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Unableton Dead @freiksenet Helsinki, Finland

Core Tech Lead at @gatsbyjs. Opinions my own. Socialist, double cat parent, atheist, DM, mini painter, techno producer he/him

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I’m perplexed by the replies defending police actions because of some “other side” doing something. If someone com…
Retweeted by Unableton DeadIf you're not anti-fascist, you're fascist
Retweeted by Unableton DeadI'm amazed how many supposed freedom-loving libertarians are totally cool with the idea of government paramilitarie…
Retweeted by Unableton Dead @ascorbic I'm used to seeing such violence at protests in Russia or Hong Kong. It's absolutely surreal to see that… @rachelnabors I'm so sorry Rachel. Fuck cancer.Peaceful Protest Interrupted By Swarm Of Aggressive Black-Clad Militants
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@jcderr Oh yeah, I def wasn't using it as an excuse. More that this makes it easy to ignore and never encounter it @ObedParla @jcderr But it's not that clearly definable in the typical way we analyze racism in the country. Finns o… @ObedParla @jcderr Yeah, absolutely. This all makes it a super hard topic to discuss without local context. Eg Norw… @jcderr Ultimately there are always "titular nation" in a European country. Often there is also a one titular langu… @jcderr So from European context, while many cities are super international, note how non urban population mostly i… @jcderr I don't disagree. But you shouldn't view European ethnic issues from a US pov, both in positive and negativ…'s easy to be a white liberal in your predominately white liberal country and to be angry at racist US, while ele… need to be better here, in places we live at. It's not enough to be outraged by what's happening in USA, you mus… predominantly mono ethnic also helps with not seeing examples of racism in daily life, esp if you are or look… is plenty of racism and ethnic hatred in Europe. Yes, there is generally less police brutality in Europe, but…
@heydonworks Ah, I just missed the update 😅I'll get my shit together and deliver a track! @heydonworks What about that accessibility compilation?Unpopular opinion: most of reduce functions should be rewritten as for-of.
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Protestors Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First
Retweeted by Unableton DeadIf you think communicating technical topics is just as important as writing code, start paying technical writers as…
Retweeted by Unableton Dead"I like [the orange website] [because] it's just a rational discussion"
Retweeted by Unableton DeadGreat new term for legacy code from @jevakallio at @ReactFinland - rescue code. The code that some developer needs… for having meeeee @ReactFinland, still such a pleasure even if we couldn't be live in Helsinki 🥰 Here's a l…
Retweeted by Unableton DeadThe first #ReactFinland mini-conference with @carolstran, @expensivestevie, and @riittagirl is officially live! Jo…
Retweeted by Unableton DeadThe only appropriate shirt to wear for today's documentation-themed @ReactFinland conf 🤘 You can still register! T…
Retweeted by Unableton Dead"Answer my riddle", said the Sphinx, "and you shall have all the riches you desire. Answer wrong and be devoured."…
Retweeted by Unableton DeadSometimes it feels that whatever you do, there will always be someone who thinks you aren't doing enough.I've discovered Plaid and they are great. @sebmck Gatsby is a paying member of GraphQL Foundation, that supports development of GraphQL spec and funds mainta…
@timolaak Even before that tbh. Without Typescript I'd avoid spreading props.Having to repeat props over multiple levels is a feature, not a bug.Being too lazy to pass props over multiple levels is not a reason to use context or to access global state like Redux.💜 "We employ the lead maintainers of @MDX_js, @WPGraphQL, and @GraphiQL, so they can continue to work on key proje…
Retweeted by Unableton Dead @andrewingram @jevakallio Django docs are love. @ascorbic We def have no shortage of pretentious and stupid genre names in this world.So yeah I like IDM and post-rock, even though artist that do that music hate that label. Genres are for listeners a… mean, IDM as a genre name is stupid and pretenious, but we need stupid and pretensious genre names so that we can… @alexmcan @freezydorito Can you say that one is a Cannonical version? 😅 @freezydorito The only canonical love interest is Garrus. @ascorbic Always tooting your own horn Matt 😜Protip: When you have a short week because of a holiday, your workweek should be 32 hours, not 40 hours shoved into…
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Retweeted by Unableton Dead @tesseralis Always parentheses, always lisp. (narrator: it was always Javascript) @freezydorito Anyone who drives SUV in Europe is secretly an american. @freezydorito European and SUV can't be in one sentence.What would you call your variables? @jackyalcine @mxstbr @TheAmyCode It really pisses me off that an early retirement is not an option to overwhelming majority of people :( @mxstbr @TheAmyCode Around the same, 1M with or 2M without paid off mortgage.
@marcysutton Sometimes it feels like you just accumulate burnouts and then they surface all together at the worst times.6 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. For real. . . an 8,192 page WordPress powered @gatsbyjs site can build in 6s!…
Retweeted by Unableton Dead @Selkirk I'd generalize it to all reactive programming, not just observables.Confession: I’ve made many attempts over the years to appreciate observables. But ultimately I’ve never found any…
Retweeted by Unableton Dead @seldo Yes, the "school diary" with your weekly grades, every week.Great article about GraphQL connections.🥁🥁🥁 INTRODUCING: Will It Build! 👉 #WillItBuild tracks the progress of build times for G…
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Not every company is going to pay the highest salaries. That's why there's a curve! That's why we have percentiles!…
Retweeted by Unableton DeadNPM now marks packages as abandoned after 24h since the last commit
Retweeted by Unableton Dead @eur_gr @kadikraman I know @kylemathews from early days of GraphQL community, my startup Reindex was one of the fir…
Retweeted by Unableton DeadI have a scar on my brow that I got by accidentally slamming my head into other dude's head at PE class. Dude was l… @NikkitaFTW Nice.
@rachelnabors @kadikraman I delivered the website and 2 year later client called me and asked me to mail him a CD w… @rachelnabors @kadikraman They weren't even client's parrots even, he gave me pictures that were from other parrot… @kadikraman No, I'm not sure it was even ever online. @kadikraman Morale is that even pretty weird clients sometime have great connections. @kadikraman I moved to a new country when I was 16, dropped out of university, considered becoming a historian or a… because you use a loud keyboard doesn't mean your code is strongly typed
Retweeted by Unableton Deadsyntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM
Retweeted by Unableton DeadIn case you didn’t already know, @laurieontech is the greatest. Listen to this!
Retweeted by Unableton DeadVery happy with my Huawei 4G router, but thought the SSID needed an upgrade
Retweeted by Unableton DeadTbh Apple has been constantly showing how little regard it has for professional devs. It's good that finally they a… a from home guided video tour of Barcelona with Masha's parents. We were supposed to go there together in per… @hexrcs I hope you get better soon ❤️
@KiraArghy Uh, googled that sadly the correct spelling is schmo, so the joke sucks :( @KiraArghy Shmo! /me ducksprime minister: what is important. what is crucial in this moment. most important of all. is that we all work toget…
Retweeted by Unableton Dead @freezydorito @dan_abramov I should have expected that 😂 @okonetchnikov @jongold @dan_abramov Also Finnish. @dan_abramov Wow, if you charged $1 for every bad Я joke in reaction to this tweet you'd get a solid amount of money. @_philpl to showcase this: here’s the entire grammar of the GraphQL query language as a GraphQL.js compatible parser 😇 ~3…
Retweeted by Unableton Dead @kurtkemple I've heard about people who had to take Meyers-Briggs during interviews. @Wraithan Those are def different sides of music hobby. I try to not focus too much on productivity, but on enjoyme… @Wraithan I was trying to do full computer less setup, but found that while limitations help with coming up with id… @Wraithan Currently planning to do more stuff in DAW on computer, at least for arranging. I probably need a new goo… @Wraithan I'm constantly moving it around, because I'm never fully satisfied. Atm I have Elektron Model:Cycles FM s… keyboard layout is so bad I don't get why we still use it. Is ot like QWERTY and typewriters? We are no longe… going to the beach then fuming about people being at the beach
Retweeted by Unableton Dead @Wraithan Nice! Eurorack or standalone?I picked up jQuery, Angular, and jQuery mobile before learning JavaScript fundamentals. These tools allowed me to…
Retweeted by Unableton Dead @dabit3 I also leaned jQuery before learning JS things like prototypes. jQuery plugin stuff also came much later, f… to give a workshop at @ReactFinland 🇫🇮 on Monday and Tuesday! 👨🏻‍🏫 👨‍💻👩🏼‍💻👨‍💻👩🏼‍💻👨‍💻👩🏼‍💻 So sad I’m not packing a suitcase. 😢 🚫 ✈️
Retweeted by Unableton Dead @Wraithan Nice, I love Euclidean sequencers. Are you following some project or designing it yourself? @Wraithan Yeah, it makes sense for non digital synth components, but midi is already digital anyway..jsx
Retweeted by Unableton Dead @arcatan You call it calibration issues, I call it a free LFO. @JessTelford Gastby has two types of pajama pants in swag store!Good
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