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Songwriter & broadcaster on @BBC6Music. Offering an open door to independent artists every Mon-Thur (+ free insider advice) at Fresh On The Net. My own views

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@CSchuetzenhofer @louise_toal @YorksThorneKhan Are you not able to access @BBCSounds from where you live, Claus? Lo… WORTH LISTENING back to this via BBC Sounds. Fast forward to 36:17 to hear the whole of last night's sublime s… at 2am on @BBC6Music my @BBCIntroducing MIXTAPE includes tunes from: @hinakoomori at 2am on @BBC6Music my @BBCIntroducing MIXTAPE includes tunes from: @Arcadia_Roots @JacquelineTaieb @DaveJinx3 @BBC6Music Ben, "La Plus Belle Chanson" évidemment :-) @shellzenner @BBC6Music @GiantBoys_ Keep em comin Shell x @shellzenner @BBC6Music He's on the Mixtape again tomorrow Shell - great tip, thanks! x
#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour AFRICA NEGRA - Mino Bo bé Quacueda#nowplaying on @BBC6Music MARTIN CARTHY - The Harry Lime Theme @vonzipperuk @BBC6Music @JacquelineTaieb Though clearly not infallible ;-)Good grief Andy Page, what are you like??? A walking repository of indepth music knowledge, that's what. on @BBC6Music SHOW OF HANDS - Breme Fell at Hastings - @SOHSteve @ShowOfHandsNews from their 2016 album THE LONG WAY HOME#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHourJACQUELINE TAIEB - La Plus Belle Chanson @JacquelineTaieb @Hugh_Gillan @BBC6Music Good call Hugh! @Snippetcuts @BBC6Music @WarmToastyClub You've got @londongrammar Johnno :-)#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour CAB CALLOWAY - Long About Midnight Originally released in 1934#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHourJEFF PARKER & THE NEW BREED - Build A Nest (Featuring Ruby Parker) - from his a… on @BBC6Music #AfterHour CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - Midnight Special @vonzipperuk @BBC6Music Except that he actually *replaced* Steve Winwood in Traffic after he left to join Blind Fai… on @BBC6Music #AfterHour WYNDER K. FROG - Green Door#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour JULIE ABBÉ - Flagstones - from her forthcoming debut folk album "Numberless Dr… on @BBC6Music #AfterHour @hinakoomori HINAKO OMORI - Auraelia - from tomorrow night's @BBCIntroducing M… on @BBC6Music #AfterHour @CynefinMusic CYNEFIN/OWEN SHIERS - Cân O Glod I'r Clettwr - from his debut album ‘DILYN AFON’#nowplaying on @BBC6Music @sallowpillow SALLOW PILOW - Ashes - from tomorrow night's @BBCIntroducing Mixtape on @BBC6Music @bamboosmoke BAMBOO SMOKE - Landscapes - from tomorrow night's @BBCIntroducing Mixtape on @BBC6Music FRANKY BONES - Anyway - @BBCIntroducing tip by @deanjacksondj from @BBCintroEMids#nowplaying on @BBC6Music ALICE KÜBE - Too Late [CLIP] - @BBCIntroducing tip by @deanjacksondj from @BBCintroEMids @alicekube#nowplaying on @BBC6Music THE CROOKS - She Walks Alone [CLIP] - @BBCIntroducing tip by @deanjacksondj from @BBCintroEMids @SandyRMuir @BBC6Music OK cool - that's the info I need Sandy - we'll get it into next Saturday's show for ya !#nowplaying on @BBC6Music @lotterywinners LOTTERY WINNERS - Little Things - from tomorrow night's @BBCIntroducing M… on @BBC6Music @itsblackaby BLACKABY - Sweet Lemonade - from tomorrow night's @BBCIntroducing Mixtape on @BBC6Music @joanthewadmusic JOAN THE WAD - Trust In Me - from tomorrow night's @BBCIntroducing Mixta… on @BBC6Music BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD - Athens, France - recorded live at Eurosonic and tipped to us b…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson#nowplaying on @BBC6Music @5startriz TRIZZY 5STAR - Trizzy 5Star Swervin - from tomorrow night's @BBCIntroducing Mi…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson#nowplaying on @BBC6Music @jamesyorkston @YorksThorneKhan @JonThorne3 YORKSTON THORNE KHAN - Westin Winds - from th… on @BBC6Music @jamesyorkston @YorksThorneKhan @JonThorne3 YORKSTON THORNE KHAN - Song for Oddur - from… @freshnet
Retweeted by Tom Robinson#nowplaying on @BBC6Music @jamesyorkston @YorksThorneKhan @JonThorne3 YORKSTON THORNE KHAN - Twa Brothers - from th… on @BBC6Music @jamesyorkston @YorksThorneKhan @JonThorne3 YORKSTON THORNE KHAN - Sukhe Phool - from the… heard 'Dont Laugh At My Astroturf Diane' by @GiantBoys_ & @OliverLomaxPoet on the Tom Robinson show @freshnet
Retweeted by Tom Robinson#nowplaying on @BBC6Music @Arcadia_Roots ARCADIA ROOTS - We Dont Wanna Go - from tomorrow night's @BBCIntroducing M… @DazH1875 Of course not - very gratified that you still remember it. Do you know the extended version of that album… on @BBC6Music @muddydfws MUDDY SUMMERS & THE DFWS - Epilogue - from tomorrow night's @BBCIntroducing Mi… on @BBC6Music @giantboys_ GIANT BOYS - Dont Laugh At My Astro Turf Diane - from tomorrow night's… @SandyRMuir @BBC6Music Will dig that one out next week ! @calvinliu96 @BBC6Music For sure! x @calvinliu96 @BBC6Music Reckon I can guess which side you want to win, Calvin :-)#nowplaying on @BBC6Music @samleesong SAM LEE - Lay This Body Down - see the video at thanks @ghbonello @JamesPMPhillips - a huge help, very much appreciated x#nowplaying on @BBC6Music @UltraistaMusic ULTRAÍSTA - Tin King - from new album ‘SISTER’ which will be released on… @CynefinMusic (or anyone really :-) Planning to play your brilliant track "Cân O Glod I'r Clettwr" tonight on…
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Retweeted by Tom RobinsonARTISTS! BANDS! MUSIC FANS! Can you spare 25 mins to help the most deserving tunes on our first Listening Post of 2… @thosesnowflakes @louise_toal @AndrewLockwood_ I do hope not. Me aged 35 attempting to rap about cocaine abuse in a…
@thosesnowflakes @AndrewLockwood_ The hairspray was certainly part of it, though not the whole story ;-) @AndrewLockwood_ Alas - while I can remember 1963 like it was yesterday, for various reasons most of 1983 is one big hazy blur :-(Jeffrey Lewis fans: in the unlikely event that you haven't already seen the @jeffreylewisand video for Williamsburg… so much to everybody who contributed song ideas and discussion topics – I feel fully armed for the conversat… @Chops_Top_Fives @BBC6Music Great tip thanks xReminder: Music can save you. 📺 Watch @ChrisGPackham on Punk on iPlayer featuring our very own Tom Robinson (…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson @KrasnyiDJW @BBC6Music Haha - yes that’s a must!JEFFREY LEWIS suggestions please, Twitter chums? I've a rare chance to meet the great man & pre-record an interview…
@vonzipperuk @cerysmatthews UP THE DAY JOB: my @bbcintroducing keynote talk for artists and musicians at @Introducing19 now posted here… ON THE NET is back & we're keen to hear your new tracks! Anybody's welcome to send us one tune any Mon-Thur,… @DrewMillward @Pigsx7 @maryannehobbs Not many people know that…
@lobsterbane Who even *is* that??? @cbj622w Especially the deliberate ones :-) @QueerdScience thanks so much for the follow xTonight's @BBCIntroducing MIXTAPE includes: @dilettantesongs @slowdazemusic @KateStapley's @BBCIntroducing MIXTAPE includes: @yourdreamnails @carotheband @SansSoucisMusic @oxygenthiefYEAH @robynebridgman @seanmcgowanuk For sure, Barry! If you don't have a problem with writers block it… @robynebridgman @seanmcgowanuk The real blockbuster book for songwriters in my opinion - and the key one for overco… @garyshifnal @lobsterbane @BBC6Music Good call Gary!All being well, next Sunday, Yorkston Thorne Khan will be in session with @BBC6Music Tom Robinson @freshnet. We'll…
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonThanks again for this, Tom! I’m taking pre-orders for a batch of beautifully printed CDs, tees and hardback lyric b…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson @ilovealcopop @yourdreamnails It’s also opening tonight’s Introducing Mixtape:-) @SansSoucisMusic @BBC6Music @bbcintroducing It’s also going to be my Recommends tip across @BBC6Music next week. Such a great song x
@Darren1705 @BBC6Music What track do you suggest for us to play next Saturday?THAT MAGIC LANTERN TRACK we played earlier "Family Affair" has just been made available here... on @BBC6Music #MidnightMassive DJ SHADOW - Midnight In A Perfect World - from ENDTRODUCING (1996) @djshadow#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #SongsAboutMidnight THELONIOUS MONK - 'Round Midnight @vonzipperuk @BBC6Music @StuartMaconie Had that Martin Barre as guest on this show not that long ago!#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #SongsAboutMidnight @GeorginaPringle GEORGE PRINGLE - Extremely Verbal After Midnight @FabienTempest good call, but we're out of time now :-(#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #SongsAboutMidnight JETHRO TULL - Fire at Midnight - from their album: Songs from the Wood (1977)#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #SongsAboutMidnight OH WONDER - Midnight Moon from their selftitled debut album in 2015ALTERNATIVE FACTS courtesy of The Creamery... WAH facts as supplied by Alexei... Sounds about right to me? on @BBC6Music #AfterHour @IAMKP @LAUmusic @obanfiddle LAU vs KARINE POLWART - Midnight Feast - from the… on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #SongsAboutMidnight MARIA MULDAUR - Midnight At The Oasis @MariaMuldaur1ANYONE ELSE heard this, or know if it's true? on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #SongsAboutMidnight @ghostpoet GHOSTPOET - Many Moods at Midnight from his To… @freshnet I literally just got to Hong Kong airport on my way back to London from Oz. Thank you so much for playing…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson @freshnet I can't add much to the history of the Wah Wah, apart from the great vintage posters you can find online.…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson#justplayed on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #SongsAboutMidnight WILSON PICKETT - In the Midnight Hour#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #SongsAboutMidnight JIMI HENDRIX - Burning of the Midnight Lamp#justplayed on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #SongsAboutMidnight J.J. CALE - After Midnight#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #SongsAboutMidnight GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS - Midnight Train to Georgia#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #SongsAboutMidnight LEADBELLY - The Midnight Special (1934)