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opnjkns mew lawn i do stuff in webs and i don't like it he/him

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@nikolasburk Same for Reindex. @dabit3 Don't ever try to understand it as a whole, instead do limited impact stuff in different subsystems. @zkat__ I have a controller blister from how good it is.
We made spicy cold buckwheat noodles waaaay too spicy. Wife: You have sweat dripping from your nose. Me: It's not sweat, it's tears of joy.Alternative headline: “Religious fundamentalists finance terrorism”
Retweeted by Megaera's Stanhagrid: this is the world of wizards where anything is possible harry you can do anything you want harry potter: u…
Retweeted by Megaera's Stan @kazukidevnull @zkat__ Also I can't speak for Kat, but I understood their point as a critique of developers claimin… @kazukidevnull @zkat__ Yeah, I'm not advocating one way or another - I'm more contemplating my life choices. @freiksenet I would phrase this as "make sure your employment is mutually beneficial". I don't think all companies…
Retweeted by Megaera's Stan100% this. The most important project in your life is you. Loyalty to any company is bullshit. All companies are th…'d really love for our entire industry to stop "assuming positive intent".
Retweeted by Megaera's StanIf people leave your company without anything new lined up that's a really bad sign. @zkat__ Using Linux and esp stuff like Arch (or i3/Emacs/Vim) is like intentionally putting yourself to disadvantag… @ascorbic Ah, queues without timeouts. Delightful.Godfather is pretty good, but doesn't deserve all the hype.
I've been seeing a variation of this listed as a core value on some startup websites. Please know that this is con…
Retweeted by Megaera's Stan @orta Once you go there you never go back. It's def next level irt wrists.Dana is the best manager I've ever worked with. Super knowledgeable and super empathetic. She turned the team that… @orta Kinesis Advantage.Ordered myself a custom controller. @lsp_acca Ок да, после стольки лет сложно вместить что-то конкретное в ответ на этот вопрос 😅 @lsp_acca Ой, привет! Как дела?
@threepointone Culture of coalition governments. Two stage systems of constitutional change confirmation (changes t… destruction of democracy and courts in US and same happening in UK, Poland and Hungary; it's obvious that demo… @heydonworks Well, not surprising at all cause it's Tories, who want people to stay uninformed. @heydonworks ???
The very very bad burnout that I got kinda destroyed all the structure I had that helped me to mostly manage and st… should get this thing that I'm quite sure is ADHD diagnosed.Uh, I hate the depressive / nothing brings joy cliff after the hyperfocused stage. It's like going down from a high… @helenasometimes In Finland, when Finland is mentioned in news in this way, we ironically say "TORILLA TAVATAAN" -… is as enjoyable as waking up at 7AM on Saturday.
🚩Episode Up! 🚩 Did you miss the episode yesterday? Now you can watch as @eveporcello teaches us to tame our data u…
Retweeted by Megaera's StanBrilliant: When the euro bank notes were designed, they used European-style bridges which were *non-existing*, not…
Retweeted by Megaera's Stan @kurtkemple @NotionHQ I've been doing it too, I think I'll try journal inside Foundry this time. @laurieontech Somebody cheating at poker.I guess I'm finally pretty happy with my life that turning 33 is makes me feel okay, rather than angsty, unlike how 29 to 32 did.
@carolstran If you order clothes online, ASOS had very nice masks @kurtkemple @AstralVTT Have you looked at Foundry VTT? @ctrlshifti Every morning at standup the PM asks me how we can code faster. Every morning I say we need to abolish…
Retweeted by Megaera's StanIt's quite annoying how much of your life works takes and how ultimately unrewarding work is.So many new exciting things to do. I have birthday soon, I got music to play, new D&D campgain in works, No Man Sky…
@seldo I feel seen. I do hide those behind squashes though so nobody knows.
We've visited the longest bridge in Finland. is the stuff to watch. is time.
Retweeted by Megaera's StanAstral or Foundry as a VTT solution? I have tons of content purchased on D&D Beyond. @pedpess Nobody knows, it's just broken atm and they are doing repairs. @pedpess Wouldn't it indeed. 😅, staying on island accessible only by ferry is so romantic. until the ferry breaks down
we could have one livable planet or 2,604 billionaires
Retweeted by Megaera's StanYes please. Could you leave Europe yesterday too Facebook? read Sartre's "Anti-Semite and Jew" in college I am not at all fazed by the fact that the fascists spout non…
Retweeted by Megaera's Stan @bodil That's why I have high hopes for steam version. @bodil I do think it's much more a mod than a game, lack of direction is legendary and lots of features (like all a… @bodil Dunno, DF has some amazing randomized world building that's still pretty unique. Things like how you get eco… @bodil I'm so much waiting for Steam version of DF. New interface looks so swell.Have you signed up for tomorrow's @ReactFinland mini online conference about #designsystems? 🤩 Learn how design re…
Retweeted by Megaera's Stan @ken_wheeler Yep, lots of RSI in wrists and fingers. I use hand braces when using keyboards, otherwise it hurts even more. @seldo US imperialistic globalism basically only causes harm to other countries, while paying no taxes and enrichin… @seldo Franky it's high time to break up US monopolies and eg ban Facebook from EU until EU owns 20%.TBH nothing is harder than cooking sleepy breakfast when you don't have your convenient measuring devices.What I forgot is scales. 🤷‍♂️
I love how BNBs nowadays most definetely don't have a breakfast included. AirBNB ruined it. @GrantGlidewell Water is amazing everywhere in Finland and this place has a good filter coffee setup with Moccamaster.Trying to confirm the theory that swedish speaking regions of Finland are the best by doing a road trip to Kvarken… my previous tweets. I posted these two photos containing a pic of me and a pic of a black man, identical other…
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12 year old me: wooow you are me from the future that’s so cool me: yeah b- 12yo: tell me what games you’re playing…
Retweeted by Megaera's StanNever get drunk and then DM people.Reached the level of coffee smugness where we bring not only own coffee, but also own grinder.I wonder if we’ll ever come to terms with or discuss how detrimental religion continues to be. When people can’t e…
Retweeted by Megaera's StanWas anyone else confused by resources called “Something 101”? Took me a few years to realize this is how they name…
Retweeted by Megaera's StanIt's truly bad to get older, don't ever become 30 kids.Every time I drink more than 1 drink nowadays the hangover is killing me. 😵 @aaronplanell I know it's not very good, I got it just for the name 😅
2020 hey, the new site is up, which means it's time for A Thread about Gatsby (1/??)
Retweeted by Megaera's StanIt's first time I'm leaving stable, well paid work without anything lined up. I know I'm pretty privileged to be ab… sparkling that was named after me on the last hour of the last day of work.
@TaelurAlexis glad you are back and doing better! 💜 @NikkitaFTW That's why it has a H there! @andrewingram I think the confusion is that stitching was a tooling that became a concept and federation is a concept that became tooling. @andrewingram That's a very mean way to extract money from people😐Honest question from my American friends: how do you actually live indoors with your shoes on? Doesnt your house ge…
Retweeted by Megaera's Stan @andrewingram What's a boost? This sounds like the weirdest free to play game.Unpopular opinion: ternary if statements are always annoying to read, don't use them.
Retweeted by Megaera's Stan @chatsidhartha I prefer to not tell people how to call me and then silently judge them 😜 @rachelnabors Mostly urql or nothing nowadays.Karen of the jeans world.
Pretty proud to be a European today tbh. (Михаил, [mʲɪxɐˈiɫ], mee-ha-eel) - 10/10, full name freiksenet - 10/10 internet people call me that. mee… @devolute Srsly, fuck Seinfeld. What a shitty TV show that brought such a shitty attitude to dipping.Why is double dipping such a big problem for US people? I always double dip and I'm proud of it. Why would you ruin your chip experience? @tlakomy Palantir. @EmmaBostian Go to opera! A great reason to dress up fancy.
Judging by y'all new followers the best way to get to 3000 is to quit your job repeatedly. @JoeHart I mean no wonder they want to ban court oversight over themselves. @smallmarrs I always felt other people have it worse and I shouldn't put so much emotional labor on other people wh… @laurieontech I squash it so it looks like I'm very organized.
@Shivbasav24295 @mxstbr Primarily I'll be exploring the aspect of vacation 😅My <s>soundcloud</s> CV: