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Dan Fleming @frennimgz Edinburgh, Scotland

R* QA / video game enjoyer / cat botherer / sleep enthusiast

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Joined Twitter 9/17/11 is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. ask anybody who knows me, ask them what I'm like. Ask them to say various words to describe me. And one word wi…
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Back with another exotic fruit taste test
Retweeted by Dan FlemingYou know what's much worse than being rude to a Conservative MP? Voting to deny 1.4 million children of free school meals.
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @MostUnfurrowed @karlmccartney Odd of him to be outraged at the tory scum remark while happily facilitating tory scummeryWhere’s the lie knocking out murderous politicians
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @MostUnfurrowed Wrongun a bit deep in there aren’t we lads?
I love a bit of pud @AuntyDonnaBoys @NetflixIsAJoke Abso fucken lutely @MostUnfurrowed Skeezy weaksauce man cave biohackingWhy would Sega do this?
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I'm sorry I couldn't stop thinking about this- #HadesGame #HadesFanArt
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @alwayssunny someone : please make a version of a Jurassic Park type Dino movie for ADULTS. No kids. Unless they get eaten.
Retweeted by Dan Flemingl m a o come right wing troll types have Joker or Guy Fawkes profile pics, like they regard themselves as rebellious re…
Retweeted by Dan FlemingI fucking love games @XboxGamePassUK
Gonna form an all-women slam/death/porngrind band called the Slice Girls. With songs about raping and castrating du…
Retweeted by Dan FlemingYou: 40 years ago-- Me: ah, so 1960 You: No, 1980. Me: no
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@iistalrii Playing it safe with the pinky I seeIt’s good to know not everywhere has gone completely to hell
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @Maerwen @DaftLimmy Wake upTheseus after he loses to Zagreus
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Boo hoo you fucking lizards fucking bodied me with the thumbnail cropping. "Rain Analysis"
Retweeted by Dan FlemingI love the taste of lemsip. It’s like the first step toward not feeling like shitI like tweets that align tattoos with Satanism cos i can just look down at my arms and see a nokia 3210, a packet o…
Retweeted by Dan FlemingMad thread
@WTBNuggets This is good news - can’t wait for Burnout 3 and San Andreas next yearI simply refuse to accept that this game is 17 years old Streets of Kamurocho Coming to Steam For Free This Weekend: Streets of Rage 2 meets Yakuza!…
Retweeted by Dan FlemingOh my god yes @MostUnfurrowed Lo siento @MostUnfurrowed YES @MostUnfurrowed Hidden widge @iistalrii Leanne Harrison does some top notch portraits, dunno if she’s on here but this is the insta: hollow victory of persevering through an unripe bananaThis is so bang on I’m screaming
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This has terrified me Always! 🤣 Love it!
Retweeted by Dan FlemingHow it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by Dan FlemingAnd just like that. British farming is ended. By Dominic Cummings and his wrecking ball. Chickens so diseased the…
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Come to Ol' Cum Bus in next 110 mins if u want an ass kicking
Retweeted by Dan FlemingStop asking Fatima to cyber with you, it’s gross.
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @MostUnfurrowed Boris wants to cyber - do you accept?
is there a better feeling in the world than wading into the ocean, launching yourself into the bracing cold, swimmi…
Retweeted by Dan FlemingIsn’t it mad just how absolutely out of the question this would EVER be for the pure greed that is in the heart of…
Retweeted by Dan FlemingIs this true? Is this proof that cabinet politicians are using public money to make their pals rich, pals who will…
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Me making supernoodles after coming home at 4am hammered
Retweeted by Dan Fleming"When I was a boy..."
Retweeted by Dan Fleming[P r e v i e w] E V A _ U N I T - 0 2
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @AskPS_UK Sorted, thanks!Been playing a load of Hades this past week, the soundtrack is so good. This song that Eurydice is singing when you… Akira at the Imax in 4k and all I can say is...
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Doom Guy's name is Doom Guy.
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @AskPS_UK Hello, you’ve probably had this a lot but do you know if I’ll be able to download PS4 games I’ve bought d…
When I was a boy...
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @MostUnfurrowed The “it” that he’s really feeling is actually unease around poor people and minorities
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @MostUnfurrowed Notorious right wing icon, BayonettaTRANS RIGHTS
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @DanielPCarter Boris says venues cant open. Bring it back, to the streets!!
Retweeted by Dan FlemingProper tickles me when one of the cats has a wet chin after having a drink, nice to know that intense refreshment is a universal thingThis was me in March afternoon I got, not damaging, but still startling, sprinkles of liquid nitrogen through my gym shorts on my b…
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Retweeted by Dan FlemingThis is the funniest interaction I’ve ever had on this website
Retweeted by Dan Flemingwhy
Retweeted by Dan FlemingKiryu saying goodbye forever to the Tojo clan at the end of every game.
Retweeted by Dan FlemingVery strong mortally hungover best man trying not to vomit and/or shit himself during the ceremony energy
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Politics can be complicated, but a simple way to look at it is that right wing people made Boris Johnson the prime…
Retweeted by Dan FlemingRoger Moore was a class act to the very end @AuntyDonnaBoys Well goodHow goods Aunty Donna
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @geogphotog @AuntyDonnaBoys Filled up on cheese again
R I S E @MostUnfurrowed “Good news guys it’s gone to manufacture”é dancing to the original Grange Hill theme tune.
Retweeted by Dan FlemingYou don’t have covid for the weekend. He either has it and doesn’t give a fuck who gets it from him, or he never had it.
Retweeted by Dan Fleming @DaveTilley1990 @iistalrii looks like we got ourselves a good old fashioned Mexican standoffWhat the hell are you looking at, dirty martini is a top tier cocktailOlives are a 10/10 desk snack, love em
@n7memo Couldn’t see much, but it was pretty loud and it smelled amazingMushrooms so garlicky I have gone blind remember when 720p looked like the fucking future to me now it looks like VHS. Technology is such a fast moving slapper.
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If Jamie Foxx can come back as Electro then Charlie Cox better be coming back as Matt Murdock 😭
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@ShadowMann9 @MitchyD You silly little baby. Imagine getting sad over a fictional aliens pronouns.A vulture lays an egg. A swan is inside it.
Retweeted by Dan FlemingI read a lot of books when I was a kid about the paranormal and unexplained mysteries and stuff, and because of thi…