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freia lobo @freialobo New York, NY

product manager at startups. previously @twitter.

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i’m really worried, like in general
Retweeted by freia lobo @isosteph as someone who has wanted both... lmao - much like the desire to be a pm the job is somehow painted as a… love gen z so much I sent Rohan a birthday gift and he literally sent me an unboxing reaction video 🥺 @hoctopi uncrustables are my quarantine breakfast 😌 @rashiq flex.... @jmitch @thisiskp_ ha yeah, sort of. i can think of dozens of cos that have tried what josh is saying though.Hello! I'm starting a monthly newsletter that will just keep you updated on everything I've been writing this month…
Retweeted by freia loboAlmost every time I do a media appearance, especially if it's TV/video, I get messages like this (I went on TwiT yd…
Retweeted by freia lobo @lmatsakis awful awful awful !!! UGHLife update: We got married a couple of weeks ago! 💍
Retweeted by freia lobo @rohanrkumar probably for the best that you're leaving LA @kaushlaks @maitreyeedoshi Gonna cry all over again 😭😭😭 congrats you two ❤️❤️❤️investors b like “we love the growing creator economy” and don’t even know who emma chamberlain is
Retweeted by freia lobo @nwilliams030 i learned recently and I was floored...ur baby 🥺 @ghosttyped it’s not realize ???I'm never leaving twitter.
Retweeted by freia loboThe older I get the more this rings true for me have a big announcement today @girlsnightinHQ. Today, we are launching The Lounge, our new membership platform f…
Retweeted by freia lobo @alishalisha @girlsnightinHQ omg this is amazing! congrats :)This church is winning.
Retweeted by freia lobo @kayvz @pandemona Sara this dress!!! congrats y'all 🥂for me the most challenging and useful skill online (maybe also in life?) is simultaneously maintaining perspective… @BrainEngineer @rohanrkumar This is awesome 🔥remember ms. monopoly. we didn’t talk about that enough @jackiehluo @benjitaylor got u"i just be thinking" New week. New content from @ajmccree_ @milawilson_ and me. Enjoy.
Retweeted by freia lobo @isosteph it literally looks like little fires !!! @TurnerNovak About ten million ? They lit up the world as I fell asleep @benjitaylor alwaysI saw fireflies for the first time in my life and I have to say... I did not believe my eyes
@nickabouzeid most recent listing in that building now @danshipper @nbashaw sorry @defaultalive I’m dumping you, Dan says I have to find someone awesome @danshipper literally made one (1) episode and now in awe of you guys this is so hard! recording is fun but editing… 👋 Lots of interns and new grads have reached out to me asking how to break into data analytics. In the spirit of…
Retweeted by freia lobo @anmolm_ @chetanp @Shubham @snigdhasur @vedicakant this north indian me when you have real contendersYou either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself start a podcast. @rohanrkumar @innocence @rhnkmr Happy birthday 👑Hey 👋 Today’s my 22nd bday 🥳 Matching donations until $1000 dollars to the @innocence project If u want to don…
Retweeted by freia lobocan’t stop listening to this very very impressed with Descript. Transcript of yourself is brutal though. This is me in every sentence i tweet and delete. i crave the light but fear it immensely. what i love will destroy me. any questions???????
Retweeted by freia lobo @kathiepham @juliengaillard @pandemona merci beaucoup!Who's the best freelancer or consultant you've ever worked with? Tuesday's newsletter feature had a family emergenc…
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@juliengaillard Le festin!!! 🥺 piece about Dialup in The Guardian today! ✨
Retweeted by freia lobo @WillManidis @zebulgar always insane to me when people pull something *within the frame* of the last msg where they… @abenaanim21 still no but you might get something else :) @roooooland lmaoi tried today and it was really great! the quality is awesome. @rohanrkumar $20 - everything bundle $1000 - gifts for Rohan @anmolm_ @sarthakgh Art, artist, etc 😂 I have accepted if I start boycotting Bollywood actors... there’s nothing left for me to watch @sarthakgh Gully Boy, The Sky Is Pink, The Zoya Factor, Raazi, Andhadhun, Love per Square Foot, Photograph @freialobo @danshipper Ahhh thank you!!! Btw if anyone reading this is in a tough financial situation and can't af…
Retweeted by freia loboTheir podcast has also become a fast favorite love the Everything bundle - smart, unassuming, well written analysis. Super excited about what @danshipper &… @nbashaw now do top 3!!! 🚀 @beejoli wowww also lmao shout out NDTV @beejoli I’ve never heard of this! we kept ours in the fridge the day before eating in Bombay/Goa @sarthakgh I have recs for basically any type of move you want but I’ve been rewatching older Shah Rukh stuff on Ne… @okshaleila ya seriously wtf @anmolm_ ugh noooooonobody told me Abhishek Bachchan has covid or that Ariana Grande is selling masks ......I need new friends @angiejwkim always ... the dish of the summer is watermelon feta saladthe only thing worse than feeling stuck when every option feels equally bad is feeling stuck when every option feels equally goodmy song of the summer is harry styles’ watermelon sugar 🍉Call Me By Your Name (2017)
Retweeted by freia lobo @louisaworle nope hahaha all gone @beejoli tumblr tumblr tumblr @arshia__ tasteI made this twitter account in high school and occasionally I am floored at how weird it is that the same account i… when I reply to an email saying “no worries”
Retweeted by freia lobo @heatherGrey_ who is she 😍 @nbashaw @mayashoucair I had some good ones! :) also had plenty of boring theory and difficult math that I’ve fully erased from my memory @nbashaw @mayashoucair more broadly - when i was in college learning these concepts/reading the texts for the first… @nbashaw @mayashoucair a few diff/unrelated things I've been revisiting The Dictator's Handbook - how politician… @dheera_vuppala @gaby_goldberg @hiatuswork this is awesome!!!🆒 job alert - do you like (love) transit? making cities more equitable and livable? @remix is seeking a product des…
Retweeted by freia lobo @MarSukkar It would not be an exaggeration to say that meeting you changed my life! Congrats on all your impact ❤️… don’t even remember how to write I just buy pens and then continue to use my phone for everythinghow is muji going bankrupt despite me buying more pens every visit than I will ever use in my lifeWe got featured in @businessinsider for an article about Substack creators, and they asked for a photo of…
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@becva UhhhHhHhhcursed word
Retweeted by freia lobo @jackiehluo can our company be a fampany 🥺nobody tell my parents I said thatComputer Science was more tightly related to getting a job of course but the Economics classes actually taught me a…’ve been rereading some Economics books from college because some of the concepts have come up lately and I never… you for such a kind and thoughtful review of BIG FRIENDSHIP ⁦@trishphall⁩. Also I FEEL SO SEEN 😭 “Aminatou’…
Retweeted by freia lobo @thedanigrant @_irtefa @jhilmd @nateparrott @dlberes @Kantrowitz @ozm Damon I give u a lot of shit but this is good @bebrookelyn ya I think that could work!This startup sells clothes from the same factories as Alexander Wang and Prada—at a fraction of the cost
Retweeted by freia lobo @nwilliams030 i have been curious but idk if I want in ??? @kevinbryantlou @NotionHQ Yeah I might do this @cassidoo Yeah i hate thatif i use notion for work and personal what is the least annoying way to make all my workspaces show up on desktop a… @hunterwalk wait that’s it?? ok let me follow some more teensMe joining whatever app gen z moves to after tiktok
Retweeted by freia lobo @hunterwalk This whole time we only understood 50% of VC tweets so it cancels out