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Songwriter & broadcaster on @BBC6Music. Offering an open door to independent artists every Mon-Thur (+ free insider advice) at Fresh On The Net. My own views

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Even if you’ve had enough of voting as the new day dawns apologetically, here’s something nice to vote on. This wee…
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonSURPRIIIIISE! @stormzy is LIVE on The Breakfast Show!!! Lots to discuss.. GET @1Xtra ON NOW! #HITH
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonDon't hate. It doesn't help. Don't blame "people", because you're one of them. Do start some very hard arguments…
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@David_Moose Vote. Today. #useyourvote Gaiman @neilhimself reads his new poem for refugees "What You Need to Be Warm", woven together from thousands…
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonUSE YOUR VOTE today… #please #useyourvote
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@stu__clark @sleafordmods @baggieboy719 @spillersrecords @LongwellRecords @emmaat45rpms @AliceWasWearing… @BBCNews - Andrew Neil tells Boris Johnson it's not too late do an election interview with him:…
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@TheWrongtom @A5HEQ @BBC6Music @artolindsay soon come :-)
Fresh On The Net’s @jflamesondabeat reviews our Readers Favourites which this week include… @ArubaRed @bbcintroducing @BBCIntroLondon
Tonight on @BBC6Music the @BBCIntroducing MIXTAPE is curated by @melitaradio from… on @BBC6Music the @BBCIntroducing MIXTAPE curated by @melitaradio includes:… UK/IRISH ARTISTS UNDER 25: The @IvorsAcademy has introduced a new "Rising Star" category for its 2020 a…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson @Eugenes_Music @Eugenes_Music @thosesnowflakes Thanks for sharing your opinion - for myself I couldn't possibly comment...Now that's a great call...! BANDS! MUSIC FANS! Can you spare 25 mins this weekend to help the most interesting new tunes from our inbo…
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On Air Now: my Saturday night show on @BBC6Music with guest @ROZIPLAIN includes @rootsmanuva @warmduscherr… @BBCNews - Andrew Neil tells Boris Johnson it's not too late do an election interview with him:… is your favourite track with a sci-fi reference or connection – and why? Ahead of the new Star Wars film, help…
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonGotta love this video by Gitika Partington from Three Bucket Jones @3bucketjones @GITIKASINGS: (I'm Not gonna) Rock…
ARTISTS! BANDS! MUSIC FANS! Can you spare 25 mins this weekend to help the most interesting new tunes from our inbo… @PocketLint11 Yeah, the reason it gets a DJ's attention is that it IS such an odd thing to do. Though as… @PocketLint11 Actually waiting for a specific DJ outside a radio station is v.flattering - a surefire way of gettin… WHITE LIVE: EDINBURGH tonight, GLASGOW on Sunday, HAWICK on Monday… More about the man and his music in the li… like that warm personal approach to record promotion… Nothing like it at all.
Thanx @fanningsessions for posting this in the run up to the @DoubletBar #Glasgow gig Dec 8 and @TheWeeRedBar…
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonSoundcheck earlier today at @TheBrookSoton with @SpikesSASBand and @FishDerekDick singing (the Lowell George versi…
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonBrilliant chat with @freshnet - we covered a lot of ground in this discussion about mental health, have a listen ❣️
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonSome people are attracted to cats – others prefer dogs. But over the years I've found there's no reason why you can…
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonLONDON THIS SUNDAY: if you’re in striking distance of @OsloHackney on Sunday evening (8th Dec) Twitter chums, go se…
Tom Robinson - Truce from the album Cabaret 79
Fresh On The Net's @kerryjk reviews our Readers' Favourites which this week include… @_malcolm_hall @simongodley @ButlinsMusic @steeleye_span @eddireader @chillipipers @CaraDillonSings @martyn_joseph… @isardasorensen @timofnewbury Brrrrrr @simongodley @ButlinsMusic @steeleye_span @eddireader @chillipipers @CaraDillonSings @martyn_joseph @MerryHell_band… @RadioGirlProds @gladtobegay Only if you want it to ;-)
@RadioGirlProds @gladtobegay No indeed - see appropriate cover alert! @wearescientists shared a bespoke Famous Blue Raincoat for the Leonard Cohen ed…
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonSACHA BARON COHEN: "The ultimate aim of society should be to make sure that people are not targeted, not harassed a…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson @MarryWaterson @TopicRecords Awwwww
Tonight on @BBC6Music my @BBCIntroducing MIXTAPE includes: @obongjayar @JoshVineMusic… on @BBC6Music my @BBCIntroducing MIXTAPE includes: @TheMysterines @JackJohnson710… NEW SINGLE FROM MADNESS @MadnessNews - the Nutty Boys are back with a vengeance! BANDS! MUSIC FANS! Can you spare 25 mins this w/e to help the most interesting new tunes from our inbox re…
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonHave you spent a moment checking out this week's @freshnet Listening Post? Great collection of tracks! Why not tr…
Retweeted by Tom RobinsonPassing through Boston Lincs on the way to London for this evening’s #NP6Music of the brothers and lovers long gone but never forgotten… Missing you guys #WorldAidsDay
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TONIGHT ON @BBC6Music from 9.30pm we have an hour-long in-depth career retrospective covering 3 decades of Show Of… @freshnet Here's a piece I wrote for the 40th anniversary that may help. 'We have got to get it together' ends the…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson @gordonelcock @SouthendSites My best guess would be something like 2468 Motorway Up Against The Wall Glad To Be Gay… @winsordobbin To be fair it was over 40 years ago and a lot has happened since then. There's even more happening ri… AGAINST RACISM: 1978 Carnival Against The Nazis, Victoria Park, London. Can anyone with a better memory than m…
ARTISTS! BANDS! MUSIC FANS! Can you spare 25 mins this w/e to help the most interesting new tunes from our inbox re…
CLAPHAM TOMORROW (THURSDAY): this is happening at @2brewersclapham @VVellocette @BBCIntroCambs @chromedeftex Have sent you a DM
@SkylightsYRA Thanks - can hear a lot of time, love and work has gone into it. For future reference best way to cho…
@chromedeftex @bbcintroducing @BBC6Music @0800shygirl @4postle @alfonsemusic @CaptainOTLW @ditzband @ghostsignalsx… @chromedeftex @bbcintroducing @BBC6Music @0800shygirl @4postle @alfonsemusic @CaptainOTLW @ditzband @ghostsignalsx… On The Net administrator @steveharris reviews our Readers Favourites which this week… @bobbyfriction @ohshanesolanki Same here Bobby - he never sent it to me either. Reckon you and I should kidnap Shan… people in UK are registering to vote in record numbers. But - unbelievably - MILLIONS are still missing from… MY. GOD. Twitter chums, you *must* watch and listen to this astonishing song: It's by… @PabsOfficial @bbcintroducing @BBC6Music XxLast night's @BBCIntroducing MIXTAPE on @BBC6Music included: @jack_cookson @jbmoussa… night's @BBCIntroducing MIXTAPE on @BBC6Music included: @0800shygirl @4postle… PRONUNCIATION: thanks to @sionsational for this helpful correction/explanation…, thanks Siôn - apologies for the mispronunciation to you and @SRJmusic. Duly noted for the future… @silent_radio @falseadv @BBC6Music @BBCSounds Awww, you guys…
@alfonsemusic @BBC6Music No problem - it's on again tonight! @freshnet my previous band 'Dinosaurs Are Shit Dragons' have played 6 'last ever' gigs. I force them onto a stage w…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson#NP6Music @GITIKASINGS for sharing this... Any takers? BRAINZ: how to get your band's photo and biog onto the BBC Music database and programme tracklistings etc.. M… @alexhighton @BBC6Music @bobdylan "I'm a Martyr to Music" as Dylan Thomas once wrote :-) @alexhighton @BBC6Music @bobdylan Blimey Alex - that's a job well worth having done. How old is the daughter?BANDS! ARTISTS! MUSIC FANS! Can you spare 25 mins this afternoon to help the most interesting new tunes from our in… THIS AFTERNOON 5pm ... can listen back to our @BBC6Music live session which went out on The Tom Robinson Show last night on @BBCSounds…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson @JDWhittle1 @BBC6Music @bobdylan How exciting! @JDWhittle1 @BBC6Music @bobdylan Lucky beast. At least I hope so…
Boom boom Mr Elijah!! @RobinDBailey @BBC6Music @bobdylan "He just smoked my eyelids and punched my cigarette..."[Courtesy of Ms Freshnet]: Our family used to run a wizarding supply shop, but had to give it up. Couldn't get the…
Retweeted by Tom Robinson#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour #MidnightMassive @bobdylan BOB DYLAN - Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis… on @BBC6Music #AfterHour @bobdylan BOB DYLAN - The Levee's Gonna Break - from MODERN TIMES his 32nd rel… @vonzipperuk @BBC6Music @bobdylan Sorry - its the after hour#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour @bobdylan BOB DYLAN - If You See Her, Say Hello on @BBC6Music #AfterHour @bobdylan BOB DYLAN - Tangled Up In Blue (Live) - from The Bootleg Series Vol.… @RobinDBailey @BBC6Music @bobdylan "You can call me Zimmy" :-)#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour @bobdylan BOB DYLAN - All Along the Watchtower @RobinDBailey @BBC6Music @bobdylan Didn't he record & release a live version of it quite recently?#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour @bobdylan BOB DYLAN - Gotta Serve Somebody - from Slow Train Coming album @calvinliu96 @BBC6Music :-(#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #AfterHour @bobdylan BOB DYLAN - Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread on @BBC6Music #AfterHour @bobdylan BOB DYLAN - Subterranean Homesick Blues on @BBC6Music #AfterHour @bobdylan BOB DYLAN - Duquesne Whistle