse case scenario is that maybe then the generation after… some reason the intel screen on the mcc remaster shows the objectives inline instead of as a list and it just f… are they putting coronavirus in my lift love 2020 i love that 9 to 5 now means you actually work between nine or five minutes before taking a break and p… found out you can change the anyconnect icon and im so happy about it bc it just like chills in yr dock forever a… netflix shows i watch on my work laptop to my other friends about hank scorpio and monorail guyrewatching the best simpsons episodes is so weird because its increasingly hard to tell how much of it was intended… @Seraxiz what you gotta do is fake your own death cut everybody and everything away from your life move to a differ… were between a comic book store and a brewdog. life was simple. life was perfect. except for the mice problem bu… surprise is skeuomorphism and kinder joy is neumorphism. discuss